Welcome to the exciting page of Maxwell Kremer's Intellectual Property concepts. I would like to see these products/ideas developed.

Ideas are only for sale/Lic. to U.S. American individuals or U.S.  companies. (let's do bizness!) (what if the buyers sell it to foreign countries? Since I'm a patriotic American during an American Economic Crisis....I prefer to keep the ideas in the U.S.A, innitially.   If foreign citizens wish to enjoy the American-Made Products, perhaps companies in the U.S.A. may dazzle them with the fair-priced EXPORTed products. 

    All of the inventions are my own ideas. None of them are Army intelligence. I made them up. But since I was in the Army, and foreign companies are foreign companies(ally, neutral or enemy), it's like "hey don't steal my American stuff on the world wide web!"               

                                         Some Good Ideas 


1. A bike lock, that is attached to the bike itself. You pull out the cord and attach it to where you're going to lock it. It could also have a small lock box and a flash light. You could easily convert the brakes into magnetic electric chargers, so that when you ride your bike all day, you get home, you can plug your charged energy directly into your house. 


2. They should build a brick wall, 20 ft. tall, 13 ft. wide around Santa Monica, California. Only residents and pass holders would gain entrance. Protect the bay!!!!   or around other cities too!

A company named "Trilodeck Inc." or something, would film and/or cgi, left and right panel footage for popular films to be watched on 3-screen holodecks. They would build, deliver and manufacture holodecks, trilodecks and products. 


                                3.    Slavery. Take all the prisoners in prison, dye them purple with skin dye, put shock collars on them, and let them build and work all day, until their sentence is up.  The collars would have a microphone, speakers, tranquilizer needle, cameras and a shocker. 

Everything would be free for citizens. Food, housing, luxuries. The slaves would make everything instead of rotting and dying in prison.

No more crime. Free everything. Safer streets. No economic recession.


(Wait.... foreign countries would not like that sort of economy in America)

               5.  Zip-lines  from the bluffs to the beach. 

" oh that would be so fun!"

                                    4. These sand cars at the beach. 

6. Paint pigment, mixed with concrete, for colored sidewalks. 

 7. 400 ft. air tubes, with fans, mounted on buidlings. The air would get mixed up immediately, pollution and fresh filtered air. Instead of the pollution stagnating like a toxic fog.

8. A company named "Blastwork Digging" could dig in people's basements to expand their house.

If one had very powerful shop vac type motors, you could suck the dirt with wide tubes. The tubes would get so heavy, so you need to mount them along the wall of the hole and use about 1 ft. wide pvc tubing, so you could suck large size rocks to sand and dirt.  The more tubes, the faster. Then you wouldn't need dig machines.

This one sounds test worthy.

If you had a 5x5 ft. ply-wood board, and mounted to it was many shop vac tubes, it would be like a giant vaccum accessory.

8.5 You could run magnets through the pipes to collect metal dusts to scan and search for gold and precious metals.

10. Hand Chain Saws. It would fit like a gauntlet, be designed for shrubbery and trees. The gas pedal would be clenched on the inside of the Gauntlet Saw. The blade would be adjustable so that it could rotate sideways.  


 11. Gun-smoke Sniffer - Rifle butt filter fan

When a bullet is fired, the fan and tubing, sucks the smoke up through the butt stock and filters it out the back immediately.


13. Personal Computer - Revolution  


A new computer design that uses smaller technology to store the computer and it's contents in the keyboard alone, with a pair of sunglasses as the monitor. 2D or 3D.                            A laptop with glasses for a screen.


13.5 Thin contact lens video screens that fit onto the eye


15. CS - Compact Sphere Lazer Reader

Like a laser on a cd, to read memory, a shiny CD-like ball, perhaps with a magnet in the middle to spin and be read by the laser(s). Much more memory

9. If you had a robotic tennis ball thrower with a car-key type button on the bottom of the racket, one could lob balls to himself at the push of a button.


12. Helicopter Backpack - Redefined

(I don't have access to paint at the moment so pic isn't great)

An engine on a backpack that drives thick propeller blades to lift you up. Each blade could be folded into three pieces by springs, so that it is compact directly over the head, and then when started it up, the blades extend. The blades spin around a tube, about the thickness of an apple, instead of a stick. Inside the tube is a loaded parachute, so that if the propeller fails the chute can pop out of the top. In the same motion, an extender can come out under the feet, like a pogo stick. Weight would balance the pack and leaning would change the direction. 

14.  Holodeck using projectors and reflective cloth.

4 clothed walls. 4 projectors. computers. 4 walls of TV as a box, as a room.  So when I look around, it's like I'm actually there!  If I put 4 video cameras in opposite directions, like 4 cameras on top of a sail boat floating around an island, then I could film a relaxing movie and then play each one simultaneously on the 4 walls.    (A white background works and the reflective cloth might be too shiny though.)

