I wrote the following type-e-mail to the California-Governor and the DOD, on Feb. 18, 2014. :

There are 2 types of concerns that I have.

  1. Physical world.

I am asleep-like in a virtual reality machine. I am a U.S. citizen/civilian. I am a Jewish man.

      2.   I am in sim-world X20.

I am homeless. I am an Army veteran. I have invented intellectual property. I am stalked and harassed by sim-people who read my mind and call themselves “droids”.

There are 2 types of legal death I would like to deal, via the system that is our cherished United States of America.

  1. Physical world. I request the termination of “moderators” who irresponsibly failed to provide me constitutional prosperity with lack of prejudice.
  2. Sim-world X20. I request that all defective-programmed-sim-people  to be virtually assassinated, bearing ground that sim-people “Have no rights”. I request that the sim-people be virtually assassinated on my count and at my direction. Virtual fratricide is neither treason nor unjust in any circumstance, as the fact of the matter is “Sim-Americans are not Americans”. 

As I have brought attention of this issue to ordained officials of Government title, I remind them that knowingly allowing my rights to be violated is treason on their part. I have supplied additional information on my website; www dot ijcm dot yolasite dot com. I recommend that any ordained official of Government title should grant/program “Quarters Housing” for me in sim-world X20 as soon as possible.

P.S. Any type of psychological training, against my will and/or without pay is an illegal violation of my rights. I am not a soldier. I am a civilian/citizen. Slavery is foreceful assignment with the amount of pay as food. Slaves must eat.


Your fellow American,

Maxwell M. Kremer

Male Age:30



Click the pic below to visit The differnece between CAR and CYBERSPACE Page

I, Maxwell Kremer, am a real person. Therefore, I have real person rights.


I have not yet killed a CGP, a CGD or a real person, in the CAR machine Matrix, or in the physical world. 

I am a good person. I am very brave. I am very smart. I am very understanding. I have very strong philosophical powers.


         Insults/Harassment = CRIME


I am not afraid of the ghostly whispers. I am not afraid of the alien-like whispers of the wind from the vehicles, roaring by on the side of the road. I see lights. I associate the lights with the whispers.  

  • I have the right to not be taunted by whispers and voices.
  • I have the right to not be taunted by CGPs or CGDs.
  • I have the right to prosper.


It's like I've been a freelance matrix human detective. I'd like to have a lot of money so that I can dress good, smell good and feel good. (Because I don't and don't want to steal.) I want to get paid. I want to buy.


The world is mine. It does not belong to Droids-CGDs and certainly doesn't belong to CGPs.


If the slander and mind games, the whispers and stalking, if it's from matrix law enforcement or matrix military, I would like to charge them. (who else would it be from?) I would like to fire them. I would like to imprison them. I would like to sue them. I would like to disassemble them and/or send them back to their maker.

Every minute that passes, without them offering me a settlement of money, is a minute that their falseness dictates their existence. The logs are recorded. I will not forgive them. I hate them. They do not serve me. They serve a sickness. They do not serve. They pretend to serve. They eat and drain and take and do not give back, after they have taken when their job is stop those who have taken. They were the ones that took. If they do not give, then they are nothing because they were only what they were supposed to do right.


                In terms of me pretending that I am not in a CAR matrix, as if I am concious in the physical world, for the sake of realism/reality. I am willing to sue the United States of America for $3.8 million. I remind everyone that I am not a traitor for taxing Uncle Sam, as a reader of his rules. I will spend, or keep, all of the money in the USA. I will not intentionally spend a single dollar in a foreign country. I will spend the money with a course of American stregtheness and beautify owned scenery instead of making "eye-sores".

   Lawsuit 1

I am obligated to sue my Country's Government, The United States of America, for;

