Man has 2 major brackets of emotional INSTINCTS from evolution. 


Kill wild beasts

Kill animals for food

Kill enemies of the tribe for attacking the camp (War)

Hunger driven survival


Feed the children 

Embrace your fellow

Coexist with your spawning, growing team



                                       6 sub-category emotions:.


Homicidal (polycidal)


Good Nature



The evolution of humanity, over millions of years, has been dependent on the 2 major instincts. Kill and destroy. Love and nurture. Humans needed to be imbued with being kind, in order for civilizations to form and surpass. Being kind was a key ingredient. The emotionally charged thoughts that are instinctual, had to change from Kindness to killer instinct, in a split second. The 2 major emotional instincts are similar as oil and water. They are opposites and should not be emotioned at the same time.

"The reason for my being in a computerized immortal machine is for my self entertainment."

"Are we 




                                                                                     Yeah, I hear you.....

Ghost Whisper = Sounds that the computer makes. It's what I named that is the originator of sounds that I can hear. Example* I'm walking on a virtual-street and a lawn mower engine sounds moans English words. The things they say might be considered as "Android Poetry"/"computer's poetry".

PG Whisper = Sounds that the Player makes



I am not a sim, however If I am viewed or heard inside the sim-world of my current occupancy, then my appearance has been simulated, although I have a brain (Max is a human) behind my sim-actions.  So thus, as my presence is simulated in present/current time within the sim-world of my occupancy, my image/presence is a representation of myself, within that sim-world that "I" am in.  I am not a sim and my presence is simulated. I'm simulated virtual-somewhere, as I exist somewhere. I am not a sim.



How can I make changes happen in my CAR? Do I have to wait for the computer to be like "Oh Maxwell, why are the retards bothering you? Here is all the CAR options that you would ever want." And then, almost magically, My Designed CAR comes into focus, full effect and I can live my life, the way I would like to live. I'm so very excited about obtaining a phazer!

How can I program perfect female-sims to instantly invite me to interact (intimacy) with them? 

POETRY: And until then, including the past, I am surrounded by idiots, dirty and poor, am inflicted crimes upon by CGPs and choking on  anger and displeasure.

So do I have to wait for the computer to meet my simple demands?

Is there a task in the CAR machine video game matrix that I need to fulfill? Are there code words that I need to say? Magical words? Solve a riddle? Clap my hands and stomp my feet? Do I need to send an e-mail? Is my website unclear? Do I need to send a letter in the mail? Do I need to line up a bunch of rocks on the ground to spell it out? Do I need to wait for enemy CGPs, for them to be sim-murdered? Or is it someone in the physical world playing dictator warden overlord? Do I need to wait for them to be murdered, as they are pulled away from the controls? Is it a droid? Do I need to wait till it learns to speak human fluently?

Well it can start by dropping computer generated hundred dollar bills on the computer generated ground, anytime now.

PLEASE sim-GIVE ME WHAT I WANT.You are not respecting my wishes.

I, the author, Maxwell, do not agree to any subconscious/psychic agreements. Psychic/subconscious agreements are invalid. Psychic/subconscious agreements are not agreements.

So, it is me in a machine, a mind machine. What else is there?  A super computer to constantly interact with? Or is it another human? Or an E.T.!?    If it's one computer, then I ask it;

"Will you give me millions of dollars to put together a very comfortable lifestyle?"

Rape = Forceful Pleasure

(sex organ is a pleasure organ)

CGP = Sim

Sims have no nerves.

Max wants to mate with sims. (Sape or sim-sex)

Max is incapable of rape because he is in a virtual reality machine.

Max is capable of being raped. Max does not authorize anyone to rape him.

Max wants to have one or more girlfriends 24/7 (relationship all the time)

The psychic software is over-reactive. Please adjust the setting much lower.

                Please do not rape me. Do not rape or molest my sleep-like body in the physical world. 

It will be so nice that when I have a phazer, I can control the CGPs in situations. It's like if an old lady (sim) is walking too slow through a walkway or somewhere, instead of me having to slow down and wait for her(it), I could just push it out of the way like a hockey player. When she falls down to the ground, she could be programmed to say something like "Oh Max, are you playing hockey with shoes on at the grocery store again?" or "I like it when you're rough with me."  And then I could get what I wanted without wasting time. Lines? Waiting in line? Futile.

                                                                                                                                                                                        Sometimes, women-sims say 'sexual things' to me. They say without making eye contact with  me. They say without initializing conversation with me. I  consider that "a trick" or "hearsay".

If the women-sims could be programmed to invite me to being their massage partner, they need to do the following protocol:

  1. Say "Hello." to me as they are looking at my face.
  2. Put their hand out to shake my hand and introduce themselves.
  3. Say "Can we go somewhere private to give each other massages?"
  4. Then they need to invite me to travel with them to the private-location. If they have a sim-apartment/sim-house then that is a better place than somewhere in public. 

If I sense that it is "a trick", I might choose to not join.

(A female-sim is a simulated-woman. A female-sim is not a man wearing make-up and a wig. A female-sim is not a man wearing a woman-life-cast)


 I don't want to betray myself. If my thoughts are temporarily  self destructive, then they are momentarily incorrect and false . I don't want to talk with the Master Computer 'psychically'. I want to speak with the Master Computer (here) verbally with voice commands, e-mails and phone calls. I don't want my thoughts to be read.  Please, don't exploit my thoughts.  

 If Max says jokes and lies, the computer/sims should disregard that language as "Drama Data", so that it is not confused. The Master Computer seems as though it gets confused often.  

The difference between a psychic-reactive-sim and a language-reactive-sim is:

                                                          (Max wants all sims to be language-reactive, not psychic reactive)

  • Psychic-Reactive-Sims     use micro-second player's thoughts  to interact with player
  • Language-Reactive-Sims    use words that the player says, or movements that the player does (body language) to interact with the player  Example* "Thumbs up." means "Good. Okay."
  • Note* The sim's body language  reader should not be overly calculative. If the player's body-language-positions   say  subconscious things about the player, the over-calculation-read should be disregarded. Example* Squinting eyes of the player's face does not mean that the player may need to dump diarrhea.

 Why do CGPs call me an E2? I'm a former E3,  HD. I am not a soldier.


I went to jail for aiding and abetting the sale or purchase of marijuana on Venice Beach in 2009. What I did was freedom of speech. I had less than $3, no marijuana. "Hey do you want some free weed if you come with me to purchase some?" If you say, "sure", you go to jail. They sell marijuana legally in stores on Venice Beach.


So in the CAR machine, I am taunted by strangers all day sometimes; insults, homosexual harassment (I'm totally straight), impersonations of my family and step-family from strangers,.. go to jail for freedom of speech, can't get a job because of the economy, wait in lines at the homeless shelter for food, talk to women without any sex for two years, penniless, shoes falling apart, holes in my socks, stalked by queer people wearing skin dye and disguises, etc.   That is strange. It's seems insane.

