Isn't being alone, homeless, poor, harassed and experiencing scientific super-natural experiences scary?... NO FEAR.

There are many, seemingly, symptoms of being in the C.A.R. Machine that I have noticed.

It appears, that people, monitors or the computer system itself, can read your mind. One can have conversations with other people and the surrounding habitat by internal cognitive approaches.

"Why am I in the matrix?" one might ask.

The response is usually negating or it seems that the responder is hiding the truth or attempting not to answer. A response might be;  

"Yes you are in the matrix."

WHISPERS: And it might not come verbally from a human, but from the auditory response of an action, a sound, of a moving automobile engine, the scratching of trashcans on the ground or

ANIMAL VERBALITY: even birds chirping in the tree, dogs barking, ect.


I was reading from the page Master Computer  this is Max Kremer; and I asked myself, in my mind, "Who's matrix is it really?", and a burp inside my stomach made a sound that responded "God".


One time I was sick and walked far and fell asleep on a bench. I woke up to the sensation like an invisible rag was being pulled out of the top of my forehead and when it popped out, there were flashes and shock sensations. 


I think I noticed that when I don't drink enough water, the CGPs are more aggressive and mocking.


If or when I eat pork, ( I usually never do, but have on occasion), the CGPs get much less friendly.

The CGPs are usually set at a 4, of the 1-10 scale of friendly.

       ...It's sim-food! 


I put on a black pair of pants that I hadn't worn for many months. I was traveling, pushing a cart. I got too hot and took my shirt off. It was night time. I was aware that I was in a computer world. I flicked my lighter at some of the sims, sparks and flame.  Not sim-illegal. I felt as though I looked like a ninja pushing a weapon cart. As I was running across the street, it felt as though a ball squeezed out of my foot ( out of the bone, no blood, no mark ). I found what I felt in my shoe, a strange egg shaped stone, about 2 times the size of a jelly bean. My foot and leg felt refreshed and healthy.  Is it a magic stone?  or Did the strange stone sit in my pant leg until it fell into my shoe? Is it something like the neon light waterballoon ghost?

    I was sleeping on a park bench, after cracking a bunch of lights out of my head and body, when I had a dream. I was in someone else's house. It was cluttered with boxes and things, as if the person living there never cleaned up after themselves. There were caucasian type faced people in their 20's and 30's, in different rooms socializing with one another, looking at me strangely, as if they were smerking about how they played a joke on me. I said "You guys are like goonies." I was trying to leave and the people were making me nervous. I think I was threatend and then I saw a mazzuzah on their door. As I was trying to leave, I kissed it and went to the front yard, also cluttered with debri of junk. When I got to the front door, it lead to another backyard which had an open strange room, like the back section of another house. I had to climb up a few feet to get on level ground to the area. I walked through more cluttered, messy housing, rooms and halls, until I found 2 people sitting on a window sill, almost outside of it. I asked "How do I get out of here?" And somewhere around that time, the room, which was actually a trailor, started rolling and turned upside down with me and clutter rolling alon the walls until it was upside down. I asked "How do I get out of here?" again.  One of the people, a tan skinned caucasian faced male with a 70's style t-shirt said "Right around the corner and you're out." I climbed out the window and everything got blinding white and then poof!, I was waking up on the park bench wehre I fell asleep. Then immediately I heard the same voice from out in the distance say "Left, right.", or some type of military saying.   


ANother Dream: I saw clips like a 1st person movie, I think it was in England. A group of teenagers were bragging that they had pieces of a skull in thier bedroom. A man in the streets said "We're killing the wankers!" As if I talked for him, a young man said "It's like they're robbers. Don't steal my wallet. Don't rub homosexual mate with me." Two young men were attacked while they were drunk at a hot-tub. They had glass or box type helmets on. Someone  was smashing them on their heads. One of them stood up in the hot- tub and said "My penis is burning!' as streams of blood filled the hot-tub. It looked like a 50's color movie and the blood looked un-realistic. Then I woke up and a voice near my left ear said "Hello?" "we killed a lot of people." It was like someone called my brain, like a phone, and they were startled that I woke up and was concious. It seemed like they hung up and everything was quiet and calm around me. I think someone (thing?) might be "up-loading" memories to my "black-box" brain to frame me (matrix memory crimes) so that it appears to other matrix techs, maybe even 100 years from now, that I have memory evidence of murders. It's like memories (brain cells) are like movie film? The victim who had his penis cut off resembled one of my high school classmates (?). If those false up-loaded memory movies are some type of annoying enemy droid punishing me, I need to fight him with the matrix computer rules and system. Like it's a loop-hole in the matrix safegaurd system to deploy attacks on innocent CAR matrix Players. Planting "evidence" might have been that dirupted matrix brain phone call. So the illegal action was bothering me with strangeness.


Often when I walk into a store, the music on the radio is singing mocking songs to me, in some sort of attempt to make me mad. The lyrics are different like someone is using a radio device to hack the music (FM Bug at radio shack). The lyrics are usually insulting, homobi, psychic reactive and singing directly to me with my name as part of the lyrics.  

