Since I am a real person, then I am the center of the universe, in the CAR machine matrix video game.

 Droids/CGPs were designed and exist to serve man?     I should be treated kindly as a king.  

             "Wear a hat." 

"True angels need no reward."

Humans do actions because of ambition. Droids do actions because of a program.

 "If someone is in the CAR machine video game matrix, they should have fun, and they should have the ability to have fun (money)."

"Heroes murder. Super-heroes knock unconscious." 

If one likes someone, then one wishes to talk to the someone.

If one likes someone, then one wishes to bestow gifts and prosperity to the someone.

If one dislikes someone, then one wishes to not talk to someone.

    "A player may  need to be a Jedi in only futuristic/Star Wars movie sim-world(s). In other worlds, he needs not to be a Jedi."

I can sim-kill at any moment. The only weapon I need is a club. How would the CGPs react? How would that change their programming? Sure, I might be able to find 100 matrix-dollars in the CGP's purse, but getting attacked by CGPs and waking up in a prison hospital is not worth $100. No, I would rather wait to be a millionaire, but I want it now. I don't want to wait.

"The gage of  'courage' can only be examined with the extremity of 'suicidal' missing."  Suicidal is not Brave. Suicidal is Insane.

If the encapsulators are not my enemies, they are no doubt not my friends. Why would someone-(A) want a person-(B) to be impoverished and harassed in a virtual reality machine?

(A) is stupid or evil.

If (A) wants (B) to be poor/harassed, then (A) wants (B) to die and not be in the CAR machine. If (B) is in the CAR machine, then (A) is incapable of killing out (B). If (A) can't kill (B), then (A) must follow laws. If there are laws, then (B) can kill (A) with law. 

(B) = me

(B) wants to kill (A).

(A) wants to kill (B).

(A) committed crimes on (B).

(B) committed no crimes.

(B) is smart and nice.

If (A) thinks that breaking the law/ being mean to (B) is to make (B) a soldier....:

(A) is enemy.

(B) is not droid.

(A) "trains" (B) to kill (A).

If (B) is a POW of (A), someone (C) must/might rescue (B). If  (A) is already dead and (B) is still a POW, (C) must help program maximum prosperity for (B).

"Life is the Magic of God. From there, the science of the Virtual Reality is contrived." 

Since in my CAR world, it is only CGPs, CGDs and myself, and CGPs/CGDs have no rights...   and if I sim-attack them, I will face an uncalcuable risen sim-enemy force. I must stay passive  while my rights are violated, and I am as a human refugee prisoner, amidst robots and solid holograms that drive mercedes, shop at designer sim-stores and sim-eat at fancy restaurants, while I collect cans, without a sim-home, unable to bathe and scorned during my sexual inactive abstinence in poverty of nearly ultimate discomfort.   So what's the problem? Did enemy droids take over the U.S. military?                           Reclaiming my prosperity by sim-attacking is not worth the risk of being sim-imprisoned. In sim-prison, at least I would have a place to sleep and sim-bathe, but I would have to smell enclosed rooms of feces, sim-eat unclean food, possibley be beat up, gay raped and get out to what? The same unprosperity?

                     I think I have to wait to be given a Phazer and MCC or My Designed CAR settings from the Master Computer, a player or from a physical world moderator. The way the CGPs/CGDs are programmed, it makes it more difficult to wait, stay hopeful and even stay sane, but what can I do? I am a human refugee prisoner inside a video game.                

                             " Prosperity is sought."


              "No sim-diseases are sought."



"The best armies are not based on Creed. They are based on Nation. Nation is land and fortress. Creed is kind and image."

                   Being Nice.

                       Is it unkind to kick a

 rock, a toaster oven or a

 mannequin? Is it unkind to kick a

 CGP?         nO.  It is sim-unkind.   


Actions of kindness are in regards to

 living creatures.


"The foolish criminal steals paper from a bank.

The wise criminal prints his own paper. All

 criminals are fools."

I should not try to impress sims, with my intelligence.

