1. In Star Wars, the Imperial symbol resembles a Star of David and the Rebel symbol resembles a Muslim symbol. But because it only resembles it and is not it, then it is not it. But would that mean that Luke and Hans were Muslims?


 1.5  I think that the game of football (NFL), where a group of strong men with equipment compete against another team


(representing war) might be a foreign invader's way of saying "Well, we can't really kill all the Americans for World War II, but we celebrate in mockery how we put feces in their food supply. If one doesn't have a toilet, it must squat down and balance the self with one outstretched hand on the ground to make the ball of feces fall to the feet. If all the food is not digested perhaps a quarter comes back to the plate (quarterback). The food goes down the line in factories. The touch down in the end zone represents feces in the mouth/stomach. Feces and urine appear to be in most food while people painted/inked black celebrate and act like fools.

The response:  Cans of soup with NFL printed on the top, that might mean cannibalism?


Wendy's= When dies- when they die, they get served

 turned into hamburgers.  Whopper = "Whop", a slang term for Italian, European Semite

Big Mac = Big Maccabee

Subway = Navy or underground railroad casualties

Submarine = captured sub casualty meat

Sandwhich = A middle eastern person, muslim or Jew, witch

Hoagie = Hajji

Ham = Person's name in the Torah

In n OUt = Jail prisoner meat or spy meat

Jack in the Box = Jack in the coffin

Carl's Jr. = Naziism, Jews were called juniors

Gross = "Disgusting", grocery store

Bread = Breed, penis and vagina glands

(Dead) Fetus = Feed us (Please don't)

Dominos = Dom means blood in Hebrew, "bloody nose pizzas"

The Nazis turned the Jews into soap_"Soup"

Steak = "Stake", n early American territory claim (free land), a wooden dagger like one used in fiction to kill vampires. It's like "Oh those Van Helsings have steaks.... under their skin!"

2. Ones is an oxymoron. 

                    1  1    11  1    1111 1



3. Some names in American History are funny.

Harriet Tubman -

"I found a hair in the tub, man!

As if, when one would dye it's skin in a tub.

Rosa Parks -

"Sit your butt here."

Madoff -

"He made off with all the money!"

John F. Kennedy-

"Join if I can die"

(Vietnam War)


President Obama -

Leviticus 18;22 says, "If a man is homosexual, he should be put to death, for he is an Abomination." 

 It's Obama's nation till 2016 


4. The Mayan calendar ended in 2012.


5. If the USA is in North America and both North and South America are considered the Americas, Do people in other parts of the world think that Americans are anyone that lives in North and South America?

What if after Leif Erickson and Columbus discovered the Americas, the pilgrims colonized both North and South America and when there was Civil War, it was between NA and SA, not Northern United States and Southern United States. As if, modern day USA is a shrunken version of what it used to be, like a time capsule or a territory for cultural experiments.


6. My blood type is on the Nintendo controllers.

( AB+ )


7. The bow and arrow, seen in pictures and  cave wall paintings, perhaps gave an innacurate glimpse of it's true design. Modern bow and arrows are pre-bent, as if, in motion of launching an arrow. True bows were/are long (about 6 ft.), straight,  sticks, with a wire string. When the hunter pulled back the arrow, the long straight bow bent into the shape of what bows look like today, to jettison the arrow.






8. 110% is less than 100%  because 110% has no value since the gradiant scale of percentage is 0-100. If one says, "Give it  110%", compared to what? 110% of 1,000,000%? Then what would that break down into? .00000011% That means 110% is not even 1%.


9. Some towns look like they've been attacked and stripped down and robbed by the enemy. Some of them have signs that look like they're from the 1970's and gross colored paint. It's as if a guy went to prison in the 70's and when he got out, he changed everything to look like how he remembered it, all those years in prison.