The night I invented, in my mind, "FOgBurner", I fell asleep near a river. I woke up in the middle of the night, after dreaming of, what seemed to be an RPVG, a large animal in a house kitchen, approaching me, I took out a long bread knife from a droor and slid it down the animal's throat, as my hand was in it's vicious mouth. I woke up to the sound of about 10 people chanting in song, a creepy tune (as if they were at the river singing a strange song), as I noticed a pattern of what I guessed later to be 9 radio-controlled helicopters, hovering 25 ft. in the sky, in a 3x3 square formation. What the heck was that?




Whispers have hinted or say "Russia" or "Russian" as if Russia has anything to do with my CAR machine. I am not Russian. I have never been there and I don't have Russian Lineage/Heredity/Ethnicity. I mean, I'm caucasian, (white) but that doesn't imply that I am from a specific region of Earth, that happens to border China, or even that my great or great-great grandparents were. (?)




Sometimes I have very bad headaches.


If I have an anal belch pressurizing, (gas in my lower intestine, fart) a stranger sim in the vacinity often might say something like "Okay, he's about to fart." or " There is pressure in his guts. He's going to spew gas." before I express body gas.


Often I challenge and test the sim-human programming, in an attempt to gain CAR machine wisdom. Verbally, I have been able to only vaguely effect sim-human social situations. The sim-humans prove that they are psychic to my thoughts. As they call themselves droids, I contemplate their reason for being simulated. If their reason is to mimic humanity realisticaly, they have failed by speaking innappropriately psychic to me.













































































































Snapping Density

 WHen ghost lights are menacing me, after I snap my fingers to effect them, it appears as though invisible "muttlers" are subdoing my hands and fingers to not snap. The snapping might effect the sonar-mapping around me, to illuminate the invisible entities' presence. (?)



The whispers and CGPs have mentioned "Droid-Lock" when I've been walking around with my backpack and experiencing very much pain in my upper back spine, lower neck and shoulders. Is it some sort of cybernetic device, either being installed are taken out from that part of my spine? Very painful. 

Sometimes, I think the CAR machine belongs to alien computers (E.T.A. I.s).  Artificial

           intelligence from a different planet, built by a secret different creature.



After eating a bag of parsnips vegetables, I experienced erectile dysfunction.


At night, with a flashlight, I found a black widow, on a web at the base of a tree, that was like a land mine, where the tree was planted in the sidewalk and a metal-grading was above it's root soil, leaving a gap to accidentally step into, where the spider was. I sprayed it with deodorant spray and it fell off it's web. It clamored up the tree bark, where I smashed it. I held my hand up to the light of the street lamp to see if it's web got on my hand and as soon as I steadied my hand, I saw what seemed to be an invisible rope with an invisible-opaque ball on the end. It disappeared with a pop and it felt like I was slightly electrocuted as I sensed what was like a chain-reaction-string of small shocks travel from my hand, behind my back, to the other hand. Then I put the dead spider in a clear plastic empty sandwich box and threw it into the trash.



I think that I am slightly drained of blood, as a blood transfusion. I think the psychic conversations are in regards to who is blood transfusing with me in the physical world. That might be how I get CAR machine nutrition.

*DO NOT DRAIN ANY OF MY BLOOD? Please do not drain any of my blood? When any blood is drained from my body, I feel displeasure and low health? In order for me to have high health, I need to retain my blood. I think that if an ounce comes into my body, then an ounce leaves me body.? *NOTE1 That is an unsatisfactory situation because I don't have enough. I need to regain proper blood amount in my body? I need to halt blood-loss? Close ports? Please be careful as I am very sensitive.  Or perhaps I am wrong. I am not sure. I want to feel healthy. I don't want to feel as though I am dying.  I am not an expert. I am not a doctor. Maybe I should not complain about my car machine medical. My request is to feel very good and very healthy. How do I do that? I'm not sure. I am unsure about blood science, but I think that if I have perfect blood, then my hands and feet will feel warm when I am in cold weather.

*NOTE1- When I typed that block of text, I started feeling as though I was going in to shock. It felt like I was going to die. Then, my neck shuttered my head sideways as a pop of white light emanated behind my shoulders. Does that means that perhaps I need less blood? Or perhaps the CAR machine droid-techs drained my blood???(in the physical world, invisible to me)  Need more? Need less? Need oxygen rich? Need less oxygen rich? Need nutrient rich? 

So thus, I believe that "blood" transfusion is the issue of white lights, body sensations and psychic feedback. (?)      

NOTE 2- The happening of "Blood being pumped into one's body from another source" is UNATURAL.   Blood being drained from one's body is natural. Humans evolved for millions of years without footwear and with plenty of pesky hungry animals.     

I believe that with the correct amount of "good blood", I might be able to feel 100% healthy and my hands could be warm in cold weather.

What if "Sim-drugs (rx drugs)" was a physical world issue of having enough blood, as a player-human's car machine blood ports are mechanically control to be optimized and the player-human, with correct amount of "good blood", feels, and perhaps claims, that he is on drugs and is feeling good! So thus, perhaps feeling good, feeling healthy on drugs is the CAR-machine-setting of having "good blood". I have imagined that my CAR machine blood transfusion system is extra-blood coming into me (into my body), as my blood comes out. My theory of 100% health relying on "Good Blood" is that my body needs to contain it's own blood (perhaps gradually over time). I might be incorrect. I'm unaware of how the CAR-machine works. I am guessing. I hope to feel well, good, healthy. I know little about blood science. I am not a doctor scientist.

