1 Million Dollars. 

Buy RV. Load it up with luxury. TV (large wall mounted plasma screen), computers (3 laptops), many video and pc games, music stuff, food, beer, prescription cannibus, camping equipment. Travel to different state park campsites while looking for land property to purchase www.landwatch.com . Buy small puppy. bird pets in cage (few innitial pets). Play video games day and night at campsite. Hopefull have 1 or 2 girlfriends. Record a music album (on computer with instruments). Apply for all of my needed patents RPVG,   NCPVG and misc. patents. Relax with knowledge of proper matrix. (At any moment, anything could happen like CAB, supernatural scientific paranormal activity, or anything imaginable. But it doesn't because the CAR world that I am in is calm.) Study and earn on-line Contractor's Lic. . Design Castle with Auto-CAD. Buy land. Buy supplies.   . Build castle estate.                   

   I'm not sure if I would hire any CGPs to do any work for me. (?) It's like...they're like droids...can I trust them? What are they going to do? Twilight zone.

Estate Goals:

  1. Perimeter fence, castle grounds fence
  2. Castle Cap, digging              *Note. The castle cap is a steel 50 ft. diameter ring, with 3 70 ft. bars crossing at the middle, to be laid on the ground as a base for the top of the underground castle.
  3. Farming. Planting trees and plants. Animal population.
  4. Perimeter fence to become large stone walls.
  5. Castle construction.

I will buy a large plot of land, build a castle house, build a distillery, grow crops, ferment crops and bottle them and live on my private property.  Near the gate of the estate, as soon as one drives into the estate land, a small house, "mock-house', is seen, fenced by primitive rusty barbed wire fence. When I drive in, I drive through a special part of the fence ( fence section collapses under vehicle and then rises back in place) so that it appears that driving up my street, into the estate leads strangers to only a small portion of my land, the mock-house. (So it looks like my adress is 1/2 acre instead of 50+ acres.) Inside the mock-house is cheap decorations, couch, tv, ect, sort of like a guest house.  

The easiest way to do the secret-barbed-wire-fence is;

  1. attach axle system at bottom of fence part
  2. attach rope and pulley system with heavy weight rock(about 30 lbs.)
  3. When vehicle drives against fence, the fence lays down, pulling the tied rock up off the ground and then driving off the fence, the weight of the rock pulls the fence section back up.
  4. \ Maybe 2 rock-weights at both ends of the fence-section would be needed to stabilize. To drive the opposite way, a different section of fence could be similarily designed in the opposite direction.

The gate of the estate could be old and rusty.


Once I drive past the gate/mock-house, I would drive about an acre past a "public-looking" park to a fruit tree forest wall (the mock-house view looks like the perimeter outside it's barbed-wire fence is

  • the estate walls
  • a fruit tree forest wall

I would drive around a small wall at the fruit tree forest where an entrance door is. The fruit tree forest will have a fence line through it to section the mock-house land from the rest of the estate land. The entrance door could be additionally locked by giant wood sideways-rolling tree trunks, or something.

The large wooden doors would be managed by a garage door motor. I would drive through there, through the forest to Ghosttown. Ghosttown is like a mock-rundown-city. It doesn't need to be only solid city blocks. It can have stray rundown houses on it's outskirts. I could build houses all over the place though.

Past there is the Distillery on one side of the road and the Warehouse on the other side of a cross-road. Main road from gate/mock-house to Castle is Dreidel Blvd.

Distill/Warehs street is Merlin Rd.

Street into Ghosttown is Jackolantern St. 

                   With 3 or 4 girlfriends. "Woah, what if I hired a bikini model to live in one of the houses and work at one of the stores in Ghosttown with a bunch of robots that she believes are people. Film it. Make it a TV show! (no bathroom cameras.) 

I might buy several used old bus, trucks and vans from junk yards, park them in a line, connect them with hallway type construction and cover them in dirt. So there would be an encompassing dirt hill sprinkled with plants and maybe trees, around the property, where underneath is an interesting, inhabitable bunker-type rooms. It could be like  a forgotten, antique underground subway where the vehicles are lit by low-power lighting, and if one looks out the windows, all they might see is a solid plate of dirt. The vehicles prior to being covered with dirt might be sprayed with a stucco or cement. The dirt would only be about 3 or 4 feet over it and maybe 10 feet to it's sides. Idealy,  one would be able to travel through the vehicles, amongst tunnels and perhaps decorative subway antiques.

If I bought a property that had a river/creek  on it, I would build a man-made channel that diverts water directly through my castle, with a 10 ft. waterfall and harnass the waterfall's energy with a large wheel to make electricity, inside my castle. That would be awesome to reel a fish up to my kitchen's window and toss a fish in a pot. A private fish farm resevoir channel might be better than fish from a public stream, for fishing.  

 As soon as I get the money, I will buy an RV for $30,000. The land, 50 acres, for $200,000. (maybe 200+ acres instead)  I will invest in concrete, wood, equipment and supplies. I would fence the entire perimeter with chain-link fencing.  I would build a barn to store the supplies.


Castle Materials

Concrete $10,000.

Wood       $10,000.

Bull Dozer $50,000. (optional) maybe I could buy a used one and then sell it when I'm done with it.

Cement truck with elevated pump $20,000. (rental?)   