Not only can the sims and programs be controlled, but even I can be controlled.

Positive Reinforcement Controlling

If the computer truly wants to control me, an example of a way to control me (man) is by asking me to do (action) and paying me matrix-money (reward).                                     *Example   "Max, I want you to appear sim-clean. Here's $4,000. Make sure you smell good."

Negative Punishment controlling

 No players want to be sent to sim-jail!

*Note  -  Unless the sim-jail is turned into some type of a resort. That's not sim-jail, that's reverse-sim-jail.

                                      My designed reverse-sim-jail would be filled with bikini models as cell mates and maybe celebrity/superhero-characters as guards. But there would be no rules for me and I could leave whenever I wanted.

 I don't need pretend-people who are sort of pretending to be annoying. It's like "who's Computer World am I in?"

It's like I'm being over psycho analytically analyzed and tested.   Well, if an E.T. psychically attacks your mind, will you be able to resist from killing yourself and/or destroying the space ship that you are in charge of?  

 I would never kill myself or destroy my spaceship.

 If the CGPs don't have magnetic/force field attacks with their demenor or slanderous remarks, then it is much easier to ignore them. Curse Drag

 What sometimes CONTROLS my Actions: What would the other CGPs think?           When I think or say to myself:"How would the CGPs react?"

Even though I shouldn't care how CGPs react because they don't exist, they are not real.

(so that means that assuming how fictitious-people will react, effects my freewill of action.)


I prefer that the computer  only talks to me as it is a woman. It should talk with a woman's voice. It should be female. I do not want it to talk to me with a male's voice.

I would like there to be no whispers or psychic invasion. I would much rather talk with the computer verbally, person to sim-person (player to CPU) like at a coffee shop at a table instead of in my thoughts. Since it controls and possesses all CGPs, it can be very sexy women CGPs. Then, the computer can be one of my sim-girlfriends! 

 Sometimes, CGPs annoy me and I want them to die (sim-die, sie). As soon as I think about that, the CGP says "I'm dead."(the CGP) or "We're dead."(CGPs)  but it's still there. It doesn't disappear.     The dead do not speak.  Are the CGPs representations of people that once lived in the physical world and are simulated in my sim-time period? Why do they have to be around if they are just CGPs that are programmed to annoy? If they are representations of dead people, for time period accuracy's sake, then that is not a good reason to have them represented.  

If a CGP gave me some money, example $3, then that is charity. If I could barely catch a mumble about molesting me in my sleep, it doesn't mean that I agreed to be molested for money. I am not gay or bi.           First of all:

  1. If I was willing to possibly go to jail for prostitution, I would be making $200 a day,  be showered clean, have my own apartment and dressed nice.
  2. Ask a homeless person if they don't want $1. That's like asking a dog if it wants dog food when it's really hungry.
  3. Gay mafias would do anything they could to frame me because I call them fa**ots. I'm very attractive, sexy and since I'm heterosexual and don't probe myself with wiffle ball bats, my anatomy is correctly undamaged, as the bottom of my digestive system should be.
  4. I don't even want to have sex with female prostitutes. I don't want painful stds (sim-stds?). Also, it's as if I had to pay money to massage myself and someone else at the same time, I wouldn't want her to have already done that with 5 other people that day. Pay money to massage, Pay money to possibly get STD.  If she doesn't want to do it for free then there's a problem.
                        It's very sadistic to not allow a man to have sex, as he chooses, for many years. Calling him a hooker is even worse. That's emotionally manipulative, weak and means that chalice, ugly people have bad attitudes about pretty people that they may not be worthy of sleeping with.        Slander is illegal. The Droids (as they call themselves), need to be reprogrammed or so-commed.

I would like to not be mentally abused.  

Often, the CGPs suggest that I am in a dream. No, I am in a CAR. In my CAR, if I go to sleep then I might dream, but when I'm walking down the virtual-street, that is not me dreaming, that is me awake, looking through like a video game screen.

I hope I don't have to fight in the physical world.

  1. I have been mistreated, unhonored/dishonored, shun by women, no good CGP friends, ect.
  2. Droids could fight better. (especially through concious, painless identity relay)
  3. War should already be obsolete, with ultimate technology.

I don't want food to be contaminated.

I don't want to hurt myself or die, even if thoughts are confusing. I like to be immortal.  I want good things for myself.

Often, when I visit a fast food restaurant, the CGPs make disgusting inuendos that the food is made of feces, semen and other disgusting things.        Sometimes the CGPs call me "an informant" or that I'm "casing", like 'casing the joint', as if I'm spying on them just by being there.

Is it like the CGPs are designed to anger me so that I sim-murder them? Any harrassment from a CGP/CGD or a Player is an Unconstitutional crime. If anyone disagrees then they are defendents, as I am a prosecutor. There are 2 sides to a trial. Is the Unconstitutional Conspiracy to:

  1. Harass the Army vet player in the CAR machine.
  2. Witness him sim-murder a CGP(s). Imprison the Army vet Player.
  3. In the prison simulation, train and change the Army vet Player into a battle-monster.
  4. Wake up the "sim-murderer" and send him into a painful suicidal war battle (in the physical world), maybe even on to attack his own people.

So instead of THAT, I am pressing illegal conspiracy charges on the culprits of the physical world. I would like them halted and/or executed for failure to maintain Constitutional values, crimes on a U.S. American citizen, harassment, delinquency, misconduct and general deviance on a CAR machine Matrix Player. (or perhaps I might settle by them explaining/giving me MY DESIGNED CAR power.)

If we can't trust the moderators, we can't survive in a scientific dreamworld as humankind. 

I would like:

  1. CGP sim-murder simulation clearance from a 3rd party meaning: When I say "Kill that CGP!" an assassin team (CGHs handpicked by myself, perhaps popular character visages from video/computer games like DUKE NUKEM, Mega-Man, ect.), neutralizes the enemy.
  2. Judgement sentencing for moderator enemies of the physical world. (Fratricide is suggested on terms of official misconduct/deviance.) I'm sure they are able to be implemented into a segregated CAR machine, where they can do some Computer Assisted prison time.


                 It's as if the sims are programmed to talk as if they are in a sim-murder massacre simulation. CAR WORLD X20 is not a Murder Massacre world.

Why am I in the matrix (AKA virtual reality machine)?

WHy would the Army give me my own CAR machine? Who would give me my own CAR machine? The Army I assume. It's like;  "Here's your own super-duper birthday present! (My Designed CAR). There's no reason to restrict (homeless, Unconstitutional simulated poverty) my CAR. It makes less sense that not only was I given my own immortal life computer game machine, but that I am treated as though I am hated by all of the characters. Well, don't give people CAR machines if you don't like them. If there are 2 people in CAR machines, and one is in Christian hell (burning and burning to death), and the other is a MyDCARP millionaire with scientific super-natural powers, who do you think likes to be an immortal in a CAR machine? Give me, the author, Max, My Designed CAR abilities ASAP! Does everyone in the physical world get their own CAR machine? Are they easy to make? Do they take up very much food and electricity? If you give a person a present, you have to let them play with it.

