Robots have minds as computers. Cyborgs are men with robotic bodies. It is possible that parts of the organic brain might be computerized with bio-chips. The soul is given by God. 


I can imagine uglier. 


I have been told, by unknown entities, that I am in the C.A.R. and they have mentioned time travel. To when? What is the mission? Why havn't they told me enough? Where is the  war(s)? Where is the cause? How many planets are really out there? What is the point? ..Oy vey


Hand-held? Obsolete? 


They don't appear to be too distant. 


Are other planets Jewish too? The almighty magic of holy life.....  Chazak, Chazak, V'nitchazek!





This is the flag of my immortal presence.  The versions you see are rough sketches.

                                                        Design # 2 

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