The soil-covered-truck-embankment would have 2 15ft.-diameter tunnels, parallel to eachother, sprad 10ft. apart, 24ft. long. One of the tunnels would be "off limits" with a chain and pole gate. The other tunnel would be the access tunnel to the castle-grounds, from the estate-grounds. The chained tunnel will be like an art piece, with a sign that says "Leviticus 18:22". The inaccessable tunnel represents unneeded routes.  

I would like to have a breathable gas system, inside the castle. You know when you're at the airport and you can breathe and smell really good air, like it's lithium or hydrogen? A few times I've breathed it on the city bus.... But it would be nice to have a system that bleeds a little bit of nice gas into the under-castle for that 5-star hotel/airport breathing smell.




It's so easy to build inexpensively. Trash can be used as building supplies. I would probably want to have an on-line Contractor's Lic., but I think I could build all those things myself. It would be really fun. 





The exterior wall, encompassing the entire 50 acres (maybe 1,000 acres) would be comprised of first chain-link fencing and then perhaps the chain-link fencing could become the framing for a thicker sement wall. I might want it stuccoed. I might mix cement with dirt and rocks. 50/50.


The interior of the wall would be like a giant hallway. If sections of the wall were open, animal life, like mice would be able to find their home there.  And so could snakes.  It would be an interesting ecosystem. Cock roaches too maybe. (I hate spiders. No spiders.)



To start the construction of the castle, I would lay out 3 large 70 ft. long (wood or steel) bars, with a 60ft. diameter ring, connected at the middle. I would then dig under it and it would be like a top-frame platform.   As I dug down, I might spray the walls with a stucco type  light cement, and then when it was all dug out, I would drop the walls and fill the gap with cement. (5 ft. wide circle of 50ft ring wall diameter and 60 ft. ring  wall diameter. 

Back at the top, I would dig a 10 ft. deep, 15 ft. wide ring (moat) at the tips of the 3 steel bars 70 ft. diameter and 90 ft. diameter wall.

Note* If I wanted the top castle to not be directly above the under castle, I might want to have the top castle directly above half of the under castle. That would mean that the moat design would be longer, stretched out like an oval instead of a cricle. 

The castle would be encircled by a moat, 13 ft. deep . Under the moat floor would be the ceiling of the underground chamber within the castle.  The moat floor would be partly comprised of thick glass so that the underground chamber has a ceiling view of underneath the moat.

 then begin by fencing the entire acreage and immediate vacinity as the castle grounds.  build a distillery.   plant crops.


I don't need a tractor. I could use an ATV. I would mix seeds, mud, soil, compost together and plant the seeds as a mud spray.


I would like to have giant marble tiles laid out in my immediate yard space like a plaza.


The underground spaceship is a very large holodeck built underground, to resemble the inside hull to deck of a space ship. I could decorate the exterior landscape  so that it seems as though something plowed into a giant dirt/rock mound. The inside could be a lounge ( couches, tables, bar), small indoor skatepark and mock-sspaceship-rooms. The underground spaceship holodeck films could have many variations about

  • Space travel
  • Underwater travel
  • Blimp Floating

An exit door could open to reveal an additional lower holodeck room to simulate "the ground features" of a landed on planet.                     Landing on Planet of the Apes:                  "Oh no, those apes are yelling at us and running towards us. Head back to the escape hatch!"

A Top-deck door could open to reveal an additional higher holodeck room that is like an indoor-patio that represents the top of the spaceship.


build a "mock" downtown center, a

few city

 block type landscapes with



 architecture and at least one city


bus bench.(in my gigantic backyard.)

                      " Ghosttown"

The castle ground walls would be 13 feet tall and 5 feet wide. 

I would probably need to rent a crane to lay the really heavy columns into the underneath.

Caveman Camp Cave-  I would build a cave, inside of a meadow, surrounded by trees. It would be called the "primitive BBQ". There would be a refrigerator disguised as a rock, a fire pit, dirt ground, cots in the cave, an entertainment center in the cave with access to estate ground suirvelance cameras. The cave might be built as a large stone "rock-looking" building, without a roof.


                                     Click the swords picture and see;  The 5 Swords of Moses 


"I think the swords would help direct my mental energy in a straight line some-how."  They would be raised, out of the ground, high enough to be perfectly visible and decorating the terrain with charismatic legendary-ness.


                                          I might also bury a time capsule

I would build a good sized pen, fenced about 20x20ft, with warmth of shelter and food for a special owl pet. I would shave off all it's feathers and feed it mice till the feathers grow back. I would name it "Bobby Hill". Some of the bushes in the pen would have branches cut off and feathers  to tie them to stimulate the owl's intelligence. If there was plenty of mouse food like corn in the middle of the pen, Bobby Hill would be able to hunt like a mini dinosaur. I don't think it would be animal cruelty. If it was cruel, I wouldn't do it, even though it would be a CGA, Computer Generated Animal.



I would also buy a bunch of electronic equipment/kits to build robots and machines.

   I might bury 5, 7ft. long swords, in a line, on both sides of the castle from one fence to the other,  with the handles sticking out of the ground  and 2 "mock" sword handles, which would be booby traps. If the sword handle was pulled out, the floor would cave in 10 ft. There would be an emergency box of food, water, instructions and a cell phone. Guests would thoroughly understand not to touch the swords or at least which ones were the booby traps. Nosy trespassers would be prosecuted.

