Computer Assisted Battle 

CAB worlds are for using weapons, vehicles and gear to fight simulate enemies. The CABs might be so real that a sim-enemy is the enemy! 

a CAB is a specific Virtual-Reality-Machine-World where I might be able to "portal jump" to where I use my eyes and hands to search, hunt, kill, destroy, fight, use weapons to damage and destroy simulated-enemies.

Simulated enemies could be

  • Monsters
  • Robots
  • Aliens
  • Bullies
  • Armies
  • Animals
  • Magical objects (Example* Books that float in the air and try to bite me, while I try to shoot them with a shotgun)

I'm not sure how accurately I need to assist the computer to program CABs to play. I can throw out some ideas... 

Proposed CABs

SUPERNATURAL 1800's CAB- The year starts out in 1805. Van Helsing, Dracula and ghostly vampire themed type battles and experiences are fought in different battle groudns in different parts of the sim-world.

Space CAB- Star wars type CAB. Aliens! Robots! Nearly endless simulated planets, adventures and excitement.

Live Action War Re-enactment CABs- Revolutionary War, World War 2, ect.

Movie CABs- Pick a movie, fight the battles.

Supernatural Medieval CAB-  Like the computer game Diablo and Zelda.

Mythological CAB- A new world of strangeness. Like Lord of the rings, with forests, oceans, magic, creatures and giants.

Zombie CAB- Zombies!

Dino CAB- Like Jurassic Park and Turok.





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