I could build my own basic humanoid robot (without independent intelligence) that walks around and interacts. By studying human muscles, one mightunderstand that they are a system of strings that are pulleys and levers.


Motors could rap and pull a string to collapse an arm to the side of the abdomen and there could be a string on the other side of the arm (inside the skin-case) that brings the arm up. Certain magnets activate with an electric charge so perhaps instead, a magnet chain could be used opposing the string and motor.


A simple computer can be programmed to light up a series of 10 lights (or sounds), in different combinations. Now instead of the computer designating the electricity to turn on/off the  lights/sounds, the computer could designate the magnet chains that are like robot muscles to walk across a  room.


Motion 1      Left Leg Lift

Motion 2       Left Leg Extend

Motion 3        Left Leg Fall

Motion 4        Right Leg Lift

Motion 5         Right Leg Extend

Motion 6          Right Leg Fall

The movement could be calibrated by doing more than one movement at a time (Motion 3 & 4 at the same time).

That type of walking programming could be supplied even by a birthday candle electric singer computer. (about $1). The robot could dance around a room   So... mechanical legs, weighted feet, manaquin, battery and computer.. and you got a robot!  


If a laptop was used, installed in the back of the manaquin, where on could fold it down and program the droid, the laptop might possibley be strong enough to supply all it's basic programming and memory.



  •  Motor mechanical muscilization
  • Sight Reading Correspondence
  • Interaction Database Language
  • Self Auto Repair Capabilities

If software was designed for all those, one could connect the brain (laptop) into the mechanical manaquin, and then you have a basic droid. It runs  electricity to it's legs to walk, it's camera eyes read shapes and change walking direction to avoid objects. If it hears the sound frequency "hello", it responds from a list of responses.

Talking to a droid is like pushing a tire swing.                                 'Cause and effect.

Push, bounce back.

Talking to a human (human to human) is much more complicated because the interaction is not with a device. It is 2 souls with different "Speeds of Life" systems that intersect to correspond with one another, on a much more electronically unique happening (human variable). The droid variable is a constant.               So let's say talking to a droid (or CGP for that matter) is like putting money in a vending machine that is set on random. The response, the candy, could be 1 of 25, for example.  Talking human to human might be a similar thought process, but the candy one might get might be a totally different recipe, maybe the candy would have no rapper, or maybe the rapper would be missing the candy inside.

So as to say, the human variable is less mathematical on the premis that humans are imperfect and do not reply as a mandatory function.                  But let's say that the droid programming is extremely intricate and intelligent and that instead of 1 of 25, it is 25 of 1,000,000. Then it's combinations would seem impressive, perhaps superior to human, but it wwould still be a soulless electronic mathmatical device that was explained "How to randomize", through designed programming, despite however complicated it's combinations are and could be.


<---- Click the picture to see



Possible Enemy Robotics Strategy-

Have the parts in different products, in the targeted territory, buy the various products, disassemble the parts and reassemble them into the droid.

              Scans and sensors would probably alert of droid pressences. The police, military and private security would be aware of the droid's presence. But what if the droids suddenly appeared in large numbers, in a small strategic vacinity, did their mission and then hid. They could disassemble eachother and be mistaken for random electronics.

                If the police/military deploy droids in society, in civil atmospheres, then they are sensors and monitors themselves. But if the droid acts "natural" in a negative demenor that suggests crime, (like a droid sitting in a shopping cart, drinking a beer and singing songs) then the droid's deployers  are sort of brain washing, scaring, manipulating the public. If they are offending people, then morally that is a crime and they could be sued.


"Hey, my feelings got hurt by your robot, I want $8,000."

Courts?.... Let's hope the judge ain't a droid.