Actually, maybe the underground chamber would be 100 ft.x 100ft.  no I think 75x50x150 might be the right one.


I would want to design and build the castle in regards to the sun's (east to west) path so that the under castle could absorb a maximum level of sun light from the sky lights.


I would sort all of my trash.

  • food scraps-> animals
  • metal, plastic and Glass ->stored to recycle or utilize
  • misc-> stored to dump


NEED 2 Huge flat-bed trailors to tow with the truck.

  1. Flat Bed Trailer- Mounted on opposite lengths would be the cement mixer and the Super-Vac, with a huge tub in between. There should still be enough space on the trailer for walking and standing.
  2. Flat Bed Trailer 2-  For picking up/delivering supplies. I would also need it for junkyard purchases of non-running automobiles.

 Castle Control Room -> Monitor all video Cams, turn on/off lights, effects, doors, locks, ect. (remotes)


To use the machine on the loose dirt, it would be mounted on the trailer, sucking up dirt and spraying it into the 10x7x7 trailer-tub. The dirt would be carried somewhere else and dumped/sorted. The CEMENT mixer would fill the trailer-tub and then drip it down into the appropriate place.

If there are trees growing, big trees actually make excellent corner-beams for structures. Since they grow, the walled-corners don't need to be nailed into the tree. A metal cord could be tied around the tree, attached to 1 or 2 walls.

I would hunt some of the birds on my property- chickens, quails, pheasants  with a cross bow and eat them.!

The Kitchen - The kitchen will look like about 6-mini kitchenettes, spread out around the perimeter of the walls.

  • Breakfast kitchenette
  • Steak kitchenette
  • Dessert kitchenette
  • Pasta kitchenette
  • BBQ Patio

In the center of the kitchen will be a walk-in bar. In between the walls and bar will be lounge furniture, stools and tables. Tv entertainment screens will be mounted at the center  bar's outer walls. All of the kitchenettes would be fully stocked with food and necessary appliances. An outside BBQ patio and smoking room would be a raised level in the kitchen, as it leads outside to a sort of bio dome of plants and open-glass-windows on the cielings. All the kitchenettes would have mounted-partition walls (slide and fold) including the raised level of the bbq, transitioning into the outside patio. The kitchenette stoves could operate on disposable propane, like a camper's stove. 


I would  build a blacksmith cabin away from the castle  (alchemy hut/ blacksmith stable) to melt extremely hot fire and sand into glass, and make metal weldings and stuff.

I might build a firing range.



Instead of the upper castle being directly above the under-castle, the upper castle is only about 5% over the under-castle, where a access hallway is. That way, the weight of the upper castle will not damage the under-castle.

Levels 1+ 2+ 3+

  • Upper Castle
  • The top of the Upper Castle "roof" is a garden with trees, a fire-pit, bar

Level 0

  • Air locked door, Garage Room, Moat Door/Draw Bridge
  •  Hallway, golf-cart ramps down and up

Level -1

  • Air Locked Door Kitchen
  • Guest Rooms
  • Lounge Den
  • Theater
  • Ramps

Level -2

  • Living Room
  • Halodeck
  • Hyrdrodeck
  • Pool
  • Bath
  • Ramps

Level -3

  • Garden
  • Air-locked Laboratory
  • Storage
  • Control Room
  • Ramps






It would be nice to buy much erector-set type construction materials (pre-fabricated), so that I don't have to do any welding.

 I would build my own holodeck and watch interesting things on it.


AIR DUCTS-          Each level has it's own direct to outside air vent.

Each room with air-locked doors has it's own direct to outside air vent.

The kitchen has a motor-suck vents at the stove.

The KITCHEN has a holoscreen window (a window built, behind it a tv screen.) The kitchen holoscreen can play

  • photos
  • looped videos
  • tv

The holoscreen could show a view from a Paris hotel, Israel or even Antarctica. It could be set according to time (like 10 photos a day, 1 at night, time elapsed slides)


I would build an "indoor beach" in the castle. It would be like a pool with a simple wave machine, sterilized sand, UV realistic lighting and either a photo backdrop or a "beach themed" 3 screen holodeck called theHYDRO-DECK   I would drink and relax with my girlfriends on my 'private' beach.  Part of the wall, under the water, could be a fish aquarium. I could even install  a wind machine to synchronize with the hydro-deck to sim-simulate palm trees blowing in the wind. If the underground indoor beach was big enough, I could beach a yacht hull/shell to be in and look out of the window at the hydro-deck screen.

There could be 3 settings:

  • Twilight - red clouds
  • Summer Day - various beaches
  • Night - Lamps off, beach lit by stars and moon on screen.

I could film the footage with a 3 cam (digital) mount at different beaches. It would be neat if my CGP girlfriends were video-taped at the beach and then back at the hydro-deck were laying beside me on the beach, as if she came through the screen to my 'private' beach.

The sound effects could be re-dubbed so that it's calm, peaceful, background sounds.


