Since I don't want to be bothered by players, I choose SOLO CAR.

If players choose to join my sim-world and they do not bestow prosperity upon to me, they should be forced out of my sim-world with death and dying sim-symptom sensations. 

                                   Innitial Grace Period:

                                             18 minutes  


                                 Network Hack Protocol:

Computer, please warn them by a sim-explaination innitial arrival event of the trespassing players being hand cuffed and detained by sim-police characters (CGPs), who explain that the 18 minute grace period is an opportunity to portal-out (leave) or give complements to Max, as it is their opportunity to express friendship. (So they don't mistake me my solo-sim-world address incorrectly as a network-sim-world. Danger!) (In case they were accidental hackers.)   

Can I make a new program that allows my psychic radio to "turn on/off"? Instead of the sims speaking thought-talk-back, it should be like "blank" is transmitted, with no psychic feedback and no directive to the sim. (?)


PHAZER: I want a remote control ray gun type sim-device to:

  •  Immediately program sims. I want them to do what I instruct.
  • World Jump. I want to visit to other CAR Worlds (other Video Game Worlds)
  • Delete sims. A soon as I set my phazer to delete and fire it at a sim, the sim disappears.

Max doesn't want anything-pestering-him, while he's waiting for a phazer. 

At this point in my CAR machine, it is hard for me to even get laid.

In a computer world where ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE I should be having sex. Sexual activity is a normal human activity. Eat. Sleep. Mate. Think.

"Not for you!"      Why not?.... 

 Houston: We have a problem.

This woman is attractive. She and I could have conversations together, kiss, mate, share a living unit together. Wow! Perhaps I could have more than one. ! and know that there are even much prettier sims out there!


Jail should not be part of my CAR.



 1. My Immediate CAR

 Machine Requests :


                           A.  A matrix credit card with either $20 million in the account or an unlimited amount of available money. Why $20 million and not $50 million?...Well why not unlimited?  or A Phaser with CGP friendly programming.   and    B CGP women programming to strive, and are excited, to be my girlfriend(s)..!

"Being a millionaire is fun in any sim-world 

that has sim-markets."                                    

2. Phazer and settings control.

If I had a phaser, I would be very happy to phase and control CGPs. Especially since women CGPs are currently not programmed to be interested in being friendly and intimate with me (normal), I could skip their  unnatural, false programming (defective, Unconstitutional, unrealistic) and control them to my liking.  If I'm communicating with alien e.t.s or e.t.a.i.s to attain my Phaser programming, they need to know how nice it would be for them to help me access a phaser programming setting, since they are not humans and might not have chemical-emotional human instincts that have created the sim-world to be a sim-society of civilization. I want a phaser and correctly programmed CGPs setting as soon as possible. (Right now!)

3. Multi-world access.

Using the Phazer, I could jump around through "portals" into many and different Sim-Worlds. Sim-worlds are simulated worlds. They can be called Virtual Reality Worlds. Virtual Reality Machine Worlds. Computer Game Worlds. CAR World. Computer Assisted Reality World.


Immediate CAR Machine Request (A.) Fulfilled temporarily;

(A.) Approx. $600 on 7-21-2011 .Found on ground.           (B.) Unfulfilled.

(A.) Approx. $100 around 9-25-2011 .Found in trashcan.   (B.) Unfulfilled.

(A.) $20 on 12-25-2011. CGP male approached me and handed money near 4th and Montana. CGP male was with CGP female in white vehicle. (B.) Unfulfilled.

Pick-ups. Pick-ups. Pick-ups. I should be able to find more than I need. Cash and items. Finding stuff. Finder's keepers. Video game mana. Hey, I should find stuff over here. Hey, I should find stuff over there. I should be able to find stuff everywhere and anywhere. (Without feeling overwhelmed and burdened.)  

Sim-Video Game Worlds. CAB worlds that are based on video games. Each level of the game is simulated as a section of the sim-world. I can travel level to level ( section to section), inside the sim-world. I should be invinvivle, impervious to sim-enemy attacks. Once I have conguered the level-section, I may lounge in peace there. Alive, healthy, relaxing... I will be glad to have destroyed my enemies.           For example, PSP game "SOCOM U.S. Navy Seals Fireteam Bravo 2", as that game is translated to create a simulated world of virtual terrain to inhabit, I could take enemy-sims hostage, allowing them to reside with me in a simulated-house of the level-section. No time limit.  

Despite the PSP game's interactive options being limited, the simulated version of the game as a virtual reality world will be semi-realistic  of options possible for me to do.   EXAMPLe*  Eventhough there are cabinets in cottages that are not-interactive to stay closed in the PSP game-play, the cabinets in the simulated version of the game as a virtual reality world will be easily opened/closed by my hand actions.

The PSP game/video-game is not a virtual reality world.

A separate computer program that is based on the game is a virtual reality world/sim-world, as I am allowed access to sim-be-there. 

Portal into the sim-world.

Fight enemy-sims. Interact 

                with sims.

Interact with the virtual 


The Program of Simantha  - She  is a sim-woman that I would like to have programmed.  She has double D size bra, beautiful face, womanly buttox. She will be programmed to find me, where I will be, to present me with the phazer. She might say something like "Max, here is your phazer.", and then I wouldn't even have to set the phazer to the -Do What I Say- setting, because Simantha will already be programmed to do what I say. She and I would probably raid the nearest sim-house, to get started having "no rules". 

Once I have a phazer, as I will be traveling throughout different sim-worlds, X20 will be reserved as a sim-world to visit that is a reminder of a homage to heroes. Heroes of inventions. Technology and medicine. Heroes of war and history. X20 will be a sim-world that is a sim-place of historical accuracies and a tribute to humans of the past who helped man surpass into the destiny of the Universe that he is.  

After I have received  my phazer, playing with my sim-friends in my selected sim-environments will be fun in different ways. I may remind myself that talking to them, in a way, is a method of communicating with impressive technology. On my mansion estate for example, I would like to place multiple hidden cameras where as the day is over and my sim-friends are going to sleep, I can edit and compile the video footage of the day to study the sims and contemplate the reasoning of what makes sims seem real. Playing funny jokes on them will be fun. Fulfilling different character roles of my personality, as a sort of skits, may be entertaining, although the master-computer might become slightly confused by "role-playing"/acting/theatrics that I might do while having a good time.


                      A. Twilight Zone.

                        B. Millionaire


First of all, I should have never been bothered and homeless and unlucky and involuntarily abstinent for that length of time, or at all.  All CGP E.T. Homobis should be wiped out. When homobis are sighted, they should be smashed, thrown into dumpsters and disapear. Some of my extended family are homobis. Are they real or are they CGPs? If they are real, they should be pardoned. The homobis should be wiped out until no one can hear their feces lust comments. The homobi wipe out should be a setting, not a player activity. I'm willing to draw swords against them, but I'm a real person. I'm not a computer graphic. Legally, they would have to be found guilty of conspiracy treason, if they were part of the U.S. American people as U.S. citizens, But I'm talking about a setting where homobi CGPs, and perhaps homobi real people disappear in an instant, without a trace. And they are not missed because they were the enemies that stole my prosperity.

                                                       I would like to happen as follows;

(B.) From my immediate position and location a female CGP will pick me up in her RV and explain to me that she's my new girlfriend. Everything would be perfect about her. There would be sodas, food and beer in the fridge. I would put a pizza in the oven, throw my soiled homeless clothes in the washing machine, take a shower and get acquainted with my new girlfriend. We would travel to  nice campgrounds and I would find a bunch of cash in water bottles on the ground.


' I should be able to grab any sim, in any CAR world and bring them with me to any CAR world. '                              


Lot's of beautiful music.

Spiritual techno, especially in sim-public settings.

Classical/orchestra, especially in beautiful serene places.

Selected power-cord punk/metal/rock during exciting events.

And perhaps other types of music in appropriate settings.

I could recommend no rap/weenume music at all, but it might fit in with enemy-radios in sim-murder massacres/CABs.