The reason to be rich is to have fun, be comfortable and to eat good food.

It is possible that everyone in this CAR world is a simulated person (CGP), except for me, and that I, alone, am tormented, at times,  in the video game. By computer glitches and mis-programming, or perhaps, that is what it seems like, I walk the computer generated roads with or without a guide. As if it was man vs. man, in my mind, then man vs. machine and now man vs. himself.   

Judging an android/droid/robot in terms of crime is similar to judging a gun that is used in a crime. As a gun is fired, a bullet flies out and a victim is struck, the gun is not to be blamed. The gun may be itemized to be destroyed, however the wielder of the gun is to blame. Thus, if a robot commits crimes, it must be destroyed and the originator of the robot's programming, and/or deployment, must be judged in court. (HUMAN ORIGINATION)


"If a droid is not nice to me, it should be put to death (destruction)."


"There is no way 


augment the truth. 

There are many 

ways to augment 

the explanation of 

the Truth." 

If I am in the CAR,  and if I destroyed someone in it, should I be punished, if that person is just a simulation?



                       "If knowledge appears, it is a blessing. If knowledge is difficult  to find, it is a quest. If the paths to knowledge are hidden, then one may not learn it." 

Killing is not neccesarily evil. Man is a territorial creature from evolution. Pre-man survived millions of years of evolution, killing beasts like deer, gorillas, bears, anacondas, bobcats, wolves, crocodiles, to survive and grow on. In mordern times, homocide is acceptable in certain situations that pertain to defense and protection. In religion, fratricide (Cane and Abel) is a homocidal lesson that explains that sometimes the mind is angry with free will and even loved ones might face homicidal wrath. In the legal system, illegal homicide is punished and legal homicide is rewarded. However, in modern times, video cameras, mics and expanding technology protect everyone from getting murdered.


A soldier, however may be a paid protector of a people of a land... A soldier is potentially intended to be a murderer.

He is one that turns off the organic computer of another. He is one that stops the actions of another by death terminating the other. He is a killer of man and machine. In his glory, he is the victor, the successful protector of his own. He is a murderer. He is a destroyer.

Perhaps with the invention of the CAR machine matrix, man may no longer have to kill another man, fore it is easy to forgive when man has immortal safety and infinite pleasure. Instead of building bombs and killer-machines, man may build computers, sustenance farms and medical pod aparati. And then, when all of man (98%) are safely encapsulated, perhaps the grudges may be abolished


through chess game-like simulated battles and competitions, where win or lose, no matter who they are, one may wish upon a star for what makes them happy.

                                                             !  Quibble Quabble STINK!









How come I am not a millionaire in the CAR? Why doesn't a breifcase, full of cash, appear in my path? As if it, the money inside, or the things it could buy, are real in the first place. Why would my understanding be, that, I, a bum, sleep on a piece of cardboard, instead of in a bed, in a room, with walls, in a house.     The rational answer..... Space War Training.    or... more specifically Immortal Existence Training....                          

                              'Welcome to military NASA, here's your cardboard box.'            

 God-Damn, the program setting needs adjustment and I shouldn't have to be homeless in the CAR machine any longer! I would say something like "Give me pleasure not pain, cool sunshine, not rain" (or atleast opportunities to not have to be sad and grey).  And besides, droids can fight, mine, terraform, ect. probably better than a man because they have no pain and they only think what they are programmed to think.


O.R.P (OLD REALITY PERCEPTION)= "I am concious in the physical world. I am not in the CAR world." (FALSE)

R.P. (REALITY PERCEPTION)= Work to make money. Money to buy things. Sim-crimes punished by CGPs.

My DCARP ( My Designed CAR Perception)= Invincible frolicker, no punishment.