16. Can Food lid that folds into fork


17. Light switch opperated by tv remote control 

The unit could be installed/attached over the light switch with a sensor that corresponds with the tv remote control. It would also have a manual switch on the exterior.



20. "Motivator" 

An excercise bike that is opperated in front of the TV. It is connected between the TV power and the wall socket. If one slows down on the excercise bike, the TV turns off.


21. Auto-Strummer

A spinning, tank tread like device, with guitar picks on it, attached at the bridge of a guitar. It does all the strumming for acoustic and electric guitars.


22. Battery Charger Wheel Connector

Attach it to your skateboard, adjust it to your bike, maybe even attach it to your car wheel! It charges up a battery!



23. Roll-Pack

Backpack with extendable pole and axle to the ground. You wear the pack normal and the majority of the weight rolls on the axle wheel, anbout 3 feet behind the wearer. The axle would be extendable to be about shoulder width apart between each of the two wheels and extendable to a wider stroll.






For skateboarding. Tricks like ollie jumps would be excellerated. The magnets would be very strong in the sole of the shoes, probably just in the toe area, and  able to cling to the metal trucks through the wood deck or there could be an auxilary metal catch plate, flat, installed on top of the  deck, above the trucks omn the screws, to make the magnets even stickier.  Bigger tricks, more technique, sport evolution.

Or perhaps the soles of the shoes could be metal and a magnet plate could be screwed on top of the skateboard deck.







31. Bicycle kick stand that automatically pops out when there is no weight on the seat.



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 32. Photo Video Game that needs no electricity        (NEPVG)

33. Photo Video Game that needs no computer        (NCPVG)

 34. Computerized Photo Video Game             (CPVG)

 35. Knife with click extendable arrow quils. 3 arrow wings, on the opposite end of the blade, folded againist the knife handle, click a mechanical spring loaded button to extend and lock the arrow fins.  Great for throwing. (CLICKS LIKE A PEN!)


36. HeliumCopter

Light weight propellers, motor, restraint system with inflatable compartment full of HELIUM.


37. Extendable Double Decker Bus/RV

On the top of the bus/rv, is a folded system of walls and even collapsed, mounted furniture. The walls are tentlike and on the top rear, when extended, is a balcony. 2nd level could be risen with an electric motor or hand crank. A hole door in the cieling of level 1, with a ladder or stairs, leads to the exciting, spacious 2nd level. It could even have a upper-level patio.


38. Coin Lids (MARKETING)

 Dip/Chewing Tobacco/Smokeless Tobacco can lids worth 1 dollar. Can lid = Coin.  If Grizzly or Copenhagen sold 1 can for three dollars, the buyer would save the lid and next time, he could get the can for $1 off. If he had 3 "coins", "Coin lids", he would get the next can for free, if the product cost was $3.

Price for idea: Rv in good condition and $8,000

39. Cap Coins

Soda bottle caps worth 10 cents towards next soda purchase. Approx. 15 sodas equal a free soda.

39.2 Soda cans worth 10 cents towards next soda purchase.

39.3 Beer bottle top coins worth 25 cents towards next purchase.









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18.  ROcket Slaps'

Skateboard Slip Pads 

Like a thick sticker made of wax, with one side to stick to the bottom of the skateboard and the other side a half inch or so of wax like material for doing skateboard trick slides/grinds. 1 rectangle and 2 semi-circles.


19. A new School System

If the school system changed for children, each student could have it's own laptop. All the text books and tutorials would be software. They could study and submit homework at home. They could still meet up for field trips. There could be a special place at the mall where they could bring their laptops to study communally. Organized sports would be mandatory. There would be plenty of sports to choose from and plenty of games to attend. That would mean that teachers, custodians, lunch workers and all the other workers at schools, would be out of a job. Also, utilities, land use, bus gas and other expenses would be needless. To balance out the economy, to make more jobs available, the out-dated teachers could find jobs in new marketplaces. If the country spends $10 billion  a year on schools it could utilize the school buildings as houses or businesses to generate positive revenue and perhaps give the out of work teachers a fraction of the saved money for a certain length of years.  The out of work teachers would then not have to work at all.

                    (As if they weren't all CGPs!? )


25. Baseball Hat Vizor

If  you pull your hat down over your face, you can see through your hat like sunglasses.


26. Child Hoodie jacket that zips onto adult coat so that it is the hoodie of the adult coat.



A folding acoustic guitar where even the boxy acoustic chamber folds into a flat panel, so that it looks like a rectangular box. It fold into itself to protect the teeth on the head of the guitar from going out of tune.  Great for traveling and storage.