In any sim-world, I like to breath good air. Air that I breath/sim-breath should always be rejuvinating and healthy. I also like hot sun with cold breeze. Those two together. Good shade is also nice with hot sun. If cold breeze is mixed with cold sun/night (winter/snow), then I need good gear. Negative 40 degrees is no problem with good gear. If one has good friends, then one has good gear.



I think I might want to take over Lake Tahoe, CA from the CGDs. It would be a little bit like the Mad Max and I am Legend movies. It would be just me, the lake, the mountains, the trees, my sim-pets and my sim-girlfriends. "Check the radio, see if there's any word on the Martian landing attacks! Guess we better just have a bunch of fun as we're all alone out here and such."


                                The Jackolantern mouth is the Vizor, where my eyes would be. The jackolantern triangles could be sensors and extra cameras. 

2 settings to set CABs to regarding : pain,  and enemy attack effects. 

CABI - Invincible.  Bullets nearly never hit and/or if they do, they bounce off!

CABM- Medium. Shocking sensations when shot/attacked, but very little pain and no physical damage.

Accidental Protocol: If I have an accident in simulation, pain and damage should not be simulated. I may be  invincible. If I fall off of a simulated-cliff, I may land on the ground unscathed. I may then stand up and walk away without damage. If I am fighting in CAB, I I accidentally shoot myself, there may be no damage.

CHIME Lost/Trap PROTOCOLIf I become lost or trapped, without my phazer handy.... The phazer may have a chime feature that is similar to an alarm clock. At a specific time everyday (1:00pm), a chime will sound for 10 minutes. If I do not press one of my fingers to any of the buttons on the phazer within that 10 minutes, I will awake at the SNSWS, where my phazer is available in the armory. If I'm sleeping and don't press the button at the chime, I will wake up at the SNSWS. If I lose/misplace my phazer, I will wake-up/teleport at the SNSWS at 1:10pm.       If I fall into a simulated-pit without my phazer, I must wait till 1:10pm to be instantly teleported to the SNSWS.  The audio of the chime can be more than selected music. The chime can be changed to famous speeches audio, encyclopedia facts audio, sim-friends recorded audio, samples of literature audio... The Chime Lost/Trap Protocol is necessary in absence of moderators. 



          MDC BASIC                            

Controllable CGPs/CGDs. No homobis. No weenumes.  No Whisperers.

A sim-world, should have heart and soul in it's programming. It shouldn't feel like a two bit clausterphobic box, that's fading into an unrealism of a damaged computer's tyranny. The sim-worlds should be filled with love and love of the past. If Gotham City is a sim-world, string orchestras of sorrow and triumphic happiness should billow on the inside of old wooden trees, whos leaves occasionaly dance and sway near the road, outside the city, as automobiles roar past. Sim-worlds should be filled with heterosexual art, immodestly and uncriticized. If I sit down at a New York deli with Bill Murray's Ghostbuster character, waiting for the call, the room should be filled with non-stop movie moments. CGPs shouldn't only be good actors, they should also be the opposite of enemy psychic vampires, according to their role of their sim-purpose. An enemy unstrikable is a rational of law, a sim-enemy unstrikable is annoying. Without loss of great powerful realism, CGP social situations should be appropriate and unpredictable, but always jubilated with an excitement for the future and a hopeful satisfaction of the past. 

 So when I have a Phazer, I can do whatever I want inside of my sim-world.  Sure, I could make sims disappear with the phazer, but I could also shoot them with a handgun. 

  • sims have no rights, feelings, thoughts
  • I understand the difference between a sim-human and a real human

I would love to wield .22 handguns and shoot sim-people in the head with it.  .22 are awesome because:

  • since they are the lightest of handguns, they are the most accurate
  • even though they have the smallest bullets, 4 or 5 of them in someone's head will deffinitely make them die (sim-die)

 OLD REALITY PERCEPTION= "I am concious in the physical world. I am not in a CAR machine ." (FALSE)

True REALITY PERCEPTION= Man in Video Game. Sim-crimes punished by CGPs. ect.

My DCARP= Invincible frolicker, no punishment.

 If I was granted My Designed CAR, it would change my reality perception. I have already lost old reality perception from enlightenment of being in the CAR and being around CGPs. Factors of T.R.P are time/date, udnerstandings of how the world/country works, systems. (crime and police, sime-crimes and CGPs). So to have MDC, my T.R.P. would change to My.D.C.A.R.P. (Not an ignorant-reality).                          Example* "Well, I just phazed a CGP and sim-stole it's automobile, why doesn't a CGP polcie arrest me? Because I was granted MDC and the sytem, the CAR, doesn't have any CGP police in it. So the MyDCARP is that police are no longer in my CAR world. I could then do anything I wanted to CGPs and CGPs would never be programmed to hurt me.



CAR machine Matrix tech/existence was/is inevitable. But how do we want to play it?

 Hoo-ah, Mazel Tov With HONOR..

(stay heterosexual, be good and brave.)

...and HUMANITY.

(we are imperfect, we are not robots!)


There should be no weenume music. Even if they're painted green, singing funny, mocking songs to the population. No Weenume Music. And no homobi music.



        a)  Millionaire in common era.


IF ANY OTHER REAL PLAYERS WISH TO BE INVITED TO NETWORK-CAB WITH MAX.....To play the LAWR, to play doom, duke nukem, diablo first person, turok and all those games everybody loves in CAB... Here's how you get your stripes with Max Cream, Mac Scream the Max Kremer ,....

  • Be homeless for over 1 year.
  • Do not bathe for at least 5 months.
  • Walk over 100 miles with a  backpack
  • Feed 100 pigeons a large bready meal



I would like my own avatar. (A small bird that is cute, loyal, intelligent ((speaks English))  for my current city habitat.) A droid in the battlefield. A fairy gnome in the magical forest. . .   It must be disciplined. It must never offend me with words or actions unless I grant it the power to do so. It needs to find me where I will be. Hopefully it will be a lucky friend, as adverse to a curse.


b) World Jumper-      (Magic without Phazer)

                          With utilizing current ideas of physics, I could program my own worlds. The platform, or foundation, could be a simple American city, during this time period, where there could be a well, a wishing well. The well could symbolize the transportation or teleportation to the different worlds, with magic coins on a stone, or something medievally technologically primitive, or a stargate, or perhaps, the platform/program world could be the deck of a space ship. A stargate or teleporter machine could then be preset and transcend the individual to the world of choice.

As a computer program set....



Perhaps all those Worlds could be wrapped into one logical CAR Machine map and the transporter could be a point a to point b vehicle, a space ship.  And on the space ship, one could teleport into situations found on those planets, like a woman in a bed, in a hut, overlooking a tropical rainforest with dinosaurs flying over the horizon. . . . . 

Extra- Abilities?:

  • Able to tell CGPs and CGDs apart from Players  (Network)
  • Able to eject from criminal-cyberspace connections (Network)
  • Having a phazer


(A) Twilight Zone

A1. I find out that all the CGPs are basically CGDs and they tell me how to control them. I could walk into any building or house, talk to the CGD and take over the house and all it's belongings. I could use a 'phazer' device to make CGPs/CGDs dissappear. Oh, what? You're a robot and you insulted me? No,no,no. We can not have that! *PHAZER!* The CGD/CGP disappears as soon as it is shot.  MDC: Twilight Zone; Master Phazer : X-any world.

             Scenario 1- House Hopper                  I think that type of MDC would be extremely exciting. It would be interesting to walk into any house and be able to phaze or control CGPs of the dwelling. If I phazed the entire household and went through their belongings, I could think about the people of the past that they represented, eat the food from the fridge, sleep in their beds, watch tv, find their car keys and drive off with their automobiles to the next computer generated house (sim-house). Romantically, I could choose to not phaze female CGPs and live in their house with them as they are programmed to tell their story and act as I expect them to act. It's hard for me to imagine the most beautiful type of CGP talking to me sweetly in bed, her trying on her different outfits, her acting normal or glad that her family got phazed, having dinner with me in her dining room, her massaging my shoulders as I watch tv and play video games. I think TZMP would be great to do for years lengths of times. Since I would be collecting matrix money in the houses, I could collect enough to be a millionaire, move onto my own property and build my castle. Although, there would already be many mansions to live in. The phazer might be able to be used on objects (like sim-stolen automobiles) and I would be immune to accidentaly being shot by my own phazer.  When I walk into or knock on any sim-house, the CGPs inside say things like "Oh, Player 1 is here." or "Hi, Max are you playing Master Phazer?" or "Hi Maxwell! Look, Maxwell is here."