Ignorant Realities

  • eating sim-food
  • paying for things with matrix-money
  • talking to CGPs/CGDs. Pretending that they are players
  • putting sim-gas in sim-automobiles
  • sim-laws of physics
  • obeying sim-laws
  • sim-working to earn matrix-money

 If I was granted My Designed CAR, it would change my reality perception. I have already lost old reality perception from enlightenment of being in the CAR and being around CGPs. Factors of R.P are time/date, understandings of how the world/country works, systems. (crime and police, sime-crimes and CGPs). So to have MDC, my R.P. would change to My.D.C.A.R.P. (Not an ignorant-reality).                          Example* "Well, I just phazed a CGP and sim-stole it's automobile, why doesn't a CGP police arrest me? Because I was granted MDC and the sytem, the CAR, doesn't have any CGP police in it. So the MyDCARP is that police are no longer in my CAR world. I could then do anything I wanted to CGPs and CGPs would never be programmed to hurt me.

           The place where I am, the clothes

 that I am wearing and the things that I

 am doing are all because of, a factor of,

 how much money I have.

If I'm walking somewhere in pain and

 tired and it's like "It's a damned terrible

 time.", it's not as if the computer is

 punishing me and controlling me with

 bio-chips, it's me walking where I have

 chosen to travel, because I don't have

 much money.

However, the factors of the computer

 punishing me (bad programming) are:

  • Having none or little money (little/inadaquet prosperity)
  • CGPs that mock, harass
  • CGP females that tease and don't sexually pleasure me 

                                                                              All laws were made up.

Laws are what people of the past proclaimed in regards to human action. If a caveman built himself a treehouse and said "anyone that comes in my treehouse must wear a rock on top of their shoulder." then that would have been the law. In modern times, laws are designed for (1) Human safety. and (2) Taxation. (Taxation is for human safety or private profiteering, scams) Safety is also mental safety. If upholders of the laws break laws, then they are no longer upholders of the law, but are a private militia of force. The illusion of law, the unnoticed absense of law, is what protects them. So by a law enforcer acting as though the law does not pertain to his inclusion (the law doesn't exist), and it was made up in the first place, then the law becomes a false-law.


"Hey you can't do that."

"Well, you did it."

"Yeah, but I do whatever I want."

"Then I want to do whatever I want."

"No, you can't because I have a gun, other organized fellows with guns and suirvaillance cameras."

"What if I hurt you, took your gun and fought the other people with guns?"

"Then you could do whatever you want." 


So in the matrix, an isolated computer system, operating on constant laws of physics, someone does crime to another, for what reason?

  • Vendetta?
  • Perversion?

So thus, false-authority has breeched the CAR machines.

Well, what are laws? Laws are created ideas for human activity, in designated land territories for humans of that land territory.

If the law is not upheld, but is not abolished, a seperate upholder of the law is empowered to, in the simplest respect, to kill murder execute the defective failed upholder of the law.

And thus, the law, once concieved, written on paper and then actuated into human activity, still exists.

If any crime is commited on a player, the moderators of the player are liable.

So, as man is still man, even after being put in a mchine, laws are still laws. And since man is incapable of breaking laws from inside his machine (unless he is networked with other players) no crimes on him, as he is the victim, should occur, especially in extra terms of privatized sub-law, unofficial rules of human activity.

                   It's like "No, I don't like that guy. He's ugly. Punch him in the stomach. Let's do whatever we want."   Well, if everyone did whatever they wanted (crimes in the physical world) why doesn't somebody kill you and take all your money?

                    And then if they think "Well, I'm very powerful. I have utilized the system and now I'm going to destroy it and make my own rules." Then the system would rely on Supreme Able Assassination-sim to protect the flag, castle (country) and it's laws.

Authority = Duty

Authority does not equal privledge.

So a weak-minded authority might say "So what, am I a slave?"

AND THE ANSWER IS: "Yes, but you get paid, and you might get murdered if you fail your obligation, until you relinquish your authority."

Big job, big responsibility, big consequence.


Is collecting 5 cent pieces of trash prosperity?No.


Should the protectors of prosperity be paid $4 a day?No, they should be fired.



 "Everything is in my mind."  

  If a CGP does a crime, but does not pay compensation, Why do rain drops fall on the ground when its raining?


