True History - according to history books and newspapers.


1700s- U.S. fight England, France, Indians, others.

1800s- U.S. fights Mexico 

1941 to 1945- U.S., with British and Russian Armies, conquered

 Italy, Germany and Japan.   Japanese immigrants, already in the U.S., were put on U.S. internment camps so that they would not attack the U.S. from the inside.

1950's- U.S. fights Korea

1960's- U.S. fights Vietnam

1990s- U.S. fights Arabs in Desert Storm

             (Why were the immigrants not put on internment camps? Did they?)

2001- U.S. fights Arabs in Afghanistan and Iraq

2011- U.S. fights Libya



Fact: America is currently still at WAR! 

             PAW   Pigeon Assisted War

   In World War II, pigeons were used to relay battle messages. 

There should be absolutely no spies in America! 

 Signs that the United States of America is under attack:

1. Bad Economy. Why should the economy not be perfectly healthy, buzzing with commerce, happy as a bumble bee in a honey flower rain-forest, economy! 

2. Suspicious Media.   Spies utilize the media! Don't make fun of me. Don't make fun of My Country! If the media source is trying to make the U.S. people act, think or feel stupid, then it is a psychological attack, and an attack on Americans! 

3. Bad Food.    The enemy would want Americans to eat feces. If they could not kill or harm them, they would want Americans to eat unholy food that has feces in it, or disgusting things or even illness causing poison, so that their friends back in their territory could say "Well at least we fed them feces".

4. Suspicious People.   See the page  "Deceive and be deceived". They could also be android robots. Also, many towns and cities are nearly desolate, lacking the normal population of citizens.

5. Vandalism.      Any type of vandalism means (1) crime   and   (2) Negligence   to clean it up.  Graffitti might be a way for the invading enemy to communicate without speaking. The written messages and symbols might mean;

                                                                               drugs, weapons, dead bodies, targets, and where other criminal  bases are.                                                   *Graffiti paint and stickers is a criminal-enemy communication system. Also, signs, hand gestures and even leaving junk and debris out on the sidewalk is a way to communicate. Example* A tire by the side of the road means "Attack this neighborhood." or "The stolen money is in the usual place.", etc.

                              So not only should the person doing the graffiti be instantly arrested, the existing graffiti should be removed so that the "mob", "mafia" or "enemy invaders" can not relay battle messages.  If there is graffiti, and sometimes large amounts of litter, then the City is attacked, damaged, infected, hi-jacked, taken over, at war and/or defective.     There is more than 1 person on salary that can clean up the mess.

Graffitti and Spy-Code Signs mean:

  1. the area has been attacked
  2. the authority is likely to be dead, since it has not cleaned up the attack. (it could not fight back because it was dead.)

So thus, if an area appears "graffiti attacked" we can then assume that the individuals wearing the business uniforms or authority uniforms are the enemy. (wolf in sheep's clothes)



                       Please feel the freedom to post these printable posters in your neighborhood.

Possible Enemy Tactics:

1. The enemy would want to become the local police force, at all costs.

2. The enemy would use money to advance it's quieted front lines.

3. Espionage, Public poisoning, Gang warfare, Building capturing, Psychological  attacks (Brainwashing) and Economic destruction.


4. Drug Dealing.     Drug dealing is an intelligent invader's tool. Here's why:

  1. Controls people with drugs
  2. Makes lots of money
  3. Since he is already the police's enemy for invading, he can constantly be at war with the police from a Drug Dealer perspective, where it is kill or be killed
  4. He can identity fellow invaders and criminals, by who he sells drugs to. If the people do illegal drugs, then they are on the Dealer's side, not the Police's side. The drug abusers become the government's enemies; "Enemies of the State", out of fear of imprisonment


What should Americans do? Hold The Constitution


as their shield. Use it like the eye-glass spectacles of the fore-fathers  to read situations and protect themselves from the invasion.

Placing a criminal under Citizen's Arrest is a legal action. If you use a net, it is easier to not hurt or damage the suspect, so that he/she may not sue or press charges back, for assault and battery.

It depends on what state one lives in.

  • The criminal must have committed a felony
  • By law, a citizen arrester is allowed to break into vehicles, homes or structures in order to arrest the felon
  • The citizen arrester must have witnessed the actual felony crime


Bounty Hunters. I'm not sure what one needs legally to be a bounty hunter but I think they need:

  • Need Lic. to carry a firearm




                  During War-time,  All cigarettes are grade c, d,  and e. I buy a pack of Marlboro Lights and they taste like cardboard shavings. I'm not sure if I should suggest that the foreign/bad english speaking minority, whom might be dipped in dye who sold me the cigarettes or the big companies themselves.

