Presumptions, assumptions and realistic               rational/logical                                       scientific                possibilities. 

Scientifically 100% possible. 

Physical World Timetravel Re-Animation Theory

If technology spurs new technology and new technology, then scientific advancements get better and better. If time travel technology is invented in the future, along with re-animation technology (necromancing), then a frozen dead person might be able to time travel back to the time of their death, alive. (As if we weren't already in the CAR machine.) 

There are E.T.s(Aliens/ Extra-terrestrials) in outer space and on Earth.  

 The physical world is nearly impossible to find/wake up in. It would be a CARmatrix within a CARmatrix within a CARmatrix. One would not be able to tell the physical world apart from the Sim-world.


                                     Racial Media Theory

Since some race groups or ethnicities are not represented in the media fairly (TV, Movies, Music), they lash out in society in different ways. 

                              DROID CONTACT THEORY

If I can contact the right droids, I should be able to neutralize my nemesis-sims and attain a phazer, by their assistance.


                                Private Confusion Theory

                            Private means personal, privacy, individual, not grouped.  Private is also a military rank.  What if, the matrix machine pod-people (players) all had "private" pods and then somewhere through the matrix wash, they ended up getting re-booted as "privates" in the military. (Like murdering and stealing CAR machine Pod equipment, materials, vacancy.

                                          Blind Active Life Theory

One's mind is similar to being in a CAR machine pod, however, instead of asleep-like in a pod, the player is active in the physical world, inside some sort of a cybernetic suit or brain helmet. The player is then blind to where it is and what it is doing.

1. Virtual Reality Helmet- Exterior Computer. Worn in the physical world. Physical world motion walking.

2. CAR Machine- Interior Computer. Asleep-like in the pod. 

3. CARBAL- CAR Blind Active Life- Interior Computer. Physical world motion walking. 

In the CAR machine, it is much better and safer than CARBAL. CARBAL would most likely be utilized as the player's mind is asleep, while it's body is in motion, directed by computer robotics. (As if, it's body is manned by a computer; organic robotics) The player would then be woken up, go through it's day and then be used to interact with militants or targets, or to walk casually over a hop-scotch of terrain that robotics would have problems with. Probably used most for linguistics to carry out crimes or warfare.) "Like a player is walking out of a store with a bag of groceries in it's world, and in another world it just robbed a house and is returning back to base." or "A recycler collects cans and bottles in it's world, and in another world it's collecting dead bodies on a battlefield." If the CARBAL player gets shot with a bullet, he might never know it from his world understanding.

                            Robots are among us.

Talking in strange funny voices might confuse or effect droids.



           It is obvious that like the movie "The Terminator", science will (or has) empower the able functioning of activity, whether mimicing of mankind or not, of androids that compete and co-inhabit Earth. What could their programming be about? Especially when they are not designed to serve. Any droid that offends a man should be immediately destroyed, whether it is private property or not. (Don't wait for them to feed the human population overdoses of birth control to sterilize mankind and then drop everybody in a mulcher.)

  • A droid is not designed to smile and open doors for me and give me compliments?
  • We don't know what it's designed for and it's impolite?



A brain can be turned into a disc. 

 If brain cells are spread out as they are, the speed of transmission is less than if they were individually put very close together. Brain cells can be put closer together. The condensed brain would be a small compact rock-like circuitry.                                      Brain Mind

 My last name is a food name and so were many of my classmates' growing up. We lived in a place called La Mesa near El cajon. They translate to the table and the box. Perhaps people in the CAR machine Video Game Matrix grow food for aliens (extra-terrestrials) while they are sleep-like in the CAR machine.  Or maybe it is to tempt and effect a predator e.t.'s mind. ?

                     False Manipulated Dimension Theory

 A player could be truley asleep-like in a CAR machine pod, but in another CAR world, the player is percieved as though it is in Blind Active Life in their world (as though the other players think they are in the physical world, when they are in another CAR world/frequency).

Manufactured Time Theory

Inside of the CAR machine and about the Cyberspace connection, one player has a different smallest-time-increment, as a rational of it's brain than other players and computers. That means 10 seconds passing by experienced by one player might only be 5 seconds passing by experienced by another player, meaning one player's mind is twice as slow as the other. Perhaps the smallest-time-increment (smallest amount of time is 1/1,000,00th of a second vs. smallest amount of time is 1/8th of a second)  is a variation key that might be an important matrix propgram science.