A Computer Generated Person is not a person. It is a simulation. CGPs have no rights. They are not real people. The Torah and the Constitution/U.S. Laws are for real people.

  • Real Person 1 may not steal from Real Person 2.
  • CGP 1 may not steal from Real Person 2.
  • Real Person 1 may steal from CGP 1

           ...because only real people are allowed to own things and it wouldn't be stealing in the first place because no one owns it, if a CGP owns it, because a CGP is not real.  (I need to program that with the Police CGP/CGDs)

              If you take an apple from a tree, are you stealing from the tree? Some people call that farming. So what's the difference between a Computer Generated Person and a Computer Generated Tree? If the evil action of stealing is simulated, in the CAR, then it is not stealing.              Perhaps, simulated actions are only evil if the player is unaware that he is in the CAR. Killing could be evil. Killing is illegal. When one plays Super Mario Bros. and kills(sim-kills) a Koopa Troopa Turtle, is that evil? It's simulated killing, but there is no victim. So simulated killing is not killing. Simulated stealing is not stealing, unless the person being stolen from is a real person. Hey why did you steal my matrix-money? So laws are about real people as victims. Simulated golfing is golfing., since the factor of reality is without a real person victim. Simulated driving is driving. Simulated bowling is bowling. Simulated killing is not killing.

So how do we know a CGP cop wouldn't tackle a player for stealing(sim-stealing) a CGP's wallet? It depends on the CAR programming/setting.

"Commit no crime, and life is sublime. Make no foolish laws, and none will be broken.

Fire on the Sabbath

If you've done it once, then you've done it once. If you've done it twice,  then you've done it once and twice. If you've done it four times, then you've done it three tims, twice and once. If you've done it 100,000 times, then you've done it once.

Besides, isn't fire-making simulated fire making? Isn't a cheeseburger a simulated cheeseburger? So is that to say, a simulated cheeseburger is kosher because it isn't real?

 Droids have a loop hole in the justice system. Since they are not man, they apparently have no laws. However, the programmer of the doid and/or the deployer of the droid is responsible.  If a droid smashes up a bunch of parking meters and steals the coins inside, then it's deployer/programmer is responsible. The same goes for any other man crime that it commits as a human looking humanoid droid.

I was asking for spare change at the promenade and a guy said "Don't you know that it's illegal to ask for spare change in the city of Santa Monica?" I said something and then he flashed his badge and said "Step off."

Philosophy: If a police officer says "That is illegal, don't do that.", and does not arrest or cite, then it is not illegal. 

Especially in times of Martial Law, when America is at war and service men from the military are in the police department.



If (simulated) physical laws exist as they do, EXAMPLE* I can not walk through walls. and social laws exist as they do, EXAMPLE* It is illegal to get in someone's boat and sail off with it (stealing)., then why do CGPs break social laws?

 Because they are programmed to break social laws.

That means the programmer of CGPs (and whispers) breaks social laws. If the programmer is "above the law", he can not be because being "above the law" is a falecy. If one is above the law, then the law is not a law. If the programmer wishes to not break social laws via CGPs and Whispers, then the programmer needs to re-program CGPs and Whispers, and the programmer needs to give the player (myself) reimbursment of monetary value. My request of monetary value is atleast $1,000,000 U.S. dollar currency. (Matrix money, sim-money)





      GOOD MUST ACT          EVIL,  


            BUT NOT BECOME EVIL.


For good to combat evil, sometimes good must appear as evil.

 If my mind and body are  in a military matrix, that does not mean that I am in the military. I am a civilian. I was discharged from the military and am a civilian. That means that the law, the paper work, explains that I am a civilian. If the matrix disagrees, the it is defective. Because without legitimate legalities of official paper work, the military would not be the military, because the military is designed to protect official written law (amongst itself and civilians). So that means civilians can be in a military CAR machine matrix infastructure, amongst constant soldiers.

Thus, if I was woken up to put on battle armor to fight an enemy, it would be illegal because it is contrary to my official paper work contractions and would mean that the infastructure is it's own enemy.