It seems as though the blood ports are in my arms, legs and top of head, maybe all over my body.



                                                            LIGHTS COME OUT OF MY BODY

Muscle twitching, or spasming, and then small particles, or sometimes balls, of light disperse into the immediate environment or people. Also, the lights can travel into computer monitors and televisions, into the characters, or past them, into 2d pictures of people and mannequins faces. 

I think the lights might be condensed information, like radio waves. They have been refered to as "spirits" by the sounds which I communicate with.

Sometimes, they are white lights, black lights(shadows), mists, balls, hellicopter-blade spinning shapes, streams and other shapes. Sometimes they crawl out of my ears and eye-lids. I can grab them with my fingertips and assist pulling them out and off my face and can see traces of white light lines.

They come out of different areas of my body, most commonly my forehead. Up my abdomen, through my neck and out my head. Sometimes it amasses in my head, gives my a slight headache and when I squeeze my facial muscles, I can crack little pieces of the light matter out.  I can see some of them with my eyes closed when the lights pass the part of my head that is the back of my eyes.

"So I tense up my face and crack my neck like and little pieces of light fly out...  I think it might be super-human surgery on me in the physical world and it translates to the CAR." ? 

Sometimes it feels like the lights that I crack out of my head and body are invisible pieces of a crystal or rock rod that is growing from my stomach out of the top of my head. Why would thee crystal/rock matter be connected to my nerves, expecially if it's space armor or what could it be?

Sometimes I feel gears spinning in my head and can feel/hear something like a CD rom activating inside my head. With my fingers, I can feel lines carved into my skull, under my skin. When I push on it, to crack out lights, some of the panels feel weak and sensitive. Why would I experience such sensations while I'm in the CAR machine? Why woukld such cybernetic mechanisms be connected to my nerves? Wouldn't my super-human cybernetics be sensless to my nervous system?

                                                            SENSE OF WEIGHTLESSNESS

Also, split-second temporary weightlessness, like I just dropped through the ground, and lights shoot off from my back, over into the immediate vicinity. All the while  in the same step.


Whether it's the mere sound of one's fingers snapping, or perhaps due to chronological computations, where the sound makes a loud and sharp enough wave in the CAR, snapping cuts and repels the eerie mists and clouds of light. If you feel a wierd sensation and can see a ghost light, if you snap with your fingers at it's location, it can de-materialize in thin CAR air.


Often, the CGP sims say;

                                               "Print."            "Post."          "Hack."            "Cut."

                                      "Point."           "Rated R." 

They say it in synchronization with my thoughts. I think they have to do with logging of what I am thinking and reactions. As if it is a command to the computer, from the physical world, into my CAR.   I imagine a printer receipt machine in the physical world that explains things about my brain, thought process, personality and/or mood.


I asked about 5 storeworker CGPs if I could use their store's bathroom. They said no so I went dyareha in the bushes. I walked a few miles with soggy underwear. When I got to a bathroom, I wiped my anus and there was a strange clear gel with what appeared to be undigested food. I smelled my soiled underwear and it smelled like Challah bread, a Jewish holy bread. Did I squeeze my guts so hard that bile came out? Why is bile being sprayed on challahs? Neo-nazis or devil worshippers might have been adding gut juice from dead bodies on challahs.


I had a little over one dollar, some food I had cooked at the park the day before. I thought it was Saturday. I waited till night to collect recyclables (I'm Jewish. I try to observe the Sabbath.). Then, a sim who claimed he was muslim offered me a cigarette. He (it) said it was Friday night. I thought it was Saturday night. I asked some of the other sims and they said it was Friday. Why didn't the sims remind me it was Friday, not Saturday, earlier, so that I could have cashed in my recyclabes (for a few dollars for food on Saturday)? That proves that the sims are against me and are not my friends. As if me being homeless wasn't a clue that the sim-programming was against me. I'm going to blast ther G** Da** Fu**ing heads off and spray their sim-blood and sim-brains out! I'm still waiting for a phazer to do that, Better yet, during my sleep, If I could transfer to a different Master Computer, then via Droid-Carbal or Identity Relay (commanding droids in the physical world) I will attack and destroy the defective former Master Computer that has exhibited time after time, defection to it's player (me). It should not be running. It should be smashed to smitherines.

On myself and also CGPs, I have noticed a thin transparent, almost invisible, stream that traisl behind like a spiderweb.  I think it might be a cybernetic network cable or something. If I feel my force being sickened from something behind me, I turned around  to look and saw a trail, flash, flicker and disappear.  Also, invisible devices throwing at  it and snapping have effected it.

Sometimes when a cloud mist or evil e.t. ghost CGP spirits have swam onto me, like some sort of curse, the obnoxious CGP programs act out in annoying ways like synchronizing my movements with car horns off in the distance or CGP saying annoying things.