Scenario 2 - Hotel Hopper

I might want to pay cash to get into the hotel registry as a guest. I would then Phaze the staff, put a sign to call my cell phone to collect more cash, "Cash Only" or "No Vacancy". I would move from dirty hotel room to clean hotel room throughtout the hotel and phaze guests if they got annoying. I think I could hire new CGP employees to be "my hotel's"  staff, so that there would be a controlled influx of new CGP guests. The new staff would be 18-30 sim-year old female CGPs, that have simplified jobs. No busywork communist stupidity. Take cash. Give change. Give key. Clean bed. Close door. Watch tv.


Scenario 3- Mad Max Chaos Maker

Fire bombs. Burnt semi-truck shells in the middle of the freeway. Insanity graffitti artwork. CGPs neautralized. Zoo loads of animals to graze the wreckage wasteland. There might be some parts of some states you just don't want to go to.

In order for me to start A1. MDC;TZMP , I need:

  • A Phazer (magical programmed)
  • No CGP/CGD police. All emergency response CGPs disabled.



A2. E.T.s attack.

A2.1  Droids attack.  I sift through the smoking battlefield, many structures still standing, to find terrorized CGP females, wealth and possible lingering enemies.


A3. Majority of CGPs disapear without a trace, except a few female CGPs that I am able to locate.


A4. I begin to find $100 bills on the ground all the time.


A5. A CAR machine scientist/wizard gives me a magical remote, like in the movie "Click" (PHAZER).



Like on the movie "Last Action Superhero", I am able to jump into movies of my choice and get out , unscathed.  . Set the phazer to crawl through to X38.  Player has $1,000,000 currency in X38. It's like buy a skateboard in X38:Say Anything and skateboard at Jon Cusak's character's high school, eat at the 80's pizzarias, etc. or get really drunk at Kevin Bacon's character's bar in X38:Footloose. 




 What am I going to do in another frequency with out any money?) Thow shall not steal. Bad Carma. (I Need to be given much money.)

                   Not only could one drive up and be like "Batman! I got yer back!" and throw a smoke bomb at the Joker's minions, but then, one could check into  Gotham Hotel and order a pizza. Then one might be like "D*mn, I should have told Batman, "I know your secret identity!" Batman and the rest of the CGPs should be programmed according to the Player's liking. "Max, why don't you stop by at the mansion. Alfred can give you a big case of money and some equipment."


             MyD-Sim List 

I could spend time with the sim; personalize it's hobbies, lifestyle, clothing, habits, etc. so that it is a MyD-Sim. I might put former-classmate-sims onto it from Past X20. (I might have had crushes on some of my peers, so perfecting them as simulation would be intriguing and emotional.)

. I could add more sim-friends to it!

. All of my entire sim-friend list should be on the phazer called My-Designed-Sims List where I could call any of my sim-friends from Cavewoman Sim-World to any sim-world. My friends can be reached to talk to all the time. The phazer can be used as a world-portal where it opens up and then the selected sim-friends walk through, into the room that I am at.

 Celebrity Hotel can be found in Hawaii, in any X38 Movie Jump.  



X08- Cloud Town

It is a CAR world where a floating mountain island, above the ground 10,000 ft., hover above tropical rainforest. Cloud Town is programmed with a skydive freefall simulation, where if the player falls or jumps off the edge, he can land safely, slowing down in the jungle, like Peter Pan. Sim-animals will not hurt him while he searches for the jungle ruins, where a computer-piloted helicopter is parked, to get back up to Cloud Town. In Cloud Town, there are plenty of shacks, places, mansions, parks, fountains, wind blocking architecture and peaceful places. A supply ship piloted by a computer (Sim-computer) docks every week, where delicious foood and goods are delivered and a new delivery list is filled out for the next week. There are no inhabitants , except for the player, besides a beautiful old lady sim, who lives in a cottage and talks pleasantly about the jungle, the sky and her thoughts (sim-thoughts). Sim-materials and other sim-people can be brought to Cloud Town. The weather is mostly nice. There are snow vclouds below Cloud Town in the winter time.

X351- Cloud Town CAB   Very terrible, evil creatures have begun destroying the jungle rainforest  below. They are threatening to jumpstart the Jungle Helicopter's computer (sim-computer) to fly up to Cloud Town to reak devistation. Their camps are scattered and some have built foul tunnels in the mountain to nest their carnage.

Some Phazer Functions (buttons):

  1. Friendliness setting. A scale of 1-10 (10 is friendliest, 1 is most annoying), I could change the Sims of the vacinity. I might want the friendliness setting to be set to 1 for Sim-Murder Massacre. (in CAB, the "CAB Gage" can be used to set enemy levels of the vacinity. ) 
  2. Public Crowd Setting. A scale of 1-10, (1 is least amount of public, 10 most. Vehicles on roads, sim-people in stores/public, size of public crowds) (in CAB the "CAB Gage" could be used to control how many enemies are immediately on the battlefield.)
  3. MuteSim-Mood Setting. Happy, Sad, Angry, Nice, Scared, ect
  4. Invite me to mate
  5. Give me all your matrix-money
  6. Go away
  7. Do what I say
  8. Say a joke or sing a song
  9. phaze, neutralize
  10. have a sim-woman appear.
  11. Mute
  12. Fall asleep

There should be atleast 2 different models of phazers available.

1.MCC+ looks like a pistol.

2. Jump Port Blaster looks like a cell-phone ray gun.

PHAZER NOTE* Technically, I wouldn't need a handheld weapon/remote to make CGPs disappear or obey me. It could be programmed so that when I point my finger and cock my thumb, the CGP disappears. But if i had a sim-physical phazer device, it would be nice if it was like a wii controller that was collapsable and could transform into a pistol-like form. The best phazer design might be a compact "ray-gun" type weapon that has a extendable touch screen.

Homeless in strange towns in the rain, I have imagined a time when I have a phazer. I might step into my house and slide part of my body under my girlfriend's dress, give her a hug and watch the rain drops out the window. She might say:" Is there something you want me to do? Should I jump up and down and yell ""MAxwell is back. Yayyyy" ?" The temporary house will be perfectly warm with the heater on, candles lit, smoke climbing up the chimney and the backyard door open. It feels so good to be warm and clean. With my other girlfriend on the couch, it's movie, video game, board game, smoking, artwork making, music making, staring at the wall thinking, loading another firewood log, whispering on the floor with silk carpet. I'm the boss. There's no work to do. I might say to my sim-girlfriends: "Does it feel as though someone is watching us?" They usually reply "It's only you. You're the only player."

Some situations that I would commonly be in when I have a phazer:

(always with sim-girlfriends)

-Sim-1930's with busy African-American flapper sims I could buy a nightclub. Audition bands. Give away free drinks. Act funny and cute with my sim-girlfriends.

-Sim-1980's/90's Movie worlds. I think I would try to make special relationships with sim-girlfriends of the sim-world where the sim-girlfriends are a large part of what the sim-world is. Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure world will be fun. Both of them should be programmed to not "be offended reactive" if I insult them or make a joke. At all of the convenient stores, there is loittering allowed all day/all ngiht, any day. The sim-food inside should be perfect in taste and healthy. I might bring a Pauly Shore character and Bart Simpson to loiter around my truck or RV with Bill and Ted, and invite lady-sims to partake in the parking lot festivities. I think it should be safe to sleep in my automobile, but I might phaze and conquer a house or two, down the street. Different from Idle Hands movie world, Bill and Ted's 1990's convenient store parking lots should be rid of evil, with plenty of happy times to chuckle about. It will be fun to live in the 1980's. Most sims will be in1980's fashion. I will drive a 1980's automobile, listening to a tape deck's emissions. The 1980's sim-movie worlds might be better than normal-1980's-sim-world. New York, L.A. and Miami would be my major residences. Parties at my mansion, college campuses, beach lounging, old school skateboarding...not a bad sim-place to sim-be.