Besides, super advanced android weapons of the future with ultimate science would fight, not man himself, as if war was not already obsolete.

 I don't want to be a hero, but I don't want to be a victim.

 One of their loopholes might be that they are not people.

If I captured an antagonist CGP, how many extra problems would I have? Perhaps in time, the CGP programming will be satisfactory.




"It's not one's fault

for not knowing what

     the world is." 



If the computer commits crimes on me through CGPs, should I commit crimes on "it", for "eye for an eye" justice? No. Since it is not a person, it is not liable. I should envoke justice on the computer moderator or creator instead. Is he a 1,000 year old man living his dream world fantasy as some sort of millionaire celebrity somewhere? Or did he punish himself and is now some sort of Lord of the Rings mountain hermit wizard holy man type? The crimes I talk (type) about are menial, but they add up and amount to a strong Un-Constitutional philisophical hinderance that is day-to-day injustice, a constant, continual crime.I don't want to be a victim. I wish to prosper. I wish to live immortal in a universe where man has the high place of intelligent existence and may utilize his mind to be as comfortabley happy as possible, regardless of effectual happenstance, with perfect cause/effect rationalities and complicated philosophies, understandings, thoughts and beliefs.

If  man creates droids, or computer generated people (droids without mechanisms), man should still be respected, praised and blessed to live forever comfortabley by or of them. As if, the reason for man's existence is to be happy. The droids/CGPs were created to serve man if not to attack him. If the droid/CGPs are his enemy, then the master programmer of the droids/CGPs is to blame. Therefore, man's enemy is still man, but man's weapon is in the form of man(humanoid android). Unless an e.t. is the master programmer. Then man's enemy is the e.t. that built the look-a-like men. But to what degree? What damage? What annoyance? More than a chess game perhaps but in a world of order, damage is matched with compensation.  

                                                 This doesn't look fun either.            "Courage should be rewarded."

Why am I subjected to the CAR world that someone else (or something) has designed for me? I want to live in a similar-like world, but the things I could do without is unnatural, mentally ill homo-bisexuals, sharing and crafting my world, that I have to live in. Who's choice is it to remain Unconstitutionally programming against me? Why would I have to become or even accept (tolerate) homo-bisexualism. In final war, I will vote against them and pray that their deaths pull their curses and sickness down into the black hole with them. So why would droid CGDs or CGPs be programmed to be psychic-reactive pests? And I wrote this as the restaurant radio lyrics said "Your religion in my keester." Keester means butt. In the physical world, deep, deep inside a hospital, in a military base perhaps, I might find the defective corruptors that have turned the magic of life inside a computer into a method of hate and an ironic Unconstitutional prison of the mind. Perhaps the reason the CGPs and whispers are coersive to persuading homo-bisexualism is because they raped my unconcious-like body (instead of having sim-sex with a CGP in a CAR machine!) and if they can convert me to homo-bisexualism, then they didn't rape me, they had sex. But I will not convert. They are not just up against conspiracy rape charges, but Unconstitutionality, treason. I press charges on them. Execute them or send them to painful Christian hell. I say send them to Christian hell because even if they claim to be Jewish by heredity (Arabs, Muslims) and Judaism doesn't believe in hell, in Christian hell they can be mentally broken down, until they convert ( Christianity ) and then perhaps they can be flung out from the CAR machines so that they may die and never hurt another American citizen or strip Americans from their God given rights.                                    Why am I subjected to this world? I will never serve anyone. Another explaination of why the computer would allow Unconstitutionality and it's attempts of conversion to homo-bisexualism might be: "If the Man is not a Golden Child, he could be the complete opposite, an abomination."                                                                          And when I say "I will vote against them." I mean them as the aggressors/oppressors, not strange guys that are like "Well, hey, I like massages and no need to be competitive." Those types that are innocent of extreme-harassment and of conversion attempts, may remain segregated to their devices, as long as they do not or can not breach moral Constitutional hetero ground.

"If pain is a place, pleasure is a better palce to be." 






