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  There are probably different interpretations of the Torah.  Since some laws stipulate man and some woman, perhaps some believe that killing one for not witnessing the Sabbath refers to only killing men, where women are not reprimanded, because it says man not woman.


The 10 commandments do not include "Kill those whom have not witnessed the Sabbath."  One of the commandments is "Thow shall not kill." There are not 11 commandments. So killing someone who made fire on the Sabbath is not a commandment. Perhaps it applied to tribal warfare where it was the advantage to tell the enemy apart from the rest, especially if the enemy was in disguise and strolled into camp.


   It would be nice if the congregations and synagogues were kind and welcoming. If there's a high holiday coming up, they could invite me and say "Hi Max, why don't you join us for Rosh Hashannah?". "Come pray. Learn Torah, be Jewish, meet friends!" Shabbat is a great holiday too and it's a mitzvah to invite someone over for Shabbat dinner. 

                                                       The congregations are absentees..


In ancient biblical times, being killed for "Fire/Work on the Sabbath" was:

  • Jews killing Jews
  • Jews killing Christians, Pagans, Muslims, Misc.

Out of historical response, perhaps Jews were killed by Christians, Pagans, Muslims, misc. for "fire/work on the Sabbath" (Jewish Law), but that means the non-Jews were using Jewish-Law against Jews, out of vendetta.

Note* Before the invention of the video camera, people probably killed other people for no reason.

So that means if a gentile (none-Jew) used Exodus 31:13 (Sabbath Fire Law) against a Jew, the Jew was supposed to not be a "criminal" and use the law against the gentile.

The "Torah Rules" are not a gentile's way to capture and control Jews.

It's not like:

A gentile tosses people (Jews) a rulebook. "Hey guys, these are the rules you have to follow or you can't be alive."

It's like:

"If  a strange man sits outside your camp (caveman camp) and makes fire on the day that you do not, chop his head off because he might be a creature that sucked out one of your people's body and is wearing the skin."


Jewish Law (Torah?) did not pertain to only Jews.    Jewish Law was a method for Jews killing others.



Perhaps baby Moses in the raft, in the Torah, symbolises or suggest space travel or CARmachine Matrix existence.


       Different countries might symbolize other planets.   


The Star of David has 6 points and 1 center. The 6 points could represent the 6 days of the week that fire/work is permitted and the center could represent the Sabbath.


 Perhaps Judaism is fully aware of CARmachineMatrix existence, as if it is an ancient science.   Examples*  Kiddush = prayer of fruit of the vine ( Pods of sustainance)   Noah's Arc = Space ship                     Building Pyramids = Space Dock                 Clic right pic

                                        for Prayers Page


                          Maybe God suggests that man was once animal and became human. (Through surgeries and/or cybernetics.)

Surgeries are part of Judaism - Circumcision of Penis, Circumsion of Heart

Game, bull, deer (Payos hair resembles horns ((bravery!)), ((shofar blowing))  Hebrew writing resembles hoof marks.        



The Torah, is not a set of laws because the Temple was destroyed. Why was the Temple destroyed? Because God allowed it to be destroyed. So technically, Judaism is about celebrating holidays, not enforcing laws.  So yipee, everybody have fun! Spin your dreidels.


Religious Persecution can be in the form of 'Punishing one for making fire on the Sabbath.'


The Torah says, in a way, that anyone who drives on Saturday afternoon should die. 


      Biblical laws  vs.  modern lenience

                              Freedom of Religion 

If it is illegal in Judaism, for someone to use electricity on the Sabbath (Sparks of electricity qualify as fire - so does the explosion of pistons in an automobile engine), and the punishment is death, then who would be the executioner? 

                                         *Rabbi ?

                                        *Soldier ? 

                                      *Law Man ?                  

                                *Gentile (non-Jew) ?

                                          *Ect. ?


                          "And God told the Father to take his


 up onto the mountain to kill his son,



 when the father put the knife close to


 son, God said "Do not kill        

him." and an angel stopped the

father.                               So that says a lot about how God wants us to think perhaps. So when he says "Kill them!" he might be testing you. So should one be murdered for making fire on the sabbath? Perhaps not. In Christianity, the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost is Abraham, his Son and the angel. So when did fanatic muslims and devil worshippers break into the churches and teach them new and different things?


