A note to the computer:

The CGPs are programmed to annoy me and encourage me to be gay (homosexual) (I am not gay homosexual) all of the time. Sometimes they say things about how I molested my little half-brother when I was a kid. That does not mean that I am gay, or ever was gay (homosexual).

  • I masterbated in the bathtub when we were bathing together
  • I touched my penis to his butt, but there was no penetration
  • I was hateful of my step-mother
  • I have bio-chips, bio-chips effect/control my thinking
  • My house was haunted with paranormal activity
  • I had a traumatic experience in the bathtub with the glass door filling the tub with broken glass before
  • I was exposed to brainwashing media

Thus, I was not gay (homo-bi-sexual), I was being dominant.

The only other close to gay experience was:

  • I was homeless in the snowy winter
  • My shoes were stinging and I was temporarily insane without shoes
  • A guy invited me over to his house
  • There was no penetration or ejaculation (no-sex)
  • There was some nudity
  • I left and the guy was unsatisfied and angry

Note* When I was leaving, the dog next door was barking animal verbalizes saying "He's racist. He's a murderer." or something like that in bark talk. And then I had visions of the Vietnamese man abducted 3 boyscouts at a river bed. He hand cuffed 2 of them to a pipe in his backyard and shot the other one in the head with a handgun, took him into the kitchen, cut him up, cooked and ate him. The remaining 2 were starving to death, hand cuffed for days, with duct tape on their mouths, staring at eachother with crying tears. The Vietnamese man came back and shot one of the other boys and ate him later and then he ate the last one. Then when he was at a sportsbar and belched, a detection sensor read human DNA, that lead to his murder capture, by a special police agent.


Sexual Encounters - I want to mate with females (xx chromosomes) in privacy that have no STDs, none are are on their periods and none of them have semen in their body (until they meet me). All of them should be fit and beautiful. They should have tight buttholes and normal vaginas, some hairy, some shaven.. They should like what I smell like no matter what I smell like. All of the CGP women should be single, not in a relationship, not married. The should act like it's love at first sight when they see me and start to talk to me, but not over-aggressive or disobedient. Only heterosexual, even if there are multiple women (SO I don't want them licking eachother).

May man mate with CGP/CGD.?

I would like to rub my penis in a woman model droid (robot) but I prefer humanoid CGPs. If the woman droid wanted to be nice to me, she (it) would give me oral sex massages.

I want to lick and suck on the inside of their underwear, lay them on their back with their legs spread and to suck and lick on their butt and vagina. I want to do that to eat their body odor or to see and touch their private parts to give them a friendly massage. 

 I really hope the Master Computer would know to make sure not to program the CGP women to have STDs or gross or bad body anatomy elements.

Max wants to rub his penis between their legs, inside their bodies.


Often, the CGP females ask or suggest for me to masturbate in the bathroom (like when I ask to use the bathroom at the coffee shop, as if, they are watching.  Why don't they just try to have sex with me instead of tempting me to pleasure myself? To stress me?


As I am  an intelligent human, I provoke the question "Why do I insist on spraying my genitals?" Beyond instinct, the device of procreation, my penis is a sensitive organ that resembles sensations of an itch that is to be scratched. As the idea of the female-human is the only cause, I find extra emotions of Pride, Victory and Escape when ejaculating is witnessed by an all female audience. To spray white sperm on a beautiful woman's face, or any part of her body and inside is apparently a habit that has been part of natural evolution. 5 times a day. Man is king of the Universe as God's chess piece of free will. A shower, a toilet, a bed, a sink, an oven, a refrigerator, a t.v., a computer, a laundry machine, 4 walls, a roof, food, medicine, water, carpet, ac/heater, toilet paper....man and mate may indulge pleasure of body, mind and soul. Mix that with being immortal in a virtual reality machine with virtual-super-natural-powers.......Man needs no enemy. Man needs no virtual enemy.

Sexual Instinct: Licking of the women's butthole and vagina is a human instinct derived from "Hiding her scent."  Hiding her scent by licking her would have been to:

  • Hide her presence more from predators.
  • Hide her pheromones from competitor mates.


Also, I would like to have oral sex with the females (sim-librarians included). Like as if a beautiful librarian was watching what I type and was like "Excuse me, can you come with me over to this little room? And then allow me to lick her body and lay her down and  spray semen.


If anything tried to scold me for being  a pervert, I'm a heterosexual pervert (nature).. I think I'm a normal heterosexual. If I was considered a pervert, I am not a bi pervert, I would then be a hetero pervert.


I would even like to have oral or standard sex with older sim-women, even elderly if they are not sick.

 It doesn't make sense why it would be so difficult to mate with women, especially ones that appear less in their prime. If a woman is unattractive, then she probably is single or mates less and should be easier to fornicate.

I would still like to have oral or standard sex with unattractive females but I would prefer attractive ones. I would also hope that they are clean of semen from competitors or any type of things that I would not like to lick.

I would like to  suck on their vagina flaps and kiss and lick their bottoms and breasts.  

I think it would be nice if a woman laid down on her back and peed (urinated) in my mouth.


   *        It is unrealistic for me to walk down the street for many years and no females have asked me to have sex with her. More accurately, it is unrealistic, especially for fat, ugly or old women to not have asked me to come over to their house so that they can suck on my penis, lick their vaginas or other heterosexual normalities. \


When I masturbate, as I am orgasming, I think about how I would be ejaculating semen into a woman's vagina, mouth, butthole or spraying it on her body. As I rub on it and the milky yogurt liquid drizzles out of the tip of my penis, I hope that somehow a woman is watching, licking her lips and rubbing herself.