..(click the pic above to go to Bad Ideas Page).. 

If poisoning is a crime, should a CGP go to  sim-jail, or should the programmer of the CGP be punished.....?


 " Simulated pain is real pain."

If a CGP serves me a sim-coffee with sim-pee inside of it, then the sim-coffee tastes disgusting.  The coffee and the pee (urine) or poop, vomit, spit, semen, blood, boogers, hairs, dirt, ear wax, dandruff, scabs, dust and grime inside is a simulation, and the pain it has given, or will give, my body is real.


  "Droids have no pain."


Since I am evidently stalked and psychologically harassed by stranger "sims" - (CGPs), I would like to destroy them. If they are "real", and have decided to be my enemy,..... for as long as they have lived, they should be fried to death in a hell-like place. (if I'm really angry..or perhaps thats too aggresive and lacking appropriate moral righteousness.) If they are 1,000 years old in the video game, then they would fry for that long. Perhaps the CAR machine network has an order and a justice system.  And then, .....should they then be destroyed? Started a-new? I could decide. But I think that would be too harsh a punishment for anyone, human, e.t. or    android(?).


Sometimes... It's not that bad because it's been worse. 


 A stranger may be in a life-cast. A fellow may be in a life-cast. Life-casts are espionage devices.

Having my own website is an ignorant-reality. It's as if I'm not in a CAR machine and am concious in the physical world.(sort of. It's like who am I talking to? The computer itself.) Going to work, working, having a job, is an ignorant-reality as well. Why should I invent new products for CGPs that I might not even get paid for? Is that to say that using money to pay for things is an ignorant-reality ?  I often rely on cause and effect principles. If I sim-steal an RV, bad things will happen. So why don't I find large amounts of cash money on the ground?  ANSWER : Bad, mean, Unconstitutional programming.


If the Army is responsible for my existence in the CAR.,(Hoo-ah, Airborne!) I would like them to know that since I havn't been able to have sex for the past 3 years, I would like to sue or complain for "tortured animal in a cage syndrome" and approach articles of punishment for the individuals involved in my CAR machine retardation. 

Even if I was concious in the physical world, I would be becoming a millionaire with my intellectual property inventions. So in a computer 'dream' world, I'm not even a millionaire yet! What's the problem!? I should be a millionaire for no reason; not to mention, my intellectual property. 


If I died  and they froze my brain and put me in the CAR, then I am in the afterlife... But the CGP sims suggest that I never died and never will.....and sometimes they say I did die.   


 "If you sharpen a blade, it will become sharp. If you continue to sharpen it, it will become dull."  And deteriorate completely... Minds are like knives, as sharpening is training or conditioning.     

Why do CGPs constantly call me "the raper" or chime in homosexually encouraging dialogue? And then what mellows me out, in between considering beating the brains out of the CGP and going to sim-prison, is the CGPs remind me that I am all alone and that I am the only one that is real. Why can't I have lots of matrix-money? Why can't I have my own comfortable RV and be really excitedly happily adventurous. Instead of walking into a 7-11 where 3 Chinese people with facial spy surgery are speaking Spanish, pretending to be latino? Just for the twilight zone factor? A twilight zone of psychic annoyance and retarded monotony? I would have my CAR machine programmers murdered if I could. Fratricide on grounds of Unconstitutional treason, misuse of CAR machine technologies and conspiracy crimes on an American citizen. With great philosophy, no one is above the law, not even the CIA. If one is above the law, then the law does not exist. But who hears my screams?

Why neglects to rescue my rights, my prosperity and my sane mind?

My rights represent America's entirety, as it is a floating life-raft, in the middle of the ocean. Time is off the essence as jobs are mandated, life goes on and purpose teeters on the edge, where it will crumble and break, as if it never was, or it will be succeded as if 100 men doing 1 man's job were not useless.

It is easy to use my eyes to see.

It is easy to use my ears to hear.

And it is easy to pull 7 pounds of pressue with my right index finger. It is easy to click a button. 

