MY CURRENT CAR as of  2014 C.E. 


Note* After being ticketed by police for sleeping on a bench, the court ordered me to do 6 hours of community service. I went to the community-service -place down the street and they told me that I needed to go somewhere else and they couldn't help me. (Suspicious) Then I couldn't find a community service program on-line that wasn't on Saturday (I'm Jewish. I'm not supposed to work on Saturday.)

Then I realized that Forced Work with no pay (community service) is..... SLAVERY.

Where is Abe Lincoln when I need him? Oh yeah, he got murdered by Booth.

  (c.e = common era. It is politically correct, with the adversment that A.D. stands for year of our lord in latin and means from wence the "Messiah" was born.)



CAR WORLD X20- ( Twilight Zone bordering the normal  )   =   Annoying Psychic CGPs (sim-criminals)

The sim-world that I am in seems like it's supposed to be a Sim-Murder Massacre world ( X010 )

  • Homeless. I need shelter!
  • Stalked and harassed by psychic psychological predators (including seemingly super-natural, however scientific, Whispers that bother me.) Some of them read my mind and claim that they are androids!   WHAT THE FREAK!?? (exclamation) 
  • Millionaire Dad won't share substantial finances for safety (I thought someone might have killed him (hope not) and assumed his identity a long time ago. Very feasible, he is/was Jewish Lawyer, plenty of enemies. I hope that's not the case.  He gave me some matrix-money though. He claims that he is not a millionaire. His house is worth at least $700,000.
  • Some months have food stamps, $200, sometimes I don't. I collect cans for food money.
  • I get hints about my video game existence turning into Doom, Turok and different Games. I also get hints about vampires.  Twilight zone stuff... I invented a "paper computer" that I call a FogBurner . I'm waiting for the games to start or My Designed CAR to start. (LAWR type CAB games100% possible,  I'd rather have My Designed CAR experiences.)

                                               The sims in my vacinity are my anti-prosperity.

Freelance Detective Notices*:

  1. It appears that food, by majority, is contaminated with poo-poo and pee-pee. (So that the Americans die slowly)
  2. It appears that people/droids are skin-painted doing domestic-espionage in public during wartime, "Cookoo, cookoo!"
  3.       There are very few beautiful women in public. Most are fat, plastic surgery faced strange, presumably sick from the poo-poo and pee-pee.            

  Sim-Friends Quantity: 0


                       Health: 65%


                     Gear: No Weapons



1 pairs of socks

1 shirts

1 pants


sleeping bag

reflective vest



Chewing Tobacco


baby stoller

1 diamond ( round brilliant d .25)

about 2 grams of gold (14k= $31/g)

Money from my Dad

other misclaneous, stuff 


  • Gain Matrix-money (virtual reality machine world money)
  • Get a girlfriend (sim-girlfriend)
  • Get a Phazer (remote control to ultimate pleasure and happiness)



Homo-Bi Sexual Mafiants (Gay people)

Mentally Insane Homeless people

Improperly programmed Droids

Anti-Caucasians                     (agressive minorities) 

Annoying Sims

                                                 POTENTIAL ENEMIES:

Anti-Jewish Advocates       (Gays, Nazis, Muslim Tigers)

Anti-American Agents   (AL Qaeda)

Note* I'm not such a "Gay Basher" (anti-gay, hate gay people), however since I'm homeless, I have to use my words in some situations so that I don't get raped. I sleep outside on random private property! Psychologically, I understand that if any insane people (sims?) want to go to prison (club med with bars, catered meals, stranger roommates in emotional situations), and if they're gay, the best ticket is to "rape a gay basher". That is unfair. I am an attractive young man who is a victim of the Government's economic failures. If I had four walls to protect me in my sleep, I wouldn't need to be an advocate against mentally ill mammal humans.  Advocate....well I'm not an advocate, but I am a heterosexual individual.                 It's easy and fun to be friendly. (Don't be my enemy.)

I don't want to be a bully. I don't want to be bullied. It's easy to mind your own business. I'm not breaking windows and putting pink triangles on anyone's coat.          I hope I'm not getting framed.

STEPMOM: Blue eyed Arabic lady with lots and lots of plastic surgery. She speaks spanish fluently and I don't really want to pick on her. She converted to Judaism when she had my little half-brother from Catholicism.  Not a nice mom, not even a nice step-mom.


I have had 3 girlfriends in my life.

  • 6th grade -  phone calls (3 months)
  • 14 years old - almost sexual intercourse (3 months)
  • 21 years old-  sexual intercourse (....about 3 months)

            I wouldn't be surprised if they sim-cheated on me.

Note* I lost my virginity when I was a teenager.