Semi-Auto Cap Arrow/Harpoon Rifle/Crossbow

It fires bullet rounds plugged with arrows like a harpoon gun. The bullet arrows can be set into a clip. If one picked up the already fired arrow, the rifle doubles as a cross bow and the arrow can be fired quietly with out the bullet round projection. The crossbow wings fold to the side, the draw cable can be stored behind one of the wings.  


29. Spring Loaded Bow

Bow is a straight cylinder, pipe-like shape, chambered into different light-weight cylinderical blocks, that are connected by high tension springs.                    The spring loaded bow could even collapse into a cube!



30. Magnet Enhanced Bow

When the arrow is pulled back, doscile magnets are additionally where the retention springs are. A button/switch system inside the tension springs  triggers the magnets to flex as soon as the arrow begins to be deployed. So that means the magnets activate as soon as the pulled back arrow begins to fly toward the bow, clamping the button to envigerate the action of the flexed bow. Easy arrow pull back, Faster stronger release.


 40. HINGE

Hydro Inflatable Nautical Geared Enclosure

The hinge is an enclosed boat pod, 2 seater, with tight glass, material, underwater window viewing capabilities, a 13 ft., heavy, foldable vertical leg (with a wheel on the tip), connected like a 'hinge', directly under the pod is inflatable/drainable so that the HINGE can sink underwater (limited pressure distance 5-15 ft.), to view fish and then the arm fills with air and floats up at a 90 degree angle. There is an extendable, 'floater hat' (snorkel system), above the pod that floats on the water, connected by an air hose. The air tube extends about 4 feet above the floater hat so that water does not seep into the cockpit of the HINGE. The air tube is comprised of about 3 tubes. One of the tubes has a directional fan. The HINGE is equipped with underwater cameras, a geared electric propeller motor and possibley a fishing and cage system. If the pod flooded, a system of floater balls, (like toilet blatter levers) could activate the pod to pop open, so that the mariner could swim out. Mini oxygen tanks might be mounted for emergency. When the HINGE is submerged, only the floater hat is visible.

Great for deep ponds, lakes, maybe even the ocean.


40.1 Speed HINGE, Wavefighter

When the HINGE leg is at a 90 angle, a tank tread type, "chainsaw", system of paddles, spins and pulls the pod at higher speeds. 

40.2 Tri-HINGE

40.3 Octo-HINGE

The legs, when inflated can actually be boat docks. Fishing cages can be on the legs too! And there's plenty of deck space.


The HINGE has a powerful light-weight motor that spins the arms (arms are helicopter-plane wing type propeller blades), an "anchor sail" extends, underwater, to keep the propeller arms spinning and not the cabin. The hinge gains thousands of feet altitude and then it clicks into transformation, as the propeller arms slow down and position into wings, as the HINGE turns into a falling glider as it pulls out of a stall.

If the light weight motor ran on water based fuels like Hydrogen, that might be the best.

40.5  SCUBA HINGE (snorkel)

The Scuba Hinge is similar to the HINGE, however it resembles an underwater motorcycle/cockpit. The scuba-tube and floater-hat maintain breathable air as the Scuba HINGE travels to deep depths. Locking releasable weights can be released to rise the Scuna HINGE up to the surface, (so that the air in the cockpit doesn't keep the Scuba-Hinge floating at the water's surface).

Two paddle treads (similar to tank tread, ripple board tread, with only 2 paddles spaced 50/50) at the sides of the Scuba hinge push the underwater vehicle at a strong pace.

NOTE* 2 paddles at 50/50 on 1 tread is a universal swim-element as that provides a constant full stroke paddle pushing towards the rear.

The cockpit is contained/caged (ocean shark safety). The cockpit might have a water-intake port that allows the cockpit to partially fill with water, as extra bouyancy weight, but emergency scuba-oxygen-tanks should be accessable.

The air-bouyancy in the cockpit should be nearly anti-equal to the emergency weight system. The weights are locked into place under the scubaHinge evenly, as a series of a few mechanical triggers can release individual weights, as the ScubaHinge floats balanced to the surface.

The scuba HINGE could be powered similar to peddling of a bicycle.  If it was powered by a gas engine, the air-tube for the engine needs to be spaced far away from the breath-snorkel-tube. An electric motor would need to be electrocution-regarded, so that the riders don't get electrocuted under water.


41. Backpack that turns into a tent.

Backpack with rain/sun tarp, outstretched above over the wearer. The backpack can turn into the tent!