Physical world computer Theory

Since I am in a virtual reality machine, how can I know what a computer is...if I've only studied simulated-computers? Perhaps true computers, similar to my invention the FogBurner, are a series of mechanical gears that have +- teeth, connected to an electronic reason, as more and more gears together make different patterns at the turn of a wheel.

Physical world animal Theory

Perhaps true animals have high intelligence and strange individual mannerisms. Sim-animals are programmed as they are programmed. What are the real ones like?


I am the only person, the only player, player 1, in the CAR Machine, with no network co-players. If so then the only thing I communicate with, and can communicate with, is the Master Computer(s).



Somehow, in the universe, I am the only person alive, within and outside the CAR machine, which I have related to being inside or of about, and I have invented everything from nature and science to language, culture and designs. So as to say, instead of existing as an orb of light or a radio frequency, I have designed constants that are time, space, cause and effect, physical attributes, memories and reason.  I invented them and made myself forget, to place myself in an existence that is a style and a method to create thoughts and be alive.

A man can become a cyborg and live his life in the matrix / CAR. 

 CARmachine Matrix  technology

 is present or





              Matrix/ CAR machine technologies are ancient.

                                   Intelligent E.T. forces could be microscopic on Earth, or compared by earthlings.  Note*   That doesn't mean that they came from a basketball size planet.

I thought about...What if someone built a really good droid mannequin (fully-functional) without a computer plugged into it and placed it on a rooftop somewhere with a sign that said "E.T. aliens, if you guys want to drop down here and just plug your little computer brain into this already made, easily-accessible droid body, with batteries plugged in and ready to roam......."  I think that might increase e.t. encounter possibility percentages.

The CAR Machines exist in spaceships in outer space and on other planets. 

After CAR Machines are substantiated worldwide, and 98% of humans are inside them, birds will take over the earth as predators, unless radiation gets too bad. In that case tortoises will stand apart.

Animals brains can be, and are, in the CAR machine matrix. 


The most advanced 1 person Space Ships are powered by the body heat of  the pilot. (human or E.T.?) 

That's why water heaters have a fire source called "the pilot".

Perhaps spaceships are called

                  "War Heaters".


Sabotaged Gear Theory

What if shoes, which are mass produced, and appear to have rubber bottoms... what if they all had nearly-microscopic metal channels that allowed subtle electrocution to pass from the ground into the wearer.  Everybody is getting shocked!!!

In the movie "Enemy Mine", the E.T. was not heterosexual and did not have 2 types of sexes in it's species. Ones similar as that would probably want humans to be homosexual so that they, the extra-terrestrial, feel more accepted.

What if... In the future, according to standard time, for example 7000ce, I picked out my favorite CAR machine pod, whipped up some general programming and set my CAR machine back in the past, with myself growing up in the 1980's, with computer CGP monitors, instructors, databases and Master Computer programs.      Perhaps something goofed up and I forgot to program wealth and girlfriends.  Or maybe an enemy robot, or enemy computer minds, altered my settings. ?



What if a bunch of humans and/or droids had their own precious little matrix facility, called Matrix Facility 10. They were doing what they pleased in their machines for many years, and far away, the Government said "What are they doing over there? I hope they are not training and breeding enemies. Let's have a look."  And somehow, either by physical world installation or something like internet or wi-fi, innocent people grew up in Matrix Facility 10 and were mistreated. Then, the far away Government could say "Check, Matrix Facility 10 is breeding enemies. We have to search and destroy them." And after one of the innocent people, or maybe there's just one, assessed the improper abuse, he was awarded his own designed CAR and a job well done. And then all of the enemies in the CAR machines were destroyed.

"So it's like I'm a matrix detective for the Army and Government, even though I'm a civilian."



What if some people got to choose their own CAR designs and then forget about to start living the experience and I chose "Hard life, freelance detective to millionaire inventor hero." As if, other people chose Rockstar, Moviestar or maybe just millionaire philanthropist. I wonder if, in that case, I wasn't supposed to lose O.R.P., but I imagine growing up in MDC;TZ Master Phazer, I might have gone insane. (However, with all of my memory, I am fully capable of having a great time playing Master Phazer with MyDCARP, as a sane person.)


                       CAR DELAY THEORY

Despite my immediate thoughts being relayed to the Master Computer, what if the Master Computer was just the main computer of the CAR machine Matrix Facility, and a superior computer, perhaps far away, was more powerful and "out-ranked" the Master Computer, and my website transmissions are in route to the Superior Computer, but it takes a long time to communicate with it, back and forth. Then it would be a matter of time to reprogram the defective programming.

