Extra Notes* The practice of wearing high-heels might be good training for walking in full-body lifecast suits, where the criminal inside stands on a block on the shoes, to change the appearance of their height, to make them appear much taller. 


REALISTIC SKIN: In order for life-cast suits (prosthetic suits) to appear 100% realistic, they need a clear layer over the surface. Human skin is see-through. If one put's his human finger onto a flashlight, light shines through the skin.


When people have facial surgeries, their face swells up for many months until it is healed. If gay prostitutes are getting criminal espionage transsexual surgeries, some of them (get fat by eating a lot of food) gain a lot of weight so that their face doesn't appear as abnormal until their transition surgeries have healed. Then they lose the weight, when their faces aren't swelled up, and they appear as women.  They still look strange though, but with the right surgeon, they probably can look exactly like a woman.

Vocal Reed (Vocal Box) Surgeries- A human's vocal box can be modified, even transplanted, by a surgeon.

If a spy criminal was in a Full-Body Lifecast (realistic rubber suit), the amount of sweat, waste matter, body odor oils, urine, skin cells    would collect inside the suit. If the spy criminal wearing the suit was so evil, he, she or it would want to feed it's victims the excrement. If it was busy with organized crime, it would have connections to grocery stores, food factories and other places where food is made and stored.


Amatuer Life-casts might be able to be made with melted chewing gum and grocery store products.                 Rice, silly puddy.....


Some Life-Casts could be edible. (Candy-Cast)



  • Scout out a potential wealthy victim with similar genes, height and/or voice looks as the attained life-cast suit/mask
  • Monitor the family with spy surveillance to learn mannerisms, voices, pins, codes, passwords, habits...
  • Break into the wealthy family's house
  • Kill the father. Make a perfect life-cast of him (Impersonate him)
  • Drain the bank account
  • Molest the kids. "Daddy, no! Daddy, no!"
  • Sell the house
  • Fake the already dead victim's death
  • Off with the disguise
  • Notes* If an identity victim had a specific reaction one time that the family, friends or co-workers experienced, the life-cast wearer that monitored it would repeat that reaction to remind the other people in the house that the life-cast person is the father. (not the father)          The life-cast wearer would also act strange and inappropriate at times, like pretending to be mad for no reason to control it's hostages with psychology. It might want them to go to sleep often and feed them gross things. It might want to hold the assumed-identity-victim captive alive (instead of killing it), to collect the identity victim's body fluids to use on itself to hide it's DNA from DNA readers that smell, or ones that analyze toilet matter.




...seem to have appeared, been used, in various American/World-wide media, such as:

  • Pornography
  • TV/Film
  • Billboards

The enemy advantage of using 'unrealistic life-cast suit/masks in media is that it desensitizes the public, so that during "crime sprees", the enemy can operate covertly in less-than-100% realistic prosthetic suits/masks.


PORN. It appears that many "pornos" are casted with suspected gay-males in prosthetic suits (prostitution suits) as "actresses".

Why would unbeautiful life-cast suits be featured instead of actual beautiful women?

  • Hate for America. Sabotaging products (Media;Entertainment).
  • Heightened public "believe-ability" of life-cast suit images.
  • Gays have hate for women, where they as "porn producers" do not wish to employ them.
  • The man-like limbs and body attributes brainwash heterosexuals into bisexuality

Legal Loophole:  Since sodomizing an inanimate object, like a rubber-hole box, is not technically sexual intercourse, perhaps a "suited person" may legally allow another person to pay them to "simulate sex" against their rubber suit, without it being considered "pay for sex"/prostitution.


SEX = Sodomizing of 2+ people's bodies


Is it like: "Hey, I have a rubber insulated bottle to sodomize. Should I tie it to my back? It's not prostitution because it's not sex. It only seems like sex."



  • No STDs
  • No Pregnancy
  • No feces (?)

DROID C-3PO LOOPHOLE: Since sodomizing inanimate objects is not sex, a realistic C-3PO android that collects money to be sodomized is technically not prostitution. It seems as though it is prostitution. It is not prostitution. It is something different. (?)


                The weenume mafias would be making so much money from stolen bank accounts, stolen assets, prostitution and all kinds of stolen property, they would need some type of "mother-ship" type bank account system to stay organized and to send the stolen money back to their homeland without suspicion.

Weenume mafias, especially life-cast mafias would probably have a base organization like a hospital, a golf course country club, a product company or even a local church(s), that they took over and visit.

Some life-casts would have a sticky under-surface and the mouth piece (fake teeth) would have to be affixed to the teeth. Face-mask teeth over teeth.

      Press.     Bite.  

Blonde hair/ blue eyes person disguise.


                                                 SPY DISGUISE EVOLUTION

       Blood -  Mud - Dead Human Skin -  Paint - Wood Mask - Tattoo Ink  - Ski Mask  -   Rubber LifeCast  - Edible SmartCast 

Scientific Historical Note

Perhaps during the brutalities 

of ancient war, the mutilation of dead bodies was perhaps a common battlefield commotion.  If dead bodies were stripped of their skin, to be worn by the killer (for ancient espionage warfare), over time, the 

"skin" or "leather" would fade from brown.....and then to dark black. (and perhaps purple)

And thus, DARK... is the skin's color of decay.


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