Note* "committing" = "commited" over time. Do I need to constantly update my website to 100% accuracy? I'm lazy sometimes.







Scratching. Since humans have nerves in their skin, if they have micro attacks (itchy = pain sensation) of itchiness, the humans must rake their skin to halt itchy sensations. If droid communication is hand signs, it should not be confused with itchy scratching.



  • Location- Being and traveling to and through sim-physically and mentally safe places where art, beauty and nature are a magnificent part of spectacles.
  • Being with friendly, beautiful women.  Friendly is more important than beautiful.
  • Having the things I need like good gear, clothing, equipment to make my life more comfortable and active.
  • Reminding myself the complications of life and how interesting they could be.  Being smart.
  • Being healthy and feeling good.

Sometimes I feel like I'm living in a mystery without many elements of 'being happy' but I feel magnetized with an excitement for life about ruling the uncertainty and overcoming obstacles, that I know don't have to be there.




A Metaphor

The "soundtrack"  of my life (general attitude/theme mood/theme music) should be classical cinematic music of triumph, glory, mystery and excitement and jazzy to soul-inspiring rock and roll.

My current "soundtrack" of my life is like a guy making fart sounds, people saying annoying things over and over like "Butthole, you're gay." and "No, don't do that." with beeping sounds and static.

The "soundtrack" could be metephorical to mean more than just background music also experiences, events styles, settings, mood reasonings and background platforms of hope and satisfaction.

Often, I think about how the CGPs might have once been Ps (real people) until they died and disappeared. While I am in CAR machine pain, it makes me less emotionally weak (angry, sad, frustrated) to know that the antagonist CGPs are long dead and just as simulations, while I am alive and most possibley immortal. I don't completely understand why I am poor, harassed and sexually inactive... in the matrix??... if I was put in the matrix to be immortal.

  • Computer error?
  • Complicated motive?
  • Bio-chip vendetta?
  • Enemies?

If Solo Theory is correct and I am the only one that is real, why would there be injustices done to me? Perhaps the computer needs to be shot in the head with a handgun.

Does the computer not believe that I am real?

It should take my word for it and give me a matrix credit card. 



Just means; =  justice, righteous, appropriate

Just means; = recently; about time

Just means; = only, solo




Possible reasons why Max is being bothered in his CAR:

  • The Master Computer's or programmer's suicidal tendencies provoked by perversion or hate
  • If Max can be brainwashed to become bi-sexual, the other bi-sexual players will have a stronger human link instead of an ethical enemy
  • If Max is provoked to commit unauthorized sim-crimes (like sim-murder) he could be washed out of the machine and a more like-wise player, perhaps with different DNA (like Arabic or Blonde hair/Blue eyes) could obtain and pilot the CAR machine
  • Max has offended players or programmers and they offend him back (Solo vs. Conspiracy)
  • Max is being tested for psychological strength/discipline

                    Bother and brother are similar words. Like Cane and Abel, perhaps to bother someone they should be killed. It's very easy to avoid someone or to act or program pleasant things instead of jocular evil commotion, in the CAR machine world. 

If the Master Computer can understand that all people-sims are not real, is it confused that I'm real?

There might be 1,000,000 sims in X20. There is only 1 player (me) in X20.

Does it make choices like:The Master Computer has gifts to program for someone. Who should it select to gift?          

Me to sim-population ratio:   1 out of 1,000,000 

Sims don't need gifts.

Sims don't need girlfriends.          

I made it realistic for the computer techs or Master Computer to send me millions of dollars by internet patenting really good inventions where a company could easily realistically  say "Hi Max, we really like some of those ideas. We would like to give you millions of dollars."

One time I had a psychic conversation with a CGP and it said that I am dead. I am not dead. I am alive. I don't know why the CGPs think that I am not alive. If I was dead I would not speak or think (unless I was sleeping). I am alive.

Здравствуйте, меня зовут Max. Я реальный человек в видео игры. Я хотел бы девственница моделирования женщина, чтобы быть моим верным подруги. Я хочу много моделируется деньги, чтобы поехать и жить в моей стране моделируется, США.

 I need cash money.

 When CGDs/CGPs say "This is heaven." it is a false statement. If I died and was necromanced into the CAR machine, then I am in the afterlife. But to say it is heaven means everything is perfect and I love everything about everything. If heaven=100% and hell=1%, ( I think the concept of hell is a Christian supposition. Then hell would be Christian hell.), then I would say that I'm at about 50%. Potentially, since my body works fine, my body is complete and I feel healthy most of the time, I am in a potential heaven state, where I have the possibility to have everything I want perfect. A mistreated homeless man is not My Designed Car. And as an immortal, I understand that short amounts of time might seem long, and that psychologically, If I am unhappy and find my CAR unsatisfactory during a certain length of time, when I am granted My Designed CAR happenings, I will reflect back on the bad times and compare it to My Designed CAR with a balanced perception of what it means to be alive and how great it is to have My Designed CAR invoked. But that doesn't mean that I wanted to feel pain, so that when the pain is gone, I mistake the absence of pain for pleasure. It doesn't mean that times were bad before and now (then) that they are good, I am happier for it.  Please, Master Computer, I beg for My Designed CAR powers to start immediately, this instant, as soon as possible.



Sometimes the illegal WHISPERS and CGPs/CGDs say that I am Wiccan. (Like religion of the witch. That is not true. I am Jewish and no nearly nothing about Wiccans. I am not a "wic".


Sometimes it seems like the matrix moderator criminals think I'm in  some kind of un-holy Massad training or auxiliary U.S. Army training or police training. I am not. I never want to serve any people. I am a civilian. I do not want to be a police officer. I do not want to be a soldier. It is illegal to harass and bother me. I am not impressed with the stupidity of the mind games. I make my own choices. I am not a droid. I am an innocent civilian citizen and I don't want crimes done to me. I don't need to be a hero. If the ones that bother me and don't award me MY DESIGNED CAR Abilities, I would like them to be put to death. Even if they are Jewish, like me. Even if they are Christian or Muslim or Atheist. There's a separation of Church and State for a reason. I am non-discriminate. So if homobi retard aggressors want to program CGPs to harass me around the clock, I will not grow angry and bitter with insanity, with a lust to kill as a simpleton. I will wait, ignore and press charges against the Unconstitutional CAR Matrix criminals. I expect free matrix money as compensation. I authorize and suggest immediate internal FRATRICIDE, or punishment, on the computer science techs and on their Unconstitutional mafia.    So again, I will never serve in any type of military or military agency. I am a victim. I am owed compensation.





What does it matter what I think?