                                              J - about 6,000 years                                                               

                                                               C - about 2,000 years                                             

                                                                          M - about 1,400 years                                

                         Temple Fell                   We are here                       Messchiach, Temple Restored

Judaism  Biblical---------------No Holy Laws Enforceable, Crime and War------------------------------?No Way/Need to Break Law, Like Heaven on Earth


                                     Messiah                Messiah 2   

Christian  Biblical, Pagan------------Crime War------------------?Heaven on Earth 



Muslim  ? Suggested word "Museum".      

The Catholic symbol is a dead body on a torture device.

The Christian symbol is a torture device.

The Muslim symbol is an out-of-earth geographical scenario.

The Jewish symbol is geometric of 8 triangles.



"There should always be "Golden Children". They should be taught the translation-meaning of Abraham, his son, the mountain and the angel. There should always be police. Sabbath rule breakers should be shunned from praying at synagogues, but invited to holiday celebrations. And perhaps....the gift of magic....will be upon the people. 



Ireland Theory:

Is-Rael. Ire-Land. Island. Irerael

What if Zion's actual location was Ireland. Is Ireland where fire was first adapted, or maybe England is Zion and when anyone made fire on the sabbath, they sent them to Ireland. "Fireland".

Irish. Scottish. English.       ......JEWISH!!!


Canadiaish? Israelish? Saudi Arabiaish? Japanesish? Russish? Peruish? Chinish? Australiaish?

 Walking from Israel to Egypt isn't very far. I have walked over 30 miles in one day. What if the Red Sea was actually the English Channel. What if they built rails, like train tracks, that were floating docks on the ocean. People on the coast probably watched birds fly out to the ocean and and fly back, so that is how they knew land was in that direction. Does the 6,000 year old Torah have a map? No. Have there been the Torah's enemies whom have wanted to augment the understanding of the Torah? Yes and there still are enemies today. Ireland has the folklore of snakes and Saint Patrick. Moses and the snakes? Israel isn't exactly paradise, even if it didn't have nuclear threats. It's a desert. It used to be worse with poisonous marshy bogs. The U.K. is protected by the ocean and was filled with plants and animals. There were probably much less predator animals, like lions, tigers, elephants, slave-masters etc., than the middle east. Ireland is an island. So is England. (England Theory?) Perhaps 6,000 years ago, there were so many trees, perhaps gigantic red woods that could be cut down in a matter of hours using fire or wheeled stone saws, that floating them across the ocean channel was a 100 year task. The promise land, a place of safety,.... 'and modern day Israel is a block away from it's ancient enemies amid terrible beasts'?

Irish people are known for having red hair. Ancient Jews had red hair according to the Torah.

Wood building, snakes, fire, evacuation to a new land, giant fish swallowing people, boat building.... . .

Perhaps the reeds of the English channel were red in color. Thousands of years ago, oceans might have been tangled with plant life on the top. Not impossible to build walkways.

So that might mean that STONEHENGE is the Collapsed-Temple, called "The Wailing Wall." 

So if England or the U.K. is Zion/true-Israel, then that means that Jewish-Israel was sacked by the Christians and ruled by the Christians for thousands of years. Is King Harry of England the Christian King? 


Christian Faded Translation: Walking on water, a dove flies with signs of land, carpentry, "Ingles", England, means church in Spanish.

If Ireland is Zion (or England), the curse would be: "Thou shallt not lie." as it is not the Jewish advantage to hide it's location, despite varieties of cultural and ancient enemies. What if ancient Germans and Europeans and fellow Jews were angry at the Jews, for dismantling their floating bridge, after letting it be crossed for many years, and then burning it.?

 In mainland Europe, there are many disadvantages compared to Ireland, where wild beasts and hunted game, have 1000's of square-miles to evade, and or attack, the hungry hunters. Ireland has natural barriers like cliffs and beaches where enemy-animals could easily be cornered and wiped out. Delicious animals could be caught, and eventually tamed in captivity, as livestock farming.


The Dead Sea and the Red Sea are not seas. And the "Red Sea" is not red.

Why do they call lakes seas? Even in California, there is a lake called the Salton Sea.     Is a stone called a stick? Is a lion called a zebra?


So what would modern day Israel, pretending to be Zion, the land of Canaan, the Holyland serve as:

  • Decoy Location
  • Enemy owned decoy location

* Believing that Ireland or England is the true location of Zion is not blasthfamy against the Torah. Since the Torah has no maps, believing Ireland is the true location is counter-modern-Jewish understanding.


Child Hypothesis

A 100% innocent, Orthodox Jewish male, whom has never commited any acts explained in the Torah as not-allowed and punishable by death.  The Golden Child would then be righteously allowed to murder anyone whom has ever  driven a car on a Saturday afternoon.