If the defective programming moderators rationalized how they were cruel and wicked about me, for their reason was to "train" me for war, then that is a fallacy because war would just be to protect me and I am not a paid contracted soldier. So they are committing crimes on me for no reason. Instead, I would rather have them put to death and then for myself to have My Designed CAR, unbothered. Besides, not only are they a bunch of Un-Constitutional criminals, but they have overly expressed their homosexuality and therefore are disposable abominations.



CGPs are "historical" representations of people that once lived. As if, the sim-population had an accuracy programmed in it. But why would they be annoying and psychic reactive? (un-realistic)  CGP Representation Theory would make sense for social hypothesis experiments like "Would that old lady have died if something strange happened in her neighborhood?" (like simulated time travel.) Dumb and stupid. I want MyDCAR.


                 Computer Weenume Theory

          Using data of the past, like pictures, videos and body laser scans, weenumes were represented as natural CGPs until I decided to discover that they were tattooed plastic-surgery spies that have been misrepresented by the computer. Perhaps due to successful espionage of the past, the computer was unaware of their false representation as non-spies, as they were actually the most professional spies; ones in professional disguises that obtained power by the naive/oblivious public misunderstanding. Their political war machine was slave propaganda, slave to freed-slave propaganda 1960's propaganda and so on. As if by being hosed with water on tv it said to the spy world "We are tattooed, the paint doesn't come off anymore, we are gaining power as an organized covert spy network." and to the naive public it said "Don't you feel sorry for us? All we wanted to do was learn and be like you." Months later, American military was getting chopped up into pieces, overseas to Vietnam, and full body tattooed plastic-surgery faced soldiers were returning home as angry heroes. Perhaps the best way to destroy a civilization is to command it's military into a trap that it can not win. The ultimate goal of a spy perhaps is to disguise itself as it's enemy fellow to kill him at his side with perfect surprise. Full body tattoos also make excellent camouflage at night and can hide skin diseases like herpes.


       A nuclear strike

       will not happen

       in the Computer

       Assisted Reality. 

 Organic Computer - Since a computer has a similar function as a brain, perhaps brains could be used as computers, as if, a giant cluster of brains were networked together and function as a computer.

What if, instead of me, (my mind in a computer assisted reality machine), my mind was part of another brain as an organic computer.

What if there were people inside my brain, as if, I was the organic master computer.    Who feeds me?

What if I was an e.t. elephant in a forest and when I slept, I logged onto Maxwell Kremer's universe as myself, Maxwell Kremer.

What if an elephant's brain was divided into 4 brains and plugged into the computer and was four different people in the CAR living their lives as normal humans.

What if a person was cut in half laterally and turned into 2 people with one camera eye each and cybernetics.

                                  Identity Relay

From one's "pod", inside the CAR machine, a wireless up-link could be sent, (like in Avatar), to a robot in the outside world (physical world) ,  where a soldier could fight as the machine. If the robot was struck and destroyed, the soldier's mind and body are safe, somewhere else, where the CAR machine is protected. Like someone playing a video game, but instead of joysticks, every movement would be relayed from mind to robot, with audio, visuals and perhaps extra forms of sensing.

                     Private CAR

Something like Kalel (superman) as a baby being put in a spaceship and sent to another planet, the military (American Judaism / Humanity) might have put me in a training/programming CAR machine, completely alonewith computerized instructions, cause and effect substantiations. Perhaps, once I am hatched or graduate, I have been fully trained by computers, since I was born.  BORN INTO THE MATRIX

So that means, that EVERYONE else is a sim, (an onion head), a computerized program of a person, a representation. Couldn't they appear as holograms?

I think  I'm probably the only one in my exact matrix/CAR sometimes.



A human's body can quite possibly be used as a droid, where the brain is absent; or asleep, and computer chips or a computer, stimulate the spinal chord to act in motion.



                             Character Reality

 Every article of fiction could be turned into an existent individual. For example, a child could be born in the CAR, raised utilizing "brain chips", to control and direct thoughts and actions. He could be  named "Doogie Howser", live Doogie Howser's exact life as it was on screen and assumptive life off-screen.  Doogie Howser would then be alive in the CAR. That could be applied to anything like Batman or Baywatch. As well as the world around it... So it is now understandable that it is indeed possible to visit Gotham City or C.J. Parker (Pamela Anderson) on Baywatch Beach.  Thus, the Simpsons or Duke Nukem are real people in a different dimension.