42. Radio Controlled Armadillo Toy

Armadillo has 2 settings. 1. RC Car Type. Wheels on feet or walking mechanism. 2. It rolls into a ball and can be RC rolled.

43. Radio controlled Giant Rolly-Polly Toy

Like the RC Armadillo.

44. Piv-troller

The pivtroller has a weighted base and makes video game playing less stressful on the arms and wrists. 

45. Wireless Universal Remote / Controller

                    TV, VCR, Game System 

 45.1   W.U.R.C.       PLUS Wireless Phone

 46. BackPack that has a sun/rain SHADE and can turn into a tent.

 47. Rifle that has smoothed, elegant 'fired' bullet in side of butt-stock.

48. ICE CAP - Stagecoach

Snowmobile trailer. (Not for extreme snomobiling.)

 49. Sleeping bag that turns into a tent utilizing light weight plastic rounded flat sticks that slide out from the bottom, while laying inside, to clasp together, making a row of arches to make the sleeping bag, a tent! 

50.  Jet ski sun shade!

51. Necklace container that hold the smokeless tobacco dip can. 

 52. BB BOT

Robo-Wheeled Target

A wheeled BB gun target, with target-holes that activate movement of the BB Bot and some target-holes activate lights and sounds. The BB Bot spins and moves back in forth (many directions). The BBs collect in a chamber in the bottom.   Cardboard "target skins" could be sold to  dress the bb bot and make marks on the target.   Note*  Paddles with movement sensors could be used as/with the target holes.


A clip-seat sown onto the back of a vest or jacket. The seat can fold and clip back against the vest so that when the wearer is walking, the vest appears normal, with the seat collapsed on the lower back of the vest. The sitting on the ground is a snap. A relaxing snap.


The ripple board could be gas or electric driven. It has a "san-belt" type propulsion system, of a motor, gears and the ripple leg belt, (like a rubber tank-track). Uni-track.

It can be riden on sand, streets and has a locked core that the ripple-legs roll past in the board that make Ripple Boards great for even on WATER!  The uni-wheel on the back is for changing directions. The rider rotates a circle on the top of the deck that leans the wheel. A spring brings the wheel back to perfectly straight. The wheel can be extended when riding in water to act as a fin. The nose of the board might have a rope that can be pulled in the direction for turning without the back uni-wheel. The gas and brake system could be a part of the rope.

NOTE* Perhaps a "baby stroller" could be mounted onto an 8-foot-ripple board, where the ripple tread inerior uses the mounted baby stroller wheels. Little bit like a jetski/ford model T.


The top rear-retracting tank-tread (under rider platform) chamber needs to have a micro-pump to draw water out so that the top treads have no hydro-resistance (air in top track chamber)

The nose-cap is an air tight capsule that holds air for flotation at the tip of the board. It might be like an empty plastic 2-gallon plastic water box.

The air-intake tube, to the motor, might need to be attached at the nose of the ripple-board, extending a few feet. It might need to be collapsable or very flexible when falling.(Gas ripple-boards) A tube within the tube could be for the air flow and around it could be spilled water, so that when the board capsizes, it doesn't flood the motor with water. (1-in. diameter tube within a 3-in. diameter tube)

Since the top-tread-chamber must be vaccumed with water constantly while ridden on water (vaccum "off" on land), the 3-in. diameter air-flow-tube can be built to spill into the top-tread-chamber.

A shop-vac engine could be used as the vaccum (bilge) or a gear system of the ripple tread could be used.. The interior 1-in. tube must go directly to the ripple-engine air-intake.

For eco-sense, the exhaust could be filtered using a disposable water-bong system. (dispose in trash, not in water)

54.2 Water-bong-air filter

The air-ventilation system of air rising through a tube, into a bowl of water and out of another tube, leaving the water dilluted with pollutant, via a motorized vaccum.

If the water-bong-filter was used indoors as an air filter, the filter-water could be bleach, perfume or deordorant.

It's a shopvac motor connected to a tube, to a bowl of liquid, to a tube. It could be mounted to a window or installed inside/through a wall. Runs on electricity. The bleach filled bowl is an absolute air filter. Whiskey could probably be used  in place of bleach too. Living next to dumpsters never smelled so good. Great for pet houses.

55. Ripple Vehicle 



It would have perhaps 6 or more "Ripple boards", affixed like a sectagon shape (all sides like a tube, caterpillar), where instead of ripple-treads, it has propeller like wind-cup-arms, that drastically push wind behind it. It could be R/C computerized or perhaps even piloted. Small cameras could be mounted all over for the pilot to visualize.  It might need a stablizer tail and maybe even wings. The nose would be an aerodynamic sharp cone, where behind it, is the hollow middle tube, where the forward-rolling wind-cups are sliding through the interior.