-Sim-FutureWorld. I would probably live in a gigantic upscale communal skyscraper penthouses and play with robots and impressive toys. I could go shopping in "sky-city" malls and eat super-dinners.

-Twilight Zones. It would be fun to live in creepy, but quietly beautiful, neighborhoods and cities where most sims act scared, strange and many areas are desolate of sims, but the gardening is maintained so everything looks sort of normal, but creepy. And then at my large house, even though the house is in track-homes type suburbs my house would be hidden by plants and trees. I would lounge with my sim-girlfriends in the yards and in the house, where no one can hear or see us. I would like to talk about normal things with them like we were best friends that are too lazy to act enthusiastic. I might buy strange antiques and invite new sim-girlfriends to stay at my house.

-Sim-1970's. I would like to drive around a live-in Van or Rv, pick up disco sim-girlfriends, live at the beach, mountains, the desert. Rent houses, apartments, motels, hotels. Smoke sim-cannabis, sim-drinking, listening to the radio, rock-concerts. The sims have pretty hair-do's. 

-Sim-1950's Super Natural. It would really be fun to live in the sim-50's. Some of the properties, I would own would be towns that are attacked at night by vampires, werewolves, mummies, monsters and ghouls. There might be rural areas around that have creepy mansions and abandoned homes, like the Munsters and the Adam's Family. The monsters never break into homes, but they do come out at night. The phazer could delete them, or bats, torches, swords, crossbows and fire-arms make excellent weapons against them. If a monster is slayed, it's corpse lays on the ground till sunrise, where it is scooped up by a creepy Rabbi Mortition.

-Sim-Prehistoria. I would like to bring a bunch of supplies to a caveman camp. I would build a large fenced area and live with cavewoman sims. I might scare the cavemen away with robots. I would bathe and clean them, take them to the dentist to have their teeth taken out, reintroduce them to a new habitat watch them act funny and silly about food, toys, art and then I would act like a crazy monkey around them to communicate and control them. (some of the cavewomen are beautiful)

-Anyworlds.  Living in home-made homes, in the middle of nowhere (desolate vacinities), fully stocked with equipment, supplies and sim-girlfriends. I would like to buy/build a house on a river/creek in the mountains. The backyard has a dock, where I have riverboats. Fishing, hunting, bbq's, parties, atv's, riverboats... It would be nice if the area was desolete of human-sim-neighbors. I could build a creek/river easily in the mountains. I cuold even build the river/creek so that it has boat access into town to dock and go shopping. Any small town could easily have a man-made river/lake metropolis dock. No need to drive the automobile into town, sail the boat! Electric motors.

-Twilight Zone CABs. It would be fun to have goth/punk sim-girlfriends that have cute fashion/personality characteristics. Likethey act as though whenever they leave the house, their hair and makeup has to be perfect. They might wear "extreme" type outfits/costumes in CABs, as they are my partner or extra gear carrier. Not only Goth/Punk style, but other fashion extremes. In the Twilight ZOnes, wher there seems to be "nothing to do" (no zombie slaying quests. etc.), my sim-girlfriends seem to enjoy accompanying me, sometimes in silence, at places like parks, carnivals, movie theatres, plazas, lounges, beautiful scenery locations (mountains, woods, water ways, nature palces, etc.) stores, erstaurants, anywhere in somewhat to normal settings that might be foggy, creepy and relaxing.

-Sim-Movie World: Cape Fear. I would buy my own sim-mansion on the cape. If I heard screams or saw fires burning in the other mansions, I would check if my doors were locked. I might polish a shotgun and when any stranger-sim asks if they can have a ride in my boat, I'll be sure and remind them that I'm a real person in the matrix. I might say " Didn't your mother teach you not to talk to strangers?" But at any rate, what does any homicidal psycho really want? Money. I might give them a was of matrix-cash and tell them that there's a story to tell somewhere else, why don't they go find it?

-Sim-Movie world: Idle Hands.

It would be fun to have my own house on the maincharacter's street. I might be friends with the main-character-sim if it didnt' feel akward. When all of the action starts happening, I might follow them around and be like "Oh my gosh!" I would throw mellow parties at my house all the time and do things with sim-friends like go bowling, midnight munchies and shopping sprees. I would buy my sim-friends things they didn't really need like tattoos, sports equipment, clothes, CDs and hair products.

Note* It might be fun to visit sim-worlds for one day on Halloween, where the next day is a new Halloween, in a different sim-world.

-Sim-Christmas world. Of course, even in Christmas-World, I would still be Jewish. It would be fun to be around the christmas celebration town, lighting Hannukiahs, pine trees in the snow, festive fragrances and feasts, playing dreidels in cabin mansions, being nice to all the sims, gifts (giving is so fun when one has an unlimited matrix credit card!) I might build a "GameZone" for the sims in town, where christmas-animatronics (tracked robot statues) are targeted in a yard and the paying customer (sim-inexpensive) chooses:

  • Type of mounted catapult to operate
  • What type of ammunition to hurl

The targets crack and break when struck. The catapult could be an electric baseball pitcher system (not dangerous). Vending machines could be stocked, tables and chairs could be sittable like a cafe for the sims.

Ammo type: Rocks, balls, arrows and even recyclables-brought-from-home (glass bottles, can wads ( 5 tied-stomped-on-cans), plastic bottles filled with pebbles).  It's like a target range, shooting into a snowy backyard at christmas-animatronics like santa, reindeers, snowman and even a 4ft. dreidel. Squirrel homes would be in an out of bounds area where customers can feed squirrels purchased nuts for mini-catapults. Nice than hunting squirrels. Eventhough I'll already be a millionaire, I'll still make a few hundred dollars a day.

-Sim-world-X20. I would build an amatuer baseball/softball field in my backyard. I would portal-jump to various sim-worlds and bring back gaggles of sim-female-softball teams to play games. I would build a "skybox" tower to watch them and cater to them and myself, delicious BBQs and feasts. They could sleep on cots and be given prizes and figt bags. It might be like a private softball camp. It would be fun to watch them cheer and get sweaty all day. The entire play-field could be fenced/netted so no fly balls could bonk me on the head, while I watch from the bleechers. I might watch them from the skybox most of the time. They could wear special uniforms, besides their own, for some games, that are funny costumes. Lot's of fun having for them to simulate. If I wanted new teams to play, I might portal-out the old teams to somwhere like jungle airports or far off vacinities like the Himilaya mountains, for them to sky dive out of a plane, with survival gear, instead of sending them home to their sim-worlds.

It would be nice that when I'm a millionaire, whether I have a phazer or not ( I hope I have a phazer as soon as possible) instead of parking my homeless-bag at the front of stores and worrying about it while I'm shopping inside, I'll have a modest-to-fancy baby stroller that's clean and filled with one or two pets, that I can push around at the mall while I shop. Maybe like a bird and a small puppy. If the computer's droids (sims) say annoying things to me like "We're dead, you're all alone.", I'll pick up one of my pets and say to it "Squiffles, I guess it's just me, you and Rambo." (If I named the other pet "Rambo") It might be relaxing to shop at the mall like that, and it would be neat to meet nicely dressed women to buy a meal for as a spontaneous date. I might say:

 "Hi, are you single? Oh you are. Why don't I buy us lunch at the restaurant? This is Squiffles and Rambo. That's a cute outfit. You don't have to feel bad, it's okay, I'm a millionaire. I love to make new friends while eating a meal. You can order whatever you like. What do you say?"                                                                                     And then since it's a sim, I would hope that the computer wouldn't be constantly reading my mind about the female-sim as if, while she stares at me, she isn't being programmed to somehow make me angry or act out some type of military-droid protocol inside my sim-world.   What could "set it off" (activate it)? "Beeep." "The target has facial hair. Smile and nod. Must negotiate target to missile crisis zone. Droid activation sequence... 3, 2, 1. Beeep!"             So...I'm saying I want to lounge at restaurants with female-sims. I don't want to lounge at restaurants with defective, outdated, military-droids.