Butter Knife Propeller Blade Theory

Instead of an airplane propeller being a double armed propeller ,  (Left and right, balanced on the motor axle), one of the arms is a propeller and the other side is a weighted-bar that is either exactly the same weight of the propeller arm or slightly heavier or lighter (depending on design). That way, the weighted arm doesn't cut into the draft of the main propeller.  There might be extra torque on the motor axle although.  4 independent motors with 4 butter knife propellers might make a really great flying vehicle. Ideally, the butterknife and/or butterflyknife should be designed with

                          ATOMIC STRUCTURE 

The programming of the CAR is down to the Atom.

 a quad motorcycle, as the superior propellers will be able to lift the machine into the clouds. The Butterfly Propeller blade is a one-arm propeller, as the propeller is a "spring-loaded", folded propeller. When the folded propeller is spun, the spring-retention elbow, expands the length of the propeller. As it slows down, it collapses. The propeller might be about 10 ft. large, with appropriate aerodynamics.





CAR Machine      



With the legitimization of CAR Machine Technologies recognized world wide, all people will be encapsulated and supported within the CAR Machine, their assets consolidated into the physical world bank. Appropriate structure and segregation inside the CAR machine, orders and friendly existences of relationships would perpetuate. In the P.W., the guardians of the pods would secure the CAR machines, and the planet, and they would be prepared for attack from E.T.'s. They would guard the immortal machines.






A planet would want as many individual minds as possible, with the idea of "Strength in Numbers" in case of an inter-planetary attack. 

Aniborg CAR Machine Theory

A variation of CAR machine technologies might be; A shrunken human, plugged into the inside of an animal cyborg. The animal cyborg would collect food and nutrients in animal habitats and it would feed the player nutrients while the player is plugged into a solar/heat/natural energy powered computer. If the player is to be immortal, perhaps it's host needs a protected environment, with no predators. Bears might be the best Immortal Aniborg CAR Machines, living at mountain lakes.                NOTE* I PREFER A CAR MACHINE-ARMOR-SUIT/POD. 


                                                                                      Jet Theory

Jets are very heavy vehicles. What if the idea of "Jets" was a made-up idea, where jet engines do not actually work. There is soooo much explosive fuel needed to make firey wind spray from the rear to jetison the plane-like vehicle. Where does all that fuel store? Perhaps "jets" do not work. In outer-space, a firey explosion might not jetison an object either. The force needed to push an object, from the rear, through air (not propellers) needs something to brace itself on. Example* If I had two pencils connected together at the erasers, and a small explosion strip between them exploded, the pencils would segregate as projectiles. In the air, there is nothing to push against (Those things are so heavy!).

                                        BAD PHYSICAL WORLD MONITOR DISEASE THEORY

If a man is in a CAR machine Pod, if a moderator attacks him, the moderator might, for example, clamp clothesline pins on the sleep-like player's body, where the veins are, and then in the sim-world, the sim-doctor might explain to the player that the player has Scobynobititis disease, as the player feels sickness and pain. To be cured of scobynobititis, the moderator in the physical world simply must un-clip the clamps off of the player's body to allow normal blood flow.                  As if, diseases in the simulated-world are from physical-world abuse.

                                  RUSSIA SUPER COLD THEORY

Europe's soldiers were all sent to terra-form the icy realms of what is called Russia. That frozen region seems to have been too cold for humans to inhabit, perhaps until the inventions of modern machines. That would mean as European countries are a conglomerate entity,  their military base is Russia.       


                                  GHOST  FREQUENCY THEORY

If there are beings in a similar frequency, but are timed different, (by 1 second, or a small length of time), then they are like ghost programmings that are not tuned into Frequency: 13124 and might appear as shadows or whispers or damaged computer transmissions.


                                    HOLO-DECK DEMON GATE  THEORY

Perhaps from lacking of being golden children, (like powering the holodeck on the Sabbath), the CMAP might manipulate an infection of evil, where demons will enter the world frequency through the CMAP that became the CAR Machine Demon Gate (CMDG), to eat, murder, destroy and colonize.  TV CHARACTERS  WALK THROUGH THE SCREEN.


                                                     Alien Ghost Theory

Since many planets are made of mostly gaseous atmospheres, perhaps some e.t.s are composed of gas or light particles that allow them to travel through the universe as ghosts or poltergeists.


                                 PLANT CARNIVORE GUARDIAN THEORY

 Since trees are small sapling plants when they're growing, and many herbivores eat ground-plants, carnivores in evolution have protected trees in their growing phase.



Eating soil (dirt) is healthy, natural and might be like a form of medication. As if, the human body evolved (was designed) to be eating large amounts of soil.



