"Not on my watch!"





"Kremer, you're on the DeathStar."

"Uh, Can I get transfered to the LifeStar?"




         The Movie "Red Dawn", starring Charlie Sheen and Patrick Swaysey:    Red Dawn? I think they meant blacked on. 

Mom,  the polka-dot people were squirting everybody with urine-loaded squirt guns and one of them stole my i-pod! 

I'm not your mother! I'm a CGP version of your mother. And you shouldn't be so racist! Because the computer programmed the polka-dot people  to act like that, you should accept how CGP types are programmed!

Max, why are you speaking in an English accent?

I'm not speaking in an English accent. I'm speaking in a 1700's American accent. 


 "What do you do when a group of mummies are trying to hurt a person?"


           Throw them a basketball.




How many Jews did it take to build the pyramids?


                          Eilat is a beautiful beach city in Israel.


What did the Matza ball say to the Chicken soup?

             "Oy gevalt, you're like a jacuzzi."







Where did the neighborhood go?


I don't know, but Chucky is out there stealing licence plates!

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