NOTE*   Military-Droids are for war in the physical world. If they "hack" my CAR machine sim-world.... and violate any of my rights... they must be destroyed.

College Campus.  Being wealthy living at various sim-college campuses as the only male will be very exciting and comfortable. I only have to study if I want to. Depending on the sim-time-period and sim-locations, having an appropriate lifestule might entail being the big man on campus. The sims are all actresses in the understood scenario that is college campus. The way I like to relax or have fun is the way that I choose, having the maximum options-list as a MCC and PHAZER provide. What will I do when I'm sim-there? Whatever I like and whenever I choose. Besides my mammal-instinctual-habits of having a sexual relationship, I will bask in the relaxation of having 100% health. What is there to do in a virtual reality machine? What is man's purpose? As a man who has become a sort of wizard, perhaps my duties as a man in the physical world are obsolete, as in the virtual reality machine world, man is placed to be entertained and pleasured.  Is there a stranger of jealousy that remains? What enemies would revoke a man's pleasure as the man is already plugged into the VRM world/sim-world.       My college campus apparel that I wear might be clothing from recently visited VRM worlds/sim-worlds, as I have no need to change. I might adorn medieval/renaissance tights/pants that cup my crotch, similar as a bra cups a breast. Who is really there to judge me? Shaving of beard? Perhaps once in a while, but what's the purpose? With my phazer, MCC and pre-sets, any sim I wish to befriend will more than forgive me for any social outbursts that I commit, including: belching, peeing in public, farting, stinking, intoxicating in public and any uncharacteristic activity. It's okay. Max is the genius Army veteran. The inventor of the inventions. Max can do whatever he wants inside his simulated-world. Max no longer has any obligations. Let the unlimited vacations of vacations begin......a phazer into Max's hands.


NOTE* I think I'm catered to by vending machine tubes, or something in the physical world. I require shelter (C.A.R. pod) and electricity. Food grows for free over time, separated, prepared by robots. Solar power is free electricity. I hope there is no debt that I have accumulated. I hope ultimate technology has purported free food/utilities. My inventions, if original and first, I speculate may have created extra income-profit-residuals, if not extra good times. But who is out there? Who is real? Who do I have to kill? Who must I spare? Can't we all get along? Can't we all have a phazer? More accurately, who do I have to have a robot programmed to kill? And if justice is served, who will believe me that I am me? As my VRM world is anti-prosperity, how can I believe that I am immortal? And I hope to shed my psychic enemies and bask in comfort with my phazer in my VRM world of choice. And once I am there, sim-there, perhaps I will believe that I, body, mind and soul, am an immortal human without obligation and without nuisance. LET THE SIM-GIRLFRIENDS INSEMINATIONS BEGIN! 

But why? Because my existence in the Universe has sustained and evolved with instinct.


There could be a setting switch, where one can VIEW in 1.cartoon-like animation world or 2.back to just like real life.

There are 3 types of CABs:

  • RelaxCAB. Relax CABs are CABs with protected sleeping units and low quest demands.
  • IntenseCAB. Intense CABs are CABs with protected sleeping units and high quest demands.
  • ExtremeCAB. Extreme CABs are "drop into battle" short CABs like skirmishes and invasions. 

                 MY CAB Power

If CABs are based on video-games, similar to Obscure:The Aftermath, for example, I should have the program-ability to smash locks to open any doors and use ropes to climb places, or do anything sim-physical that I can think of, instead of being bound to unrealistic sim-programming of the sim-terrain. 

The SNS-Weigh Stations could be extremely luxurious, like 5 star hotel resorts.

The "SNSWS" will be a land, or world, of NETWORK THEORY, where other PLAYERS can tune into the NETWORK FREQUENCY and decide what CABS they want to venture into, alone or with other Players.  Players can choose to play solo or co-op together, with real people, with also or isntead of CGPs and CGDs. 

CAR world X20 is the CAR world that I was born in (am currently in). After I get my phazer, I will build a Castle in X20, so that I can visit my "born in" sim-world with my intact achievments;

  • Army Veteran
  • Castle Builder

(Would I still be an Army Vet in sim-time travel bookmark sim-worlds? Yeah, but X20 is something I started and I might as well come back to it every now and then.) If I left X20 at 1:00pm on Jan 1, 2014 for 10 weeks, and came back to X20 at 2:00pm on Jan 1, 2014, then I only would have been gone an hour in X20, however I would be 10 weeks older.

  1. Sim-world Age
  2. Actual Age


So the page "Give me 1 million dollars" is for atleast X20. I might build castle mansions in other sim-wrolds too though. Lot's of fun.

                                          The SNSWS is a Network CAR world. Don't break any laws on other players while you're there!



The Phazer is programmed to shoot out a portal to walk through. The phazer can be set to the desired CAR world like a cell phone, aimed, fired and walk through!

I should be able to carry anything I want through the portal, from one CAR world to another. That means I could buy a legal (sim-legal)  amount of cannabis from X20 in 2013 to X15 2000. If I bought or phaze attained a magical electronic device in a future world X60, I could take it to other CAR worlds. The sims should act calm and normal about me having a nickel size talking/singing robot that does my homework.






X98- Gotham City Batman

X38- Movie Jumper

X24- Prehistoric Time

X51- 1800's Wild West

X40- Biblical Judeica

X70- 1950's

X71- 1960's

X72- 1970's

X73- 1980's

X53- Stone Age

X54- Bronze Age

X55- Renaissance

X56- Mideval Europe

X57- Pre-America Native America

X58- 1900's

X60- Future World

X23- Simpsons Springfield

X94- King of the Hill Texas

X95- Beverly Hills 90210

X5- Terminator Appocalypse

X010- Sim-Murder Massacre City



X48- Jewish Wars

X41- World War 2

X39- World War 1

X42- Vietnam

X43- American Revolutionary War

X44- Civil War

X45- 1920's Great Depression

X92- Doom

X97- Quake

X99- Future Space World

X32- Diablo

X33- Zelda

X34- Halo

X35- Golden Eye

X36- Duke Nukem

X37- Turok

X61- Wolfenstein

X62- Micro World

X93*- Judgement Day Scenario

X75*- Sherlock Daughter

X63- 1950's e.t. Paranormal Super-Natural

X65- 1980's e.t. Paranormal Super-Natural

X66- 1800's e.t. Paranormal Super-Natural

X67- 1700's e.t. Paranormal Super-Natural

X68- Mideval e.t. Paranormal Super-Natural


X105*- Celebrity

X106*- President

X15*- Past X20 Bookmark

X17*- All Female Sims

X115*-Giant Mansion

X116*- Giant Mansion 2


* = Elaboration below


To where in my mind:

Gothic Transylvania World (zombies, warewolves, van helsing)Zelda world (lord of the rings, willow, castles, forests, creatures)Star Wars World (different planets, infastructures, technologies, space ships, creatures, frontiers)




CABs should be very fun and exciting. Riddles, pick-ups, sim-enemies... Victory!