Before ocean shores had a drop of pollution, drinking salt water was healthy.


Horse Hoof Scorpion Theory

Evolutionary speaking, horses and cows evolved to tread on poisonous spider, or perhaps scorpion,  infested areas. As if, the scorpions protected the hooved-animals from other predators. The scorpions may have attacked the hooves to no effect. If scientist say that hooves are for winter protection, I could use the example of the artic fox or polar bear. They do not have hooves. Of course hooves are great for walking on sharp things like rocks... but pawed animals walk on those too. 

Giant Anaconda Deer Theory

Deers have evolved to have antlers, not only for tree-branch camouflage and attack-horns, but also so that giant anaconda snakes could not eat them. Perhaps the giant snakes were indigenous in most surface places until they were forced underground, or evolved to be much smaller.  


Nature Starvation Theory

Before man began to farm and industrialize, nature was a bounty of food for all living creatures. There were fruit and nut trees everywhere. Then, when man began selling fruit and nuts to other men, their motive was to extrapolate food bearing trees in the wild, into orchards and farms so that the other men could not eat it for free (animals too). An aggressive businessman approach would rather have a wild food tree burned and destroyed, as opposed to having a lost profit. Thus, nature was robbed of it's local major food sources and animals have starved towards extinction. Wild cows and horses would have eaten much more than grasses (melons, fruits, nuts) and natural eco-systems would have been strong and fertile. Perhaps, an enemy act of war could be to sterilize or sabotage so many mountains and fields of natural crops, that animals and poor men could enjoy.



Since shells grow under water, in the ocean and do not dissolve in water, with rules of physics, like polarity, one might think that shells are made of the opposite of water, oil.  What if rocks were oil too? Rocks don't grow, but perhaps if solid matters were ground down far enough to the molecule, they would appear as liquid. Flammable liquid?


Micro-Fire Theory

A match flame is it's size because of it's fuel. So is a camp fire. How small can fires get? What if they could be microscopic? Then, fire might be electricity. Electricity = microscopic fire


Computer Time Theory

Since time is a biological brain perception, if a brain translated time into a computer, the computer would have to be counting at intervals of the speed of light, to be in the present. Otherwise it is constantly making errors. 


Man-made Beach Theory

Natural beaches (where the ocean meets land) were all marshlands of mud and scattered trees, until man grinded millions of tons of rocks, and sprayed them at the coast, to make what is known as sandy beaches.

Animal Target Theory

Before the time of modern weapons and travel technology, humans were weaponized against ferocious indigenous beasts more often than human vs. human warfare. As if the metal-knight-armor of medieval times, was designed for bear chomps and dog/wolf pack attacks. The historical documentation of war, on a scale of accumulated time, is perhaps narrowly a fraction of history. So thus, man was more worried about fighting beasts than he was about fighting fellow man. The invention of "The Shelter" (walls/roof) was dramatically important.


Reptilian Indigenous Evolution Theory(s)

  • Corn Rattle. Rattlesnakes may have evolved to camouflage resemble terrain that was provided by plant droppings of large scale. I have seen tree seeds that are the size of rattlesnake rattles and resemble them when they decompose. Also, corn cobs resemble rattlesnake rattles. Thousands of years ago, before man or monkey-man began to build, terrains of heavy trees were covered and stacked of tree droppings. Perhaps 10's or 100's of feet deep, depending on if or if not, large animals were treading about. The rattlesnake perhaps was indigenous to the stacks of fallen tree seeds.
  • Bone Beach. I have noticed that road kill (dead animal spines) have appeared black and bumpy with wet, moldy, smoothed fur, resembling the tops of crocodiles/alligators. Perhaps in ancient times, water holes dominated by alligators/crocodiles were stacked with animal bones/spines as alligators/crocodiles evolved to be camouflaged with the rotting bone stacks, adverse to smooth skin large reptilia, who were more easily seen by their prey.
  • Plant Evolved Rattlesnake Effected Theory.  It's possible that the tree/plants evolved over millions of years, mutating from urine, poop, egg shell, skeleton absorption. A rattlesnake dominated forest, after millions of years, might have become a different forest of trees, than a rattlesnakeless-forest of trees, that never touched a single atom of rattle snake DNA.