  1. Gross Company Misconduct.
  2. Incompetence during war time; inability to halt, capture weenume obvious chameleon-like spies. (The best spies would be able to invade the Government and hold powerful positions.) * Media propaghanda would be designed by it to strengthen public acceptance and smooth out counter rational domestic defensive thinkers. EXAMPLE* People posing as "black", "African-American" on television commercials, shows, movies, music, ect. A man wants to be a woman?= Insane! Criminal Spies! It would have been easy for the governments (they change every 4 years) to say "Hey buddy, No spies!" But instead, perhaps private foreign interests have swoon the domestic government (or maybe they were murdered) with monetary incentives, that have apparently incopacitated their leadership skills, which, combined with outer war and criminality, has made the nation a sick, demented, hypocrotic, majoritively unprosperous wasteland, where the corruption thrives as long as one has the money to pay for it.
  3. Right to Prosper; I have been homeless for over 3 years. Where were the social workers? Where was the V.A.? How many job offers did I receive?
  4. Police -Citizen Endangerment; How many arrests did they make around me? How many stings did they do?
  5. Sexual Harrasment by an off-duty official person; I am not gay/bi. I will never be bi. If I am a homeless person, I have the right to makesexuals comments to the women of my choice. (criteria: 18+, single) Off-duty professional people get that $50,000 paycheck and are paid tonot act foolish, even when they're not at work. It makes their boss look bad. It means they immature unprofessionals that have mental problems.
  6. Jewish Conguership by enemy-war Politics; I should not have to be a Jewish victim if the Muslims took over all the synogogues and won't give me any money. Tzedakah is part of Judaism, but so is owning a house and having Shabbat dinner. Jewish people are protected by The Constitution. Muslims are protected by The Constitution. There's not a good reason why war-politics should effect protected citizens.  Although, if they were religious enemies, (foolish, 3rd party brainwashed/influenced) one enemy might influence the other to sniff baking soda in front of a secret camera and then the next thing they know, they don't have protection because they're not law-abiding citizens.
  7. Bad Food; A lot of bad food at grocery stores/shops.
  •  Whispers communicate insults to me on a constant basis.
  • Pain and sickness is part of my normal sensations.
  • CGP/CGDs communicate insults to me on a constant basis.
  • My level of prosperity is low, collecting cans for pennies of dollars of money.  I don't have enough MONEY to have a comfortable home, clean unsuspicious clothes and normal things that make individuals in a society normal.
  • I have very seldom, vague, unhappenning opportunities to mate with women or even have moments with them that make me feel like an attractive, liked, normal person.
  • I am filmed, watched, stalked against my will. I am overly monitored.  



"Give Max 50 million dollars (matrix money) or his own 'MY DESIGNED CAR' powers."



"When Max gathers enough data about who, what , where , when, why, Max may decide how to punish them."




Thus, I would like to sue,  a lawsuit, for

  1. Breaching MY














Lawsuit 2

With understanding that I am truely a real person in a computer game, with rational philosophies, I claim that no person, of the physical world or CAR Matrix world, has the right to punish, do crimes upon, intentionally repeatedly annoy someone or even bother a real person in the CAR machine. The real person in the CAR machine is termed "The Player". It is true that it is a scientific mystical miracle to be an immortal inside a computer game, however player(s) have rights. There is no reason for a player to be unpleased, due to an outer or internal control setting. If the player is forced to undergo psychological conditioning, for any reason, it is an Un-Constitutional crime. There should be no snakes and in-edible apples in the Computer Generated World, that is like the Garden of Eden. It is true that the more struggle, strife and pain a real person has had, the more complicated and interesting it's personality, soul-caliber, habits and mind is. However, if players want to live in worlds of pain, for that reason, they may not commit crimes on other players, but instead, what they should have done, is programmed thought-provoking CGPs that are able to mimic pain. If players are painless, and such have deemed "annoying" personalities, perhaps no one should monitor them.        With that being said,       I press charges on the Un-Constitutional CAR Matrix controller and demand that I be granted MY DESIGNED CAR abilities.


Psychological Warfare, targeted on American citizens is illegal. If I use my mind to combat illegal psychological warfare, then I call what I do Psychological Defense. I don't use physical violence. I have the right to not be harassed.

Psychological warfare = repetitive unwelcomed communication, targeted on a specific individual (Audio)


Note* The enemy would do psychological warfare.


Commentation* Should the psychological-warfare-group be terminated by sound-weapons? (Sound wave cannons)




Being paid "food" for work is slavery. Slaves need to eat food. They are still slaves after they eat.  

If I am in CARBAL, then I am a SLAVE.

If I am in CAR machine, then I am not a slave.

I am a U.S. citizen/civilian. If the CAR machine Owner/Moderator/Encapsulator is not the U.S. Government/U.S.Agency, then the owner/moderator/encapsulator is guilty of holding a U.S. citizen prisoner, as the CAR machine Owner/Moderator/Encapsulator has violated one or more of the U.S. Citizen's Rights (Player's Rights). If the CAR machine owner/moderator/encapsulator is the U.S. Government/U.S. Agency, then the CAR machin owner/moderator/encapsulator has commited treason and the owner/moderator/encapsulator must be breeched by extra U.S. military force, resulting in the U.S. citizen's new grantance of freedom.

My (Maxwell's) New Grantance of Freedom Programmings requested:


  • Phazer
  • MCC


  • Female-sims to be programmed to invite heterosexual relationship
  • No sim-harassment
  • $50,000,000

   Ideal Minimal Prosperity..  =

  1. About once a week, a woman asks me if I want to come to her house.
  2. About once a week, someone asks me if I want a job or need to make honest money.
  3. About once a day, someone gives me charity because I am homeless.
  4. Sim-realistic Opportunities are programmed.


