Since I, the author of this website, am in a virtual reality machine world.... sometimes I think about how it seems as though "other people", who didn't know that they were in a virtual reality machine, were tricked to murder simulated-people (sim-murder), as they believe that the simulated-people were actual people, and because they committed such a crime, I am an innocent person walking down the simulated street,  if they sim-murdered an innocent player (The player might feel some shocks but a mili-second program flashes past without any damage to the innocent person, unscathed), then they must live the innocent person's life, from birth until the time of the attack, as the attacker believes that they them self is a ghost, somehow forced to witness a stranger baby's birth and learning everything about them 24/7 for 20 some odd years until the ghost realizes that the time-travel is matching up to the time of when they attacked the innocent person and as the attack happens, the ghost experiences the damage done to the innocent person, after it was sent to the super natural prison (virtual reality machine prison)  of stuck-to-victim-to-haunt  to learn who the innocent person really was. And the innocent person didn't feel much more than a little shock and never really got hurt. It was a simulation. But the attacker didn't know it was in a then it haunts until the time of the attack. That would be creepy if I collected hundreds or thousands of those and they are all waiting for the re-time of their attacks to be hurt, as few of them manage to cough a whisper of power to effect my/innocent-person's thoughts.

Note* Heaven and Hell are Christian/Pagan ideologies.      Jewish = ...Immortal Life 

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  I have provided brave ideas.

I'm Jewish. Jews don't believe in heaven and hell. I'm not sure if I died to get into the CAR machine.

CGP says "This is heaven." 

No, it's not.

ChristianHell___Bad Life*___Good Life___Heaven

I am in Bad Life. I would like to be at, and stay in, Good Life.

How Heaven would be programmed:

  • Very friendly CGPs full of compliments
  • Beautiful music everywhere
  • Cherished lovers and relatives at a phone calls reach
  • Clean, beautiful  luxury
  • Plants, flowers and happy healthy animals
  • An expanding galaxy of high technology opportunities (space colonization)
  • 100% health
  • Celebration everywhere
  • Super-natural reminders of life after death

Bad Life: Poor, enemy CGPs

Good Life: My Designed CAR

Heaven and Hell are concepts of Christianity, as well as Paganism. (and pop-culture)

Immortal life might be a more accurate terminology for expressing a player's spiritual location. 


I'm not sure if I died in the physical world and was necromanced into the CAR machine matrix, but if I did then some might catagorize me as a woken dead or something that is different than man. Even if I was necromanced into the CAR machine matrix, I still qualify, and am, a man. If they consider me as a woken dead, then that would explain why they prevent me from mating. Perhaps they encourage me to be a homo-bisexual because it's funny for a "zombie", and I'm not a zombie, to be gay. Perhaps gay "zombies" have a special place (in Christian hell?) with demons, as if, ones that have never been paused (me?) have different properties of life in their CAR machine matrixs. So my quality of CAR life is poor. I have been unable to get a girlfriend CGP but it's not like I'm making bumps with abomination demons around simulated black magic or something. So, as a heterosexual, I choose to be a slayer of demons (CGP demons) but beyond that, I need girlfriend access, MyDCAR and an MCC.

Water can clean one's body and make them feel good. Bathing is a nice part of living. Having a bunch of ticks and chemicals that make you sick on your skin makes one itchy. A simple way to jump from hellness to heavenness is water.   


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I was laying on the sidewalk on a cardboard box and I heard the sounds come from an automobile engine that said something like "Heaven Eternal".  I said "Hey, that's not very nice to put someone in a video game and moan sounds like that. It's like ""Hey, let's put him in a video game and then play harps to him and say """This is heaven. It's heaven!""" "" "    If I can't have a soda pop in my video game, then there's something wrong and there'll be some punishing to do.



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Actually, Judaism doesn't focus on an afterlife., perhaps, since we are already there or because I am immortal.  But in what form? 

My body, blessed it is.



If anything is possible in the matrix/CAR, could you imagine a terrible hell? 

A rotting corpse, rotting more and more over time, while you feel the sensations of nausea, intense pain (like frying to death), fear, sadness, etc. etc. Black outs, altered-existences perception...


Well if this is the afterlife..., then  I have come back to life again, but I don't remember how I died. If I never died, was put/born into the CAR Matrix Video Game, then there are many tricky things and communications that are offensive and aggravating.

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