What  I'd do with 50 mil.

              Steam rollers, baby! 

I would build my very own city. 

                          (Inside the United States)

I would spend 20 million on land. 1 big chunk. A private city in my backyard. Half of the chunk of property would be my castle grounds and the other half would be the estate city.


I would spend 5 million on supplies, construction materials, permits ect. 


I would spend 5 million on a worker program, which I would call "Pioneers". Each pioneer would get a $5,000 signing bonus. With their money, they could spend it on food and supplies directly on the big chunk property named New Shtettle, New Shtettleton, New Shtettletonville or maybe something different. There would be a free gourmet 'soup-kitchen' type dining hall of free delicious food for the pioneers.

If I built a luxurious shack that served coffee, they might spend some of it there. I would call it  Normal Things.

They would be obligated to work, maybe only 30 hours a week. They would sign a disclaimer so that they could not sue me even if they hurt themselves or someone else hurt them or if they got sick. 

They would be able to buy property on the big chunk for $5,000 (50x50 ft. land), buy supplies and work on their house or live at the company tents  for free.


They would be building factories, companies, bars, stores, houses, roads and other things just like a major city.  Majority of the work would be digging underground tunnels, making hand-made products, farming and building. The city would have many underground features and layers, with flood systems and according designs.

After a year or 2, they might have spent all or majority of their money back on the big chunk or perhaps they could invest.  The inhabitants would be locked-in the city. They would have come and go freely options every 12 months.

Non-workers might move on to the property, after it started looking good and thus,  the city would grow.

Depending on whether I wanted to have children or not, I might impregnate 300-3000 women and raise the offspring with an outstanding boyscout type program. (Would they be CGPs anyways?) Jedi-Jewish younglings of the honor code?


If I owned private beach property, it wouldn't be too difficult to build a flood/drain system where, say,  1000 sq. yards of beach ( a few feet under sea level), walled and floored with cement, acted as a bait area to lure ocean life in and then drained to expose fish and crabs flapping and slapping on the drying ground. The edible creatures could be collected, leaving the inedible dead creatures as bait for next time. That might be enough fish to feed 100's of people a day. Fish can be dried, canned, frozen or cooked. That type of system might be ideal if I owned my own private island. To build it, the dry inland beach has to be "shop-vacced", floored and walled (built) and then the sand bar inbetween the cement-platform has to be dug out. Wall-door(s) have to lock prior to draining. 

Note*  I found an property in Mendocino-California that was 17,000 acres (26 sq. miles) for $24 million. The real estate agent mentioned that the land has plenty of wildlife including livestock and bears. A creek runs through it. 

I'm not sure how long the link will be up but here's what I was looking at:


I also found a property that was 1,000 acres that had 1.5 miles of private beach in Humboldt-California for $6.5 million. http://www.landwatch.com/Humboldt-County-California-Land-for-sale/pid/130000604


 At first, I wouldn't cut down many trees. In fact, I would plant more trees. I would buy wholesale lumber for building. The trees would be like an investment, (they grow). The trees would be able to be cut down much later, but perhaps the trees would never be needed for lumber.

The cattle/livestock, I would buy as babies, not adults. That way I could be sure they were not robots.


               I would build an underground luxury hotel staffed by friendly, harmless, homemade robots. There might be very few, if any, guests to stay besides myself and my girlfriends.

  • Underground Plaza, Plenty of furnished rooms
  • Underground waterfall/natural looking cave swimming pool
  • Excellent lighting

Terra-Daggers: If much of the work was digging, how far underground would we dig? If a "vein" type building, digging system structure was used, the underground building could get lower and lower, with an emergency flood system, in case an underground stream or oil deposit was hit, air ventilation and a dirt sucker pipe up to the top. The dirt would be filtered, sorted mechanically to sense for minerals and gems, clay and other resources could also be processed. Strange animals might live very far underground too. The mass amounts of excess dirt could be piled onto the perimeter fencing or a mountain could be constructed. The underground structures could be like a bomb shelter housing, storage and adventure. Perhaps a skydiver could float down through the vast structure with the living quarters and storage along the sides of the underground strucutre called "Terra-Daggers". A mirror system could bounce natural light down and all over the place. Plants, vines, trees, birds and bats could live in the open hollow area. No spiders can though. Ladders and an elevator could bemechanically shut. More than one of the Terra-Daggers could be built to check soild deposits in different areas. Probably about 10, about 3/4 a mile apart. If needed, underground connector tunnels could be constructed. Since different gases have different weights, over time oxygen might float to the top or sit on the bottom, unless there was a fan system mixing it up.