  • CHRONOLOGICAL: Day footage 8 hours, Twilight 2 hours, Night hours
  • LOOPS: selected settings
  • TIME TRAVEL CHRONOLOGICAL: Day 2 minutes, Twilight 1 minute, Night 2 minutes
  • TIME TRAVEL REVERSE: Reverse backwards footage, backwards waves, backwards seagulls, backwards beach walkers

The hydro-deck screens could change to TV.

Notes* The UV lamps shouldn't shine on the hydro-deck screens. To sterilize the sand, boiled in water.

The Hydrodeck's floor is slanted into water (beach) covered with sand. The water can be swam underneath, under the hydrodeck screen into another a beautiful room called "the pool". The hydrodeck screen (wall) stops at the water line, with about a 3 ft. gap. of swimming under it.  The bathroom has a secret passage to the pool.

BACKYARD VENICE. I would build waterways to swim, snorkel, scuba and boat around my properties. The waterway would connect a secret passage in the Hydrodeck to the channels that can be traveled into Ghosttown, and all over the place. A secret window-hatch could open under water level, flooding a small room, where I could be ready with scuba gear. A bilge pump could suck out the water of the room after the pressure sealed window-hatch is clamped.


I would do some science experiments down there. 

  1. 2 holes would be left at opposite sides in level -3 where a mounted glass box 3x3x3 (place where wall was not built to expose underground dirt, but air-locked by glass )contains the fresh soil dirt of the underground and a 5 gallon opened glass bottle filled with rotting milk or maybe sugar. (To see what might be crawling around down there.)



    Different Design+($*>

                     Sim-actually, maybe instead of an elevator.....

    I would build three primary levels, where cement ramps connect each level with golf cart access. One of the levels might have 2 story building on top of it. (5 floors, but seems like 3 big floors.)

    The golf cart access ways would be ramps, mounted on the outer-est wall, and hallways. 

    Digging Notes* 

    For vertical pit tube digging, chemical-inflation-vests should be worn. Pull to inflate.

    If the area being dug is sand, the sand will go very quickly and since sand is made by oceans waves, their might be vast pre-historic caves under the sand.

    For crevice, vain digging, emergency scuba gear should be readily available or maybe nearby should be a sit-in capsule with a locking bilge system, air-snorkel tube to surface and tug rope attached. If the vain flooded, the diggers would need to jump into the capsule and it would be reeled back up to the surface. It all depends on how the matrix scientists programmed the matrix. Bugs, animals, gold, diamonds, floods......

    FLOODLAND TOWN (Seasonal)

    Directly outside of the castle walls, 1000 sq. ft. of cement , like a sloped parking lot, the cement ground fills water into it as it rains like a reservoir. Since the cement ground is sloped, as the water rises, the cement beach comes closer to the castle moat wall. At the bottom of the cement lot is a 10 ft. tall wall, to retain the flood water. In the deepest part of the cement lot, there could be a few small concrete buildings (non-toxic). The 1000 sq. ft. cement surrounds the back of the moat. where the castle is always immediately surrounded by the moat. Big filter system.

    With a series of gears, I could attach a windmill to a battery charging unit for the interior lights at nighttime or maybe something stupid like the  gears inside 2 or 3 mannequins, standing outside a small building. The wind power of the windmill would spin the gears and make the mannequins move all the time. I'm not sure if moving mannequins qualify as  statues or an image carved of man.  The axle would go under ground and come up inside the mannequins. I might make them look like a small army or some type of official  saluting each other in uniform. If I built them on a large spinning turfed circle, the wall behind them could spin out, so that, at certain times I could hide them in the hut. If  a doggie door lead into the hut where the  dog(s) could get in but not out through the doggie door, and the spinning mannequin display would open once a day, then the dog(s) could be released at that time. If the mannequin scene was 2 men saluting and near them a man sitting relaxed on a bench, when the turfed circle spun to hit it, another empty bench could spin, flat with the wall of the hut. The part of the walls that meet the spinning circle could be flexible with extra panels so that the dogs don't get their heads chopped off.


    Like 50 million page, I would like to build a lot of cemented "water ways" so that I can travel around my property in a boat. Like Venice, Italy the water channels (perhaps only 4 feet deep) could be around vanities of make-shift buildings. Perhaps the waterway could be connected to the fountain in Ghosttown. Shade is important. Shaded water would not evaporate very quickly. Animals like water. If the water area was big enough, fish might live in it! If I bought an estate property that had a water source like a river, stream, beach, underground water well, that would be ideal.

    Plenty of air-vents, multiple rooms, 

    gadgets and even secret passages. 

    There would be a section of the moat, cut off from the rest of the water. That section, about 15ft. long, would be clean, sterilized water with bleach and squeezed oils from plants and flowers. The water would then be sucked up through a bilge to the top of the castle, above the wall and sprayed down, like a flat fountain. The water would fall past rooms in the castle, so that large windows would be waterfalls.  It would be a water walled balcony sort of patio.


     50 foot Underground 5 level chamber. 

    (Changed size*75 ft. deep, 150 ft. long., 50 ft. wide.)

                               Underground Chamber:

    1Garden Room            2 Kitchen               3Theatre                           4Master Bedroom         5 Bathroom            6Dining Room 

    7Computer Game Room                          8Smoking Room

    9Office                         10Lounge                      11Storage

              12Guest Room              13Command Console    







     make booze out of pumpkins,  with a secret ingredient. I would call the booze  "Nesitol".