10. Growing up, I had a step-brother named Louie. Max and Louie. It's like Mario and Luigi.

Ma X=Rio  Rio means river in Spanish. Cross River. ~Travel through the pipes to cross the river.~


11. While the U.S. is at war, U.S. Police are trained to kill and capture Americans. Irony?


12. If the words Christians is pronounced (Krist-jen) Why isn't Church pronounced (Kirk) ?


13. Sometimes, when I'm walking around recycling, I imagine 'what if there was a gigantic can' like the size of a duffel-bag, worth $10.


14. Sometimes I think there's a conspiracy to ruin music. As if, someone takes all the radio music, cuts, edits little tiny segments of it out so that the drums and melody skip a little bit of timing. Most people can't notice it probably, but it's like "Let's ruin the American's listening experience of music by making the beats and drums off set."  Music is mathematic. Bad math is a bad no no. Music is art. Maybe it's just bad music.

Rap Music- Rap is like a good way for illegal-aliens to learn English phrasing. Since rap is not "singing", and relies on previously recorded electronic beats, there is close to 1% of talent involved. The lyric material speaks for itself.


15. The word THAW is like the word THOUGHT.

-to warm ice to water

- a thinking

Officer... "off" "icer"



What if all of the Presidents names represented Police strategies of the 4 year election.

Washington - Criminals painted black or natives that had dirty camps

Lincoln -  Bad meat

Bill Clinton - Counterfeit Bills

Bush - Marijuana

Obama - Gay Mafias






17. I was listening to foreign broadcasted news on the radio talk about "inflation", about economy.

They said that inflation means that the value of a dollar get's less and less. That is absolutely not true. $1 is always worth 100 pennies.  The price of products go up. If bread prices change from $1 to $1.25, that doesn't mean the value of a dollar depreciates. Inflation is a false concept. Although, in terms of 1.prices of goods and 2. extra money notes being printed, there might be a science that calculates and explains that, but I think it's a manipulation.



18. Mormons-  "Latter Day Saints" means Saints of the Sabbath. Were they like doing a bunch of good deeds while people were getting killed for working on the sabbath? Or were they practicing no work/fire on the sabbath and additionally abstaining from caffeine?



It seems like all the automobile manufacturers are the countries that fought in World War 2.

Honda- China

Toyota- Japan

Ford- USA

Fiat- Italy

Tesla- Russia

Mercedes- Germany

Land Rover- England


The Nazi countries (Germany, Japan and Italy) were called The Axis Powers. Axle power>?


The other countries were called Allied powers. (USA, England, Russia, China) Wheel Allignment powers?


In the USA, if sims aren't driving USA made vehicles, are they foreigners? No. Maybe they are in their electronic motorized cult!


 20. Hitler Mustache looks like Batman sign-

I shaved my facial hair but left the corners of my mouth to have hair and under my nose to have hair, with hair in a line on my chin from under my lips to my chin. (medievalish type facial hair). I noticed that the hair under my nose, that little patch, is actually a Batman symbol. (If the hairs are grown out long enough, it looks like a batman symbol)So does that mean the old comics were about 'Having a H*tler mustach was like the light beam of the Batman symbol in the sky for Commishoner Gordon?





21. U.S. Homosexual History

Before  the Vietnam War, Homosexuality was considered 'A mental illness.' by the U.S. Government. Then in 1973, Homosexuality was reconsidered sane. During the War of Iraq, Gay marriage was legalized.

Are the e.t.s taking over the world and spawning Counter-Religion, Counter-Humanity or something? Haha.

























































































































































22. Grocery stores would probably make 100%  of their product/merchandise and disguise them as competitive companies. Average main-chain grocery stores probably profit $20,000 a day.



23. World War 2 Thoughts

Inventing New Technology Spawns war.

New Tech = New opportunities

Many European countries were bordered all around by other countries. Over the years with crime, language barriers and culture clashes, the countries wanted to rob and kill eachother. Along comes...


the  Train/Railroad

the  Airplane

the  Automobile

the  Radio


There was a period where the dominant country had the technology and the enemy didn't. Then, after wars, everybody had it. So thus, the advantage of having new tech where the enemy doesn't is a window of opportunity that might dictate accomplishment over the loss of human life.


