Jail History 


Summer 2009      

Los Angeles Aiding/ebetting sale or purchase of mariijuana

About 20 days


Summer 2010

La Fayette, LA

Sleeping on bench

4 days 



Los Angeles 


5 days


Summer 2010 

  Key West, FL

  Driving scooter  without license plate

  About 25 days 



Los Angeles

Warrant for same  prior marijuana purchase

5 days 


Summer 2011

San Clemente

Fare Evasion

5 days



1. Freedom of Speech, entrapment

2. I bought the scooter in Myrtle Beach, SC where it is not illegal to not have a lic. plate. The impounded the $500 scooter, helmet, jacket, hat.

3. They did not read me my miranda rights.

4. None. I turned myself into Palm Springs and they brought me to L.A.

5. They did not read me my miranda rights.

6. They did not read me my miranda rights. I did not have enough money for the train. I don't think the weight of my body would displace the energy to gas ratio of the locomotive, disrupting their profit margin. They might as well should have sent me off with a smile and no citation, especially during the recession and me being homeless and all.

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