When I had my jaw surgery, my face was puffed up and I looked ugly. I also have a deviated septum of the nose (like Tom Cruise, crooked nose, uneven nostrils). So that type of mixture gives my face the appearance of an illusion. I became much more attractive after the swelling went down. I think I'm an attractive male. I'm not a super-model.


In San Diego at the beach, the government Lifeguard vehicles are all imports. The former enemy of the U.S., Japan, is the import country of the company Toyota. The many soldiers and Americans who lost their lives on Omaha Beach, D-Day and others have been dishonored. Politically, that means everybody looks like a bunch of idiot traitors.


I had a band (rock band) in high school. I got kicked out of it because I didn't have good equipment. Then, the band got signed to an amateur start-up label. The owner was a millionaire from the new bassist's church (I played Bass before that). The label paid them $2,500 a month and gave them a shopping spree at Guitar Center. The guitarists (2) bought numerous $3,200 guitars (about 5), a large practice studio, a van, a trailor and the label had their album recorded in L.A. by a famous producer. That was during our senior year of high school (Class of '02). I was still friends with the band at the time and the lead guitarist let me stay at his 2-bedroom apartment. The band played on Warped Tour and played a few shows with the singer "Jewel". They were friends with some celebrities and I met "avril Levine" , "Good Charlotte" and "Hoobastank". Then, the band broke up after small time tours/shows. They were on the soundtrack of a feature film that played in  movie theaters. I went on tour with them one time when they were playing at bars in different states. They were mean to me and made me feel bad.


I'm sorry, did I make sim-fire on the sabbath one too many times or something?


The "band" friend claimed that he cut a canon-ball out of a cliff wall along the southern coast of California. He said something like " Hey man, that canon-ball is an antique. It's from the 1700's or something. It was lodged in the sea cliff." His aunt owns an NFL team.


9-11... The Kevin Spacey movie called "The Usual Suspects"  has the twin-towers in it, prior to Sep. 11, 2001. So does the movie MIB, starring Will Smith/Tommy Lee Jones. Neo's passport's expiration in the movie The Matrix says Sep. 11, 2001. In the movie "Escape from New York.", the two towers are bombed. Those movies came out in the 1990's. Then, some people claimed that "the Jews" did 9-11, like Sasha Barren Cohen's movie, "Borat". The cinematography suggest planes crashing into the buildings using birds and telephone poles.  (?)

Random: My cousin's cousin-in-law named Ted, whom lived in Texas, was the actor in the movie "Austin Powers" that said the countdown towards the end of the film. Why?  Isn't that weird?


The Sims call me "Peckerwood"

Someone said "The Peckerwoods are drug dealers." Why are sims calling me a member of a gang that drug deals? Especially when I am solo.  I am evidently not in a gang since I am always alone. Calling one's self a "gang member" means they are pleading guilty to illegal conspiracy. They say "wood" for short. Someone said that they are drug dealers. (?) I think I might resemble "them".

                    I think that's a way for:

1. Minorities to call a white person firewood

2. Liberals to call people "white supremacisits"

I'm not sure why, but it seems as though "bounty hunters" were trying to "peg me" for being an illegal gang member.                         .....Don't do that. Stop that.


After 9-11 (September 2001), my "Dad' and "step-mom' went on vacation to Europe. They bought a SAAB Automobile and brought it back. They imported it themselves. The "Step-mom'  drove it around San Diego with European foreign lic. plates. (?)


Dad's relatives (Jewish) owned many businesses (in the 70's or 80's) , a strip mall, a carpet company "Carpeteria", an alarm company, in Bonita, California and other places.

Dad's deceased Jewish Family of Bonita, CA

  • Manny Adler
  • Gerti Adler
  • Morrie Adler
  • Sharri Adler
  • Others (?)

Dad's wife (step-mom)'s sister (step-aunt) now lives in Bonita, California. Her husband has a painting company and they are Catholic millionaires. She is blue-eyed lady (iraqi?) and husband is asian latino. They moved to Bonita from a ghetto neighborhood in Spring Valley, California.

When I was about 21, the step-mom called the Police on me and tried to get me arrested for "Grand Theft Auto". She said that I stole the automobile (a mustang that her brother bought (step-uncle) and then sold to my Dad. My Dad let me drive it around for a few months. The vehicle was not under my ownership.) I found Cannabis in her bathroom when I was taking the trash out, when I was in High School. She also drinks alcohol.

My Dad has about 3 extra bedrooms in his house. One of them is taken up by a "housekeeper" who get's paid about $2,000 a month  (To clean up after  my Dad, Step-Mom and their teenage son). She has a free room. She doesn't work weekends. Most of the housekeepers in the past were from Mexico. I used to drive the mustang to the trolley stop (Spring street in El Cajon, CA) so that the housekeeper could take the trolley to the Border (the international border).