1940's - War crimes in Germany using a U.S. invention(s) were reported. The train/railroad, a U.S. invention, was used to transport dead bodies and prisoners. General Patton of the U.S. Army lead a U.S. team to stop the war criminals.

Was it like... "Hey, you can't use my inventions for that type of activity."   ?



       The Nazi soldiers were called Warmachs. (Wear-Mocks) That sounds like a clue that they were wearing disguises. The reverse swastika symbol can be found in middle eastern/Indian culture. What if the Nazis were actually the Durkas who painted their skin white, eye contacts, bleach hair? England was fighting the Durkas for 100's of years in the 1800's. It's like what if the Durkas saw the Anglo Saxons and Caucasians as 2 mutual threats and devised a way to make them fight wachother. That strategy is very intelligent and probable. Japan was fighting in WW2. Maybe they were Japanese?

I skimmed a book at the library about the company IBM and the Holocaust. It mentioned patents and computers but not the ENIAC or the point that the U.S. inveneted the train/railroad. It explained that IBM, before computers were invented, served the Nazi party as a paper card data machine. IBM = Former Nazi company


If Nazis were blue-eyed race oriented fascists, why ally with Japan?                   Japanese people might have the smallest noses out of hereditiy-groups on Earth.                    If an Anglo-Saxon father had a baby with a Japanese mother, it would probably have a smaller nose, and it might have blue eyes.


24. Court Talk

An example situation could be:

A man squirts a woman with a watergun.

When asked "Did you squirt the woman?",

"I did not squirt the woman." is a truthful statement.                Here's how...

             If the woman was squirted at 2:30/59sec pm and the squirting lasted 4 seconds, that means 2:30/59sec to 2:31/03sec is when the squirting happened. At 2:29 pm the woman was not squirted.   At 2:32 the woman was not squirted. So therefore, it is true that the man did squirt and did not squirt. He chose to explain the time that he did not squirt.


At 2:16pm it is true that he did not squirt her.


At 2:00pm it is true that he did not squirt her.

Jellybeans- If a man has a handful of jellybeans ( a total of 15) in his palm, and if he tells a  witness that there are "5 jellybeans in his hand.", then that is true. 

There are 3 jellybeans in his hand. There are 10 jellybeans in his hand. There are 14 jellybeans in his hand. That is true. If the man says "There is a total of 5 jellybeans in hand."; that is false.  If the man says that there is a total of 15 jellybeans in his hand, that is true. 

The difference of verbatim is:

  • is/are being
  • total of
If a city block has a total of 5 buildings on it, there are 4 buildings on it. There are 2 buildings on it. There are 3 buildings on it. There are 5 buildings on it. There is a total of 5 buildings on it. 
If a man points at one of the buildings and Says "That is one building." That is true. That one building is on the block. Thus, one building is on the block.

If a policeman asks a person "How much money is in your pocket?" If the person has a total of $100 in their own pocket, the person can reply "I have $5." as truth. If the person replies "I have a total of $100.", that is true too. 



25. Matrix Movie Interpretations

THe Matrix was made by Americans (USA not Chile and Guatamala) and Australians.

The scene with the boy and the spoon... to me, that represents me and about what I look like and something about my step-brother and half-brother. Half-brother resembled the boy, my face resembled  the bent  image inside the spoon and my looks and how my step-brother used to look lookresembles Neo. (like Neo is our missing link blend) 

Trinity repersents what many men seek, a virginity-threesome, sexual experience.  

Thinking about the film, it was sort of a trick to make people desensitized to the matrix-science idea and the importance of the safe CAR machine POD, matrix machine 


26. Land Geography (Map)

The states of the U.S.A might 'remind' Europeans about the countries of Europe.

California = Spain          Washington = Russia       Maine = Russia     Florida = Italy


If China was like a mirror to U.S.A, Japan is like the mirror of Hawaii.

