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                            I am not a volunteer.

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           I amend and publish my personal website at  public libraries.                 

              Sometimes, I wonder how I died (if I wasn't born in the matrix), before I was re-animated into the matrix CAR machine. Was it the alcohol poisoning at age 13, the bike fall when I was camping (I was riding down a hill and must have pressed the front brakes, flipped over, and slammed my head on the hard dirt), was I killed in the Army, did the Police shoot and kill me? Or maybe I never died and was born in the CAR machine.  

 I am a very nice real person. I am the American People. I am an American.

            I am not a droid.   I am not a sim/CGP.       I am not Israeli.   I am Jewish.

I'm a real person. I'm the main character! If I'm not the Hero, then I'm like the Anti-Hero.. I am not the villain.                                                              MY NAME: MAX

Most people (humans) are affiliated with hundreds and/or thousands of individuals. One individual person might have 100 friends from high school, 30 family members, 20 co-workers, 30 neighbors. Each of the 100 friends from high school might have additional affiliates of friends and family to include to the one individual's affiliates. That's 480. If the one individual has a spouse, then most of the spouse's affiliates are the one individual's affiliates. Etc. That might be 1,000 affiliates. 

The only affiliates that I have are my family and extended family. I have no friends. Since I am white, ethnically, I am only affiliated with white people.

Note* Some of my extended family might appear to be "Asian" because they have black hair, but I consider them to be white.

I am only in contact with my Dad. I am not affiliated with my step-family. 

If I have acquaintances, then I only have local acquaintances. I might only have 3 or 4 acquaintances (A market  cashier, the recycling center worker, a stranger that knows my name that says "Hello.") and about 30 family member affiliates. That is total. I am affiliated with 0% brown people. I am affiliated with 0% black people. Etc. If any individuals from those categories know my name and talk about me in public, then that is preposterous. 

I am not a weenume. Eventhough I have plastic surgery, I am not a weenume because I didn't change my ethnicity-catagory. My natural heredity might seem as slightly-different-DNA-model-Caucasian.

                      I have no superiors.

                              I am unemployed/a freelance independent recycler.

 Any person who has a job at a business, who is not the boss, has a superior. I do not have a superior. I have no co-workers. A typical worker may have an assistant manager, a manager and an owner who is their superior.  Although I do obey the law,  police officers might enforce me to comply with the law, however they are not my superiors. They are enforcers of the law, who have the "Right"/"power" to tell me what to do, in appropriate situations. 

                                      Authority Enforcers are not superiors.                      

  Authority Enforcers only enforce  in emergency.

                                              Superiors are business affiliates/acquaintances who "enforce"  tasks . 

I was born in San Diego, California.                                                 I am not a Marine. I have never been a Marine. Sometimes CGPs call me a Marine. Sometimes the CGPs call me an E-2. I am not an E-2. I am an E-3 H.D. I am not a soldier. I don't carry any weapons. I think we (humankind, Earthlings) might be under attack from E.T.s or Robots (A.I.).  I think I have bio-chips (Well, my brain is plugged into the MASTER COMPUTER.) and sometimes I experience Super-Natural seeming, but Scientifically explainable, phenomena.                          I am not evil.  I agree to no verbal contract. I agree to no psychic contract.

                                                               I am Player 1 of The Jackolanterns.

i'M NOT A WHITE-SUPREMACIST. Although, I might be a self-supremacist.


Sometimes gay non-caucasians and anglo-caucasians stalk me and try to rape me. Some of them claim to be Android c-3Po robots! (CGPs)  Haha, Not funny.

Jail Record   (link) clik pic below

I am male and hetero-sexual. I am single. I am always interested in single women. I'm like an abused Man in the Matrix.                                     I am 100% sure that I am in the Matrix CAR Machine, but since I have to obey rules, I forget that I am in the CAR machine.

I AM NOT GAY.           I AM NOT BI.      I have never been bi.


Some people use "Mexican" as a way to explain heredity. "Was he white or Mexican?" That is incorrect. Mexican is a nationality from a bordering country.  I am not Mexican but I have visited Mexico and eaten many burritos.  My step-family (My Dad re-married into another family) speak some spanish, but only some of them were born in Mexico.

I have 2 screws in my jaw. I was told to lie to the Army by my recruiter. Some people (CGPs?) might have thought I was a different person if they used x-ray machines on me. Are they CG screws? Maybe they represent cybernetics of the different worlds.


I want to use my ideas/inventions to make entertainment-artwork. I have devised ways to make companies to sell fascinating new products.   I need a team of other artists (and investors) to help me photo capture video game material and market video/computer games.  I also have other invention products that are totally awesome! They are on my website.

I have contacted the United States Patent Office, the White House, the Military, and other agencies, including science oriented agencies.

   I can play about 10 different instruments in song.