The schematics seen above are for the SPEED-BOT. Since the gears are NOT LOCKED, this humanoid design has more speed potential. While one leg is lifting, the other leg has to be locked as the hip. To turn, a rope inside the shoe, pulls the foot outside, and because of momentum, the robot leans the opposite direction. Weight of the top is important, (light but able to manage the momentum of stepping. If weight or mass was sticking out of the chest, or perhaps adversely, the head was leaning back, that would effect the posture and speed of the robot. A MERCURY bulb fuse could be used to tell the robot that it fell over. The liquid metal in the glass bubble would swim to a different side of the bulb, stopping an electric circuit (Liquid Braker) and starting another circuit. For the robot to get up on it's own, (very important) it might need ropes inside it's toes through it's legs to be pulled, so that the feet come close to the abdomen. Perhaps with feet pulled in, an arms motion could roll the robot back on to it's feet and then it stands back up. The knees don't want to bend (solid tension flex). The knees do bend from the weight of the weighted feet and then back to straight with the thighs. The robot should be able to stand straight up with one hip lock LOCKED, strict knee and solid body. If the Robot was more advanced, the motor might be able to be in the feet.   To make the robot walk and run perfectly, the gear ratio and anatomic structure need to be close to perfect. I would try 10 teeth per Kicker Gear (of 100, 10%) at first, and if the timing was incorrect to proper walking, I would then change it. The leg action is Gear hit, extend, extend, release. When the gear is released (from absense of spacial teeth), the foot falls to the ground and the leg then begins to set it self back in the rigid locked position, until it is kicked out again. The motor could be gas or electric. If it was gas, an auxilary axle would be needed to pull away from the gears to act as a neutral, so that it could stop walking, while the motor is running.


I imagine the SPEED-BOT could run to excess speeds of 24 miles per hour for distances of about 18 miles.



ZOMBIE BITER- Weighted feet, slow geard hips, voice activated response, flesh biting jaw. Good for home-invasion-defense.

Shopper- Affixed animatronic or weighted feet. Friendly voice-response programming, soft to touch.

Alien Heart Attackers- 3 ft. tall, wieghted feet, R/C controlled or CPU, "scary dialogue/sounds". Could be programmed to invade structures and block doorways saying "You may not leave."   NOTE* Fore "realistic experience", hollow realistic balloons of things like mock-tvs and mock-lamps, etc should be floating in room before attack sequence.

AHA/Dog- A dog-costume hiding dog's legs as costume-alien-legs, as aliens appear to be walking single file. The dog could be trained to "greet" people, activating "scary sound recorded dialogue" The dog's face would be hidden, but it can still see. The dog might be trained to not-bark or a microphone system could amplify and distort that dog's bark into scary shrieks. 

Thief Droyd- Vaccum tube in "arm" to suck $ bills into "stomach safe"  Good running and hiding abilities.

Floating Warlock- Can have 2 rise/fall cycles.

Vender Droyd- Mobile vending machine

Room Service Droyd- The meals cook inside it's stomach-stove and spills out of tube in "arm", into bowls.

Smelter Gheist Droyd- It has a normal realistic rubber skin/wig until it transforms /expands deforming the rubber skin as it exspels loud-audible horrific shrieks and sprays rotten gases. The white-plastic that appears as "demon-bone" pushes out of the rubberskin in some places like the jaw/face and chest. The terrible-smelling-activated-robot can serve stationary as a decoy, resembling a dead-body-demon.

Transformations and Activations can be activated by:

  • Bullet wounds (breaking red-water filled interior chambers that have  toilet-type bouyancy levers/float lever switches)
  • Buttons
  • Timer
  • Voice activation

FALL OVER SWITCH- If an amatuer droyd falls over, the best way to make it get back up is by installing a "mercury switch" or a "BB fall switch". A small container inside the droyd is filled-slightly with liquid-mercury-metal or BBs. +- wires connect to the container in multiple places so that the liquid-metal or BBS rest in divits of the container and as the droyd falls over, inside the container- the liquid-metal or BBs spill into a different divit of the container, connecting a new +- circuit. The new circuit would be a mechanical system to make the droyd stand up on it's feet, as the liquid-metal/BBs spill back into the "Main-Functioning-Connection-Divit" to continue.


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