The Channel Islands of California might be like the United Kingdom of Europe, where Mexico is like Europe and the U.S.A. is like Russia.


27. I found a wild baby sparrow in the landscape of a grocery store that I shopped at. It was so small and cute. I named it Rooster and fed it bread/water on  a chop-stick for a week. One time. after I fed it, it was chirping and tripping on a string of yarn that I strung through a shoe, mounted inside a box, when it's foot caught on a string, it did a spin, spread and perched it's feet on the tope sides of the shoe and squirted out a projectile bird-feces on the shoe. It was so funny. One day I woke up to find Rooster dead, covered in ants. I think the ants invaded and attacked rooster. After that, I was trying so hard to understand why I felt so much sorrow for a precious dead little sim-bird, when at the same time, I was imbued with so much sim-homocidal anger towards live sim-humans who were stalking and annoying me. So I was annalyzing 2 seperate emotions about 2 different things, at the same time. Some birds are food. I eat birds. And when my little pet died, I was grief stricken. (I did not eat it or plan to eat it.) I think it's not sensible to wield sim-homocidal anger and sim-animal sorrow. I'm not always mad. Rooster will be missed.


28. What if a female sex organ of an insect was transplanted into a male human's bpdy to give birth to grasshoppers. Would the offspring consider the male-human to be female, as their mother?

29. What if the Secret Nazi Weapon in WW2 was a mounted-pistol harnass, under the clothes, and when they "hailed", a bracelet harnass around the wrist, tied to the trigger, jetisoned the bullet.   

What if the bullets were frozen-water (ice bullets) or quartz?


30. Sometimes when I see old automobiles with ugly crackling-rusted-paint-jobs, I think about "Aluminum Tape", bought at the 99cent store (10 ft. roll), grinding the paint down, polishing/brushing and sticking panels of aluminum-tape. When it's done, it would look like a fancy Airstream, bright silver mirrored finish.

1 van... maybe 80 rolls.


31. Tips.

At restaurants, instead of paying the tip at the end, what if one:

  • asks the hostess if one may order the meal from the cook himself
  • If say "No." leave.  "Yes." stay.
  • Give the cook the tip, like a $20 bill


Since Vietnamese, Japanese have been U.S. enemies, and they rhyme..... (and Chinese were allies with U.S. during WW2 and still are), Why is the English word "Chinese" used to define China, while the China language might have a different word as "Chinese".   What is the word for "chinese" in chinese?  The U.S. should use the other word instead...?   (ZONG)

33. If a product company agrees to sell products at a grocery store, I wonder if they thought to specify "display rules". If they didn't, what if, say, Coca-cola products all had Pepsi-cola stickers on them that said something like;

 "I should have bought a Pepsi. $1 off next Pepsi purchase."

That would be like competing brands being "strangely marketed" by the grocery store. Another example like that would be if "Copenhagen Tobacco' circular advertisement stickers" were placed on the bottom of all of the Grizzly Tobacco cans, at the gas station. Do products have rules in their contracts to venders that say "Do not augment labeling." ? It might make people (sims?!) think that the competing brands are actually a monopoly.

34. Professional Sport Teams

Why are professional sport teams and stadiums for male athletes? It is much more entertaining to watch females play. Why do people like to stare at males? Does that mean that homosexuals and heterosexual-women dominate the spectators?

If pro women sports were mixed with a "strip club" theme, I think that would be much better.


35. In the Spanish language (lingo?), Mari-Cone means homosexual. That sounds like "American". Does that mean the Spanish speakers refer to Americans as "Fa**ots"?



It would be nice if the name for relish, mustard, ketchup inside plastic pouches called "condiments" could be changed to something like "Flaveroids" or "Delishies". Condiments sounds like "Condom ends", as the end of latex sexual safety devices are commonly filled with semen.



What is it?