It has a conceptual design of hollow interior forward-wind-cup-tread. The button activation could work as a release, as the button is in the thrower's grip. Once the football is thrown, the wind-cup-treads are activated to jetison the football thousands of feet.

55.4  Giant Ripple Ship

The design of the ripple ship could be:

  • lite weight structure, (like tents) that is 1000 ft. tall building.
  • The ripple paddles are "tarps" (like sail boat sails). The fold on the recess cycle.
  • The giant ripple ship could be filled with helium at the top, takes off standing up, as if a building was floating, up into the sky.
  • Once it is high above, the helium can transfer from top to side, as the ship changes from vertical to horizontal.
  • THe size of the "tent-ship" would have the air-breeze pushing it like a gigantic sail, perhaps using the ripple-tarps for speed and direction.
  • Ropes or plastic-chains could be used instead of metal-bike chains.
  • Gas that is lighter than helium could be used
  • could be solar powered
  • (not a blimp)

56. GROWIES             The shoes that grow up!

Children's shoes that are extendable. The shoes span every size from toddler to young adult.   The shoes could be extended week by week with a little key and gear adjuster, or month by month. Kids grow up fast, why shouldn't their shoes.


65. Thruster B-Lock

The thruster block controller is the common video game controller, broken in two. Left and right hand controlling. The player's arms can rest at it's sides, or in any comfortable position, while playing. Rings connect to the back of the thruster blocks so that the fingers can stabilize them while playing.

66. Thruster B-Lock Vest

A vest that has a zipper padded pocket on the stomach where a PSP or Nintendo portable game can be inserted, zipped up.  The padded pocket folds out and locks perpendicular from the player's abdomen. The wearer can play the portable-videogame-system for longer periods of time, more comfortabley.  A pocket, with holes for cord are for extra battery, thruster block controllers and the game system cord. Pockets at the hips and abdomen sides are clippable with the Thruster block controllers so that instead of attatching the controllers to the fingers, they can be stabilized on the vest.


67.  Disposable Oven

A rectangular thinish wood box containing a candle/starter, wood, coal and paper that when lit, a fuze burns into the center of the box to ignite the "stove". An aluminum grill  that covers the top and 4 metal legs are connected to it at the corners of the box. The interior of the box is a clever maze of wood, coal and paper to protect the heart of the heat, even in the most extreeme of storms, while providing enough breathable air flow to cook.

              10 minutes till frying temp/.

                       Lasts 2 hours.

Better than coal and firewood because it doesn't need any lighter fluid.


67.1 D.O. Frozen

          Breakfast or Dinner, a frozen prepared meal is already sealed to the top of the Disposable Oven. The entire D.O. Frozen waits in the freezer.

                The Breakfast has a 5 cup coffee foil thermos. The thermos has an additional tube-arm that oints up at it's side. The tube-arm tip is cut with scissors to drip delicious coffee into cup while D.O. is still burning.


67.2 D.O. Dehydrated.

           Just add water to the meal and light the fuze.

          The fuze might even be able to be a chemical fuze that lights on fire when water is applied. (?.)


68. Free Power Bike

Imagine turning your "brakes" into your TURBOS!

Braking mechanism is actually gear locking a length of retention cord. The retention cord fully wound to a halt, (around the rear axle) can be transferred to a gear-release utilized to propel the bike forward. (about 20 flat ft. at it's start)

WHen brake/retention cord is activated, the gear wraps maximum ret. cord as a "max gear", auto-shifting to an additional slacked retention cord.


Catches Brake energy and turns it into Turbos! If the FreePower Enclosure box has 6 ret. cords, then it can shift 6 forward Turbos at the push of a button!!!!

While breaking, the independent  ret. cord could be mechanized to hit a "bell" ring at each automatic "max gear". The ret cords are slacked around a hoop (a series of hoops) waiting to lock into "braking/charging"

The FreePower gearbox could be an oval behind the rider seat. A row of wheels/hoops are shiftable to lock with the tire-axle.

  1. Brake/Charge
  2. Release Turbos

The Bike-Brake is the shifter.

  1. Squeeze gentle to charge turbo. 
  2. Squeeze harder to hard-brake bike at it's tires.

68.2  Transformable Bike car

It splits down the middle, to transform from bike to bike car. (There are 2 wheels, side by side at the front and rear, (4 tires)) It could have a sun tarp, walls, even a sleeper-hammock. The bike car can collapse and fit on the city bus.

Note* Bike-cars, especially transformable bike cars might drastically heighten the peddler's way of life. They are similar to automobiles, however they can go places that automobiles are not allowed, or can not fit. Public parks, for example, are an excellent place to "park". It's a "free" way to live like a trailer park RV enthusiast, however sleeping in it might be illegal.