 KILLING FOR DISOBEYING THE SABBATH: Maybe God recommends it, but it is up to man and his tribe to do it, and perhaps they are still slightly guilty themselves. It applied to adults, atleast 13 years old.

Is eating a bacon cheeseburger (not-kosher) worse than driving on Saturday (fire on the Sabbath)? Since biblical times explains that fire on the Sabbath is punishable by death, and eating un-kosher food is not, one may say that driving is worse.


If one wears an electronic watch and looks at his watch on the Sabbath, is that considered making/utilizing fire?

                                        Sephardic = Moroccan

                      Moroccans traveled the ocean channel to Spain.

God is not God's name. His name is a Hebrew word but we call him  a different hebrew word "Hashem". 

 "Don't use the Lord's name in vain.", well, we don't know his name anymore.

So if we have come to grip with civilization as violence is illegal, in most situations, within the tribe, then perhaps Exodus 31;13 is a primitive part of Jewish humanity, which we have left behind, in-scope of pop-culture. 

So then, it is to say,   if one makes fire on the Sabbath, he or she should. . .

*be punched in the stomach?

*have her money stolen from her purse?

*have his teeth knocked out?



Judaism is a religion. It is not a race. Only in terms of Naziism is it a race. And in terms of aggressive Christianity and Islam, it is a small competitor, a seemingly easy target, a mysterious culture and a forgotten people.

Our Tribe = USA

I would love to have a female tutor  teach me hebrew like Adam Sandler's girlfriend in "Billy Madison"

Stipulations regarding biblical observance might be something about how the temple was destroyed, I think in 70 C.E. and since then, Jewish laws were not as much enforecable.    ?

Thus, a tetrahedron of evil, along the lines of loose order, might act according to their own understandings, and persecute, under criteria of such ideological fundimentalism. 

God Says "Do not Kill."

God also says " Kill and Destroy Them."   When he says Kill, he means murder.

Electricity is seen as fire, (by rabbinical law). A spark or flame  should not be used or made from Friday night till Saturday night, since Jewish Holidays start and end at sundown. 

If we made sparks on the Sabbath, Yom Kippur is to repent.

But killing in the U.S. is illegal and Freedom of Religion is  part of the Constitution. 

So, it's not about being a Golden Child perfect mitzvah droid, it's about getting as  close to being as good and observant as possible, so that you can maximize what it means to be alive with God and welcomed to live forever in a comfortable, psychologically pleasing existence along the lines of an ancient past with rules, traditions and achievement celebrations. 

       More than once, an orthodox(sim?)  has withdrawn from ceremonial mitzvot with myself on the basis to the question;                        "Is your mother Jewish?" 

                        Example* Wrapping tifflin and saying the "Shemah".

I have heard, many times, people saying or asking if your mother was Jewish, as if it mattered. Some people say that "if your mother wasn't Jewish, then you are not Jewish." That is not true.

That might come from hajji-type espionage, from a cultural context, to destroy strength (numbers?) in Jewish communities, where converts might be typical.  If children of Arabs find humor and connection, with eachother, by telling Jews whom have less semitism, that they are no longer Jewish, then that means they are spies, or pawns of spies, whom have a psychological agenda,  to diminish a Jew's faith.

Anyone can convert to Judaism. It is a mitzvah. a good deed.

If your mother is Jewish...was her mother Jewish?

So if your mother didn't have a bat-mitzvah, is she no longer Jewish, and thus, the son is no longer Jewish? No.  That is retarded and a product of holy war type circumstances, where, in fact, over time, that idea turns into a cultural misconception, where the enemy is on both sides. 


Judaism is not a race.  It is a religion!.

Only in terms of Naziism, is Judaism a race.


The Torah mentions Red hair as a sign of Ancient Jewish lineage. It also states that some of the enemies were tall, like Giants. 

The Torah didn't specify what type of face design people have. 


If a Christian Arab and a Buddhist Caucasian have a baby, the baby is a Caucasian-Arab. The baby is not Jewish.



could challenge anyone on this subject and I  have no problem pointing out their possible Arab heredity complex, which they might have.(Naziism) 


         Jews are not supposed to "Bow to stone." I think bowing means standing on the knees, hands outstretched and bending the face onto the ground. "Tilting" the head is not bowing. If I drop something and bend over to pick it up and there is a stone, that is not bowing-to-stone.


You don't pray to the people, or to the land.... Praying is to God, not to people. 