    I would plant a small portion of the crops under the plants, like the Torah says to do. Burying fruit in the dirt, under the tree, is a natural soil/plant system.


    Game-Hen         Note* The one in the picture below appears to be underfed. They would get very fat and have lots of fun around the estate-grounds until it was time to tomahawk them in half.

    Game Hens are delicious. I would wait till they got very old before I cross-bowed them. They probably have a lot of fun on a big-acreage instead of in cages. None of my livestock will live in cages, accept for temporary nest cages perhaps, but some birds will have nest out in the trees, bushes and shelters. Some of them might even fly away, but a neighbor might eat them.

    Free-Range Birds:

    • eat bugs and plants ( omnivore predators
    • Procreate on their own with nature
    • Are cute, friendly and don't often attack humans

                                         Pets to plates.......

    Philosophy: A bird crushes, kills and devours thousands of small little live bugs in it's lifetime. Man has eaten poultry throughout evolution as nature. The purpose of a birds life is for it to be eaten by a man, however that doesn't mean that in the meantime it should not have comfort, food/water and enough land to graze. Birds are of an eco-system but because they don't know how to make computers (no fingers), they can't be the very tip top of the eco-system, where man is immortal top predator.


    At the perimeter wall of the estate grounds, I might have a surveillance cam system, including inward facing surveillance system, where I could monitor birds and then activate "loud sounds" mounted on the perimeter walls to scare them back towards the estate grounds epicenter.              Small helicopters on strings could deploy above the wall and be reeled back into the wall. If the helicopters had sounds and lights, they could serve as a home-protection-alert.

    Helicopter on Strings test. 1 time per day Chime.

    They could be R/C or short-charged-auto-motors. Just balls and propellers, maybe with speakers that said "Intruder alert. Beware. Caution."

    The strings of the mini-copters could even be decorated light weight to resemble aliens. Maybe a giant tentacle with alien faces on it could rise into the sky, attached to the string. The copters are never lower than the string. If they were R/C, they might be able to chase trespassers.


    It would be really neat to "SAND" a living tree of it's bark.

    I would also cut all of a tree's branches, except for a top/overhand limb. Then I would take all of the branches and tie them with rope, as if they are steps in a ladder. Then I would tie the "branch ladder" to the overhang limb of the living tree.



    also build an outside pizza oven, fire pits, garages, ect. 

    FARMING- I might want to move to the rainiest place. Maybe not.

    I would plant all over the place including fenced enclosures. The animals would not be able to get into some crop areas.

    I would mix

    • Seeds
    • Oil
    • soil
    • Blended food scraps
    • Water

    I could spray the mixture from the back of the quad tractor, out of a large mounted tub.

    I might also plant entire fruits/veggies into the ground so that the seeds could eat the plant matter.

    I could design the farm system so that water is max-utilized;

    • cement lots could be covered withsoil. 1ft. plants. 3 ft. trees.
    • A tier system could accept overflow water

    I would buy a gigantic "Presser Machine" so that I can strain juices from crops. The juice could be frozen. The pulp could be dried. The juice could be strained of water before freezing.

    I would buy a gigantic freezing system, like a walk in freezer. It would either be in the Castle or an outside silo. (Temp caution)

    The kitchen would be stocked. I would buy $10,000 of food to store. Included of food, I would also buy a few kegs of booze and bottle/can beer. 

                                                             PICTURE NOTE* I made the above artwork from 2 different photos from google.com  I wanted to add "diversity" to my website and I searched google images for "hispanic women", "black women", "latina females", "female diversity", etc. and it seemed like the only view-able pictures of the selection were of transsexual males/ in drag (unattractive). I think "Public Libraries" or "Google.com" might have a conspiracy to provide gay, ugly-ish and foreign-owned pictures (as owners of the picture property?), in an attempt to steal my intellectual property. If the Library or Google.com have specified my picture-search results, it's as if they are guiding lawsuits against me from their specific companies/foreign countries. The agents involved should be charged with "abuse against the public" or "anti-Americanism during war-time". (The African-American person in the picture is assumed to be female. I hope she is not a Chinese male, with plastic surgery and skin dye/tattooing)                              EXTRA-NOTE*   So what's a picture worth? They are priced for about 25 cents to $1.05 on websites like shutterstock.com.

    Near Ghosttown, I would build a large fountain. Beers and soda cans would be stalked and floating in it. The animals could drink from the fountain. There would also be a pond that they could drink from nearby. Parts of my homemade downtown city block plaza would be crummy and cracking. There would be some "mock stores", and shops, that are in perfect condition and working order.  I might build a droid/robot security guard to walk around Ghosttown. I would beat it up and play pranks on it. I might have some female robots to be "shoppers". When I come into Ghosttown, I could have installed sensors that turn on the lights,  activate the robots and other common effects.


    Parts of Ghosttown would be cracked and crummy and some parts might be like a brand-new strip mall about to be opened.


    Progressively, I would like to make other areas of my property more and more 'enchanted wilderness' themed. I would like to dig into valleys (bulldozer?) I can make my property more hidden from the outside world, shaded by trees (and gigantic horizontal tarps) atop trench roads that lead past forest, into Ghosttown and to the castle.