Dungeons of Demons and Damsels CAB

 Like the role playing computer game Diablo, the player is in a pre-meideval time-like battle world where he finds, collects and uses weapons, delicious food and items. I would like the Midevil-CAB to be "Jewish Themed" where the star of david represents safety and magical fortitude. (Player must not work or make fire on the 7th day).  Computer generated magic (magic) is his precious tool to invade and conquer ghostly demonic layers of the monstorous and undead. The player must count the days and not make fire on the sabbath, unless he wishes to combat an extra horrific group of enemies. To be invincible while he (the player) camps and sleeps, a firewall spell is needed. Firewall spells are impenetrable by even the strongest of enemies and can be turned off and on. On the sabbath, one must stay awake and/or set booby traps. As if there are no demonic tricks allowed, damsels will be found. They will be true (they will be CGPs but not demons or monsters pretending to be women) as they are beautiful. If the player wishes to lead her to safety, after perhaps manymonths of camping, the player may escort her to a portal of safetyy or perhaps bless her with a magic spell, that leadsa her out of danger. The player might want to release her from his protection so that he doesn't have to constantly defend her or if he wishes to find a different damsel. Perhaps once all of the ghostly demonic monsters are destroyed, the land will return to prosperity and/or the player can leave the CAB world and return back to his prefered modern world with prosperity. Some damsels will be normally beautiful and some will be exotic. They will have different CGP identities. Some will be musicians and singers. Some will be artists. Some might be stern and serious. Some might be very scared. They might have a story to tell about how they have lived and how they got into their situation to be found. Some might not talk or want to talk very much. Perhaps some might not need protection and are skilled fighters  to assist in CAB. The CAB might last for many months or many years. If gold is found and accumulated, perhaps the gold could not only be spent in protected human villages but the currency amount could also adequate back in the CAR world. As if, a super-natural scientificweigh station, like a moon base or a magical harbor, buys the gold and transfers it to a credit card. The harbor or moon base would be like a middle ground between the CAB world and the CAR world. In the CAB, the gold spent in the towns could be for supplies and also food and drink while staying at the epaceful motel Inn, that some might say is like a 5 star medeival resort. The townspeople CGPs will be majoritively untalkative and an accurate reminder of what sim-dangers lie outside the town walls. Some might  treat the player like a warrior hero with honor. Some, like young single women, will be very friendly and not need any gold generosity.

                                Having friends! (sim-friends)


X15- BookMark Past.X20

There are about 11 bookmark days of Past-X20 (my life history), that I may sim-time travel to.  Each bookmark start is at 6:00am- my bedroom.  Bookmark history does not effect or change history of another bookmark.  I can start in a bookmark, live in it (Play) for as long as I want and go back to the same bookmark, to re-start it again.

I can save history on bookmarks with starmarks. Starmarks are bookmarks of bookmarks.          Regardless of made history in a bookmark, the bookmark has it's correct (accurate) programming as it was before. If I planted a cherry tree in bookmark1 and jumped to a later bookmark, a cherry tree would not be growing in bookmark2. The bookmarks are in X15. They are not in X20. The bookmarks simulate historical time settings of X20. The player makes new history from the starting point. That means the starting point (6:00am - my bedroom) of the bookmark is programmed with the past history of X20. Accurate potentiality should be programmed so that the bookmarks are satsifactorily realistic. A starmark is so that I can come back to a bookmark where it has new made retained history. If I bought an RV and a house in X15:Bookmark1, I can save the history and come back to the house and RV, instead of having to restart the time period and buy a new house/RV.  So if I have girlfriend sims programmed, bought items, built structures, sim-photos of newly made but old vacations, ect...  I can come back to those things instead of all of it being erased when I jumped out of it.             SO that means I could attend classes, do whatever I want, talk to sim-classmates, leave whenever I want with any sims I choose. I could even use an empty classroom as my apartment.

Sim-Classmate: "Mrs. Krobable, Max is driving a bulldozer in the grass outside and someone said he ordered 1000 pizzas at lunch for a pizza party! And he's smoking a cigar."

Teacher-Sim: "Max is so lovely. Let's all smile kindly to him when he comes back to class." 

Instead of listening to the things I already learned, all of my classes will be specific new college-level classes about interesting and useful information. Like instead of math class, it might be Bow and Arrow Projectile physics or specific animal studies like "The Jungle Iguana". I wouldn't have to take notes, take tests or even show up because the teachers would already agree about special classes.


X15Bookmark1= First Romantic Date Approx. 1999

X15Bookmark2= Other Romantic Date

X15Bookmark3= Day after I got my Driver's Lic. 1999

X15Bookmark4= One week before Winter Break (Sophomore)

X15Bookmark5= One week before Summer Break (Sophomore)

X15Bookmark6= Day before 1st day of Junior year . 2000

X15Bookmark7= One week before Winter Break (Junior)

X15Bookmark8= One week before Summer Break (Junior) 2001

X15Bookmark9= Day before 1st day of Senior H.S. 2001

X15Bookmark10= One week before Winter Break (Senior)

X15Bookmark11= One week before Summer Break Graduation (Senior) 2002

Mansion Beach! In X15B11, I want to buy 3 specific beach mansions in a row (1069 Briarfield MB, CA), on a private beach,  that are on the bay side, in Mission Beach. I want to connect the three beachhouses with construction efforts. I will invite my sim-friends over as well as bikini tourists on the boardwalk. I would probably own a boat on the bay. Sim-beer, sim-medication, sim-pizza, sim-steaks, sim-soda, sim-sand, sim-ocean, sim-firepits, lounging and meditation. I would like to ride a recreational wheeled equipment (skate, bike, ripple,) around the bay like once a day.(SeaDo's too) (not combined with alcohol and/or medication!) Fly kites. Rc boat/helicopters. I would drop lots of gold coins and diamond jewelry on the beach. Even from there, the bookmark beach mansion CAR world, I could perfect my MyDesignedCAR programming with the computer, in my living room on a PC.

On my cell phone "Hey is that you? Why don't you come over to mansion beach?"


Note* In X15, I would make a rule that if any male-classmate-sims wish to visit my mansion, only skateboarder-sims will be allowed because part of the interior of one of my mansions is an indoor skatepark. There might be a segregated construction, so that no skateboarder-sims are in direct contact with me and my sim-girlfriends. We might watch them skateboard below from the balconies. If any of my sim-girlfriends steal beers and throw beers down to the skateboarder-sims, if they throw up or pass out, I might not even yell at them. I might be like "Yo, dudes..!".. and throw them down sleeping bags and prize bags.


ALL BOOKMARKS OF PASTX20 should be programmed to have:

  • no psychic feedback, no ghost-whispers (no psychic sim-dialogue, no animal verbality, no CG ghost whisperer)
  • Player is 99% invincible
  • MCCU,  MATRIX Credit Card Unlimited
  • Deactivated Emergency response experiences (no police experience). For realism, if Police and ambulance drove around the streets commonly, but never interact with the player, that wouldn't be so bad.
  • I have my current body, but none of the Sims notice that I have a 29 year old body. (no body change)
  • In X15, I may often use the phazer setting "Pulse:Delete Sim-Male Population".


The Phazer Portal Action is:

  • Set CAR world
  • Fire "Portal" at wall or air
  • Portal opens up (like the video game "portal", where I can see into my bedroom)               I should be able to have a CGP follow with me through the portal to the next CAR world. (Like stepping through a window size hole in the wall.)



So let's think about it with the droids like a run through....

  1. I set my phazer to X15Bookmark3 (X15B3)
  2. A portal opens up. I can see my bedroom. I jump through.
  3. I am then in X15B3. I do whatever I want. I might then take one of my parent's automobiles, or walk, to the bank. I withdraw money, buy my own automobile, maybe go to school late, or go to school the next day, buy my own stuff, (like a dirt lot to park an RV or an apartment), do whatever I want.
  4. I decide I want to try starting out in X15Bookmark5 and jumpt to X15B5.
  5. I do whatever I want in X15B5 (for many months or any length of time). Then I decide I want to travel to a different CAR. I set a Starmark. I jump out.
  6. Then when I want to jump back to that time in the Bookmark (Starmark (save point)), I set the Phazer to X15B5S1, and jump back.

When a CGP gets phazed, the other CGP Sims will act as if they don't notice or that they completely forgot about the phazed-CGP sim. Whenever a classmate is phazed, a new female classmate appears at school as a new student. In some Bookmarks, I might phaze my parents. In other bookmarks, I might phaze my classmates and have all of the students female (except for me).  I might build additions to my house in some bookmarks to make it a huge mansion or I might buy my own house or do something strange.