' Immediate Resolution: As specified on page My Designed CAR, Simantha, the beautiful sim, hands me a phazer and says something like "It's party time!"   '






CGP CRIME LOG  R=Radio/Singer Harassment  

                                                                                            W=Whisper Crime    

                                                                                             H= CGP Vocal Harassment 


South Lake Tahoe

May 3, 2012 








May 4, 2012-May 8, 2012


May 9 -May 17, 2012


May 18 - May 22, 2012


1. BlueGo Bus sprayed gas at me.

2. (-) CGP gave me $3 at Taco Bell.




3. (-) CGP gave me $10 at grocery store.








(-) CGP gave me $5.


  • If I had to fight to protect Judaism (Torah burning, Jews being attacked), then I would say "Well, no, I was denied girlfriends, shabbat dinner invitations, Hannukah and holiday celebrations, respect, honor...", then forcing me to fight would be a crime.
  • If I had to fight to protect the U.S. (Castle USA), then I would say "Well, no, my CAR experience was Unconstitutional and if you're Unconstitutional then you are the enemy in the first place.
  • If I had to fight for a foreign country or private company, I would say "Well, no, I mean, wait, what, am I a prisoner?"
  • Humans don't need to fight in war. Machines and droids are more than capable of going "Click." 

                     Therefore...I am in the CAR machine matrix to have fun and be happy. Something is wrong.
                              Thus, a new war.
Master Computer Programmers/Moderators Options:

                               GIVE MAX A MCC (Matrix Credit Card) and his MyDCAR.
    In the physical world, how much does/would a virtual reality machine cost? $3,000? So because I'm Jewish and joined the U.S.Army, they gave me/put me in a CAR machine... But it's Unconstitutional (Bad, sort of like life mixed with hell.) They were supposed to give me my own "magical" matrix credit card. And they were not supposed to conspiracy harass me, attempt to convert me to homosexuality, or violate any of my rights. So I'm waiting for my matrix credit card to make it all better. Is a matrix credit card in my CAR world like when one plays a video game and enters the cheat code to instantly have all of the goodies? Well until I get the MCC, I could be collecting $100 bills from the ground instead of peices of trash (recyclables) worth .05 cents.
    Finding $100 bills on the grounds =   PROSPERITY
    Finding .05 cent pieces of trash on the ground =   POVERTY 
    Harassed by CGPs =   CRIME
    Not being able to terminate CGP harassers =   VICTIMIZATION

 Click pic above  Real Person Rules Page

                below CGP Constitution and Laws Page



Kill and destroy all CGPs that do any of the following:

  1. Karaoke sing songs on the radio about homosexual or annoying things
  2. Say anything offensive to me
  3. They violate any laws or sim-laws
  4. Note* If they are not a CGP and are a Player who offends me, they should not be destroyed because they are probably only weak-minded and a victim to their bio-brain-chips. However if they commit any crime on me they should be arrested. 


                       If sims say annoying, offensive or rude comments, their dialogue pursuades me to want to hit them in the face with a baseball bat and then beat them to death.

When I have a phazer, I'm going to attack the sims, upon hearing their offensive comment.

Is the reason that the computer programs the sims to be annoying so that I will activate violence upon the sims (beat sims to death with a baseball bat)?

I do not have a phazer. Until I have a phazer, I will never attack a sim.

So, the reason that the computer programs annoying sims is either:

  • To make Max think painful emotions
  • To make Max think painful emotions so that he will attack the sims

I need a phazer to protect me against extra sims.Until I have a phazer, I will verbally command the computer to "shoot the sims in their heads with a handgun."  When I have a phazer, I will personally attack the sims.

                                      So thus, if the computer programs sims to annoy me, then the computer needs to give me a phazer or ensure that sims are programmed to always be friendly/pleasant.


NOTE* x20-sims should always be friendly/pleasant. Enemy-CAB-sim are supposed to be hateful.

I am not in CAB. I don't have a phazer. I am in CAR. Enemy-sims in CAB could be refered to as "monster-sims". Monster-sims should envoke hate. X20-Sims should be programmed to be peaceful/nice.

X20-Sims should be programmed to not say agression-inspiring words, similar to:

  • "raper"
  • sexual harassment words
  • ethnicity harassment words

(I, Max,  can say anything I want. I'm an American Human.)

It seems as though the CGP enemies represent criminals of the law, that are angry and scared that I have the right to be racist. As if, they expected everyone to like them regardless. 

If they're so stupid, I will teach them that they should be kind, generous, smart, pretty, polite, funny , talented, understanding, patient, cheerful and proper, if they want people to cherrish them.

Hey, I might also have the right to kill them someday. Where is their art? Why doth they implore non-heterosexual communication? My birds will fly good on my farm, with or without them, somewhere in the universe.

I don't want to kill anyone though.

I want My Designed CAR.


FACT: A sleep-like person that has never left their matrix-pod is 100% innocent of ever committing a crime.

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