When I was a kid, I was drawing myself a bath, when my relatives were visiting from L.A.. Before I sat into the tub, I closed the glass sliding door to the bath, and as if it slipped out of the tracking, the glass door smashed into the tub as a wave of broken glass and filled the bath tub. A piece of glass nicked my arm. I was bleeding,  but I survived, nearly unhurt. My step-mom made me feel bad about breaking the glass door and put a check for $100.00 in my face and said something like "Look, how much money that costs. You should feel bad."
          (First of all, shouldn't the glass-door installer have repaired the sliding door for free? Couldn't he have been sued?            Second of all, was that attempted murder? )

My Step-Mom's Brother-in-Laws (2 of them) own their own painting companies. One of them has a multi-million dollar company. He was born in Mexico. Why don't they give me any money? Not to sound greedy, but it's as if I had multi-million dollars, I would give my homeless step-nephew some cash to start a business..... Why would they not be worried about me being penniless, sleeping on a card board box? There's nothing I did that would make them not want to help me. That's bad carma but I guess since we're not technically related by blood, then they don't have any filial obligations.

It's as though I could easily be a super bad ass (super bad ass = tough, smart, stylin hero) instead of a bad ass bum. (image, clothing) If I could have a MCC, I would be geared with bad ass equipment and clothes and be doing things like shootingfire-cracker arrow tips from crossbows at targets in my gigantic backyard, kissing naked women and driving bad ass automobiles. All the while preparing to experience CAB, that may or may not prepair to protect me from inter-galactic predators. So until I get an MCC or MyDCAR, I'm picking up .05 cent pieces of trash and being victimized by gay robots (/CGPs). Does the computer like to look at me in bum clothes? Or would it rather see me in Indian Jones/James Bond/Sherlock Holmes gear, clothing?   

I'm not sure why my family had to be bad family members. Are they CGPs Sims? Are they real?     

My Dad spent about $90,000 on me my whole far.

  • 10,000 medical
  • 0000  s10 truck gave to someone else
  • 0000 Braces/Dental  Didn't want.
  • 45,000 food ($200 month)
  • 1,000 car
  • 3,000 gas insurance
  • 7,500 vacations
  • 2,500 cash gift when I joined Army
  • 3,000 cash gift when I was homeless
  • 12,000 apartment 1 year
  • 4,000 apartment
  • 1,000 birthday presents
  • 1,500 clothing
  • 1,000 allowances extras
  • 2,500 water
  • 2,000 electricity
  • 600 gift


My Dad made $100,000 - $400,000 a year, for over 28 years... =

   2.8 mil - 11.2 mil


That means



Dad gave


me   0.9%


-     3.2%.


Note* I think the braces/dental was about $20,000. I didn't want braces/dental. Who was looking at my teeth? I wasn't. Therefore, the dental money was not spent on me, for me.

SPENT $ ON KIDS              


Girl college    ?          

Boy (me, oldest son) .9 - 3.2% 

Boy ?

Step Kids          

Girl ?

Boy  commited suicide  

Girl  $20,000 wedding, divorced in months. 2 vehicles 



"Max, how much does it cost to live forever in a virtual reality CAR machine?"


"Well, God Damn, I don't know, but someone is going to be in trouble."


                So we know that the psychology thus far was:

"So I had 3 offspring and married a woman with 3 more, and one of them killed themself. That's 5. If each one got 1%, that leaves my wife and I    94%."

Note* Wife (step-mom) seperated with Dad and lived in an apartment for about 1 year and then moved back. The oldest step-daughter's ex-husband lived in the step-mother's apartment before her. Did they live in the apartment at the same time? Then she started working at Dad's office on salary so that she could have a seperate bank account. Dad formed a vegetable produce company called KSW (/SKW?) Produce, but claimed business failure. The partners of the business were oldest step-daughter's ex-husband and ex-husband's friend.

After step-mom started working at office as a clerical worker, an arabic brownish black (tattoo or skin dye?) with blue eyes (contacts?) rented out half of the office as another law office. Step-mother's sisters and nieces were hired to work as secretaries. Also, a friendly Philipina woman was a secretary and so was one of  the oldest step-daughter's friends. So we know what they had to do all day was atleast answer the phone. Only one secretary would be needed to work at a time.


So my Dad says "You got Honorabley Discharged out of the Army and have no money? Go be homeless." But did he know I was in a CAR machine and would not be easily murdered for no reason, sleeping on the sidewalk? 

It's like  "Son, I already gave you 1%, if I gave you another 1% you might be succesful but what if you ran out of money again? And then what would you need, another 1%?"