Sometimes when a CGP passes by, along with curse drag, I feel an absurd sorrow as though the CGPs are real people to me and that they're going into battle and will surely die. Is there a cybernetic psychic reason? I would rather remain with complete apathy for stranger CGPs.



Something else strange has been sensed. It's like if I was simulated in more than one sim-world at once, that one of them is a type of military-ship-pilot-training-simulation that shocks/slightly bothers me, to control where I am walking (and pushing a cart) around driver-sims and pedestrian-sims. The sensation of curse-drag is noticed and it seems as though it is regarded about sims who are moving. Example**

If a group of sims are walking towards me on the sidewalk, it feels like I'm supposed to park my cart on the side and wait for them to pass, or other curteous traveling remarks. Why? It's like a pedestrian-program. Police program? What is it? Why does the computer bother me? (I didn't sign up for that. Any type of pain or discomfort inflicted upon me is a real crime.)  I can usually squeeze by passin-sims and totally not touch them. Maybe the sims are using lazer or sound weapons against me. I think they are confused that I am not a droid. Maybe they (matrix moderators) are using sim-pedestrians against Player, as some type of Navy or airship training program.


Sometimes when I push on my nose, I smell peanut butter. (?)

Most CGPs have unfriendly, stupid expressions and are non-interactive.


                                         FISH SKELETON GHOSTS 

I have seen, in a pair, dark shadowy, opaque things, swimming through the air silently, in-doors, during a highly stressful environment. They resembled flat fish skeletons, large heads and ribbed mid-sections. I think they may have come out of someone's, or my own, body.


I've seen opaque pinkish brown bird/moth like things flutter into and away from white light mists, where white opaque orbs, with streaming lines of thin light. Also, opaque black things have fluttered into light mists. 

                                                    BIRD SHADOWS

They fly between me and the sun, striking their shadow through my position on the ground. Their behavior seems aggressive. Is it to point me in a direction, attempting to dominate me, having fun? They do it many times a day, on some days. 

                          Often, when I sit on benches that have spaces/gaps (chain mesh benches, wood panel benches), and if I'm sitting where my clothed anus is above the gap, I experience irritable sensations similar to gut-pain and blood-loss.                


                          SICKNESS AWAKENING FROM SLEEP

Even when I was a kid, every now and then I would wake up from sleeping and feel like my body was too sick to rise. It usually lasts for a few hours, till I get some excercise or eat food. Then I bounce back to "normal" (?).  I think it's like someone is draining my blood in my sleep or poisoning me with feces or something. Since I don't do drugs, what if someone was poisoning me with heroin or something, as if they do that to the population, so that they themsevles don't appear sick from years of drug abuse, they look like everybody else. Is it something like superman being weened onto kryptonite? If anyone is poisoning or molesting me in my sleep, I would like to press charges on them. If they are government officials, attacking the American people during war time, they should be murder-executed.

                     Curse Drags

It feels like my muscles in my body are tired already and then a CGP changes it's own movement (automobile driving, like a car driving out of the parking lot or walking) in my vacinity and as if we're connected by some sort of negative foce, I feel dull pain and more tiresome by the approximation of the moving CGP.                               Sometiems the curse drag is so bad that I found that if I shoot the CGP with my hand and fingers, ghost light balls can fly out of the CGP and then I feel less curse drag. There is usually much curse drag when ghost light mists have clouded up the area.

                        Force Field

It feels like I am attacked by magnets, that pull at my body to weaken it. I feel shocks around certain persons and a gaining sick magnetic sensation as the they are approaching and then a painful shock. I can control or stop the magnetic shock sensation by pointing at the approaching person. If I make a gun sign, with my hand, mimicing shooting them, white light whisps out and away from them and the magnetic shock sensation decreases or stops. It might be a cybernetic "spidey sense" to warn me of approaching threats. Perhaps mental understanding of pain or muscle fatigue is correlated or elemented from + and - charges of magnets that vary in power.               Pulling magnets apart takes energy-+ and drains energy. So does pushing - charges together. Or maybe it's sound frequencies.  Also, just being near some people makes me sick and the magnetic sensations are synonomous with motion.  Sounds, like the blast of a car horn syncronizes with a shocking sensation.   My body movements effect the magnetic attack in some way, as if, a defective computer is punishing me for not acting like it does.   example* step, step, step, wait no don't lift your head at that angle, step, step, put your finger down 5 degrees, a little less movement in your hips, step, step, step      It feels like the mood of happiness, or natural high, is lost, or zapped, by the magnetic attack.                      The sick feeling = Attack on an American citizen



"Can you hear me?" Most likely, in regards to laws, according to philosophy, extra-terrestrials are not controlling the C.A.R. Machine.  It is most likely, 100% humankind generated. They, (E.T.'s) would have little purpose to place us in the machines as we are. There are some ideas that might explain "pets" or "workers", but that is slightly illogical. 

Sometimes it feels like somehow, I'm being mistaken for a CGP or droid. It feels like entities are trying to control or drive me somehow. It feels like parts of my brain is missing, like I'm dying, under attack from invisible enemies. Then later, my mind becomes strong again and I am uneffected.


Sometimes I can feel annoying, pulsing sensations on my penis, often when ghost lights are around. While I feel the rape sensation, CGPs or whispers say gay, homobi things. If homobis are molesting me, I would like them to be put to death. 