If you told me that there were no spies from Islam or Christianity or even Devil Worshippers, who where immersed in Judaism,  I would tell you that you are unwise.


                         Albert Einstein was Jewish.     Mazel Tov!

Einstein................... Enemies = Muslims Christians Scared



                                                                  If many Jewish laws pertain to having a house, would one whom does not have a house, ..would they be exempt from the rules?.



A paw of an animal (not kosher) resembles a human's hand much more than a cow's hoof. Perhaps the evolutionary difference gap of man to animal is what qualifies some animals as kosher food. In ancient bazaars (marketplaces), foods that appeared to be possibly human, like shrimp-resembling human genitals, oysters resembling human guts may have been deemed unkosher because the people didn't want to endanger themselves by purchasing man-meat. Cannibalism in ancient marketplaces may have been a common thing, even if it was "illegal". So to add extra effort to stop cannibalism, the eating of animal products that resembled human body parts may have been forbidden by Jews.


So God says "Don't carve images of man or animal." Perhaps droids should be in the form of strange creatures, that are neither man or animal in likeness.  Then perhaps all humanoid droids, (CGDs), should be destroyed.?            

               Jack-o-lanterns are not in the form of man, so I think perhaps that they are not sach-religious


There is evil in religion..... because humans

eat  other creatures.

If someone is Jewish, that doesn't mean they must study as a Yeshiva student or become a Rabbi.

Scale of Jewish Studies...    Agnostic_____Modest_________Scholar_______Yeshiva Student______Rabbi 


ANALOGY for me not knowing Hebrew and Jewish prayers very well. 

("Why doesn't Max know Hebrew and Jewish prayers fluently?"

"Because we forgot to program CGPs to teach him.")

LESS SARCASM: "Oh well, it's not like he has to be a rabbi." 


If one thinks about it, to "Dovin", or pray at synagogue on Saturday, (driving to synagogue is making fire on the Sabbath!), it is much like Christianity to meet every week. Does is say in the Torah "And be sure to meet every week and read this book outloud."? So no, I think it's about a calendar of holiday ceremonies that represent the self in relation to God and people of the past. It's also about laws of what not to do, but it's not about reading the holy books once a week, after breaking the book's (Gods) laws.  So if praying was contacting God, one should obey all of his laws.


                                  *Ring Ring*

                           "God is that you?"

                            "Samson Howell, why are you calling me? You just broke a 'put to death' law 15 minutes ago by making fire in your automobile! I don't think you believe in Tribal Judaism. Do you believe in nothing and had nothing better to do? I think you're just trying to feel special. You underminded my designed laws for you. Why don't you leave the holy language praying to the diligent and just try to be a humorous person since I watch you all the time and granted you freedom of will."

                         "Oh, uh, is this God? I thought I was ordering a cheese pizza from the kosher pizza kitchen."



If the CAR machine is 100% Jewish, and I think it might be, and in it, the other Jews are bad people... Torah sins, abominations and plus they are greedy, unkind, mean, selfish and other bad attributes, it would make sense that nicer people, that are good in many ways, would be their (the bad) psychological emotional targets. But that's not fair. So the man that buys his lunch becomes poor and the man who steals his lunch stays rich? There would be a "carma" issue where as the rich man spits in the food of the honest poor man. It would be ironic if good jews used Naziism on the bad jews, like a natural thing to do. If  God wanted to punish someone, then he would probably want to scare them as much as possible and Naziism is designed to make fear. So thus, the ugly foul rich that scorn the honest, and perhaps the simple, would become the political refugees of war, and new war, all seen by the eyes of God.


And the lessons would have been:

  • BAD:  We should not have stolen, we should have been kind, we should have helped our neighbor and we should have never made fire on the Sabbath.
  • GOOD:  We should have never made fire on the Sabbath but because we are good, we may follow the Torah to destroy the wicked as God has told us to do. So because we were good, but not perfect, the pain of war is the option, as the pain of anger is the burden.


And perhaps when the bad are destroyed, the Golden Children will be welcomed to spare the good and to be excited about life.


Notes* Being good or bad is not an issue regarding simulated people (CGPs) interactions.


Naziism was a foreign political group that was an enemy to the United States. Naziism is enemy-ism, but so is hurting or stealing from Americans. So to call fighting the corrupt and injust as Naziism is incorrect.  Perhaps to uproot and mimic a dead enemy is a bad idea. It's like the hunter that wears the dead wolf's skin back to camp. He might be shot at with arrows.


Obvious Guys says--> "Dude, zombies are way scarier than nazis."