RESEVOIR RIVER: I would also like to build a few city street blocks (maybe lots of miles) of river streets.  Electric powered boats would be mandatory so that the water stays unpolluted, fishable, swimable and almost drinkable. There would be a main resevoir creek riverway that leads into the heart of the city, where there would be a dock. There would also be an 1800's themed town called Old City. The river resevoir, about 8 feet deep and 15 feet wide, would stretch from the Downtown docks to the Waterway neighborhood, with a pass in the middle, that led to the Old City. Near the entrance of the Old City, the river resevoir would be covered by a stuccoed rock type tube, that made it look like a cave. The cave tube would open up to reveal the Old City's docks. Trees might also hide the Old City around it's perimeter. The waterways would be swimable. When the swimmer entered the waterway, it would activate a light system to notify boaters that there's a swimmer. The waterways wouldn't be too crowded.


The residents would have the option to purchase enclosed segways, segways, golfcarts, electric motor boats and electric type small vehicles. 

 FOR EXCEPTIONAL SECURITY REASONS Perhaps Residents would have no automobiles allowed in the estate city. There might be a garage outside the walls where they could store their vehicle, but none could be driven inside the city. There might be a tram system for the workers. So that everything looks normal, a few automobiles might be parked in parking lots, but not driven. They might all be classic cars. The golfcarts would be able to park in spaces next to them.


SOME STRUCTURES:   Coffee shops (2), Pizza Rest., Hamburger Steak Rest., Plaza with buskers/live entertainment, 1 fine dining restaurant at the downtown docks called "World Portals'",  In door Skateboard park, Jacuzzi/Sauna/Pool, Bicycle trails, Nature park, Movie theatre lounge/Bar, Houses, Apartments, Silo storage, Resevoir river docks, Garages, barns, sheds, Jail, Dump/junkyard, Welcoming Center,  Synogogue, Tennis/Bacci ball courts, Baseball diamond, Cabin HQ hunting/fishing area, paintball/lazer tag arena.



There are already many suburbs/cities (sim-cities) surrounded by desolate hills and mountain ranges. Some of those mountain ranges are too steep to drive up. Although, if a windy road was built, automobiles could get up, but that's a lot of road. Instead, a parking lot at the base of the mountain could be a place to park their automobiles and a private TRAM could bring them up to their neighborhood.

  • Beautiful Views
  • Isolated Security
  • Uniqueness

Some Mountain Towns could be open to the public for fine dining and exquisite shopping.

Why should mountains be barren of civilized structures in the future?

Some barren mountains might be for sale for as low as 1 million dollars.

The houses and walkways might have to be 'tiered', but they could also be affixed to the side of the mountain, using steel cable artchitecture. There would be plenty of wind-power opportunity.

Side of mountain top houses might have funiture/appliance weight laws, for houses that seem as though they are dangling along the mountain cliffs.

If anyone says "Well, I like the hills/mountain scenes as they are."   then they should imagine beautiful futuristic homes dotting the subruban to city landscape skyline, instead of inedible, weedlike shrubbery.

Also, If helicopter (and jetpack?!) laws become more laxed in the future, the mountain malls and neighborhoods would be a great place to park.


There would be a city catalogue to order and have  everything like groceries, electronics and misc. products delivered.


 The Welcoming Center will be the front gate where all inhabitants come in and go out of New Shtettleton. There will be security screenings that include x-rays, searches, psychological screenings and purchase/ordering forms and registration. There would be an innitial outer-gate trail in the shape of a Y. Gate 1 would be for General inhabitants and Gate 2 would be for Official personel and possible security threats. With the concept that a humanoid robot filled with a nuclear bomb could possible attempt to enter New Shtettleton.

Spies would not be allowed in the city.  If they were African-American, they would be tested for tattooing or skin dye. People would be tested for being transexuals as well. No spies. 

There would be a large wall around the entire big chunk of New Shtettleton. 


If New shtettlton was obligated by Federal Law, (if privitzations was not a loop-hole), there might also have to be additional other religious structures. That would make New Shtettlton less of a target by fanatic other religions, but perhaps all inhabitants would be Jewish or Jewish-friendly.

The economy would be an Isolated Economy at first and then bracket out to a national economy. Probably not a global economy though.


HYRDRO-VATOR    Codname: Electric Waterfall

The venice type waterways might be very extensive. THey could be multi-leveled (flat to higher-flat) where a way to get to higher ground (by boat) is to activate a water-pump elevator (perhaps called the electric waterfall). THe minimal 15x15ft. square walled chamber locks a doorwall once the boat is inside and a water pump raises the boat and water level. It looks like a giant vertical tube with a perpendicular-side-located door on the bottom and a water-wall-door at the top of the mouth.

NOTE* IF an electric-waterfall was built at the Sea-Cliffs, boats could rise out of the ocean, traveling up the rube and arriving into the Venice-style waterways to the city.