68.3    Compression Spring Pedals

Instead of a bike rider using a circular pedal motion to propel the bike, the rider steps onto a Compression Spring Pedal to propel the bike. There are 2 CSP per bike.

68.4  Compression Spring Circular Pedals

Similar to CSP, the CSCP uses a combination of  standard bike peddling and CSP stepping. 




 69. Kite Launcher Toy

It's like a fishing pole that's lined to a kite, where  the kite flys up from a detatchable/controlable small-propeller engine (helicopter). Once the kite is up in the air, it can be reeled in back on to the fishing pole where it clamps into it's handy storage clip slot.

The helicopter could detach and float down to the ground with a button, while the kite is flown. 


                   Fly kites in low wind. Have fun playing with helicopters.

70. Kick-Bench

It's a lawn chair type bench that attaches to one side of a bike. The bench locks and unfolds, keeping the parked bike upright while unfolded, to be sat on. The folded bench does not drag, it is affixed above ground/tire level. The aluminum pipes could slide out to make the bench even bigger!

71. Jackolantern Food Products- 100% clean kosher food.

A "company" could buy food at the store, add "mass" by adding wheat/water/sugar/.etc, then repackaging it with accurate nutrition facts to sell it as good, untampered, cheap food. The product might be able to be delivered 24/7. Add 1 crushed daily-vitamin to some products.


Dump an A1 Steaksauce bottle into 5 new-empty-bottles. Add VINEGAR and chopped pepper solution to each new-empty-bottle.

 Nutrition facts = add VINEGAR as new main ingredient

Put a sticker-label on it. Vaccumed sealed.

Some food products like bread-items could be baked on command or stored/packaged.

Large pizzas could be hot at $4 each.   Etc.

An apartment could be the "pizza factory". Using a normal kitchen.

Recommended Price Strategy: Cheap, because even though that means the immediate-profit is smaller, the customer will buy more in bulk over time, to make the overall-profit-margin much stronger.         or            Customer Specific Pricing. what they can afford.

Note* It might be illegal to sell food without a permit. Permits might be expensive.

It's sort of like a speak-easy/bootleg market.

Really easy good products might be:

  1. Noodle soup. with beef jerky. Dehydrated vegetables. The noodles can be made in big tubs (dough), mixed with vitamins, run through like a play-do noodle machine, dried. Really healthy and cheap!
  2. Nut,seed, honey bar, vitamins. Mixed em together, flatten em out on a tray, cut em into rectangles... No cooking neccesary.
  3. Water drinks mixed with vitamins and flavor. 

Some food products might have a short-time shelf life. They could be made to order easily. A computer printer could print up labels...or fancy ones could be made....   Looks like "new" brand products, just like you might find in the grocery store.

Note* SOme other really good recipes are:

  • Deli meat. Instead of buying over salted "spitty" deli meat at the grocery store.....   Buy large slab of meat. (Sometimes they're like $1.29 per lb.) Boil it in PASTA SAUCE.  Perfectly cooked, absolutely delicious. easy. When it's done cooked maybe then add coat of barbeque/steak sauce to dry. Fridgerator. 

71.1 New Food Item-  Kosher Neopolitan Dehydrated Meal Bar

          1/3 Square Beef Jerky Cracker

          1/3 Dehydrated Mashed Potato Cracker

          1/3 Cranberry Gel with seeds and/or nuts

Other Variations:

Turkey+dehydrated cornbread+ dehydrated salad square

Lo mein noodles square + eggroll square+ fortune cookie square

Lo mein noodle square + Dehydrated/carmalized Orange Chicken + White Rice Soy Sauce (Puddy cookie)


 They are dehydrated but they can still be "Gel" mixed to taste delicious.The bars have 2 sizes. Normal energy bar size and x4 bar.   



71.2 Kosher Sandwhich Topper

Mashed potatoes, mashed beans (garbanzo), mashed pickles, mashed jalapenos, mustard vinegar.

The mixture is formed to a ball and deli sliced like a slice of cheese. (like a slice of gel-mashed potatoes)

It's so good, it can be eaten with bread as a sandwich alone.

71.3 CREEPY GOURMETs     The neat thing about Creepy Gourmets is that if a customer purchases a C.G. , they can option to not eat the delicious meal or dessert and place the food-item on a road side, suggested near road-kill sites. Over time, the Creepy Gourmet will rot to expose rib cages, alert scavenger animals and creep everybody out.