 (click the photo below to visit Brain Mind Page) 

If Lee Harvey Oswald killed Former President  Kennedy, and Lee Harvey Oswald was Presbytarian, did Presbytarians kill Former President Kennedy?               No

If a man from Cuba shot and killed an orphanage, Did Cuba kill an orphanage?



If Kobe Bryant scored a 3 point basket, did the Lakers score 3 points.



            As a creature of honor, I find it discerning to interact with, feel psychically about, or overhear and be effected upon by CGPs, whom represent innocent fellow humans, that express their intuitions about their coming death or their apathy of existence. Their deaths would be sim-deaths, and they're not real in the first place, however I am subjected to their representation and it is not my effort to negotiate the reality of their non-existence, on a constant, accurate emotional scale.

  "Time      ticks."        



If droid/computers try to mimic humor, (humanism),  it is an insult to mankind.


Droids don't have true identities. They are devices of physics that pertain to 0's and 1's, cause and effect. If I throw a rock at an empty cup, and the rock hits the cup, the cup will fall over.

 The rock = Asking a droid a question

The cup = droid

The cup falling over = droid computation/reaction/response.  Droid activates electricity to it's voice box and replies.

If man is another man's enemy, man will program droids to kill man. If droids are programmed to kill man, the universe changes from "Of God and Good and Evil" to "Life and Un-life."


It is man's responsibility of today and the future, to control the advancement of independent computers and robotics.




Dude, let me have Ferraris and Lamborginis. Like, yeah totally, right?!!!  Ford makes a super expensive sports car too! I'd rather buy cars that are made in MY castle.  



"Uh, should we buy a box of oranges from our castle or should we buy a box of oranges from a different castle?"




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Could not this young lady be mine as a gardener? Right? Totally. 


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Link (from Zelda) finds gold.    right?

Mario finds gold. He jumps block to block, collecting coins..

Other computer world heros find gold.

Mac Screamer finds..............? Recyclables? That's not enough. Max needs to find cash money, INSTEAD of recyclables.          

The reason I killed Able ... I don't think I am Cane. I've never killed anyone. I've killed plenty of animals though.


Why did God make Black Widows?

Why couldn't the Earth be covered with nice, safe herbivore people and no terrible beasts?

The safe people would sit together all day and be watched by God. It would be boring. So God made black widows. Thus, God likes evil to a degree. (perhaps not complete evil.) Otherwise, He would not allow it in the world. But what if a good exterminated all of the black widow spiders? As if the only reason God allowed evil, was so that it could be destroyed by Good. Thus, to God, human lives are like a reality TV show. It is good, a nice thing, to have things born. A person born is a gift of life. A spider born is a gift of life. However, once life preys on another, the idea of evil arises and we humans have proclaimed that our superiority over animals is a cause that explains why we may kill them and why they may or may not share our universe in the future. Man vs. Animal might be synonomous as Man vs. Machine. It is almighty man's universe and anything that fellows him inside it is subject to complete destruction obliteration. The universe is God's and his chosen gifted creatures (humans) whom were bestowed the power of intellect to the magic of technology. A man and his computer is a supreme glory of the universe. Anything that opposes man in his universe should be slaughtered.             Of course when Man vs. Man, it is the highest of the highs, the suitable victor is the man kindest with the Torah, the ultimate heterosexual hero of mankind.                As if both Cane and Abel were both kings above animals, the most king was Cane for he killed Abel, but how long can an evil king reign?

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 Being in the CAR machine matrix as a homeless man is like being in a canned food warehouse without a can opener.

It's like surviving a storm, lost at sea and then being brought to jail for not having a boating license.

It's like being in an arcade without any quarters.

It's like winning an all expense paid vacation and not having enough gasoline to get to the airport on time, and missing the flight.

It's like buying a complete home theatre entertainment system with games and movies and then the electrical power goes out.

It's like being at Disneyland but you're locked in the automobile in the parking lot.

It's like being at a gourmet food buffet but your jaw is wired shut.