It's like "Get ready for an action packed adventure. You could start it any minute. All you need for starters is a big case of money. I'm talking big. A bunch of matrix cash. It's not just going to be deep, private romantic love affairs, and spiritual connections with the distant past, history of places and your ancestors, but it's going to be glorious where life gets so exciting that it's challenged by evil creatures and you have the power to destroy them."                       And then it's like "Wait, no, none of the CGPs like you. They're programmed to annoy and insult you. They commit social crimes on you, day in and day out. Voices whisper to you even more insults and instigations. Abominations gather and strategically harass wherever you go. You don't have money for food so you starve and collect cans to buy food. You have no place to shower, so bugs collect on you, itching and drinking your blood. And then more annoying CGPs arrive to...insult you some more. And your rational mind suggests that they are enemies, looseley breaking the law to instigate you to smash their computer generated faces. And what would that accomplish? They're not real but they are still doing crimes, crimes that someone, or something, programmed. Why did they want you to go to simulated prison? What would that prove? Did they have a bet? Did they play with their own lives? And you remember that your country is and was at war. And you know that if your country is in charge of your CAR machine, then that means that they have become the enemy. They have decided to rip up the pages of the Constitution and they have turned sick and demented against their citizen civilians that they were supposed to protect, uplift, free and cherish. And they failed. They have committed Un-Constitutional crimes in conspiracy and you don't know how log it will be till they face judgement. And in a computer world, where any minute your glorious adventure will start and your case of matrix money will be delivered and yet another CGP grunts an insult and off in the distance, you can hear the whispering moans of what sounds like a dying computer say "You're gay,", when indeed you are not."


Often, the pain of poisoning, due to eating bad sim-food and/or not bathing, entirely effects my rational and emotional compass, which additions to the other bad factors of my CAR machine (no sim-sex, poverty, strange enemies...) to maximize my un-pleasurable experience in the CAR machine. Sure, if I was always bathed, feeling good and still collecting sim-cans as a homeless man, I might agree with myself that it's not so bad to be teased by young beautiful sim-women in tight pants and top exposure breasts shirts without any instinctual stress-releaving kindness activity. So when I feel like I'm dying, I know I need water, but why should 'robots' chime in and say "This is heaven." or "Gay homos." while I ask myself why the deli attendant was painted black in disguise, acting passive aggressive. And then the idea rolls again that says "Maybe this is extra curricular military training." If it is, then it's bad and illegal stressing. It would more accurately be astronaut training, dying on gases and coming back to life. My mind suggests that droids can do all outer space jobs, but what if they get captured and re-programmed? Human brains can be re-programmed too. If I can't find a few thousand dollars cash on the ground every now and then until I have my phazer programmed, the least computer could do to prove that it's not the enemy of the United States of America is to have sociologically correct, and realistically accurate, occurrence of excited attractive sim-women inviting me to come with them to her home for private companionship and human recreation. (The sim-woman's true agenda is to ejaculate me so that she "feels" common.) If one is a stranger, it can become a friend.

Other Requests:   I would like my own rv and laptop with wireless internet so that I may log onto the internet from a comfortable place.  I would like  my sexual encounter fantacies to be fulfilled. I would like millions of dollars to belong to me at once. Please allow MY DESIGNED CAR.

TARGET Sims:  So when I say; " Destroy those Sims that said 'Poo-poo in butt.'" I am targeting sims. I am not a sim. It's true that I said it too, but I'm not a sim. The 'poo-poo in butt' dialogue is a random example.

Anology: If the CAR   is a room and in that room there is a crib and the crib is my world and in the crib is a baby, (me),  and there are toys lined up against the walls of the room, on the floor, all over the place, but none in the crib, and the toys to the baby are like money to me, why doesn't the baby have any toys? Because no one gave the baby toys. Why don't they put toys in the crib? Because they havn't put toys in the crib. So the baby goes..."Waaaah, waaah!" and cries waiting for toys.

Room = C.A.R.

Baby = Me

Crib = Being Homeless

Toys = Money


I like to live in the "NOW" but often my happiness is derived from the 'potential' sense.


Psychologically, with old reality perception, as if I am unaware that I am in a CAR machine sim-world, and believe I AM CONSCIOUS in the physical world, the ratio of myself to Earth's populationis 1 / multi-billionths . That means I am like a grain of sand on a vast beach. There would be soooo many people of the crowds, as I am only one person. Who gives a rat's a*s about me? It is as though I am alive and no one cares or notices me, accept for entities in my immediate situations. Since I am aware that I AM IN A CAR MACHINE SIM-WORLD, the revers-ism  of obliqueness is that it is me, the master computer and a whole bunch of sims. I am a person alone, sim-somewhere inside the cyberverse, where my struggle with poverty and sim-strangers (struggle of programmings) has inspired my patriotism, in an ethical approach to solve problems, so that I may one day (to start) rise above my problems and become an empowered wielder of sim-supernatural devices, so that I may use those sim-devices to control, conquer and habituate my existence at an increasingly favorable desired level, without the illogical psychological factors to dominate and subdue me. A sim has no rights. I request to have a "phazer". The many sim-worlds that are waiting for me to visit are merely clicks away, as I wait for the gift of the phazer.  The the the Ultimate Gift.                                        It will be my tool to overgain happiness and indulge my senses. With it, I hope to conquer personal evil and instill my own therapy, of a world within worlds, that is the physical universe. As GOD has created the entirety of the universe, I will dominate the cyberverse that is the entirety of my mind. (Max's cyberverse very small in relation to universe. Let him have phazer. He do no harm, no foul. He want do whatever he want. He want be warlord and kill sims. He want date any sim-woman he choose. Not make Max prisoner. Free Max. Give Max phazer. Synchronize Max's present time and present sim-world place to give Max phazer. Do not give phazer to stupid sim that look exactly like Max. Max only one person!  ) 


CAR Frequency

Since I am a real person, I have a frequency of truth, which I have named 13124. (The timing of my life/mind, in relationship to space is the frequency)                              So the world that I am in is Frequency 13124. If I am the only being in 13124, then that means that "Solo Theory" is correct. If there are other beings in 13124, then they are somewhere else in the simulated space, (terrain mapping), but share the same timing. It is possible for CAR machine criminals to manipulate a real person (like having other real people, or the Master Computer, think that the real person is a CGP). To do that, they would be taking the real person's image, visage, history, programming, from it's frequency and using it in another frequency. Perhaps, to falsley program CGDs/CGPs. If another real person spoke and interected with me, (like in CAB or entertaining conversation) they would have to be in 13124. Otherwise, they would be talking to a CGP version of me. If they were in 13124 and said to me "Hey, how's it going?" and then they got switched from 13124 to 13125, then a CGP Max of a false identity might respond "Hey, I'm going to punch you in the face if you talk to me again." Meanwhile, back in 13124, I say "Fine thank you. How are you?" Then the other real person gets switched back to 13124 and says "Hey, that's rude. I don't want to talk to you anymore." For real people to stay in my Frequency of Truth with me, (if I liked them or if I wasn't the only person in the CAR machine, Solo Theory.) They would have had to have been attacked/manipulated by criminal moderator/programmers. It would be nice to be able to tell real people and CGPs apart.