E.T.ALIEN4- A 2.5 foot tall, 100% edible(- the bones), mock-alien, is frozen in a sealed plastic bag with nutrition facts, "Classified ETALIEN4", cooking directions  and novelty type writing on the bag, so that it appears as though it is out of the freezer from Roswell, NM. The frozen food item is comprised of a green-dough-skin, a chicken-rib cage in the chest, 2 drum sticks in each limb with a pasta sauce, pasta formed skull without eye sockets. The head is filled with beef meatballs, pasta sauce. The chest is filled with rice and diced potatos, seasoning, 1 beef steak. The abdomen is filled with mashed beans, seasonings. The eyes are grapes. The E.T.Alien4 resembles a life-like alien!  Cooking directions:

  • Thaw out and fold into large pot. Add water. Cook for specific time.
  • Place in oven. Cooked for specific time.

E.T.ALIEN5c- It is a realistic looking 1.5 tall frozen mock-alien. It is 100% edible dessert.

  • Licorice gut parts filled with green ice cream
  • Wopper/  white ice cream inside candy-formed-skull
  • Hard white candy formed and placed as "rib cage" and "limb bones"
  • Blue Ice cream in chest
  • Candy skin
  • Candy eyes

Note* The point of Creepy Gourmets is so that the food-item looks 100% realistic. If licorice is used to hold ice cream inside the belly, the licorice-guts are intended to not resemble licorice in visual.

Spider6- A Gigantic tarantula. 18 inches diameter.

  • Sirloin beef cut and formed as legs.
  • Mashed potato and meatball center.
  • Brush tecniques of barbeque sauce mixed with oates could be formed to make realistic "hairy skin"

Spider5c- 16 inch diameter Ice cream candy tarantula!

Basketball4- A bread bowl that is painted with food dye to resemble a realistic basketball is frozen with pot-roast in it and pasta. Basketball is 3/4 size.


1/2 boiled/mashed beans

1/4 milk

1/8 sugar

1/8 fruitjuice



72. Secret Carabiner

It looks like a typical caribiner however the clip-part is actually fuzed with the metal  solid (not moveable) and another spring-arm-clip, perhaps in the corner, opens up to be used.


 73. Bungee Box

Instead of loose bungees getting tied up and worn..... A new fancy INDUSTRIAL INVENTION is:        The Bungee Box.

THe Bungee BOx is a plastic container, that the hooked-bungees (for tie downs) are drawn through. A button can snap against the inside bungee lines to squeeze them open, and then an opposite-button to release the bungees. THere could be multiple bungee lines running through one Bungee Box. A bungee-box might look like a cylinder or even a starfish-shape.


 There is no flame (no excess gas to inhale) because a metal ball (bowl) is charged by a battery to be red hot.

Load Tobbaco.

Press button on pipe.


If the ELP is big enough, a small motorized fan could keep the smoke radiation constant. 


Let's say a soda drink product was marketed with a specific other-market, like computer gaming. The soda drink company could give the purchasers of game-products a secret-code to use at the grocery stores, so that they are charged .45 cents for a $1.95 drink (over and over, no limit). Meanwhile the public pays $1.95 each drink. "The more a product is purchased, the more chance there will be that it is advertised."  Smaller profits on exclusive customers means long term profit. The exclusive customer might need to bring it's plastic game box to the grocery store to be scanned like a coupon card, for example. More games bought. More drinks bought.


76. Wind Powered Films (NEPM)

Like my invention of the "Slides in the shape of a spinnable ball." , however the "wind" blows a propeller, spinning a gear, in the inside of a large "sphere ball" to spin it, where the clear glass photos (slides) become successive frames of a movie (13 to 24 frames per second), illuminated on 1 screen (wall). The light comes from the sun, bounced off of a mirror, through the picture-slide and onto the wall, as a projector. Sunlight bounces through the eye-catch on the roof, while the wind blows the gear, sliding the ball. There are tracks for directional-slide-change to guide successive frames. That means the NCPVG-Layout of photos could be spun by the wind into "pivot tracks" where a randomized spinning path transcends into new-successive-film-segments. The films do not have to be very complicated. The films can be very simple that emulate a magical type of electricity-less/touch-free movie on a wall.

76.2  Wind Powered Holodeck (NEH)

Instead of one screen to illuminate, 5 screens illuminate entire walls, and roof of 4 walled holodeck room.

Note* That means a photo-program of "An angel walking in the clouds, 1st person view" could be designed so that an angel-subject cuold walk back and forth to different clouds at random, as a holodeck film (randomized).  

77. Smile Piece

It is a plastic/rubber prosthetic mouth piece that wearer uses so that the wearer appears to "be smiling", without using it's smile muscles. The lips could be larger to resemble a different person's image. It could slide into the mouth, above the teeth, over the wearer's lips, and push the skin into the shape of a smile.