  • bass
  • guitar
  • acoustic guitar
  • drums
  • mandolin
  • piano/keyboard
  • accordion
  • harmonica
  • plastic flute
  • pump organ                                                                                                                                                                           

                                                                                                                                                                             Clic the pic below to visit My Name Page

         I was born Conservative Jewish and had my Bar Mitzvah in Israel.                                             

Very often, stalkers (sims that have traveled to my location, within my hearing radius vicinity)  call me "the raper". (WHY!?) ANDROID c-3Po's calling a human a raper while he's in a matrix world? A guy laying in a virtual reality machine is a raper?? Wow. The computer calls me "the raper" through whispers and strangers. I am not a raper. It is a crime to call me that, among many other slanderous words (No seriously. It is really a crime to call me that. Especially if more than one person does it in one place because:  A Conspiracy = 2 or more people. And plus, it implies that they stalked me to that location). Even if I was, and I'm not, it would still be illegal to call me that. And additionally, since there is no trial log, no police record, and since I am an attractive young man,  calling me a raper is an evil device.    Sarcasm:  In the 10 Commandments, it says thow sall not rape, thow shall not steal, thow shall not kill, ect. Perhaps raping is bludgeoning assault or forced impregnation but if it's like red light; green light, then the woman (hetero-sexual) is like "Don't pleasure me, don't pleasure me, okay pleasure me, no don't pleasure me, oh no I'm being pleasured." Then is it like: "Young lady, what happened?" "I was pleasured and I didn't want to be pleasured." "Why not? Do you have mental problems? Were you saving your virginity for marriage? Oh, you're not a virgin. Are you a prostitute and didn't get paid?"                                                                                                        Perhaps homobi mafiants select very attractive young men with nice butts to be stalked and slandered to the near point of insanity (or anti-Jewish, anti-semetic Conspiracies). Is it like they teach the stranger public; "Look, that attractive young man is actually a despicable creep, we need to gay molest and rape him with public approval (organized conspiracy). The perfect crime: Make the victim appear as the criminal.               Would it be similar as:   "Look, the Jews gave all their money to the Nazis and then committed suicide together."

                          I understand that the CGPs are not real, but they have and are committing crimes on me and are unrealistic/realistic. I'm going to start placing them under citizen's arrest in about 4 years, and I don't need defective police officers then charging me with kidnapping. I need a large vehicle, some spending money and maybe some type of bounty hunter lic. I'll be scooping them up around the clock. I might need a camera/audio system to capture "stalking" evidence. If the police did their job to the fullest potential, I wouldn't have to risk my life to serve myself. And I'd have my checks from lawsuits already, so I wouldn't even be homeless. A police-type lawyer would find me and say "Hey, you're entitled to a lawsuit award, I'll represent you and put you up at a motel so you can be out of danger and get cleaned up."

     Technically, puttting ones finger inside another one's ear, without authorization, is rape.

Obvious Guy says--> "Yeah, I mean but your CAR world country is post-invaded by homobi mafia traitors (Chinese, Arabia?) (nationals not racist, haha) that are probably paid subjects of foreign invaders, who are loosely acting as though they are criminals that became their own police force. And plus, your country has freedom of religion, so any type of different religion is protected by the law, and they are still in your vicinity to hate you or to disagree with you. If you hated Muslims for being ugly and Christians for being stupid, then how would you channel that anger? "Raper! Look at that cute little smart homeless man, remember the books we learned? Let's get em boys! First we'll socially isolate him and then maybe we can turn him against his people. Let's pretend we're his friends so we can corner him and punch him in the guts!"

I do not authorize ANYONE


to    film, photo or video


me.             Filming, photographing or video-taping me



   (Unless done by official  Police, Military for official professional purposes)

Private security is not allowed to film, video or photo me. Paparazzi type stalkers are not allowed to film, photo or video me. Even my own family, step-family, half family and family-in-law are not allowed to photo, film or video me.      

                                                             I would like $1,000/ per second of any illegally-taken footage of me.

Do not video tape me. Do not film me. Do not photograph me. I am not a celbrity.


I have had some dental work. I think the tip of my chin, and my sister's, was cut off at the hospital when we were born. When I first went to jail in L.A. County, I think the CIA put a strange brochure on my bunk about strange things about me. The brochure suggested that the pieces of bone were turned into a bracelet. I thought at first that the pieces of bone were from the brow of my skull, under my eyebrows. The skulliopedic surgeries would have been to disguise my natural heredity to help asians assimilate. I used to look like a plastic surgery face person, almost normal in Southern California. Plastic surgery can be related to espionage, however near Hollywood, CA, it is a surgery to be beautiful.  However, in my case, I think that my natural heredity might be more attractive than my augmented face. My name "Max" sounds like Mask.  My mom's sister, (blood related aunt) has blonde hair and blue eyes.  My eyes are brownish/green hazel. I'm part Roman/Greek, so my back and butt are more muscular and beautifully proportional than weak-back breeds. So was I considered an alpha breed, but I didn't have blue eyes, so the neo-nazis (muslims?) gave me regressive surgeries?

One of my uncles is/was a Jet Pilot in the Air Force.

I am not a police officer or any type of agent. I am not an undercover cop. I am unemployed and collect recyclables for money. 