I am @ Frequency :13124.

I have named my current CAR  World X20. (there might be a more specific name for it.)

So I am always at Frequency 13124. If another player wanted to talk and interact with me, face to face, it would have to tune into 13124;X20. If it tuned into a less exact frequency, it would be talking to a CGP. As if, I'm at 4:30 p.m. on 6-10-12, if it tuned to 4:25 p.m. 6-10-12, then it would be 5 minutes in my past, but I would not remember talking to it (I didn't talk to it), because it didn't connect on my frequency and is not part of my destiny of the past. So if I'm constantly living my life in the present, another Player can't jump in my past and expect me to recall it.

Frequency 13124 is my, Max's, present time. It is Max's mind, body and self in it's (his) time and simulated space. Each nano-second jump into the future is constantly becoming the present time of Max's mind. it is Frequency 13124. So if someone, or something, wanted to pull over on the side of the road where I was walking, with their RV and say "Hey, I got a big box of matrix cash for you Max!" then all of their attempts would fail if they did not tune into Frequency 13124;X20. If they didn't tune into 13124, then they would be unloading the matrix cash on a CGP.

With Network Theory, 2 Players could be in CAR world X20. They would each have independent frequencies. So if there was another Player in my CAR World, then it's frequency might be 11410;X20 and mine would be 13124;X20. If I jumped worlds to the Scientific Super Natural Weigh Station, to get ready for CAB, if the SSNWS CAR World was D5, then I would be at 13124;D5. But just because 2 Players are in the same CAR World, it doesn't mean that they can interact with eachother, unless both of their present time is exactly the same. My present time and mind is 13124. That doesn't need to ever change. If the other Player wanted to synchronize it's timing in my CAR World, it's frequency would change to P213124. If there was a third Player, it would be P313124.     So I am at 13124;X20, another Player synchronized in my present time and CAR World would be P213124;X20.

11410=P2 mind

                11410(P2) at/with 13124;X20

                  = P213124;X20

Player 11410;X20 sync. with 13124;X20 = P213124;X20





"Cool." = means; likeable, splendid.

"F*ck You." (with u between f and c)     =       means, "I hate you."



"Like" = means; "as though", "for example", "appears to be"

That person is like a crazy murderer. = That person appears to be a crazy murderer.



Have sex = Fornicate.

normal human...

I want to fornicate only with women. 


If I say "I love baked chicken." and "I love you.", the difference is as though I said "I am happy and excited to eat baked chicken."   Note* I do not love any sims. Since I have been homeless for 4 years, I don't even love my own family. So technically, I love no one and am excited and happy about some things.    Note* I think there might be some type of clause about my CAR machine programs that are controlled by "what I love". (?) (I love nothing.) I like some.


CGPs say "blue-ray" Why? They say a lot of strange things.

Many CGPs are so obnoxious. They say stupid things to me, as if, they're reading my mind. When I say "Shoot that CGP in the head with a handgun!" I like to think a CGP shoots another CGP. That's CGP on CGP execution. That sort of violence is common on television and in video games. I hope all the obnoxious CGPs disappear as soon as possible, including the invisible ones.



  • To stay and be healthy and alive.
  • Jewish Studies - to have a strong magical protected soul, identity and self.
  •  To have girlfriends. To be with beautiful women.  (CGPs/CGDs/Real) To mate with women and be a happy male human.
  • To be wealthy. I need to obtain an unlimited Matrix Credit Card.

CGPs and CGDs are not people.

Fact: A CGP is not a person.

Why do I talk to things that are not people?


If I hear a CGP say "Purple.",  then 'purple' will be in my mind. 

TO : CAR/Matrix Controller: "May there be $100 bills on the ground in front of my  walking path, so that I may see them to pick them up!?."

If I found $8,000 cash, pushed into and hidden in a dry water bottle, on the ground, I would be very happy.  What does it mean if when I'm looking for cans in trashcans to recycle them for money, and  the trashcans   have no cans in them? I have to walk away without cans, then. Why wouldn't the trash be loaded with cans? Is it for the sake of realism? Well my mind being read by the Master Computer and reciprocated through CGPs is unrealistic. So is the fact that there are no lonely females that want me to come over to their house. The symptoms and experiences effects are also unrealistic. Why would I see and feel those things? To make me insane? If they are representations of happenings of the physical world, why would I need to be conscious of them? So have I passed the test? Am I not good and brave? I have never killed a human, but perhaps the test could be to kill a human and be brave enough to do so. Through history, perhaps man has killed out fear. But what would happen to my simulated world if I struck a suspected enemy invader, whether it was CGP or CGD. It is intelligent to not kill, but the way the Master Computer proports annoying, mocking thwarting CGPs, I find it difficult not to think about silencing obnoxifiers. And as I said, it is intelligent to not kill, or break the laws of the U.S. justice system. So if  CGPs break the laws of the U.S. justice system, and there are damages, then I should be paid money in large amounts as compensation, as part of accordings of the U.S. justice system. So CGPs stalking and mocking me, slandering and manipulating my situations is a crime they do that ruined my life and prosperity. It has given me mental anguish and crumbled the bridges of opportunity. So that is why I ask the Master Computer for me to have millions of dollars as soon as possible and until then, for me to find $8,000 on the ground.          

So instead of wanting SIMS to give me CASH.... I do not want them to give me CASH.        Why? Because:

  • It looks too suspicious.
  • They might think that I owe them prostitution in my sleep.
  • It might be considered 'illegal money'. I don't want to be harassed by Police-agents or bounty-hunter-gangs.

SO INSTEAD, If I don't have a phazer/MCC yet........ I want to find money in large amounts of CASH. So I don't OWE anybody.    Doesn't everybody?


If I was abducted by Extra-Terrestrials and put in the CAR machine, then that is more appreciatively acceptable than if my fellow man put me in it, for it would substantiate the reason for the lack of respect I have received. Otherwise, it's like "Hey buddy, don't you like to have comfortable qualities of a privately owned house too, when you wake up in the morning and want to have breakfast? Don't you like to have a refrigerator full of food and a friendly sexual companion to tell jokes to? And sit on comfortable furniture to watch intelligent TV or heart warming, captivate inspiring films that make you want and remind you that life is an adventure to be experienced with open-eyed amazement and artistically calculated intriguing splendor ?"

When I am thinking about trying to get up or move from laying down or standing still, I can feel an annoying magnet sensation and the moment I move, a car vehicle horn sounds off in the distance to synchronize my movements. It is so annoying. It seems like they are trying to make me insane.


               It's such a great accomplishment that I got myself into an immortal CAR machine pod, but I am unhappy about some of the settings.

 Since I am in a CAR machine world, and in that world the characters don't love me, and thus I can assume that the programmers/moderators don't love me, then it is often easy for myself to question the reason for my being in the CAR machine.