Phazer Applications

A CHRONO-Log = A chronological log, part of the phazer, that remembers which CAR world I am in, which ones I have been to, how old I am, how sim-old I am in CAR world,  and some other needed information. It should light up like an application of a cell-phone as part of the phazer.

A DATA-Grabber =  I can use Data-Grabber as a superior search engine feature for information about the CAR world that I am in.    Example* What is my class schedule? How many moon bases are near this planet? Where can I find the magical items that the gnomes spoke of (CAB)?


A SHRINK-Ray = Similar to a video game called Ratchet and Clank, I could use the phazer to shoot myself with a shrink ray. It is painless and I would change size to the size of 1/100, 1/20, 1/10, 1/2, normal, times 5, times 20 to enlarge my virtual terrain.  The phazer shrinks accordingly with me.              I may use a phazer application of "enlarge" to change a normal-height-sim into a giant sim. I probably wouldn't want to shrink sims. (Creepy!)

A Clack= (Weapon Storage)The phazer has the capability programming to morph into a new weapon to be fired. Unlike the phazer, the Clack App. can hinder sim-physical damage. (Blow up a wall or trashcan). All of the Clack weapons would be flawless and programmed to "not fire" at close proximity matter. (Player can't harm self.) If the phazer morphed into a Space-Rifle, ...instead of 1 phaze = 1 sim-kill, the space-rifle damage would be 3 fires = 1-sim-kill. 1 shot might make the enemy/target run away.


1. PULSE= To instantly reprogram(CHANGE PROGRAM) or delete all sims in the sim-world, (instead of individually).  Example "Pulses":

  • Delete Sim-Male Population
  • Mute all Sims
  • Tranquilize all Sims


A RoomScanner= If I want to ride a limousine around in sim-medieval times world, I can use the roomscanner application. Close door to room/garage. Fire Roomscanner Application (Load Room/copy). Portal jump to other Sim-world. Unload app on open terrain. All things in the scanned room will appear in the new sim-world space designation (paste).


X9- A murder massacre simulation could be at a mall, within the city vicinity. It would be neat if instead of citizen type humanoid sims, a setting could change them to:

  • Skin-less robots wearing clothes
  • Green alien buggies
  • Monsters
  • Zombies
  • ect.

There could be a weapons vault stash in the mall. When weapons are fired, some crowds would flee and then some rooms and sections, the sims act normal (as if they didn't hear the shots.) It would be like a mini-CAB where I could shoot up a bunch of enemies (some might appear innocent) and then get lunch at the foodcourt of the mall, with a bunch of sim dead bodies laying all over the place.


X85- Video Game world CAB/ "Command and Conquer/Field Commander"

 Similar to the games *Command and Conquer/Field Commander*, I may portal into the simulated-battlefield and use all of the weapons and vehicles from the vehicle's driver/operator seat, using my hands. The soldier/grunts are radio-controlled Droids that I can use. I may take their place to fire rifles at programmed-enemies, however my simulated-presence does not need to follow the programmed terrain grid of movement. If I'm battling in a tank/helicopter or any vehicle and if the sim-vehicle that I am riding will be "blowing up"/exploding on the immediate next round, then a team of some of my favorite sim-girlfriends, wearing all camouflage and bullet proof vests/helmets, hover an evac helicopter to my vehicle door, so that I can escape before the vehicle explodes, for game-play.  Or, because I'm invincible,  if the helicopter that I'm riding explodes, I then fall (30 ft.) through a fireball onto the ground, without pain, unscathed and undamaged.  I may use the phazer as a PSP, to control the battlefield. I may use the phazer as a PSP from any vehicle, building, ground, mountain....any type of view I want to see of the theater of battle

X17- All Female Sims

Some are naked, some are in underwear, some are clothed. They go about normal lives in public. All types and ethnicities. They are all friendly and obey the one man who is in the world, The Player.  Any sim-world that I use Phazer-Application  "Pulse: Delete Sim-Male Population"

 Note* The difference between VIP-World and All-female-sims-world is that VIP-World is completely sim-population-desolate until I place sims. All-female-sims-world is fully stocked with female-human-sims.                                     At the beach in VIP-World, I might replace concrete-benches with couches in the sand, with sun shades to lounge on with my sim-friend, who I invited out of the sun-bather-sims on the beach, for example.

X115- Giant Mansion

A CAR world where everything is 10 times as big, except me. It would be fun to climb all over my giant sim-girlfriends and repel furniture. No sim-house cats! I suppose it could be set at a mansion on a private beach with 6 sim-women giants, who are beautiful and friendly. They never need to leave the mansion  and they are very careful. When they sleep, they never roll over. They sleep in one position.

X116- Giant Mansion 2

Everything is 20 times as big, except me. There is a different set of sim-women girlfriends than X115. The mansion is on a private lake with no animals.

Note* Or maybe the phazer is capable of a "shrink ray" where any sim-world can become even more gigantic.


X201- Historical House Neighborhood

What if a very large suburbia was a collection of houses on streets of historical figures of the past. (That means the perimeter fencing of one house would have to be copied and pasted to the perimeter fence of another house). I'm not sure if the computer would be able to replicate exact houses from hundreds of years ago?,. Many historical figures probably had really big yards like 100's of acres...?/.... Should  the historical figure sim be living in the sim-house?        I'm not sure if that one would work but it might be jump worthy.


 Sim-Future World is not only future Earth, but it is also unlimited sim-outer space and  sim-planets. Should the planets of media-examples like "Star Wars: Endor" be part of the futureworld-outerspace category? The sim-Movie world should be seperate and only phazer portal accessible.




So why am I here now? (X20) 

This is my world from where I was born. Understandings are structured  to a commonality know as daily life and history. Would I not go insane in some worlds, without understanding certain sociological concepts, human behavior, rules of patience, discipline? But perhaps I am attempting to make sense of my misfortune, my CAR preset of poverty, no sex and living in a world where the aristocracy triumphs with idiocracy and voting has an invisible effect on the world around me.

In the CAR machine;

What if the terrain maps of the current planet, Earth,  were part of a much more giant planet.  (x1000) Thousands of times more islands, deserts, mountains, forests, rainforests, densely inhabitited. Some inhabited by rare animals, super-natural creatures like e-woks, dragons, monsters, ghosts, lepercons,  and other magical creatures, some evil and some not.

So within that planet, there could be a constant solidarity timing of existence, (example* If you plant a tree with a seed, 1,000 years later it will grow very gigantic).  SO, one could have a coffee at the cafe in Los Angeles and then take a few months boat ride to a completely new continent, that would be vaguely charted and welcoming adventure.

Gone Happy?                                                                                                            G.H. 


I want millions of dollars. Realistically-> I'd like to find $8,000 cash (80 $100 bills) on the ground. Not in small amounts that add up over time. I want to find the money in one bunch, like a stack with a paper tape band around it. Or maybe inside a water bottle.

It will be fun to buy real estate property, slightly rural maybe, build a 30 ft. wall around it and invite my sim-friends to sun-tan in my yard. I imagine the cut-lawn to be an excellent place to lounge, bbq, smoke sim-cannabis, drink soda, listen to music, listen to the birds playing in the trees. The door to the house may be an underground passage that leads from grassy stairs in the lawn. Easy to build. Plenty of relaxing privacy and exciting sim-friends. I think I will invite groups of 7 or 8 sim-friends per session. If I want them to spend the night or the season, there will be plenty of room.

                  WHAT I NEED MORE OF, IN MY CAR:


                                                                   Money. Thus, Opportunity.  Thus, entertainment/relaxation . Thus, Success.   =    Comfort (+/- Bravery)


Special Simulations -

Freefall Skydiving- skydiving, without the ground. Snooze, meditate, spin, float, get a really good hair drying session with all that computer generated wind.