I have never had a nose-job, but when I was a kid, I was hit in the nose really hard by a baseball at little leauge practice. I have a deviated septum. Bloody nose childhood.

Since the Master Computer put such annoying, insulting psychic CGPs/CGDs around me, I often say "Shoot that CGP in the head with a handgun." I have neither a radio, nor an accomplice and would very much like the designated CGPs (sims, they are ficticious-people that have no rights)  to be shot in the head with a hand gun.  


                   I have NO FRIENDS. ( I really don't. If anyone thinks that they are my friend, then they are mistaken.) Sometimes the computer impersonates and tries to remind me of my old classmates. I don't like most of them and never want to speak to most of them again because:

  1. They shunned me from recording my rock n roll music while they had their own $10,000 recording studios.
  2. They are all Christian. (Not that I don't like them because they are Christian. But we don't have that in-common.)
  3. They shunned my phone calls and acted strange.
I don't want to be friends with:
  • Gay people
  • Annoying people
I want to be friends with:
  • Talented people
  • Interesting people
  • Pretty people
  • Ugly people
  • (sims?)

Click the pic below to visit What I think Page.

                         San Clemente Police informed me with paperwork that there is an extra social security identity of me out there.  My middle name is Meacham and I was born in 1983. There is another "Mechum" born on the same day in 1983? The social security number is 542265974.  That number is different than mine by the first three and the last one. All the numbers are the same otherwise. Jail Record


I was in the Army for 1 year. Since I signed up for Active Duty and I was stationed in another country, that qualifies me, by the ARMY, as a Veteran. I am an Army Airborne Vet. I was sent to Italy.

What I think of Italy? Italy is a population that is emersed with Arabic people and mixed with European people. The Renaissance and great painters lived there, including the Ninja Turtle named Inventors Leonardo, Donatello, Michaelangelo, Raphael, Da Vinci and other great, long dead, minds. 


                   One of my classmates father was a Senator of California, Senator Peace. His son, my friend from the past, offered me an office job around 2002 at his father's TV company, Four Square Productions. Mr. Peace developed the early artwork series "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes". I was fired for being late. They were nice people, but I think my teenager mind disabled my understanding about how important U.S. politicians are and how to act accordingly, with maturity.            (Were they all CGPs?)



Since I am alone and homeless in the matrix, I feel very far away from other signs of life like my family members. (Are they CGPs? Are they Players? Are they conscious in the physical world and not in the matrix?) I hope that none of them stalk (chase) me. I would be willing to press charges on them so that they are sent to prison. I would gladly send anyone that is my former-friend or relative to prison for stalking and bothering me. They might have taken photos of me. That is illegal, as I have stated "Do not photo me. Do not video me." If anyone knows of anyone, including my own family, who has stalked me, photo/video-ed me, then they need to call 9-1-1 and tell the police.

"Uh, E.T. not phone home."

I had acute scoliosis when I was a kid, after a skiing accident, where I hurt my knee. Often, when standing still, and even sometimes laying down, I cross my legs because it feels more comfortable.     I'm not doing a "gang sign". 

I think it because one of my legs is slightly longer than the other. It doesn't effect me otherwise. I was running 12 minute 2-miles in the military.

The areas I have traveled since I've been homeless.

      I have been homeless for almost 4 years. 


I am a homeless man. I have little money.  


 I would like to sue anyone, at all possible, for character defamation, slander, contributing to mental hardships, harasssment, stalking, life endangerment, black-listing, conspiracy and all  other civil crimes done to me.

"I'm a U.S. Army Airborne Veteran, I have rights too!"

 -If you can't believe me, I have paper work to prove it.



American, Germanic, Hungarian, 1/32 Cherokee, (Italian-ish?)    Born in California.

(I think I don't  have any asian blood. I think that doesn't matters that much, but sometimes sims call me racial asian slurs because I have brownish hazelish greenish eyes. I don't have any aboriginal either for that matter. What a bunch of clonists!... calling a white man (me) an asian person, because he has brown eyes. Some European ethnicities have brown eyes. They are not asian hybrids. )

                                                                                     Me.       California.


                                                              |                                               |

       Parents                            American/Kentucky                American/Texas

                                                              |                                               | 

         GPs                                      Kentucky                                 Hungary

                                                             |                                                |

       +GGPs                  Native American/Frontiersmen             Jewish European

MOS: 13f  RANK: E-3  Airborne: 6 Jumps.

Honorable Discharge.


78 . ASVAB Score. 

"There should be no domestic espionage."  Click the link above to visit Politics Page. 

I need money in my C.A.R. Machine for more than just food. I am sick and tired of sim-poverty. No my Dad won't give me a large amount of money, so that I can start a small business to prosper. Why don't I just win the lottery?

I am from San Diego, California. Upon exiting the military, I purchased a boat, got screwed on the deal and have been homeless since. I traveled up the West Coast from San Diego to Portland, from Portland to Baltimore, Baltimore to Key West, Key West to Texas and then Texas back to Santa Monica, California. Then I traveled some more. 

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