The extensive waterways could be lived on in a house or lived on, in a boat. Great backyard camping adventures.

The boat could even sail the channelways into building structures, like into the front yard, that is a giant  fountain, of a house.

Fountain Porch:   That would be neat to have a giant fountain with a boat in it that is in the place where the frontyard and porch would have been. The giant fountain is a waterway connected to the man-made river channel. The water depth might only have to be about 2 feet minimal, depending on the design of the boats.


The entire vacinity of property would be plotted out. There would be plenty of recreational areas and nice things. Families might also be invited/hired, but the majority of "Pioneers" would be young adults and childless couples. Many apartments would be built to accomodate 2 people. They could be so inexpensive to build, artistically fashionable, comfortable and durable.  The attraction of a regulated apartment community would be that everyone is safe and having fun.

The pioneers would be obligated to complete a training course on "Life Safety". Life Safety would entail counter-espionage, counter-terrorism and chaos control skills. They would be trained about illegal Cop-stings, robot droid humanoid human look-a-like encounters and invasions and basic crime protection.

That's  20 million dollars left over for misc. 


I might buy lots of artwork and then paint over on parts of it and make them new paintings.


And.. I would court females CGPs, build CGDs, hunt CGDs, hunt animals, opperate different types of vehicles, build, play videogames/holodek, ect. and I would not travel overseas to be a wealthy U.S. American tourist, not out of fear or caution, but out of principle that;

  1. I can watch videos about the foreign places.
  2. I don't need to give the foreign countries any money, go through their security processes.
  3. I can do the things there, that I can do here (USA).

                            I do like to travel though and I love seeing new exciting places, but a foreign country adventure is politically incorrect because the U.S.A. is at war. I might like to take cruises but not out of the country. Until... the U.S.A. is a world dominator in my CAR machine programming setting. When I am able to roam and dominate the entire world with the rest of the U.S. Americans, I would travel to foreign countries to conquer. (But that's not My Designed CAR. I would rather fight inhuman things, ect.    As if, to conquer the countries, perhaps the countries were already attacked and taken over by robots, ghosts, aliens and monsters)




Build main dirt and asphalt roads around perimeter, and anywhere else.   

The excess dirt/sand could be turned into bricks (add glue and bake) or glass.

If any found  snakes, tarrantulas, etc., they might be able to be turned into pet food.

Mobile Builder Camp

I would also like to build a large "deck" mounted around a mobile monster truck in the under carriage, so that it can be like a mobile tented structure to store tools/materials. Great for building.. and then when building agenda is complete, the decked-vehicle could be a move-able strucutre. It could even be painted to look like rocks, with growing plants on it.

...And I would totally have a FORD GT-90


STEP 1: Scan entire estate vacinity with powerful metal detectors. They could drag on the ground behind quads. Build and mine quarry (future underground estate sites). Dig trenches for sewer/supply tunnels. Plant crops.


Build fences and walls around perimeters. Use security devices.


STEP 2: Build housing and stores, structures and building facilities. 


Build factories. 


STEP 3: Advertise. 


400 Mil 

80 mil land (lake/river)

2 mil fence/wall

1 mil animals

1 mil plants
200,000 Lambo

200,000 Ford

600,000 RV / Vehicles

1 mil farming

1 mil girlfriend gifts, outfits, jewelry, party dresses

10 mil donation to Air Force

10 mil donation to Army Note* Actually, that would be dumb because they, "the Government", are the money-printers.... Hmm, it might be nice to own a restaurant and give them free food instead.

2 mil construction supplies

1 mil food

200,000 clothes

200,000 electronics

600,000 Suirvelance/Security (no personnel)

1 mil innitial digging structure

1 mil lake/river boats

10 mil investments vending machine restaurants

1 mil luxury furniture

1 mil robotics lab

5 mil safe helicopter for estate airspace only. The kind that if it fails, it floats to the ground gently.

2 mil distillery

10 mil foundation


132 mil

400-132 = 268 mil left















Perhaps it would be wise not to invest in any type of business, since I already have the 400 mil. The restaurant investment might just be a way for consumers, (likely enemy sabatagers), to sue for harm. Thus, even thoughan exciting, succesful restaurant investment would be a nbice addition for U.S. Americans' daily lives, it could still be a way to lose all of my 400 mil. The revenue of the restaurants' success and the joy it would bring to all the people, would not be worth the risk.

I could set aside 10 mil for a foundation "Friends of Maxwell Kremer", FOMK. People, like young families, might grovel to me for money. In that case, I could direct them to FOMK, where jobs and resources are available in a Republic/Democratic business system where they opperate the money, independently from myself and use it to make more money. I would recommend to the CEO to do vending machine restaurants. If FOMK failed, and was out of money, then that would be a shame.    (But..Wouldn't they be CGPs anyways?)


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