CGP Massacre Murdering- Running around a shopping mall of the enemy... I would like to shoot the computer generated people with a hand gun from 20 ft. away and then charge their dying body and stab them with a sword, to finish them off. Crossbows will be handy as well.       Perhaps they could appear as robots, zombies, monsters, aliens..?!

Stunt Piloting/ POD type vehicle Racing

Candy Land / Gourmet Dinner Land- Everything edible and delicious. Bite into the street sign for that beef brisket delicacy.   

Fire Forming- Playing with fire in a special way. Fire is like water and you can burn the surroundings without hurting yourself.                       

Sexual Dream Date- Beautiful women.

Ocean Wave Surfing- If there are sharks, they don't bite. 

Low Gravity Sports - fun floaters.

Celebrity Hotel- A hotel filled with every Sim - Celebrity. " Hi celebrity, do you want to get a cup of coffee down at the bar?"

Live Action War Reenactments (LAWR)- World War II, Civil War, Jewish Wars, Medevial Wars, Ect. 



 CAB- X93


Intended Enemies: the greedy, the traitors, the ones lacking morals, the cheaters, the despicables, the conspirators of falseness.

Like Duke Nukem's enemies, alien monsters, they will become. Some will have hands some will not. And they will know that they are ugly. And until I meet them with weapon fire, they will rue the day that they abused the gift of life and did not help their brother man and allow him to prosper.


It sounds foul  but don't forget: 

  • Sims have no   rights,    feelings  or           thoughts
  • Sims should  not  be programmed  "against the player". Not  audio teasing or and not future-oportunity-destroying

The majority of bad annoying CGPs will commit suicide (almost sad but they're not real)  by swimming out to the ocean to drown or just disappear to later turn into the monstrocities of creatures that attack.  The female CGPs will hide and cringe with fear, hoping and waiting for a hero to protect them.  (When the CGPs die, should they disappear?)

Underground civilizations, soon turned into tombs and deteriorated prisons of the innocent .. .

 ...will become the battlefields and the tomb raided explorations of organized chaotic weapon fire attacks.


Special Programming Criteria (Super.natural.extras):  (*note* The phazer's applications could be the following:)

Gravity Belt- So I can jump 5 to 6 stories onto buildings. And off! 

The sensation would probably be something like walking on the moon, with low gravity. It could probably be turned on and off with a switch and the realism could be explained by electro-magnetic field science.

Omni - Digital Weapon Port- One object, about the size of an i-pod, could be a small computer that is a weapon selector transformer.  

As if the ODWP, or AKA "clack", transforms into the different weapons itself. You would have to find, somewhere in the level,  the upload for the special weapons in order for the Clack to be able to authoritize and spawn it into being, seemingly.  

The weapon, regardless of it's power, would weigh only about 3 lbs.  

So it's like a light saber that extends out, but instead, it's a shotgun or a handheld nuclear missile launcher, or whatever weapon codes have been uploaded to it.

Instead of having to carry a bag with 10 different rifles, weighing hundreds of pounds, it would all be condensed into a small device.

 Money Detector-  The plastic strips inside bills will set off a "beep, beep, beep!" sound from such an amazing device. Money to buy food, motel rooms, and all those extra goodies I like. Some Guy says--> "No that's stupid, use a phazer or something."


Perhaps with their conspiracy exposed, their looted wealth discovered and their trail of escape sighted...

   The hatches will be opened, and they, the brave, whom are still man, will venture.


   "Duke Nukem, this is Max Kremer, over." 

 Let's say(that means: Computer, you must program this CAB simulation for me.) ...

If I get hurt or shot dead, I float up from the battlefield conscious, without pain, and return to the starting point with 100% health or instead of sim-dying, I, the player, am invincible but when I get shot, I feel a light electronic shock sensation. If my health points are too low, maybe i have to drop all my gear (except the phazer) and walk back to the starting point or save point?. I DON"T WANT TO BE HARMED.

Perfect health is feeling great, energetic...healthy. One can maintain  health with diet. Food and hydration. 

The programming is to do more than wipe out the enemies in the levels. I can stay and live and go through the empty malls with loaded up shopping carts! (of sim-stolen merchandise)  Find food, treasures, wisdom. Build. It's like the sidelines/edge of the computer-world. The out of bounds. The secret cheat codes.  


So, it's like really being in the video game but instead of putting the game on pause or turning it off, ..I  can live inside it.   

Sims should never steal from me. (They may not steal my phazer.)



X105- Celebrity

Step into the CAR world where everything is programmed for the player to live as a himself, a celebrity. Magazine covers, television, radio, billboards, shocked breathless fans! Mansions, friends and celebritism!!!


X106- President

Probably not as fun as X105.




CAB - X75 

The Mystery Luxury like Sherlock Holmes CAB\

Sim-Time travel back to 1790 to Europe as a wealthy Colonial American Ambassador to ride the fancy trains and travel with a CGD (maybe just a CGR-CGP)  named Amy Sherlock-Holmes Stanberner, the robot daughter of Sherlock Holmes. Sleep and live in suites on the trains, investigate sim-murders, paranormal activity and sometimes fight demons, monsters and ghouls. With a bounty of wealth traveling with the very informational Amy, stay at inns and hotels and shop at plazas and magical places. Armed with a phazer (the phazer is sim-top secret and CGPs should not know the player is a sim-time traveler) and other weapons, emerge onto terrorized train depots and haunted cities to save the day and be congratulated and heroed by sim-citizens, sim-officials and sim-royalty and leaders.

Example CGP Dialogue: "I Say, how are those chaps making about at the Americas frontier?"

The top 1st class train suites have gold plated bathrooms, elegant bedroom, elegant dining room and even a private porch.

 "Always lock the porch door travelers. Some haunted mountain passes may be filled with leaping werewolves, captain's orders."

The food and maid service is 100% excellent. The trains travel through all of Europe and Amy, the CGD or perhaps CGR(CGP), is fluent in all languages as  a translator. Amy agrees in excitement if extra passengers stay in the train-suite. Amy is 99.9% realistic. Everything about her anatomy, sim-biologies, smells, is exactly like a real woman's, except she can be set to sleep for many days, snoring on/off, and she (it) doesn't need to eat very much food to stay strong and travel far. 


      X19- VIP World

VIP World starts out as a typical 2013 (sim-modern) world, however there is no sim-human population. 0%. Then, from different CAR worlds, I could bring sims to populate. I might start by populating sim-Mission Beach (San Diego) then other cities and then eventually maybe even other sim-countries.The sims do what I say of course and would usually stay in the city that they were transplanted. Per sim-city, one talented truck driver/grocery worker sim would be programmed to keep fresh sim-food stocked in at least one city grocery store. Some sims might be directed to do things similar as driving automobiles around the streets, to mimic a busy city. The terrain and property in X19 is exactly the same as X20 in current time, however all of the inhabitant-sims have vanished. All of their sim-property, things they made, vehicles, houses, possessions remain. I might need a pick and hammer for the locked doors before I tell my newest sim-friend guest "Okay, here's your new apartment. I hope you like it."




Because I will be populating (escorting sim-friends to) various sim-cities with special selected sims, I would

like to organize them according to what type of kissing I have done/will do with them. They will all start out in a uniform outfit of:

  • Black mini-skirt
  • High heels
  • Purple tank-top
  • Bra, underwear, stalkings

They will change outfits, called "level up", after they have reached new limits of activity brackets. Each activity bracket might be regarded about a place on the sim's body and reflects one type of clothing item. I think it's a fun way to be romantic.


  • 10 french kisses is a teal sweater with no bra
  • 100 french kisses is a set of hoop-earrings
  • 1000 french kisses is a pink strapless dress

The ultimate VIP sim outfit is a dinner gown with a golden diamond tiara.

If I tell them to put on different outfits, they obey, and then revert back to their "level outfit", when they are alone at their house.

That way, I can decipher the VIP sims among each other in an organized fashion. Plenty of fun.


I'm waiting. One-one-thousand, two-one-thousand, three-one-thousand, four-one-thousand.............. 

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