    If I lived in a winter-snow area, or not, it would be neat to have retractable storm-awnings on buildings in Ghosttown. A rope/chain pulls a large wood panel up to a 90 degree. With it down, ice would not hurt the windows or the house very much. The door could be 2 panels that open/lock to access the house-door.

    I would also build a private bar in Ghosttown called "The Barking Bitch". It would be greeted by sensor-activated robots. It has an 1800's theme, like a saloon. A glass door could slide on wheels to expose the saloon-door (so that animals can't always get inside.)

    Other Ghosttown elements;

    • Upside Down Tree- I would saw a tree down. Attach a rope mounted system to the trunk. Attach a tub-like water tank to the tree trunk. If the tree dies, it would still look interesting, hanging upside down, near the street.
    • Book store. Stocked with random books. Called "Static Friction"
    • Clothing store.
    • Recycling center. (Storage)
    • Art Gallery. Self made art on the walls.
    • Pet Store. (Store pet food.)
    • Smoke Shop. Filled with misc. tobacco products.
    • Liquor store/mart.
    • Cheap Motel. (16 rooms) One of the rooms could be the Ghosttown Command Station. The GCS can monitor, turn on/off sounds, lights, sensors and maybe even robots, all over the estate accept for the Castle.
    • Junk Yard

    Bicycle locked to streetlamp. Ice machines. Pay phone. Trash cans. I would record public crowds with an audio device and then somehow play the sounds in Ghosttown as background noise. It might be neat to have some store dividing walls/alleys that are chicken-wire type birdcage walls. Maybe aquarium, terrarium walls for other  animals to monitor them.Aired out or enclosed. Not stinky.

    Lot's of Ghosttown's city block buildings might be closed/abandon/run down and might make a good bird coop aviary.


     The birds and animals might be fed on timers and some will live off the land. It would be really fun to have shacks and junk-yard vehicles as animal habitats and feeding stations. I would plant a tree, not sapling, in the bed of an old pickup truck and inside another vehicle that has a sun-roof. The tires might be covered in cement. Non-toxic as possible. I could even cut a sun roof out. So if I bought an old van, I could seal the floor with cement, fill about 3 feet of dirt, plant the tree and place the pets.

    In Ghosttown, there will be many crickets and lizards.

    The park could be about an acre and the mock city named "Ghosttown" would be about 4 blocks. 

    also build a Public Park. I would donate some of the land, and make it a high-tech public park with grass and benches. There would be surveillance cameras, which the visitors could control with joysticks and watch on monitors in a wooden shack stand.

    A few acres of the foresty land would be fenced off, like a giant cage, about 20 feet high. Small birds would be protected and if the wire was small enough, the bug farming would be more controlled. I would also have a large amount of either checkered/breathable tarps, about 20 feet up, tied to the trees or solid tarp tied up in the trees. It would make a canopy type shade for the plants and animals in that vacinity. The water would not dry up in the ground as fast. If my castle grounds was in a climate where it snowed in the wintertime, the plants and animals would be more protected by the tarp-canopy.

                                   (Birds eat bugs and spiders).

                                       and bread and bird seeds too.

    I would want a metal detector in common bird flight spaces in case an enemy droid bird was deployed on the castle.

      The privacy of a castle and more than enough land to get..








    You never want wireless. - It's easily hacked. Straight wire is good.

     Night vision is nearly optimal. 

      deploy animals with surveillance camera harnesses.

    Livestock/feed $3,000. a year until grown?

    Cameras            $2,000.


    Projected Eco-system:

    • Foliage
    • (herbivores) Crickets, bugs....((\omnivorses))
    • (omnivores) Frogs, rodents, birds
    • (Carnivores) Hawks, owls, dogs, cats

    The animals inside the castle property should be eventually self sustaining. There probably wouldn't be very many dogs, or at least not big ones.



     populate the territory with animals, they could majoritively survive off the land, but I would feed them as well.

    Birds and Aviary  $2,000. (castle grounds)

    Lizards and Den              $1,000.     (acreage)

    Rabbits, squirrels, dogs, wolves, cats, ect. possibly. Chickens, bats, quails, pigeons, sparrows, ravens, owls, seagulls, larks, pheasants, grasshoppers, lady bugs, beetles, butterflies, bears, dogs, cats, mice, lemmings, gophers, rabbits, bees, raccoon, ducks....



     Try to plant as many different kinds of plants. and all kinds of plants that produce food.

    I would farm, press and bottle a very fragrant flower or a mixture of fragrant plants and call it "Poetry Earth" Cologne. I have found, in my journeys, a purple flower that grows in a bush. It smelled soooo good. I would either boil the plants in oil, strain it and mix it with alcohol. or Press/squeeze the plants of oils and mix it with oil and rubbing alcohol. I could easily fill glass bottle with the mixture. A bottle of good cologne costs $30 at the store. I think I could sell bottles of  "Poetry Earth" for $10 each. If not, I'll be smelling good for cheap.

    In my journeys I have found a fruit, that resembles a mango, grows on a vine, is hollow with air inside a sack under it's skin where there is black seeds and orange liquid fruit gel. It tasted as though it was a sour candy out of a candy bag. I think it is the secret ingredient to "Red Bull" or "RockStar" drinks. I don't know what it's called. It was very delicious. I want to plant vines of that. Never heard of it???? 


