Motorcycle clothesline with fishing line. 




If you got a lion, tiger or bear, put it on steroids and drugs and made it hungry and angry all the time and then when it was time for it's feeding, the meat could fall from the ceiling and a robot could snatch up it's food. When the animals got fast enough, it could catch the robot. The robot would be filled with hamburger meat. The animal would be training how to attack and eat people.  




Tying a helicopter-backpack (lawnmower engine, propellers) to an unsuspecting person and watching them rise up through the clouds until the gas runs out.


Needles filled with poison attached to 10 ft. sticks to poke people walking down the sidewalk.

Chairs with hidden needles that when sensor activated, stab out of the chair.

What if an evil farmer filled needle-viles with dyarhea or other poisons and inject growing plants with it. "Hey, why does this fresh orange taste like feces? How did they do it!!!?"

RC Trigger/Camera guns (wireless) mounted under the driven automobiles of innocent motorists.  WHo dunnit!?

Trapdoor, in sidewalk. Fall 50 ft. 





       A coffee bean mold machine that can press any brown matter into look-a-like cofee beans. 

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