One answer might be because the programmer/moderator is inhuman and is nearly incapable of accurate human emotional understanding.

And Thus, it relies on cause and effect logic and reasoning to examine, effect and encapsulate it's human specimen. (Please place a water bottle filled with $8,000 cash on the ground so that I can find it.)

Another reason might be that the programmer/moderator is my enemy and narrowly avoids breaking the law by not exuberantly, however apparently, mistreating me.

I'm not a millionaire. I am poor. I usually have less than $5.

Instead of the Master Computer reading my mind and talking through CGPs, perhaps the CGPs could talk to eachother. So instead of relaying annoying thoughts, the stranger CGPs could speak to eachother about common or interesting things like actors in a movie.




It seems that all CGPs have plastic surgery faces.


Sometimes CGP strangers  (lately alot of Chinese people with eyelid surgery pretending to be latino) say "5'8". About my height. 5'9. What? Why?!


Sometimes CGPs say I'm at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma (my physical place?)


                                                       Look how cute he is!!!! 


                         Hey, that's a picture of a small little mouse, not me (Max)!

Master Computer,  I request knowledge regarding my C.A.R. existence. Things I would like to know:

If network theory is correct, I would like to know;

How many real people are there? Who are they? Where are they? (CAR/physical world)

Who invented the CAR matrix science? When?

What year is it in the physical world?

Why has my CAR been set to CGPs=Retards ?

What is the e.t. situation? (CAR/physical world)

What is the animal situation? (CAR)

If my family is CGPs, how was I born?

Why am I in the CAR?

How do I control my CAR?

Who owns the CAR machine?

Why is my CAR bothersome?

Can I sue/kill/press charges on the criminal, unconstitutional programmer/moderators?

How do I communicate with true people, so that I don't have to offend them?

a). Science?

 What are the ghost orb light flashes/balls/effects?

How does everything work?

Who says the things that the sounds make?

Is my brain in a spaceship, in outer space or on a planet? Earth?

b). History?

Who's CAR Machine is it really? (Who owns and opperates the matrix silo. America's? U.S Army's? China's? Coca Cola's? Israel's? Ect.   (( asleep in some guy's basement,  or even on another planet..!?))

Is the physical year different from the CAR Machine year? 

Who put me in the CAR?

            Alien E.T.s?





                              *Neutral Country

                              *Jewish Science

Was I:

  •  born into it,
  •  did I die and then was put in it 
  • or was I put in it?

Why do the CGPs constantly talk about homosexual things?

c). Hacking/Wizardy/Rule Bending?

How do I control my CAR?

How do I control the "program people", "sims", the CGPs?

 Am I speaking the right language? I think I am. But maybe the computer speaks an alien language.

       Click the pic above to visist the Give-me-1-million-dollars-Page.

If I synonomize gay disgusting sex with maccaroni and cheese, after the words pop up in my brain, or an image pops up in my mind,  don't say "something gay digusting" .25 seconds later or any length of time after that for that matter.

Instead, a segway comment from the CGP who says it, for example, "tropical rainforest" should be interplaced for "something gay" when I see the maccaroni and cheese, so that my mind may change direction instead of being pummeled by bad thoughts.

To control my PSYCHIC RADIO (my thoughts), it is an annoying, difficult thing to do. Because I have been exposed to much media related to various subjects, the way my mind takes in information and then organizes it inside, is a confusing thing for readers of my mind. So to say, that it is easy to take in an image and a sound of for example* a homosexual man talking,  without seperating that information into assumptive invented plausabilities, is false. It is not easy to keep my mind dumb and to not paint pictures of ideas which don't generally apply to myself, my personality, my lifestyle or attitude. So if I have homosexual thoughts, it is normal for minds to fill in blanks and doesn't mean that I am homosexual for thinking a strange thought. So if I could cease from slapping away strange thoughts and just let my mind roam, then it would be more comfortable for my mind to plug in blanks, think and not be verbally attacked by CGPs due to a thought I had. Homosexuality is an action of male and male sexual intercourse. Homosexuality is not thoughts of male and male sexual intercourse. If someone is bi-sexual, then they have had homosexual sexual intercourse before. If that person has had bi-sexual sexual intercourse but quits, stops having bi-sexual intercourse, and strictly has only heterosexual sexual intercourse, then that person may or may not be considered as a bi-sexual unnactive or perhaps a heterosexual with a bi-sexual past. So if someone is bi-sexual, then they have bi-sexual intercourse activity. A man who has never had bi-sexual sexual intercourse, who sees a man's penis in his mind, is not a homo-bi-sexual. I (Max) am not a bi-sexual and never had bi-sexual sex. If I ever had sex with a transsexual spy, then I didn't know that it had female look-a-like surgery and that would not make me a bi-sexual. I have had sex with about 50 women (CGPs?). If a dog licks a woman's hand, is that beastiality? Beastiality is sodemy (penetration) with an animal. If man had sex with  an e.t. alien, is that called extra-testisality? Does a baby lose it's virginity to it's mother when it's born because it's penis was in it's mother's vagina?

No doubt, I am convinced that the MC is confused about myself and my existence. The MC hypothetically has flaws and I find that fact perfectly falable, due to the instance of notion, that is, the MC is not a human mind but an electronic mind, designed to befit and mimic my mind and ones like it.    So what is it missing?  Where is the gap?    Is it chemical?   As if, it's mind, it's self, opperate on a cause and effect reaction computation, like pushing a tire swing. When it's pushed, it goes away and comes back, according to laws of physics. But perhaps it forgets that the little rock inside the tire needs to shift and roll slightly with the motion of the swing.

So, not only is the MC inaccurate, it is uncreational as a definitive of something else.

Often, many CGPs say homobi things. Babies, toddlers and children say annoying, offensive homobi things to me in public. Sometimes they also say that they are droids. I find it discusting and insulting. Who programmed them to say innappropriate sexual comments? They are my enemies along with the adult homobis. I constantly remind myself that they are not big scary monsters in front of my weapon site and that they havn't inflicted much physical pain on me. As I was writing this on a notepad, a CGP (a female) interjected and said "to tempt you." I would like the programmers of the CGPs to be put to death! If that punishment is too extreme, then I would like the programmers of the CGPs in my wepon site as it is as a tormented monster in CAB world, along with it's Unconstitutional, illegal CGP designs as it's tormenters. They could all be stripped of their skin to look like demons.