It's like going to a movie at the movie theatre, the movie never starts, the audience members are rude to you and the theatre says they can't refund your money.

It's like having a pack of your favorite cigarettes and not having a lighter or matches.

It's like a wizard gives you a magical amullet but says you can't use it.

It's like having a money printer machine and not being able to print.

It's like being on a cruise vacation, but you fall asleep while boarding and wake up at the hospital, after the cruise is over and the doctor sasys "You owe me $5,000."

It's like winning the lottery and the post office syas "Your ticket is lost in the mail."

It's like playing your favorite video gamewith a broken controller and the buttons don't work.

It's like buying your dream home and then when you try to move in, a robot that looks just like you says "No, this is my house." and locks you out and calls the police on you.

It's like ordering a pizza for delivery with a credit card and your neighbor says, an hour later, "Dude, we just ate a free pizza!" and then the pizza place is closed.

It's like buying a cup at a restaurant and when you go to fill it at the soda machine, an employee says "Hey, no free refills. Get out of here." and then all you have is an empty cup.

It's like having access on your tv to watch every channel, even channel 1, and then the tv gets stuck on a looped informercial channel.

It's like having a 24/7 limo and driver but he doesn't speak english so you have to take the bus.

It's like having a treasure map and then you go blind.

It's likenearly dying of thirst on a deserted island, and then you find a fresh water spring, between two boulders, in the crack and you only have one cup so you tie it onto a stick and reach it in to catch water and then the cup falls off.

It's like having a super-model girlfriend that's saving her virginity for marriage and then she dies on the wedding day.

It's like winning sky box seats at a baseball game and when you arrive at the stadium parking lot, you get beat up with a baseball bat.

It's like paying for a week at a hotel on your credit card, and then when you get their, you find out that your wallet is losts, without your credit card and ID, so you can't get into your hotel room and then it starts raining.

It's like being a musician, having your band get a record deal and then getting kicked out of the band.

It's like being elected mayor nad then you die and an actor with a life cast rubber face mask pretends he's you.

It's like walking around an apartment complex where in every apt. there's a lonely beautiful naked woman and a case full of money that say's on it "Free to any man that has a key to the apt." and you don't have a key. 



                              Living life in a controlled computer atmosphere should not be boring, monotonous stupidity. It should be like a fantastic movie that's like an orchestral circus of events, splendors and indulgences of my positive human emotions. It's hard to explain, but it shouldn't be lame fagalas in disguises acting as the employee public, as they say stupid and slanderous things to me.

                                    THE CGP PROGRAMMING SHOULD BE:

  • no psychic invasive/manipulative CGP dialogue
  • CGPs act normal

             As I am homeless in the CAR matrix, there is little more than to be surrounded by CGPs, nearly all day. If I had a private place to live and a tv, I doubt the CGPs would get to me as they are able to do. So not only am I constantly bothered by CGP dialogues, I don't have the things that I want. The CGPs tease me about myself not having the things I want.               

                                          THEIR MISSION:

  • to witness me commit sim-homocide without authorization.

         If the moderators of my CAR are not my race (caucasian), then it helps me believe that they are racist, bi-sexual, criminals.

           So instead of unauthorized sim-murdering, I will have the moderators murdered by droids.                                                                    ( The called-for droids are programmed to protect me, and to protect American values  of Constitutional freedom. )

Otherwise, the CGPs would be perfectly pleasant, I would have my cherrished girlfriend(s), lots of matrix-money....

"Hey I'd like to offer you a high-paying, awesome job!"

"No thanks, I found a bunch of matrix-money on the ground."    and life would be so fun and soothing.




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So many times, I have had psychic conversation with the computer (through CGPs/CGDs) about "Why am I in the CAR machine? an abused homeless man? Why? What's the point? Why even sustain me in a computer virtual reality world?" And then I remind myself that I am a ferocious, belching, fiercely territorial creature, that is capable (equiped to?) of traveling far to crush, mutilate and vanquish my enemies. But... I am a prisoner-like seemingly, controlled by an invisible, faceless captor. 

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