Sometimes it feels like objects in my anus are being pulled out and I can see ghost light balls fly away. If I was feeling sick, the sickness sensation is then less after the ghost light ball flies out.

I think the ghost lights might be some sort of matrix pre-crime agent that has false data or false suspicion. It might swim into my body representation and then either attempt to control me or attempt to read my mind to prove it's case.? Or what coudl the sensations and lights be? Hopefully, if the lights are defective detective things, they will be sent to computer generated hell for misconduct, inappropriateness, pain, deviance and general stupidity for bothering real people in a computer world where real people should be having such a great time, that it's better than heaven on earth. It's like a defective matrix police officer (defective because it's not protecting and serving, it's bothering and harrassing ((crime)).) know that in the near future, a crime will be commited (Simmcrime!?) and it's playing a detective game to see whoo's going to do it. As if, it thinks it's a super-natural time traveler and is not in a CAR matrix. But, it might be tricked because it's a homobi, and the only way to murder it out of the CAR matrix is for wizards to trick it into commiting crimes on real people. The reason; Homobis annoy hetero-sexual minds.

Or maybe the lights are Cyborg Tech.

There's no real reason why annoying ghost lights would be part of the CAR machine setting, unless it was to scare fools who didn't know that they were in a CAR matrix. "Oh my gosh, I see scary ghosts and hear whispers!" Well, did you ever join the Army? Arn't those whispers erading your mind? Do you know anything about science? Well, someone should have read The Constitution to them because those symptoms/experiences are Un-Constitutional. They are harassing and demening my right to prosper.


Sometimes it feels like "adrenaline" or electric volts are injected into my senses, in situations of stressful sim-drama like confrontations with aggressive sims. In psychology, it's called "Fight or Flight". It seems as though a remote triggered "Shock box", inside my body, is activated by an outside source to help me use my body for violence or to make me feel infused with uncomfortableness. I try to mentally control it. I can usually relax quickly afterward.

One time when my shock box activated for not a very apparent reason....

I was walking down the sidewalk, headed towards a dumpster area where I knew I could find about $3 in recylables. Before I got there, I saw an AM PM employee wheeling trashbags to the dumpster area. What a coincidence?!  I watched from the sidewalk, for about 7 minutes, the employee play with the bags, stand up on the dumpster and carry hi "recyclables" back in side, where I followed and bought $1.82 of food. The recycler employee changed his shirt before I got a chance to see his name tag and he didn't immediately wash his hands. The cashier, the suspected recycling accomplice, said "Hoe" as if it was too lazy to say "Hello." it looked like a male transsexual without make up. I paid for my food and asked for the receipt. The shock box seemed to have made me a little shaky with teeth clenched, greedy anger, until I rationalized "finder's keepers".  The AMPM gas station sign has a giant crescent illuminated logo that reminded me of a muslim symbol.

AMPM....Anthem....Star spangled banner.

If they are all muslims (or perhaps only the owner is), good for them for being patriotic. They are in America, after all. (Sims?)

If the recycler-employee can get away with personal/non-obligation work, while he's on the clock, he might as well had dump the trash out of the trashbags to recycle the trashbags at work. Homeless people, that are not beggers, who recycle do it so that they can buy food and stuff.   

The recycler-employee seemed to have been switched out, when he went to the back to change his shirt. The new employee looked like an older version of him. Do they have an underground base at the gas station? Gas is explosive! There are lot's of opportunities at gas stations.

I have written about "What is sim-food?" Why is some sim-food bad and some sim-food good? If food is simulated and poop is simulated, I don't want to eat sim-poop. Sim-medicine, if not mixed with sim-urine in the back of the sim-store by a sim-al Qaeda agent is intended to improve the healing process of the body.  Sim-medicine is an option to consume for realism's sake. Well, if not having 100% health and needing to sim-purchase, sim-consume simulated medicine is for simulated realism's sake, then why are psychic sims programmed to violate my rights. As psychic sims de-factuate the value of realism in simulation, the nuisance of sub-par health is compounded.   As a fit man tjat spits chewing tobacco, I have walked up and down California, hiking some stents at 20+ miles at a time. I would say that my health level fluctuates at 70% health, as I have some sickness pains, mixed with high energy and muscle strength. 

The element is the answer to the question, AM I IN CARBAL (Virtual Reality Helmet Walking) or CAR machine (Virtual Reality Machine Pod) ? 

 I have had a cannabis prescription rec. The sim-cannabis that I purchased seemed to be a type of poltergeist beacon, as it seemed as though ghost-whispers  were dominantly present in my virtual reality experience. There seemed to be extra happy glands, as I was able to laugh at some things that might have been stressful.    NOTE* I think cannabis smoking has a police-droid activation program type thing, as cannabis has newly been legalized in X20.   What is sim-pot? As the term "getting high" is synonomis  with marijuana smoking, it would be nice if "high" meant high-health.

If 70% health is average health, 80%  could be excellent health and 81%-100% health could be sim-cannabis activated.