    I won't have anything illegal on my property.  

     SCAB- Simulated CAB

    I could build robots (monsters, animals, people) that have breaker, off-switches on them. I could shoot them with BB, Paintball, and even a .22 rifle. The robots could shoot paintballs, have motion/sound sensors and appear realistic.

    BB, PB: Co-op, Network

    .22 : Solo

    *Note If it's sach-religious to build sculptures, I could probably pay someone else to make them. Destroying sculptures is a mitzvah in Judaism.*




    That's $328,000 spent.

    Plus miscellaneous of $50,000. 

    Equals $378,000.


    With $622,000 capitol. Money left over.





    /Halloween World


                                   I could use a large portion of land as a PAINTBALL THEME PARK.

                         It's more than only paintball.....

    • All  guests must wear Halloween Costumes to visit, to celebrate Halloween 365 days a year!
    • Music Venue. Bands can do live performances.
    • Birthday Parties. Events.
    • Tent Camp Sites and Motel option.The visitors can camp in a designated sector. It's a camp ground!
    • Restaurant. Food vending!
    • Alcohol. Perhaps in only designated areas or with quantity-limits.
    • Safety. All visitors must wear a special I.D. bracelet so that they don't get lost in the crowds of disguised-visitors.
    • Plenty of Animatronics and Robots to interact with. The robots are the employees!

    HALLOWEEN CITY Paintball Games.

     The Paintball Games are not only team vs. team.....

    • The paintball games are team vs. robots/stationary targets. "Shoot the paintball into the Zombie-Robot's rib cage (or other hit-button-activated spots) to de-activate it and make it fall on the ground!" The struck robots could  explode. It's limbs could jettison away from it's body, using  springs! The target-droids would have plenty of sound effects and extra theatrics.
    • The paintball game areas will be designed similar to "video games levels", as goals must be met to continue on, to the next level!     EXAMPLE* Shoot all Zombie-Droids' de-activation-unit to unlock the "Level Gate".
    • The paintball games also use: Riddles, keys, find-item-pickups,
    • Break-ins. Since some of the paintball game levels are in built mock-cities, the visitors can option to play "Break-In". Break-In is a scenario that allows visitors to jump over fences, pick locks, cut chains, smash windows, smash door knobs, crawl through spaces INTO houses, shacks, warehouses, stores, etc so that they can pretend that they are criminals breaking into structures. None of the glass is real. The "Fake Glass" could be made of sugar or break-away-plastic. To cut chains, no cutting is needed.  Some of the mock-houses/structures have interactive androids waiting inside!
    • RV on a track Paintball Vehicles. The visitors climb into the old-Rvs and  control mounted-paintball guns. The RV is trailed on a track through paintball-scenarios! (No drivers needed). Safer for visitors to not be run over during paintball wars.
    • Caged Golf Carts with mounted Paintball Guns.
    • Trick or Treat CandyLand. Food items could be prepared and placed in the "Trick or Treat Candy Land Vicinity" for visitors to "act like zombies" and bite into delicious food and candies. Food/Candy items could also be placed on tree branches. Food/Candy items could be shaped into normal object appearances like tree bark, stone bricks, bugs, skin/body parts of shrieking robots, and other objects.
    • I could build "Tombs", "Sewers", "Abandoned Mines", etc that are underground pathways of paintball gun activity.
    • The Visitors could pay to rent:           Paintball equipment, walkie-talkies, costumes, etc.

    A. The Entrance to the paintball park. Gear Clerk Room.

    B. Deck Lounge Room.Vending machines, couches chairs.

    A "Spin Portal" room is used to allow the paintball players an illusion of "one" paintball-arena entrance as a pathway to all of the arena-levels. The room spins slowly until the door matches with the arena-level pathway.

    There are 2 "semi-underground tube arena-levels" that travel through out the park, with clear windows/clear ceilings (plastic), that enables players to peer into the other arena-levels. One of the tubes is a mock-sewer. One of the tubes is a mock-cave. The entrance to the tube-arena-levels is closed with a garage-door, where the garage-door needs a garage-door-remote to be found and activated by the players.

    NOTE* Halloween City's location doesn't depend on being in my back yard, it could be somewhere else.  Hawaii might be a great place for an upscale Halloween World. Any state is a great place to build a Halloween City. The prices could be very inexpensive.

    Note* Additional PaintballParks could be similar, however they have a different theme for example:

    • Alien Extra-Terrestrials. Invasion scenarios. Space ships. Modern time and retro 50's time theme.
    • Dinosaurs. Hunt them and they will fall. Some of them are hot though...because they're cooking hamburgers for everyone to eat! (the dinasaur-robots could have a heated food storage that is accessable by visitors, once they knock it to it's feet.
    • Wild Beasts Safari.
    • Time Travel World. Visitors "jump" through "portals" (simulated lights and sounds) to battle enemy-robots of different time period themes. Example* Revolutionary war, Ghengis Kahn, Cavemen, Robots of the future, World War 2, Mideval Knights, Civil war, etc.


     IN Essence, the big idea, ultimately, might be:

                                      To build a beautiful gigantic secret land....similar to the fantasy worlds found in video games!  I don't need a phazer to portal-jump into Ratchet and Clank's Planet Worlds...I can build it. Parachutes might be a must (lot's of skyscrapers and cliffs).                                     Although,......it would be nice...to have a phazer.