If I'm in "CARBAL", what could sim-food be? It could be monstrous things. I could imagion legions of CARBAL soldiers (walking about in the physical world with computer-chip sensor filter helmets/casts) like bullet-proof vampires that feed on the guts and blood of their enemies. As if, when a CARBAL man eats sim-food:

'he sits down at a table and eats a salad and a bowl of soup in his sim-world, while at the same time in the physical world. "the true world", he crouches on his dying victim and devours their flesh. I hope I'm not in CARBAL. I hope I'm in CAR machine. So what is sim-food?

Senses that make the player feel (in his brain):

  •  Food texture
  • Food taste
  • Food going down throat
  • Full stomach
  • Rejuvenated body
Humans, even cyborgs, need food. But that doesn't mean that physical world feeding of food to CAR machine player has to happen at the same time as player eating sim-food. Physical world food might be like an I.V. drip. (?)
38. WWW
World Wide Web
Since the U.S. Army invented the computer, U.S.A. invented the internet and the FBI, Air Force Cyber have so many "tech-teams" or whatever they call it..... Why isn't there a USW?
United States Web



A computer user in Panama (random example third world country) says "Ehh gadz, I was looking at the guy's website in Southern California. He's got some bad acne."

39. People that live in sub-zero weather, in the mountains, out in the snow...that seems like the most dangerous place to live. If their windows of their homes were broken at night, that's probably all a criminal would need to do to wipe out a neighborhood. 

 Life-Cast suits would keep the wearer warm out there. What if they had a life-cast-suit on and then they were wearing shorts in sunny, but sub zero weather. A person might see them and think that all they needed to wear was shorts too. (as if they didn't know that the other person was wearing rubber-look-a-like-skin, under their shorts.  


40. President Obama's Middle Name


Hussein is President Obama's middle name.

................        WOW!

What does that mean?  So the United States was "battling" Sodam Hussein, the Iraqi dictactor, during the many years of Desert Storm... and now the President's middle name is Hussein.     President Obama was born in Hawaii. President Obama is not an Iraqi.  How does that make the unintelligent American public feel, though? Probably scared and confused. When I was growing up, there were about 30 Iraqi-Americans that attended my high school. They were called "Chaldeans", meaning 'Iraqi-Christians'.   I wonder if "racketeering"-organized criminal activity. is a parallel to war-time Iraqi-Americanism. As if, the foreign or Domestic owned newspapers, with all that espionage information that they have, chose to 'hint' to the American public about what was really going on.


41. Tom Cruise's name

In Spanish, it can be translated to "Drink Cross". In Christianity, the person was "nailed" to the cross and the torture-device dripped blood. Does that mean that Tom Cruise is a vampire? Or maybe the one's who gave him a "DREAM JOB" (celebrity actor)  are his Vampiric Overlords. It's similar to: "Is Tom Cruise an example DNA-model/look for Vampires? As if whenever they see people that look like "Tom Cruise" , they look at eachother and say "Drink from the Cross!".

42. The historical execution of people by hanging seems to be a way for the executioners to be respectful of God, as if it is as though the victim, is one of God's creations, is sent back to him, dangling on a rope, a metaphor of a baby and it's umbilical cord.


43. Chinese Bronze Historical Statues

They found 100's or 1000's of bronze lifelike statues underground in China.  Didn't the Chinese people need that metal!? That's a lot of metal. That metal could have made a lot of tools. Since Russia is a border-country of China, I wonder if a Russian climbed down from the snowy mountains, into the warm lands of China, and burried everybody's metal!



Jessica Simpson's daughter's ( a female) name is Maxwell. My name is Maxwell and I'm a male. Is that a strange coincidence? I talk about "sims" on my website and "Jessica SIMpson" named her daughter Maxwell 18 months ago. Did she patent my video-game-technology too? My Aunt and Uncle live in Beverly Hills and I have been homeless in public in L.A. for multiple times of 3-6 months. Is she Jewish? I'm Jewish. My L.A. family is part of the L.A. Jewish Community. Well if Jessica and Maxwell-Simpson are sims... then I guess it doesn't matter, but things similar to that accumulate into my living in a twilight zone(sim-twilight zone). An other example of a Male named Maxwell is MAXWELL D. TAYLOR, a World War 2 hero who was an ARMY Airborne that rose from Major to 4* General. Note* I am not M.D.T., although it is hypotheticaly possible for WW2 soldiers to have been frozen and re-animated into the 1980's.