To attain average health in X20 per day, it seems as though I must:

  • Drink one gallon of water
  • Eat a handful of vegetables, multi-vitamin
  • Eat protein (meat)
  • Eat carbohydrates (bread, grain)
Eating delicious sim-food is enjoyable, but bad sim-food and sim-poison should not be disguised as good-sim-food.

                                                                            Invisible Devices 

Sometimes it's like the CGP Sims are throwing invisible devices at me. They can barely be seen by my eyes as wisks of white light or slightly grey shadows.    If I make a paper airplane throwing motion back at the CGP who threw the invisible object at me, there can be a light effect, where it seems that I threw an invisible object back. When I have done this, a CGP said "Spell." almost in unison with the action.

                                              ONION HEADS


I had a telepathic conversation and was told that robots have onion type brains.  So I think they're programs, (Sims, Computer Generated People).  In the physical world, their onion computer possibley could get tossed into droid bodies, perhaps human-like or not.  They continued to call me a droid and I explained that I am not a  droid.

So if they are droids in my CAR, then they are CGDs. (Computer Generated Droid)

Sometimes I wake up from sleeping and it feels as if someone stuck a latex tube or bag down my throat and then I move  my rib cage and vertebrate around and can feel joint cracks and flashes of light come out of me. Then the lights roll down the street or off into the sky.

It sort of feels like a large wooden carrot is growing in my stomach, up and out my head. Sometimes I think it could be an icicle. It gets slightly looser after cracking and I think I might have no pain/weakness simulation if the large wooden carrot/icicle manages to be released out of the top of my head. It might be connected throughout my body by the carrot or plant roots, connected to my bones and muscles. Maybe if I hang upside down like Batman in the movie, the obstruction could slide out. It might be a sim-curse, as if an alien, droid or human illegaly put the annoyance obstruction into my body. Another CAR machine curse type thing could be like someone sprinkling itching powder inside someone's CAR machine suit. As if they were CAR machine witches that had their own deviant religion. " Oh, the Jew ate simulated ham. Now we can grow a painful alien-bug in his abdomen. That's our rules!" I think it might be something like that. (Murder-execute the enemy deviant witch nuissances!)  And what would be their rebuttle of justification?; "Oh Max, we gave you simulated pain because it's fun for us and we think you don't have any rights."



 Anything inside my sim-world(s) that I am in that is any type of invisible thing, causing sensation should be called a "Polter-Gram". (Like Poltergeist and Program.) Ghost lights and light balls are considered as poltergrams too.

Sometimes it feels like an invisible mass is stuck inside my chest. Sometimes, (usually when I feel like I've been poisoned and am sort of dying) as I am relaxing my body enough, white lights deplete the invisible mass, with little pieces of it flying out of my throat. When I can feel the invisible mass inside the top of my chest, it seems like I can't breathe, but I do breathe.


The sims become very annoying with dialogue (psychic reactive, as if they are reading my mind). Sometimes I put in earplugs to ignore them. Sometimes after wearing earplugs for a long time, it seems as though I have defeated them in some way.   The irony might be that if they are psychologically testing me as auxilary military training (I'm an Army Vet), that their actions/sim-actions are Unconstitutional. I would strongly vote that they (annoying Sims, criminal moderators) be put to death. If it's a computer-droid system, it should be deactivated and destroyed.  

What if the preset for Sims act in "Public Places", is overly annoying. Because I'm homeless, I'm in public 24/7. If I had my own place to live, I would probably not be psychologically-attacked by Sims. I have a right to be in/on Public Property. Perhaps the Sims are programmed annoying because they're like "Well, don't people (Sims) have a right to say obnoxious things?" (Not in this case. Conspiracy Harassment Stalking)

As if they are A.I. droids that multi-task as undercover police and when they see any type of crime (*Technically, a piece of pocket lint blowing out of someone's pocket = Littering) they attempt to retalliate instead of arresting (because the crime was too small).  It's like "Hey, that Human had his eyes closed in the park. Sleeping in the park is illegal. Oh, I know, send someone over to him, bend over and make a fart sound while he's eating a bowl of beans."    Seems harmless?


Sometimes, it feels like I'm re-animating the dead with my body. As if, a corpse, in the physical world, has been sown on and into mine and as I walk, perhaps on a treadmill, my heart pumps blood and electricity into the dead body to bring it back to life. It makes me feel so sick. Psychologically, the dead body thinks and effects my mind, it seems, or maybe the computer programs simulate things about the dead body person to make me feel a connection with it that I don't like.

 Not so often, a nerve sensation in my lower abdomen regions feels like it's being raped. It's like I'm being molested by invisible things. It is an annoying feeling and sort of feels like my body is filling up with too much water from the wrong anatomical part. Sometimes CGPs say homosexual and heterosexual things to me while the sensation is occuring. Lights radiate from the parts when it is happening. I think it might be ghosts in simulation, playing with my blood.