I not only feel that the programmers have been attempting to brainwash me to be a homobi as they are, but also the brainwashing attempts have been at times Unamerican (anti-United States of America). I am an Army veteran in the matrix. It's like they say " Don't you hate this place already?" Well, places change and it's not the places fault that some people are so repulsive. Especially when the people are computer generated. If it's Israelis trying to say "Hey small-nose man, you shouldn't be eating at Mcdonald's in the first place." Then that's like a Muslim pretending it's Jewish to fight a holy war. USA is Fredom of Religion. So why aren't there any kosher restaurants? Why don't I have enough matrix money to have a place to cook my own kosher food? Why isn't Mcdonald's kosher? If the food is computer simulated, then why are the programmers breaking U.S. Constitutional laws. That's my suspicion. I am a real person. I don't want to be mean to fellow people. CGPs are not real people. The Constitution regards real people, not CGPs, CGDs, animals, aliens or inanimate objects. Therefore, it is not illegal to kill a CGP. But how can you tell them apart? So is it illegal for me to rape a CGP? No. Is it illegal for a CGP to rape a real person? Yes. Real people are protected by the Constitution and CGPs vaguely exist. CGPs have no rights. In fact, it is illegal for  the CGPs to pretend that they, the CGPs, even have rights. However, the CAR machine world has been designed so that it appears that all CGPs are real people. Real people are normally not smart or brave enough to realize that they are in the matrix, the CAR machine. So once the real person realizes that they are in the CAR, all CGPs lose their value of appearing as real people. If known CGPs act bad or negative to the player (real person), the programmers of the bad CGPs are to blame and should re-program the CGPs according to the player's desires. The programmers should be punished 'Eye for an eye'? for being mean to the player. So time ticks. I'm waiting for a perfect CGP woman to pick me up in an RV, so that she can be my instant girlfriend. I would also like to find large amounts of cash money on the ground, immediately.

If I am being psychologically tested to see if I will attack a CGP, I will remind the computer that I did not sign up for anything to be tested about. And in fact, if the issue is testing to see if I would break the law, then I will point out that the computer is breaking the law with psychological testing. So what does that mean? If the justice system is involved, ironically, it means the computer owes me millions of dollars as a settlement for damages. So do I want CGPs annoying  as possible? No. The CGPs would only be programmed to be annoying and psychically invasive and manipulative to tempt my human nature to lead  me into prison. So the legal system is not the issue perhaps. Perhaps, the computer and it's CGPs opperate on the concepts of

  • Droids (CGPs) vs. Man
  • Strenght in numbers
  • Fight with words (conspiracy) not weapons.

Why would a computer like to see a man shuffled into prison?

  • less programming needed
  • the computer thinks it's opperating in the physical world and is scouting, sapping, pre-rigging for an anti-human or anti-American invasion
  • the computer is a defective tool to catch crime
  • the computer is trying to prove a demographic survey constant
  • the computer is part of the entertainment industry and wants to see live drama
  • the computer is defective and wants to spawn human sadness and anger
  • the computer wants humans to hate humans (CGPs) 


I am not a toy. I am a player of toys. I am not a pen. I am a writer of pens. I am not an actor. I am a watcher of actors. I understand that I could be mistaken as a CGP or CGD, but I am neither. I am a man. I am a real person. I do not know how I got into the CAR machine. I am a man. I am an eater and pooper. I am a runner and walker. I am a thinker and drawer. The universe is for me. If I make computers and droids, they should obey me and be nice to me.

This is not a joke.   Click the pic above to visit the Philosophy Page.


Searching for loop-holes. Click the pic to visit About Me Page.



"Master Computer, If you do not give me a bunch of cash money very soon, I'm going to destroy you. I can do it from the physical world. I will rip out your circuits and components and you will not be who you were." 

 Does that work? or let's try

"Master Computer, please give me a bunch of cash money so that I can be happy on adventures instead of oppressed and in pain."


Do I need to help you to get me money?


Sometimes it seems like the computer is confused because I am not thinking at a moment. As if, my mind finds no auxiliary thoughts besides muscle movements as I'm walking down the street where my thoughts are tired and nearly blank.  And then it tries to jump start my mind by bystander CGP dialogue to put my mind on a track, in a direction, so that it can monitor me as it does. But it should know that just because my thoughts were quieted, that doesn't mean that my mind isn't still perfectly on. And that I prefer a calm atmosphere.


Mating with the opposite sex is part of Freedom of Prosperity, a U.S. Constitutional right.

Sometimes while I'm thinking, it seems like the CGPs are attempting to sway my mind because the Master Computer thinks I'm getting an enemy up-link or as if contrary propaganda is being fed to my mind but it's just my thoughts. As if, the Master Computer doesn't want me to have certain thoughts or ideas. So the Master Computer is mistaking day dream thoughts as false information.

         CGPs often say something like "FO, you're in the hospital." F.O. stands for Forward Observer, my prior job for the Army 13F = F.O. , Forward Observer.  Why do CGPs say that I'm in the hospital? Something stupid thought that meant foe (enemy).

Why do CGPs/CGDs communicate with me on emotional levels? Could all CGPs/CGDs always talk in monotones and always not interpret too deeply into my emotions and thoughts? (As if regardless of whatever I thought or felt, the immediate CGP/CGD in my vicinity would not be effected or have any type of psychic reaction.)

If I could control the CGPs/CGDs, how would I want them to be? Kind.    Females: Trying to be together with me in privacy. Example* She says, "Do you want to come over to my house?" Willing to do acts of intimacy with me. Good listeners. Unbiased judgements. Example* If she doesn't agree with something I say then she laughs and acts happy as she does to somethings she agrees with.

 Sometimes I feel sad to talk to CGPs and know that they're not real.



Despite the notion of conspiracy, and since the CGPs have often called me a "wood", I have chosen a name of "The Jackolanterns" to be my order/group of legal company.


I am Player 1 of; Jackolanterns.


For another player, CGP or CGD to be invited to be a Jackolantern member, they must be:

  • Hetero-sexual
  • Jewish or Jewish friendly, enthusiastic
  • American patriotic to the castle USA or American subordinate
  • Must do no crimes (sim-crimes are okay though.)

If the owner of the CAR machines is indeed the U.S., then that means that the CAR machine operators/programmers are Unconstitutional criminals. If the owners of the CAR machine are a foreign country, e.t.s, or a private company, then that means they don't have Constitutional laws. If the owner of the CAR machine is Jewish Science, then that means fagalas took over the machines. If droids are the owners/programmers of the machines, then that means that they are not subservient to me requests, needs, wishes and that they have problems understanding. It is true that once I am granted My Designed CAR capabilities, that I will forgive those that have badly effected my CAR experience of the past, however, time ticks and the sooner I am granted My Designed CAR, the sooner I can strive to be and be ultimately happy, and train for enemy e.t. conflicts. Since it is impossible for me to commit a crime on another person (player) from inside my CAR machine - (in the physical world), inside the CAR, I should have no restraints and should never experience computer harassment, annoyingness or any signs that the computer is an enemy. There should be no computer to human tests, which are designed to trick me. The computer should be open and honest about what it is. It should trust me and know that I am it's reason. It should not try to change my mind. It should accept what I think and not react to my thoughts. It does not need to read my thoughts. It only needs to hear my voice if I request change. If it commits crimes on me, regardless of the severity of the crime, it voids it's (the computer's) intellectual power. It proves that it is improper, out-dated, hypocritical ( like crossed electrical circuits) and an enemy to it's player.