Nazis were called waremachs. Wear-Mock. Wear-Pretend. Bleach Hair Dye. White skin paint. Did they have glass blue-eye contacts in the 1930's?  Anybody can be a Nazi!   Not-See.



                                         Because most church-goers would know where the church is, ringing of the church bell seems needless. Since Judaism is regarded about Friday night being the Sabbath, and in ancient times, nobody had wrist-watches, perhaps the churches with bells were once synagogue and instead, the bell rang out on Friday evening, to warn the coming of the Sabbath.

Church Bell/AD  Theory

 Since English is a "Germanic" language, that means that the German language is older than English.  All of the Jews probably spoke German and lived in and near England. at that similar time period, until the synogogues were sached and taken over by Christians and Pagans in A.D.





                    ...So instead of reading the Torah every week as Jewish religion, I suggest to modestly follow the laws it described and for the Torah to be a sacred thing that is only accessible to holy men that are Golden Children and it's Golem guardians. Perhaps then, the magic of the Torah will be strong enough to bless the good without it being celebrated by the ugly wicked, the bad or perhaps the untrue.

God made ugly and beautiful. He did not make good and bad. Ugly and beautiful chose to be good or bad.

             Maybe then, the holy men may bless the people instead of shrugging with philisophical ambiguities from accompaniement of the wicked, whom practice imperfectly diligent, the wicked whom are neither Golden Children or good people. If it is to shun the good, the wicked ambition is to stay near and hide with the holy, then life will be less magical. I am aware of the wickedness from my experience as a Jewish homeless man and not being given Tzedakah, a place to live, work or even an invitation to Shabbat dinner.


                                 If a Rabbi kisses the Torah, but  touches  the wicked, perhaps his  magic of   blessing is   evaporated!


              If God allowed Moses magic, perhaps he would allow others magic.


Judaism = Following rules of God and celebrating life.



Christianity = In biblical times, a Jew worked (carpentry) on the Sabbath. The other Jews killed him, God gave him super-natural powers to come back to life to say "the Torah is old data", no more sabbath laws or kosher laws, If you are good, when you die you go to heaven. Bad, hell. Pagan holidays mixed with 1st day of the week prayers.

Islam = Pray to the magic cube.

Buddism, Hind, ect. = Be nice. Mythology.


Cryogenics (freezing of the Dead) sounds like a Christian word. In Christianity, they wrote something about  "a rapture", when all of the Jews go up to outer space. What if Christians are the necromancers. A crucifix is a necromancerish symbol.


What if Islam, sounding like "lamb", (livestock animal), was an animal that had surgery cybernetics and appeared as human. (animorphs?). As if science had no limits, Not to sound racist. I think my original genetic face might actually resemble a lion. Sim-face?



If Steven Speilberg makes money from creative arts, and writing/thinking ideas is work.... On Saturday, Steven Spielberg works by dreaming.


EXTRA_THOUGHTS_about Naziism.

What could those Martyrs have been instead of muder victims?

  • Slaves. Didn't the Nazis need workers? Why not build lavish mazes of architecture, farms, factories... how many construction monuments could have been built?
  • Isn't it nice to have 15 girlfriends instead of 1?
  • Western Europe, the Axis territories, wasn't very much territory on Earth. Did the Nazis have accurate world maps? Wouldn't they want slave-soldiers and builders stretching out into vast territories? A man would surely kill another man for food to save his own life, let alone slave-soldier pay. Perhapsthe Nazis believed they had all that they needed, without mercy of slaves? Their victims' homes and their vicitms' wealth.....  Who was going to stop them? Since the Nazi party was an uprise (against Germany), perhaps the German rebels, known as the Nazi Party, were young and foolish.

One being a "neo-nazi" is like assuming the identity of a fugitive. It's as if a criminal has a choice to buy stolen I.D. cards to assume another identity... and they pick the I.D. that is wanted by police.                 If a smart person generally hates a group of people, why not call himself a new name.... like the "Groove-Boogy Party".



Were the Nazis brainwashed by Radio programs? Radio technology was only about 20 years old. Couldn't they have been happy about listening to music? Instead of mass murdering? Why the call for war?  Germany was having an economic depression?

  • Hey, someone invented the train! Yippeee!
  • Hey, someone invented the automobile!  Yippeee!!
  • Hey, someone invented the radio!  Yippeee!
  • Music in a box, what will they think of next!?

Those inventions are less-sinister that some may think...  So a question might have been.... Why was Germany in a depression?

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