I have found that Marlboro SNUS, when smoked (out of the pouch, strained or unstrained) is GRADE A Tobacco!  As if, smugglers have been tampering with the U.S. tobacco and disguising 'good tobacco' as the "spit-less" SNUS, a mouth tobacco that is so smooth that it can be ingested. SNUS is edible/swallow-able when sucked on, but the tobacco isn't meant to be eaten. I smoke it and it smells really good like tobacco that is natural and not doused with chemicals and poisons.




Emergency Economic Stimulus-    If the enemy took over, it would be destroying the economy, burning cash and privatizing everything. If it had a bank (foreign bank), it might see an advantage to taking as much cash out of the economy, even burning it (literally lighting it on fire).    To combat such enemy strategies, what if a victimized citizen printed up money with a laser computer copier printer, to help the economy. If a government was     failed/taken over/attacked  not only would the courts system be incapable of attributing lawsuit compensation to citizen victims ("wrong phone number, come back next week, no we disagree, you did not win", etc.) If there was a single person dyed a color that they were not born or a single person in a rubber face mask, who were operating inside any federal/U.S. Government building as an official, then that means "May Day, May Day" the enemy has attacked the system and an emergency must be activated.    So if the government is under attack, especially economically, perhaps printing $20,000 Cash,  with similar paper and a very high-tech computer printer, might be a good deed and a blessing to the future.  All cash should be spent in the United States. The numbers (example* F3411837)  would have to be edited out before printing, and then a rubber stamp that had numbers on it could be pressed to look authentic. That way, all of the printed up bills (much needed) wouldn't have the same number. 


                                                              200 $100 bills = $20,000


If any type of official person  is

outwardly Un-

Constitutional, he should be

shot and captured. 


When a country fights another country, or group of people, the fighting takes place on

both sides. Even 100 years later, fighting might take place from


 grudges and pretend treaty resolutions.                           click pic below to visit Deceive and Be Deceived Page.

If the enemy has taken over the local police, their base is now the jails, prisons and stations. If they capture themselves (arrest), they can free themselves and continue their international crimes. If they are in disguise (skin dye, face masks) they can easily change their image upon exiting their base, which the citizen think is the jail/prison, even hospitals. Barbed wire fences, guards, weapons... all too common in enemy bases disguised as government facilities.  They would want to arrest as many female-citizen hostages as possible (Especially the attractive ones) to serve as sex slaves and even to repopulate the country with spies from impregnation.


Sarcasm: Don't the survivors have some sexy butts though? And we make it seem like everythings okay.What would the impenetrable super-weapon commanders think, without looking at a bunch of civilians walking around and driving cars, from their outer space suirvelance telescopes. They might have to use DNA reader machines to tell the invader spies apart. But shucks, that might mean that they have to protect the American people and the Constitution. That's work. Wouldn't it be fun if when everyone was gone, all the oathed bodyguards could have their own helicopters parked at their own mansions? Justice system? Constitution? Well I guess if all the body guards get killed and replaced by enemies, or if the leader gets killed and replaced, and the body guards don't know what to do... at least the civilians can kill all the invaders, and kill all the body guard impostors, but I'm sure the invaders are well organized. As if, when they first came to the castle, they were as nice as possible to fit in perfectly.

Strategy 1

Round up all foreigners. Civilians, workers, government personnel and segregate them, like a friendly internment camp, to sort them out and send them away from the castle.

Strategy 2

Kill and/or capture all people in the castle that are wearing disguises.

Strategy 3

The government could give a bunch of land away to U.S. citizens. The citizens could settle into different parts of the country, so that everybody isn't clustered up in the city where everyone is strangers and many are from a foreign country.

Strategy 4

Take all people living in the United States (Immigrants, 2nd generation citizens), from or of, a nation that we have warred against (fought a war against), with some certain exceptions, Mexico, Vietnam, Japan, Iraq, Germany, ect. move them out of the government, out of the buildings/houses, out of jobs/work, ect. and put them in 1 state.

Wyoming -> Mexico

Idaho-> Iraq


Or maybe just a section of a state, like a county.

Monitor them. Regulate them. Ask them why they're not happy if they're not happy.

                      A Droid Beware:

Although humanoid droids might have only 2 eyes, their vision could be from anywhere wi-fi type wireless internet cameras are. So that means that 1 droid could be in 1 place and be looking at over 1,000,000 square miles.


         "War is like the spilling of water on a flat surface." 