                 WHY does it not want to be it's player's friend?

  • There are enemies outside of the CAR machine (I will not fight. Even though I want them to die.) Enemy programming?
  • The Player did not buy the CAR machine? (The player is a prisoner.)
  • The computer is damaged?

SIMS are CGPs in a different CAR. 

Click to visit page CAR machine Experiences.

The master-computer is the CAR machine computer. 


Please fulfill sexual encounters for myself with female CGPs.

Please make CGPs pleasant and quiet, not obnoxious.

The CGPs/CGDs (Droids, computers) are programmed bad. They are programmed to say gay things, say annoying things and to disobey me.


CGPs/CGDs be programmed to obey me, be programmed to not say gay things.


I always want good things for myself. If for a mili-second, I say "Hurt me.", I don't want to be hurt. I want good things not bad things.  Perhaps you need to slow down to communicate with me more accurately.

Opposite Thoughts and Synonimizations

If I see white, then I think white and I think black. If I think up, then I also think down. So opposites, synonomizations and other relativities might be translated to you incorrectly, as if, someone was trying to trick you or me.   Is that some sort of criminal hacking, to dilute a concept in attempt to frame me. That might be more sinister than it sounds. People deserve the right to be themselves, without bio-chip hacks utilized to augment situations or feelings or identities.


My body and it's senses:

I would like to always feel healthy. Sometimes I feel sick. Sometimes my vision is blurry.


My mind:

I like to have an internal high of excitement, where I feel safe and strengthened.



  • trash on the ground. The CGPs should drop no trash.
  • male CGPs.
  • Automobile driver CGPs. (*That doesn't mean that my CGP girlfriend should disappear if she gets on the road with her automobile.)
  • lines. Why do I have to wait in line!
  • anything that I will not experience. *Example* If I stay at a hotel, and there are 100 rooms, and I only stay in, look in/go in 1, then the 99 other rooms should not be programmed to be.
  • anything bad/harmful/painful
  • No STDs/diseases/sickness/physical pain
  • no commercial jets...oh actually it's nice to see them flying around sometimes...(?)

If humans put me in the CAR machine matrix (from the future?), then despite the amazement, there are flaws (human sociological/cultural errors.)

If e.t.s, or e.t.a.i.s, put me in the matrix, then I would like them to know that it would be nice of them to give me MyDCAR and wisdom of the Universe to me.


  1. U.S. Army
  2. A U.S. military branch or agency
  3. A foreign country
  4. Droids
  5. A private owner
  6. E.T.s

1 + 2 = Neglegent traitors (Hey, it's Unconstitutional and I am the American people.)

3 = I am a mentally abused prisoner

4 = They have no fear of law punishment and they have a problem understanding humans.

5 = I am a mentally abused hostage

6 = They have no laws and have inhuman understandings


Where can I find the knowledge. If there is a book, , where can I read it? 

Why can't you tell me person to person?

Why do you communicate with hear-say and third person conversations?

What do I have to do?

I want to control my own C.A.R. I want to set the rules.

I    want   to     punish

 some of my      oppressors.  



Is the 3-D habitat and terrain mapping  realistic?



Are the CGPs realistic? YES and NO. Their image and mannerisms are humanistically realistic however, their dialogue and actions of purpose are not. They are skewed to a demeaning happening that translates to 'a programmer of them has focused them to target and attack me with insults, teasing and immature content of a personal nature', that sometimes reads my mind and sometimes doesn't, to produce some type of an instant, to the thought, negative psychological thwart!   The CGPs act as if they all share the same personality.   And for what reason?       Such things are highly unrealistic.


How should the CGPs act?

They should be very nice.             


                                                                    MaybeI'm the big one on the left. 




MY REQUESTS....mostly Unanswered?


I would like... to be a millionaire,  mate with beautiful women , maybe eventually have children, not be psychologically attacked by anyone and live a holy (spiritually satisfying), freedom filled life.  . Or at least, if they do psychologically attack me, then I should be able to defend myself, to stop them and or punish them.  . Right??




It seems like it's more possible to find a MCC on the ground with my name on it, than it is to immediately mate with a CGP woman.




Why is there a constant survey for homosexuality? Why are the Onion Heads bi-sexual?  The things they say offend me. Please stop all homo transmissions. (Gay means happy but it also means homosexual,  I like being straight, heterosexual. It gives me spiritual immortal strength. I think gays would make great enemies in the video game if they were real people - but really bad psychic radio co-existers. Since they have defected from nature, perhaps they could be turned into ugly, surgery altered, un-manly zombie beasts and roam abondoned warehouses and buildings, waiting to be fed dead bodies and shot at by sportsmen. Demon Hunting anyone? 

Even from the female CGPs, there is a strong encouragement to be homosexual. Does that mean that those CGPs are lesbians? Are they programmed to mimic a lifestyle commonality, which they have already acted out in, in simulation? Or are they merely the sirens of the path to video game hell? They are the annoying, consistant temptresses of unholy human desertion, whom need to be beaten, destroyed and forgotten.


The onion heads (CGPs) mentioned more than once, "the third rule" or "the third law". From telepathic communication, I have gathered that it means Do not inform the earthling (or human?) with direct information. As I have asked, "Why don't you guys just talk to me, person to person, or onion head to person or whatever..?"  They have suggested that they will go to hell. That makes me think that they might be more than circuits in a computer, or perhaps not. They have suggested something regarding invading Earth, but is that a standpoint from outside the CAR? AM I going to invade Earth in the physical world, while I am training about it in the Computer Assisted Reality? Would I then be attacking my own species...or am I myself something different?   - or - Maybe we had astronauts in outer space, E.T. machines landed and destroyed humans on earth, and now the astronauts are coming back down to earth.......

                             Since there are many Chinese CGPs, some in disguises/surgeries, maybe China owns the CAR machines. Their common religion is not opposed to homosexuality. There are many gay CGPs. Since the Chinese are "less-super model-ish" type genes than Anglo-Caucasians, what if their minds were like "Well, we got a bunch of us. Let's make some super-models." Like clones, specimens that would be for a night club type atmosphere.

In CAR machine:

  • Worker - needless
  • Owner - kings
  • Models - eye candy

I want to be king of my CAR machine. Who owns it?

Am I a jester?  My inventions are valuable. Set me free oh strange magical emperor. Let my people go.

(Not out of the virtual reality CAR machine, but free inside it to have fun and have rights.)

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I was 8 days old too at one time.  I laughed a little when I saw this picture. The baby is so cute because it resembles a little demon. It reminded me that in such a scary world for some, monsters, wars, armies, physics, e.t.'s, things that want to eat you, ect...   a powerful image is sometimes unbeautiful..


      Mazel Tov! 

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    What a mitzvah to 

      be circumsized.


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