My Name: 


                    Maxwell "Max" Kremer :  (Cray-mer) (Kree-mer)

My names has a suggestive connotation of a military destiny.

It alludes to or suggests ideas about:

*Screaming Eagles 82nd Airborne

*Ice cream cone jump wings

*Max - like macintosh plural (No I am not an  android. I am human.)

*"Ice Cream" in Hebrew

*"More Creation" "More to Walk" in Spanish

*Acts Welcomer


*I'm Actual, Can(t) remember.

*Makes Wheel, Carries Ember (fire).....Wizard!

*Master Aimer

*Maxwell M. Kremer    Makes you swallow them Creams (-er. One who does)

* "Carry a Mirror."    K _ R_ E_ M_ E_ R_


*Cray = Early computer   Mer = Mer-maid? Crayfish? The CAR machine pod is underwater, as if it's an underwater treadmill virtual reality?

My name could be translated as a sexual inuendo. I think that's about being a human (a male mammal) and a part-semite. If anyone thinks it is a homosexual reference, then that means they are probably homo-bis or homobi minded. It's like an ink stain on  a white paper where a psychologist asks you "What do you see?" Since it's my name, I will explain that it is a heterosexual reference, if any.

Hebrew Name: Chaim Aliyah (Hime Uh-lee-ah)

*Hebrew Meaning - "Life steps forward"..... (Airborne!)

*Hi, I'm an ally, yah.


Mother's Name: Judi Ware

*Jewish Software



Innitials: MMK





My Mother's Father was a U.S. Army Airborne paratrooper. Also, two of my uncles were. That makes me an Airborne legacy.



Kerem = "spring" in Hebrew, water spring, well, or cyborg metal-spring part (?)

Mac= short for Maccabee

Emer-ald = Jewel


NOTE* Jessica Simpson celebrity named her daughter "Maxwell".   Hey, Maxwell is a male name! 

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