    I could build a restaurant bar, that not only served good food and drink, at a good price, but it would also have a skatepark in the center,  similar as a small indoor hockey rink.

                                It would be called BingleBerry's.   "Welcome to Bingleberry's!"

     Instead of charging the skaters to skate, the skaters would skate for free, since they would be seen as performers.


    SKATESTALL- Skaters can wait in the skatestall. It's like a baseball dugout, a room with tv monitors and chairs. The skaters can skate 1 at a time for 10 minutes for $2. The tv monitors display the indoor skatepark rider. If they wear a BingleBerries tshirt costume, they can skate for free and get meal comps. 

    And of course, Bingleberry's would advertise an oath of cleanliness. The cooks would always be monitored, have a good attitude and have no interest to put boogers or feces in the food.  Even if local competitors wanted to give them a months pay to sabotage the food, Bingleberry steaks would still be safe! Because the entire staff would be automated machines like a giant vending machine through a gourmet conveyor belt.


     The skaters might even get meal comps.

    The meat would be kosher. The cheese would be non-dairy, so even a cheeseburger would be kosher. It would be a Gourmet meal at the push of a button. No people to talk to. Wait about 14 minutes. Pay the Dollar machine.

    No employees would be needed besides 1 manager. He would monitor the restaurant, greet guests and also assume security guard obligations.


    I would also buy a quad with a roll cage and trailor, an enclosed  scooter and a truck.



    50 million ( click Page link)


    IF I HAD More Mun-e :


    (I might not purchase these things if I had that much money. I might. I might not)


    If I had $5,000 


    I would buy a chair-bike, electric bike motor, 3 batteries, bike tow chariot, misc. extras.    $1,000

     I would travel to campsites and cheap motels until I had to collect cans again.

    (+-$1,000 if I flew to Puerto Rico or Hawaii.)(Or maybe I would find a cheap apartment with roommates, pay for a year's rent and live comfortable, safe, private and happy.)


    If I had $8,000

    I would dump my gear. Buy some new clothes,

     some food, some booze, find a nice motel, get

     on a train out of state, find an apartment

     roommate, get a job, buy a scooter or electric

     bike and professionalize my website.


    If I had $10,000 ($20,000)

        • I would buy a 4 cylinder truck/camper for $4,000.   Reg., Title, Ins, etc. $500
      I would buy some music recording equipment and make it a recording studio on wheels/webdesign. I would record my own album, press them to CDs and sell them. I think it would be a great fantasy to drive around the country and record music with/for people (CGPs?). If it was donation based, I could earn extra money along the way by recording and printing CDs out of my RV. I could even scout for beautiful young women and offer to record an album for them for free. It would be a great reason to be alone with them. If I had a cannabis prescription, I would never smoke and drive. If I was drinking beers out of the fridge, I wouldn't drink and drive either. It would be a great way to have excited girl friends all over the Country. I wouldn't allow weenumes in my RV though. The shower could double as a vocal booth.FAILURE:I would travel till I was nearly out of money and sell the truck/camper and then buy an electric chair-bike.
        Or perhaps, instead of buying a vehicle, I might do something else, since gas, insurance and other fees would drain my finances. (and the sims might not be programmed to shop from my business)
          I might:  Ride trains around to different cities and live in cheap motels. I would drink beers that I judged to not be p*ss (urine) and in California, I would smoke cannabis. I might settle down a little bit in Northern California (sim-nor cal) when I have about $2,500 left. I would spend maybe $500 on a bike-car-kit to build my own special designed bike-car and then resume collecting cans.
          Or  I might: buy a tiny lot of land somewhere for $2,000 or $3,000, but annual taxes and ruralness away from cities might make it hard for me to stay there. If I put up a perimeter chain link fence, I might slap the fence with glue and drip dirt on it for an artistic look, instead of a junk yard resemblance. 

                                                           If I was given $100,000:

        • 30,000 land
        • 5,000 RV
        • 3,000 electronics
        • 5,000 perimeter fence/gate
        • 4,000 2 Live-in trailers. I would match them together with a hallway. I could park the trailers together so that when I park my RV, the RV door is at the trailer door, similar to a space ship. I don't need a contractor's lic.
        • 1,000 RV/trailer concrete foundation/fence
        • 1,000 seeds/plants
        • 2,000 Chickens/habitat
        • 3,000 solar panels
        • 2,000 quad or Polaris
        • 50 hammock 
        • 2,000 freezer
        • 500 food supply
        • 350 wood to make dresser, tables
        • 500 lounge furniture
        • 500 tools
        • 500 shop-vac
        • 2,000 Jacuzzi
        • 1,000 alarm system
        • 1,000 Cannabis prescription, seeds, buds.  I might grow legal amounts of cannabis inside the chicken coop, if the chickens weren't pooping on the plants. The plants could be in the center of the giant 20 ft. tall x 40 ft. long enclosure.
        • Frogs, crickets, birds would be running free on my property. 2 cats and 1 small dog. If my property had a creek or waterway, I would grow bamboo, fruit trees, nut trees at the shore. Sugar cane too. Dried bamboo makes excellent firewood and building material.  


        And I would buy a domain name for my website and expand it with more media and advertise it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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