Poltergram  Molestation

The ghost lights have attacked me and it feels like their deployer is staring at me from nearby, and is psychically trying to make me look like a droid. As if, it's holding a Rc controller saying "Watch he's about to move his left arm." while auxilary electricity, seemingly, is pumped into my brain and/or spine. It's like the ghost lights are invisible, illegal electric chords, that are trying to take over my body because the deployer thinks something false. And I brake the invisible ghost string electric chords by snapping, clapping and waiting time. It's like the most annoying sensation psychically/psychologically/physically, without any evidence of breeching my body. It's like an enemy is trying to change my brain (my soul), with electricity, but it didn't know I had a soul, as if, it thought I was a droid or CGP. Is it like "Look at that attractive male acting serious, minding his own business, let's go get him to wear a pink ballerina tutu and serve us daquiris! Here, let me see if I can plug this thing into his brain section." Sometimes, while the ghost light electric chords are attacking, I can feel sensations in my bladder, my penis and my anus, that are like dull pain while nearby CGPs are saying homobi inuendos, (ILLEGAL) as if they are raping me and trying to convert me to homobi-ism while doing it, as if they think they're brainwashing a new cult member.   Sometimes the molestation happens (and it's sort of numb painful, not pleasurable) without any Poltergrams/ghost lights seen.

              So since I am in a CAR machine and my body is sleep-like in the physical world, I think my captors rape and molest me. When I lay sideways or cross my legs (it's comfortable to position myself like that because I had accute sculiosis as a kid.) the homos (extra-terrestrials?) use my body positioning as an excuse, like they said "Okay everybody if you want your butt and genitals molested, cross your legs or sleep sideways." I must have missed the memo. I do not want to be molested. If they're e.t.s, is that our purpose to them? I would like to kill and destroy them. Oh yeah baby, CAB is gonna be personal. Maximus has a backstory and the fuel isn't just pain, it's obsoletion. And besides, why don't they just rape and molest CGPs? (sim-rape and sim-molest) And plus, why is vague sensation of that plugged into my nerves?

Because I had acute scoliosis when I was a kid, and it's more comfortable for me to cross my legs when standing up. . . . .  When I cross my legs, sometimes it seems like I get molested by the invisible ghost / vampires more often, as if someone / something went around telling everything  " If anyone wants to be butt raped, cross your legs."  after watching me, in a deviation of lust / vampirism.                        The crossing of my legs  (body position) is not a gang-sign. It is not a homosexual-vampire-victim-to-be signal.   At least it should not be.  (?)

  The molestation is vaguely painless, however it is very annoying. It's like numb pain.  Sometimes there is some climax.

Attention on the Spaceship or CAR machine facility: Max wants no molestation of himself and requests murder-execution (or/ droid destruction) of the criminal defective deviants. Is that so hard to ask?

I hope they are not vampires. Sometimes the sims mention "Medical".


Sometimes I do social experiments on the sims, since I'm in the matrix.

  • Racism.   Sometimes I call sims racial slurs. Sometimes it's the rebuttle. Effect: fearful sims or angry sims (sometimes both). I'm not really racist, it's an experiment! 
  • Smiling.   Sometimes I try to smile for long periods of time in public, for no apparent reason. Effect: It seems like there is less curse drag or it psychicaly feels like I'm being more appropriate.





I was collecting recyclable materials in an alley. A male sim appeared innapropriately by offering me  an old banana fruit and about 45 cents of loose change pennies in a clear box. I said "No thanks." I did not accept. Then 1/2 hour later I found a trashbag containing tampons, an opened condom, other trash and a $1 bill.  HEY, Whos controlling the sim-setting preset? How Do I contact them?

                            Experience Ratio Probability

          Finding $bills in trashcan = Once every 6 months

           Sim offer me money/change = Once every 10 days 

                It seems that there is a meaning behind everything. As if, everything has a purpose and happens for a reason. As if, a sick joke or immortal (star wars?)-type comedy of emotions are emanated from simple actions, cause and effect, and possible grouped-mind suirvelance, (judgement, observation) is a comical commonplace of thought in place of serious and fearful understandings of friction that may make an immortal "less high" or "more sad".  Or perhaps, that is only how it appears. What is the point? With out enough knowlege, one can not understand what is happening.


If it's not funny to the C.A.R. scientists-moderators-controllers-opressors-officials-clergy, then they feel like something is being taken away from them. "Gimme, gimme, gimme" in an emotional context. "I have to be happier than everyone else, even if the cost is the other persons prosperity. Having fun at another's expense." - That is what the dementors construct. It alludes to the notion that they are on a high, heavenly place in the C.A.R. Machine and may not belong there. Or perhaps, their fear, evility, or knowledge there of, have obstructed their happy place of happenstance.


           Example:  In your child hood, your mother used to always give you horses and cowboy decorations, toys, furniture.  And then, you're walking down the street in your old age, and you see a horse-rocker tricycle made of wood, smashed in the street, after a passer by talks on her cell phone and says your mother's name.



After I invented , I came to Redding, California. There I invented RPVG, the NCPVG, NEPVG and the CPVG. Then I noticed some signs:

  • Electric box painted to look like a safe
  • Sphere sculpture with gears on it, at bus station
  • Downtown circular map guide on a hinge, with pictures on the edges of a circle
  • Downtown glass slide sculptures
  • Shopping mall architecture fwith bell tower that looks like a large sphere with tracks on it
  • River bridge called "Sun-dial Bridge"
  • Shopping mall bell sign, bell on a circular track
  • Sidewalk painting decorations of circular bubbles on sidewalk of overpass, near river
  • Signs of stores and a bank; FOODMAXX, OFFICE MAX, MAXWELL Member's First Bank
  • Tables with gridded chess boards painted on them
  • Sectagon tiled ground in parking lot




This is a fellow bum whom I remember from Portland, OR, circa 2010 C.E.. I found his picture searching google images: "Gut Bag Brain", looking for pictures for the site, and I recognized it.  How strange.