Spraying is pleasure. Spraying is instinct. Instinct is pleasure. Bisexuality is bad-instinct.

I think that if man has animosity for any woman, then sexual activity with her neutralized any of man's animosity. 

Sometimes women-sims' presence near me, as fellow mutual innocent by-standards, provides my emotions of being disgruntled. The emotional bothersome is due to my rational that the woman-sim does not and will not allow me to express instinctual spraying. I would make me happy if the woman-sim could go to her knees, her head at my hips and allow me to ejaculate on her face. The release of penis-milk is soothing to the body. The acceptance of penis-milk is a stimulant to the ego. 


Master Phazer

It's like the programming is currently set to no-sex. It's like I need a magical wand, a remote control phazer, to control sim-women, in order for me to mate. When I get a phazer, I would like the female sim-humans to act according to how I control them with my Phazer settings, and them to generally be  inactive and programmed correctly, without things like they alarm enemies (their boyfriends, if they had one, police, pimps, ect.) SO THAT MEANS MASTER PHAZER IS NOT CAB. It's me sim-breaking and entering, committing some simulated-crimes and doing whatever I want, without any enemy combatants (no sim-enemies).


It makes sense that a woman would not want to have DNA sprayed into her. Men are instinctively programmed to want to spray women. Women might not want possible diseases or pregnancy, in the modern world. However, since all of the women are sim-women, they should want me to spray them. And of course, no sim should have sim-diseases.

                                             Under-Age Sims

Many under-age sims say perverted things to me, every now and then.

Since sims have no age, (only simulated age), because they were never born, technically, it is not illegal to have sex (sim-sex) with a sim-child.

The reason it is illegal to have sex with a child is as follows:

  • Children have growing minds, as their minds could be tainted by adult social experiences (drugs, prostitution, prison, suicide)
  • If children are part of adult-mating culture, then they are more likely to have STDs and not be a virgin, when they are 18 years old, as though an appropriate courter could not marry her, after she fully grew.

The human male instinct is to mate with females. Back in caveman days, the caveman would have mated with 4 year old girls. That is a way to show love, affection and train the growing human that she is not going to be killed by her fellow cavepeople, but might experience some pain. And thus, as she is accepted into the caveman tribe, as a growing mind, her understandings become more human and more cultural, as she experiences intimate sexual intercourse.    (As if, before language was invented, the cavemen communicated with their people with "touch")

So one of Man's instinct is to have sex with human females of any age.

Humans are mammals. Humans eat, sleep, think, drink, pee, poo and mate and wait.

Having sex is what humans do. Having sex is what humans are supposed to do. Humans should spend a large part of their day mating.

So is it illegal to have sim-sex with under-age sims? No.

It is sim-illegal. The sim-police will track you down.


Underage Scenario-

So let's say that when I have a phazer (the ultimate power in simulation), I program a situation with three 13 year old girls, where they smoke pot (sim-pot?), drink and party.  Is a Psycho-police droid going to hunt me down like in the movie "Blade Runner" or something? I don't know.


1 of the 3 girls is pre-pubescent (asian)

1 is white (caucasian) and has "b" size breasts

1 is latina

 Randomized indiscriminate ethnicities*

They live in the downstairs of the house, with access to the backyard. The backyard is enclosed by 20 foot tall fences, covered with ivy and plants, and none of the neighbors have anyway to see or even hear, into the backyard or house. Since the sim-girls live in X38, movie world, their school was bombed, their teachers killed and they happened to already be orphans, so none of the other sims would be missing them and they would be perfectly sound at living at a bachelor's house, smoking pot. Privacy. I could go back and forth from the house to get supplies (dinner, sim-pot, beer, videos, video games, tvs, furniture, food, toilet paper, ect.)  or maybe pick up more sims, with the downstairs "girl's floor" safely locked, because the girls are afraid of the sim-monsters that attacked the town. They can't leave.



Sexual Act                    10 times            100 times           200 times                500 times          800 times          1000 times

Blow Job, sperm sprays in mouth. No Bra.      Leopard Print Bra.    Nipple Ring.            

Sperm sprays in anus.       no stalkings.             Teal stalkings.        Fishnet stalkings.   

Sperm sprays in vagina.      Lace underwear.            no underwear.       tongue ring.

Sperm sprays on breasts.       White tank-top.       Grey tube-top.         Pubic tattoo.

Sperm sprays on back/stomach.   Pink mini-skirt.     Flower pattern skirt.   Belly button ring. 

Minutes of licking vagina.         Gold ring.                   2 Gold rings.         Tattoo on butt.

Minutes of licking anus.            Necklace.               Heart pendant neckalce.       2 necklaces.     

Minutes of licking armpits.   Grey button up sweater.   Polka dot button up sweater.   Black button up  sweater.

Minutes of breast sucking.         Bracelet                        Wristwatch                      2 Bracelets.

French kisses.                        Silver ring.                      2 silver rings.                  3 silver rings.

Kisses.                                  Cell Phone                          Heart tattoo.                Cell phone with purple case.

Manual ejaculations.                 Black purse.                       wrist sweatband.              Leather tote purse.



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