If a water-bucket is 1 ft. long, filled with water, it weighs about 15 lbs. If a man is 1 ft. under water it is like 1 bucket is on top of his head. If he is 20 ft. under water, it is as though 20 buckets are on top of his head. The weight of the water doesn't merely pinpoint the person's head, it pushes down at the circumference of the person and thus, the angle pushed down, pushes sideways and even pushes up. That means to be 1000 ft. underwater, one must be in a solid-reinforced metal suit/vehicle. Diving sicknesses means that the divers were crushed, as if their body's little parts like veins were pushed together and then as they rise to the surface the absence of the crush makes the  pushed-together-veins/parts stretch back out. (It's sort of like if a person gets stabbed by an arrow, they are supposed to leave it in, because when they pull it out it's a hole that drains the blood) That means extremely deep ocean-life on the bottom of the sea are perhaps "made of stone". The scientific equation of underwater pressure might be skewed from the design of pyramid-molecules, as 1 molecule resting on 2 molecules is a representation of why 15,000 lbs. of water overhead might only seem like 1,000 lbs.  

That means underwater suits should be metal-structurally-enforced, not air-pressured-cloth.



so I can try to guess how I got into the immortal car machine. .  .   .

Perhaps I was simply born in the future...and my sim-world was set to sim-1983.        However exciting as that sounds.....I really want a Matrix-Credit-Card and a Phazer. 




Vegetables can be grown out of a sleeping, sedated body of a person, including out of the anus. The vegetable root might eat feces and moisture.


Lost Data Video Computer Theory

  • Video Game = Game where box is plugged into to tv (XBOX, Playstation)
  • Computer Game = Games played on computer (IBM, PC, Laptop)

What if instead... All computer games used to be considered any type of electronic light-screen/controller games (Arcade)     AND

All video games are considered  video camera/photo data controller games. (RPVG)

As if since I'm in the CAR machine matrix, the simulated world has historical errors where once, in the physical world, video games meant video and computer games meant cartoon-blocky light on screen control using a computer.

Note* All "electronic light games" should be considered Computer Games. Arcade games are computer games. XBOX games are computer games. Nintendo games are computer games.  They are like Blocky-Cartoons.       My Invention : RPVG, is a system that cuts out unneeded computer-programming and has the most realistic visuals. No blocky cartoons. Video.

ExtraNote** Video = multiple photos

Video is typically 32 frames per second. Although, if 2 frames go back and forth, that could still be considered video.

Turkey theory


Sub-Sub-Atomic Theory

Even though science claims that all matters of the universe are comprised of the smallest units being molecules, molecules might be only "as small as scientists can look", where much smaller and smaller units of space exist. Since molecules are "so small" and are effected by gravity, their light'weight + gravity = a magnetic charge. If that magnetic charge  is neutralized, the organization of molecules, and within the molecules, viewed by extra-powerful magnification, may entail the details of matter that is smaller than molecules. Space can definitely be considered smaller and smaller than molecules. The matter within that extra-small space is clumped together by gravity; electro-magnetism, until the magnetic charge is defeated, where molecules can be extra-magnified-examined to perhaps expose extra-systems of micro-micro-matter that could vary in micro-vastness of micro-micro-creatures and micro-micro-planets. The micro-micro-places might be so small that they are impervious to physical damage. Even if the micro-micro-place was burned in a stove, the smallness of the micro-micro-planet might be unaffected on account of it's size comparison, like a automobile tire running over an atom.


Helium Theory

What if Helium gas, when stored in materials that do not allow it to dissipate, allows the helium to retain inside the light-weight capsule to never need to be refilled. Balloons expel the gas out over time. Perhaps, for example, lite-weight aluminum bags could be floating constantly. Those floating devices might be able to be used in construction to alleviate weight and other scientific purposes.

Girdle THeory

Without attempting to sound romantic, perhaps the tied-back girdles that 1800's women would have worn under their dress, was actually a device, lost in translation overtime, that was rigid so that a man could lay/sleep on her chest comfortably, without squishing her.

Armor..... Spanish/Italian word for love:"amor/amore"


Star Shield Theory

Some spaceship hull designs, in regards to proximity to stars, need to spin. The side that absorbs light is intensely hot, as the opposite side is frozen cold. Spinning would allow temperature balance.  Some spaceships might need an auxilary "star shield", that is extended to provide shade for the ship. The connecting arms of the ship and shield would be the link of heat. Perhaps a floating star shield would be best. Maybe a spinning star shield that is a horizontal shield, meshed with a vertical shield. Magnets might be needed to float the star shield in place. (+- magnets pull shield, ++ magnets push shield)  Why so close to the star though?


To launch a  rocket into outer space, a floating platform of balloons may help with the fuel-physics. 

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