When I was in Chico, CA there were numerous billboards advertising a dental docotr Kremer. Then I walked about 50 miles along the 99 highway to Red Bluff, CA. Along the road, after I was walking and cracking lights out of my head and neck, saw a Chiropractor's office called Kremer's Family Chiropractor. I sent the one in Chico, CA an e-mail titled "Carry a mirror?"




I think that a Holodeck is probably the way to build a CAR machine access point, CMAP. The CMAP would be like the stargate. One might need to run a network of computers with the holodeck screens and there might be additional necessities.  CMAPs are a form of CAR machine wizardry. 




I was hiking in Oregon along the coast. I made it to Florence, OR, tired and slightly mal-nutritioned. I found a place to lie down under an abandoned building's awning, of an old store with the windows barred up with wooden boards. I layed down, perhaps calmer and more relaxed than I have ever been before and then an electric, neon-blue, bubble ball, about the size of a large grape fruit, squirted out of my right shoulder and floated up about 8 feet, like it was underwater, then turned into a disc or a flat plate. It seemed like it was magnetized against the abondoned building's column of the awning, with about an inch and a half of space between it and the column, shot up and down, and then shot off into the sky. Then immediately following that incident, (about 10 seconds), a police car pulled up, took my information and told me to leave. 


I was laying in my sleeping bag, ready to go to sleep, when I saw what looked like a seagull land on a rooftop, but it's wings were squares and the sound it made was like an angry snake "hissing" or air hose blasting. (It might have been a droid.)


When I have felt the lights cracking out of my head, sort of like air bubbles, I could feel a sensation that made it seem as though there was a rod stuck in my head down to my stomach and and all of a sudden, an electric shock blasted in my chest and sparks of light, (even visible to me with my eyes closed) cracked out.




Since I'm homeless and have to find a place to sleep outside, perhaps strange things are near me in my sleep. I woke up at night time and my body was paralyzed and I felt only half awake. As soon as I regained nerve control, I woke up and then a baby-blue light ball, about the size of a paintball flew out of my forehead and I felt an immediate relaxed feeling of less pressure in my abdomen and chest. 


I woke up in the middle of the night and it felt like I was passing out. As soon as I passed out, it seemed, a crack of bluish white light flashed out of my chest. It felt like gasses were being released from my sternum. I went back to sleep and it happened about 2 more times.

*Cloth Rope in Throat Vomit Sensation

I was laying in a wet sleepingbag, while it was raining, while I was cracking lights out of my head. It felt like there was a rope in my stomach being pulled up into my throat and out of my mouth. Then, as if it got to the end of the rope, a clothelike sensation of invisible rope popped out of my throat.



I was staying at a motel, after finding the $600, in a smoking room. The room was cloudy and perhaps I smoked too much. As I started to feel nautious, I felt my body change direction or balance, where gravity seemed strange. The neighbors next door were reading my mind and bark-talking audibley back to me, as lighting flashed and more changes of gravity sensing occured, as if my location was changing, invisibley to me. 


It seems like much of the sim-person programming is like:

  • organized criminal activity

During some of their "crim sprees" I have defended myself against sims that tease and agitate.

Whenever I have said "You have small boobs." or "You are flat chested." it seems like the groups of sims become effected or beaten somehow. ..Like their "vibe"/mannerisms change instantly, slightly.

Sometimes it seems like if I walk into an area that has white cloud like simulated atmosphere (poltergram activity), the sims are extra homosexually reactive to my thoughts. 


  • How I thought for a 1/16 of a second : golfball. plastic. bounce.
  • Sim-Dialogue reaction in Poltergram area : "Oh suck on the golfball. Drink the golfball milk."

Do they have a reason? False programming. Maybe they are "tortured" players who had their penis cut off and they hate anything that has a penis.  The "K-word" often pops up on my verbal reactions list. It's like what I feel would be powerful to say against them for some reason..?  I try to not say that because; a jew saying the "K-word" who is not wearing a jewish keepa hat is like:

  • A black person painted white/bleach hair disguise calling another black person the "N-word".


I think since I've been sleeping outside for the past 4 years, the poltergrams are oriented around racist subjects that infuriate them with ghostly emotional anger.




 I'm thinking of keeping a log of what the CGPs say. I could write down everything they say, write down the time they said it, but what would that matter. Here is an example of what Weenumes were saying from across the block:

Approx. 10 pm 1/24/2012 c.e.

                          Marine Powers



                         Point Kreme

                         That's your devil

                         Brain core to homo


                        Yeah, you won


                        Change it


                       No, she feels relaxed around it now 

I was having psychic conversation with the  Computer. Since it is neither male or female, but represents itself as human through communication, I told it to only speak to me with a female voice. It then began recipricating dialogue from thoughts of only a woman's voice. 

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