Alive-Not insane Dad says-->  "Son, here's 10%. I hope you are safe and prosperous."


 Sometimes the sims call me "Gunther". My name is not Gunther. One time, for about a few months, I had named my myspace account "Gunther B. Ceedlemeiyer". That was in about 2006. Before that I think my name was KeyboardKarateKake, 'Maxwell and something like SuperUltra.... Strange names,... and then I invited a Chinese woman with similar interests to have casual sex at my apartment,  from myspace. I think she considered herself latina, but I'm not racist, I like all types of female women... so anyways

SO why are stalker sims calling me Gunther!







It seems as though the female population went missing and there are too many  homo/bisexual transvestites/transsexuals CGP/CGDs that have replaced them, wherever I go. (as though they're hiding the "American women abduction scandal")

Every to most CGPs have some kind of facial cosmetic surgery appearance. They look as though they are cartoon faces or C-3PO skins.  I have drawing and art skills so I can see the difference about proportion.



I want chicks in bikinis all over the place, that are programmed to be really really nice to me.! Duh.


                 I did not kill my older step-brother. Sometimes the sim talk about him and suggest theat I killed him. That is not true. Sounds say things like "Rochaaaa", "rocha!" and then I said "I didn't kill him." and a stranger sim said "Yes you did!". That is very annoying. I would like the sim/droid/other shot in the forehead with a handgun who bothered me. 


Louie's Story

Jose Louis Rocha III was born to a teenage mother in 1978. He was Caucasian/Arabic and was told that he was Mexican. (Mexican is not an ethnicity.) He was Catholic. He and I went surfing together a few times. His mom was not very nice to him. His step-dad was not very nice to him. He joined the Air Force and got kicked out for breaking his own ankle. He moved back to my Dad's house and commited suicide in the backyard by hanging himself at the poolside Bar. He left a note and mentioned his temporary girlfriend.

NAME STUDY- Rocha...

Rock-uh. Iraqi? :(

Rocha like Mocha. Mocha and Creamer.


Roach, like the only thing that survives a Nuclear holocaust?

Louie... "Low"


Dad/Step-Mom DUO Psychology:

"Not taking care of my child means he will take care of himself in the future." (not enough haircuts, presents, lunches, wisdom) (?)

Incitefulness: Is "retirement", (using saved work money) extremely scary? Was Dad's thoughts like.. "Well I could give Son Max enough money to be totally out of a life and death situation (no shelter), but that might mean that I will be in a life and death situation myself, as I am getting older. Max probably has a higher chance of survival than poor old men."

So if my Dad doesn't want to give me emergency money, should I conclude that either;

  1. He doesn't like me.
  2. His identity was thefted.

Which one is more plausible?


Note* The way he has made hundreds of dollars a day is by assisting married couples in getting a divorce. Sometimes he sues the client's spouse, for the client, making a percentage from the lawsuits and he also charges an hourly rate.

            Commonly, Are divorcing spouses mentally unstable, angry, impulsive with full blown emotional outrages?



My little half-brother went to a private school a few miles away from my Dad's office. They charged my Dad $30,000 a year.


HORROR IDEA:  If my Dad's identity (and bank account) was stolen by the Court-System or Religious community after a tragedy and they didn't want to tell anyone because they didn't want their feelings to be hurt....What if a "government employee" stole my Dad's identity as a service to the Government, as if, they're like "Too bad, everything is legal."


Reality Perception Note*  Non-fiction dramadies like that situation are probable in the physical world. In the sim-world, it translates to;

  1. Unconstitutional anti-prosperity
  2. Unrealistic sims
  3. Player patience and discipline experience

I think that everyone who lost a lawsuit to my Dad, all of those people would want to kill him.

During war-time when the country admits a financial-failure-period (recession/depression), it is likely that homicides, especially ones for profit, would take place.

And then when the investigation brings people to ask my Dad  "Are you the real you? Why won't you give Max enough emergency money to have a home and start a business?"

...And if his answer is "I don't like him."

That is a suspicious answer.



          So if Players in the matrix have millionaire-friend-sims and millionaire-family-sims, why are those sims programmed to not-share? What is the mystery?


I am waiting to be given a "Phazer" so that I can have fun. I am also waiting for a sim-woman to be programmed to want to be my sim-girlfriend. 


  • Phazer
  • MCC
  • 100% Health
  • All physical world and CARmachinematrix INFORMATION access.

I had a webkinz digital pet. I set him free in Candlestick Park in California. His name is Treehopper. He is a frog. I forgot the username on the account. I am unable to log onto feed him! The secret code is HK7ZLG45. Can anyone can get the data to help him?   Please be nice to him.


An ESSAY of X20



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