The newly wet surface represents cubic ft. of densely conquered land. As the water slides and expands, to cover more wet surface, it is like an invading army watched from thousandsa of feet above. If a land is a wooden board, the board should be covered wet, not merely sprinkled. To cover the board, to conquer a land, an army must capture building by building, before capturing field to field and road to road.

  1. capture building
  2. fly flag on building
  3. guard building
  4. on to next building
  5. Note* Once the building (like a multi-condo building, 6 or 8 condos in one building or a multi room hotel) is breeched, if the criminals cut holes in the walls and floor with ladders, they would be able to travel to any room without outer-suspicion and they probably would have a "costume" hanging on each hole in the wall so that they can make it look like many people live in the multi-million dollar buildings (alibis, counter-suspicion), even if only one person is inside the entire building.


I think the American Spies ' (ones insane with power) problem is that they don't understand... that because I'm in a CAR machine, my power against them ( or for them if they were not Unconstitutional) is the strength of logic.                                  If those spies operated on America (USA)

  1. in disguises, disguised identity (disguised race)
  2. communicated with American citizens to effect, brainwash them, to a negative result
  3. captured or killed American citizens
  4. profited past reasonable professional amounts


Then they were:

  1. mislead, misguided, had too much flexibility
  2. traitors, treason
  3. insane

They should be:

  1. murder executed
  2. imprisoned
  3. fired
  4. sued
  5. exiled, banished

So it's like "Hey weaponized group, the

 spies are to go to the other place. The     

 weapons are supposed to be aimed at the    enemy."



*Criminals would want to monitor civilians, streets, houses, businesses, alleyways and everything possible, 24/7, jsut as much as government security agencies. If the criminal can get all of the info/intel, he can make his moves and not get caught. It's like   "Okay, the Petersons in house 7 are going on vacation on Tuesday.Mrs. Peterson put the door key under the lawn gnome. The alarm code is 1851. Mr. Peterson's diamond collection is inside the potted plant vase. Little Tammy Peterson loves soccer and gymnastics. The Petersons had fried chicken for dinner last night."   The criminals would use video and microphones hidden anywhere and anywhere.     If they were foreign criminals, they would be able to study families and practice mimicing accents and mannerisms for identity theft. The criminals might hire "actors" from like an ad-agency (look-alike clones), wear life-casts to

  1. sell victim's cars/houses
  2. empty bank accounts
  3. frame
  4. interact withvictim's surviving family/friends 
  5. *The illegal monitors would also be able to pin point or estimate who is police forces (their enemy) and what their schedule is. 



1w= Person painted or Inked Black

2w= Person painted or Inked Brown

3w= Person with facial and/or body surgeries that is painted and Inked

4w= Person that is Inked and then painted over White

5w= Person wearing a face or body Life-Cast

6w= Transvestite

7w= Weenume in an official or uniformed governemnt authority position

8w= Weenume from a foreign country

9w= Out of disguise, Weenume accomplice

TBV=  Tattoo Baby Victim (innocent scapegoat)

The counter-weenume strategy should start with protecting food at grocery stores, then food factories, then government jobs, then streets, then misc. 


Key Understandings:

  •  Computers can lock and fire "missiles" and "bombs" at targets
  • A "real war" might only last a few hours
So what are all those guys for?
  • Soldiers "sold their rights". They are no longer right-holding citizens. They receive Room/Board, Meals, Pay and Travel.
  • All of "those guys" are unneeded in real warfare of the modern/futuristic world. Science experiments might be their only purpose. But any such science experiments on human beings would be to befit other human beings,. as medical science might have advanced technologies from the experiments.  
  • An evil interpretation of the TORAH (Jewish Bible), without the interpretation of Abraham, the Son, the mountain and the Angel, is that men should be put to death for the breaking of Sabbath Laws . War might be the best way to do that. Honor, luck, sport.....justice. The Christian Bible says "Be judged after your death." The Muslim Bible says that men should be put to death too.
So why, in the modern/future era, are men adorning "historical war reenactment equipment" and treading in the hottest, most terrible climates on Earth? SOUNDS LIKE A TRICK.

GROUND 1. Are you a citizen within the Domestic territories?         
                        Have your rights been violated?
            Have you been victimized by companies of profit?
That is ground 1. That is where real war may start.  
Real war is not a scandalous political scheme to send men away to die. That is a trick.

 Real war is computers, bombs and 

                               Real war starts with reporting neighborhood criminals. .. Even if those criminals are wearing police uniforms. Even if those criminals have the most expensive automobiles, imported or not.
Men do not need to pull triggers. Androids can "breathe" triggers.

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