45. Irish Name Terminology

Lad. Lad means boy according to American culture. With a y on the end it sounds  Lady. Lady means woman.

Bonnie means girl. Bonnie starts with b.o., that sounds similar to "Boy".

Did someone change history long ago to confuse the people?


46. Woman wearing pants is transvestitism

In human culture, transvestites and cross-dressers, have been terms of people wearing clothes that was intended for the opposite-sex. Perhaps historical culture has provided the "rule" of wearing specific clothing, out of a sociological device, of having the ability to tell a woman apart from a group of men.

Men wear pants.

Women wear skirts.

If women wear pants.... they are transvesites.

If women say that they are wearing woman-brand pants, as they are not transvesites....that is false.

If a man put a tag on a dress that said "This clothing is for only men"., and wore the dress around town.....is that not indeed still trasvestite-ism?

Therefore, any female human who wears pants is a transvestite. 


If a t.v./computer monitor is an illuminated light panel..... what is black? How does the computer screen make black light (not u.v.)? Black background?  


It says "Do not copy, reproduce, duplicate."

  • A copy machine prints paper.
  • If a boy wears a Ninja Turtle costume and eats pizza, then he is copying Ninja Turtles. He definitely has a right to do that.
  • The way a computer works is it saves information and then uses the file to illuminate the screen.
So thus, in terms of photographic copyrights, the law is Do Not print the image onto paper.

Any image file on a network internet that is accessible may be saved onto any internet computer, but it may not be printed. If that illegal paper is printed, it may not be copied in a copy machine/copier. 

A computer copies images in order to function.

Word "copy" = Print to paper.

Any written Contract, Notice, Warning is a verbatim article of legal explanation, as the words the justification of authority.  
If a sign says "Do not run.", one may not sprint but one may skip.

If any U.S. law is hypocritical to the Constitution, (the Constitution = the founding establishment of national authority) it must be superseded by the U.S. military or a militia of U.S. citizens, as the hypocritical-law is a proclamation of treason.

Law is the word.
Authority is of the word.

Note* The U.S> Copyright establishment was invented in 1790. The copy machine was invented by a patent attorney names Chester Carlson. The Copy Machine was introduced in 1949. 

49. If Video is 32 picture frames per second, why has video camera/video tape technology not been used to capture single photographs? VHS tape is 200 minutes of memory. That's 3,840,000 pictures! Sound memory too! 
Not digital?

50. Blizzzzzzzard
The CEO of Coca-Cola, RObert, bought "Blizzard Entertainment" for $8.5 billion. Is what they thought: " Well, Blizzard amde $4.5 billion last year, why don't I buy it." The seller of Blizzard is a French company called "Vivendi", which also owns "Universal". What did Robert buy?
Rights to old games?
Did Robert think; "Well, if the old games made that much money, they will make even more money in the future."
 $8.5 Billion!

I got for sale:
  • FogBurner
  • FogBurner Scepter
  • MPVG/Titles
  • RPVG/Titles
Robert could have contracted with me and received 100 cutting edge game titles, newer technology, better art, for $800 million. That's about 8% of what he paid to France. $8.5 Billion is a lot of soda sales. Was that paper of plastic? What is Vivendi going to do with that much money? Invest and compete in America?
To the outer space station!?
What is Robert going to do with the old games?

Play it again, Sam.

51. Map of Man

In American culture, phrases of people/color are:

  •  White = European Heredity
  • Yellow = Asian
  • Red = Native American
  • Black = African
  • Brown = Hispanic

What if long ago, color referred to hair.

  • White = Old
  • Yellow = Anglo European
  • Brown = Western European
  • Black = Asian, African
  • Red = Irish

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