Paintball Gun

  • Metal Ball Bearings
  • Glass Balls with Venom  (Snake Bites) 


 Video Camera mounted  on  Rifle with rope on trigger 


Rifle on a vice.  (or handguns)

Pull Cord on trigger.

Camera as the Scope.

Cords to video monitor and pull bunker.

If there was 400 ft. of electric monitor cord and 400ft. of rope attached to the trigger of the rifle, one could fire a rifle with more accuracy from  400 ft. away from the rifle. 


      " Fire! " 


Technically, one wouldn't need a rifle at all, or even a camera as the scope. Just a little dime size hole in a wall, and behind the hole is the bullet shaft, with a bullet round loaded in it and a little clicker device, ( spring loaded ) to fire off the bullet. and then a camera, or view, anywhere else of the vicinity.


So, if there was a rifle mounted, aimed past 10 blocks of sidewalk, one could see the sidewalk from on top of a building.

Painting body black and brown and/or wearing a face mask or facial prosthetics 





Hobby Store model rocket engine igniters with timer 


                            Thunder Staff 

                    (AKA  Joker's  Javelin, Corn Cracker)

Imagine 6 or 8 bullet rounds, facing out opposite directions around the edges of a  disk, and disks stacked on top of other disks to form a pipe, all the bullet rounds with  spring loaded hammers and a safety stick through the middle that is activated by hit the stick, that sets off all the bullet rounds at once. And a small parachute tassel on the top. 

360 degrees, Throwing Stick,  Parachute, Pipe. 

                     Ballistics would go ballistic!


Bouncy balls in molotov. smelly, stinky, bouncy! 

Since SONY Playstation Portable has Wi/Fi Internet capabilities, the SONY PSP can be used as an electronic popper weapon controller, from a robotic mounted machine gun!  The information could even be turned into a new type of media, where the Player plays his SONY PSP and he's actually firing off mounted weapons! 


 Since metal detectors could probably sense bullets flying in the air, what if bullets were made of stone or glass. It would be pretty easy to carve down a heavy piece of stone into a bullet.


Wet-Gell Ball projectiles

With a loaded pneumatic airsoft gun, clear wet poison gel balls could unnoticeable be shot into :

  • People's mouths
  • People's food that they are eating
  • On clothes
  • In hair

The gell balls deteriorate on the ground. They have no shell. They are small enough to fly through the air unnoticed, perhaps up to 20 ft.

Note* One time I think I saw one hit my arm. It shot up from under/behind a parked automobile or through the cement, when I was walking on the sidewalk, eating a sandwhich in L.A. . It look like a black-paint-chip inside a clear gel splash.

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