78. CALIFORNIA BALL ( Caliball and Calibat )

CALIFORNIA BALL is a BASEBALL-TYPE game that uses the Caliball and Calibat.

Magnets are infuzed with the Caliball and Calibat in a design as such:

  • The Caliball is all one type charge of magnets ( + positve ) The magnets are slightly under the surface, affixed accordingly.
  • The Calibat is a design of both + and - charges. The magnets are slightly under the surface. The bat-tip is opposite charge  ( - ) to the ball, so that the player can pick up the Caliball with the Calibat and toss it onto the mid-section of the Calibat. Near the handle of the mid-section of the Calibat is a set of ( - negative) charged magnets, that are opposite to the Caliball, so that the "ball sticks". When the player swings the Calibat, the Caliball rolls towards the end of the Calibat, as it rolls over ( + positive ) charged magnet rows, it forces the Caliball to "push away" from the Calibat, as the magnets are of the Calibat-section and Caliball are both (+ positve) charges.         CALIBAT NOTE* The part of the Calibat where the mid-section meets the tip...might need a "wrap around bumper", like a small ramp to maximize Caliball velocity.

NOTE* Other Calibat and Caliball designs could be the following:

  • Magnet bat shaft, non-magnet end. Metal ball.
  •  Metal bat shaft, non-metal end. Magnet ball.
  • Various magnet-placement-designs on the bat.

The tip of the Calibat could be a concave-rail (instead of a circle), plus optional slide-hitter rails (flat rail, flat edge. Instead of the bat being an even rounded tube)  The experienced player would use his own skills to twirl and flick the Calibat, so that the Caliball rests in the desired grooves/rails.

79. Pokus phone

It's a cell phone. It's the size of a pocket watch. It's the shape of a pocket watch. It is a pocket watch. It has a digital screen that can appear as though it is a pocket watch. It also can have a digital clock. If a customer has 2 pokus phones...they can slide them into a visor (clip into divots) to watch and play 3-d media. The screen is special as it is not a flat screen under glass. It is a concave screen that makes it easy on the eyes to watch media. The concave screen has pixels that are angled at the center where the person eye would be, instead of all of the pixels angled straight out, which makes the visualizer's eyes blurry.  There is a button on the top of the Pokus that is similar to pocket watches as it is a spinner dial button that can function in three different track paths, as if it is pressed down, it clicks and stays and then can be spun, to select different screen options or it could be pulled up and spun to select different screen options, or it could remain in the middle track and spun to select even more different screen options. Also 2  push buttons could be on the side. The 3-D visor accessory could be replaced by a ski-mask that clips the 2 Pokus phones in , similar to goggles. A hat accessories could be similar, with Pokus phone slots.  

80. Cell Phone Wrist watch

It's a cell phone that is in the shape of a wrist watch. THe screen is where the wrist watch face is. A bent cell phone that clips around the wrist.

(PROBABLY ALREADY INVENTED) ....but not in stores?

81. PowerDiver

Similar to existing handheld-motorized-dive-devices, however:

  • instead of a heavy handheld, the PowerDiver has a locked air reserve to float
  • Weights, perhaps cement half-disks are locked into the underside of the handheld and can be released at the push of a trigger.

The "emergency weight releases" :

  •   help the diver float up to the surface.
  • might only cost .05 cents to make
  • can be stored seperately from the PowerDiver to keep the PowerDriver light-weight
81.2 Powerdiver    Sub-Hydro-Sail.
It looks as though it is a 4 ft. long cane, that has 2 paddle-tread-tracks on the left and right sides, that revolve  collapsable paddles towards the diver, who has the cane attached at one shoulder via carribeaner clip, as the 'underwater paddle cane' pulls the diver quickly through the water. The paddles revolve out of the tip, rotate to opposite sides (left and right), towards the diver and collapse into the rear of the cane, to travel through the cane, on the track to restart at the tip again. There are 2 paddles, seperated at 50/50, per track. Electric motor. Trigger acceleration.
The way that the paddles have enough rigid-structure to push the water without collapsing, during the revolution towards the diver,    Each track has 2 sub-tracks. one sub-track has the paddles attached, where the paddle is loose and floppy. The other sub-track has a stabalizer-grab that meets the paddle as it exits the tip, locks into it to stabalize the paddle and then when the paddle is retracting back into the rear, the stabalizer-grab-sub-track follows an offset track route so that it releases the limp paddle. 
82..Independent Movie House
  • 7 to 10 independently made and screened films per month (Good films, not sub-par films)
  • Cafe. Inexpensive food at seat.
  • Couch ampitheatre seating
  • Wi-fi
  • Individual fart/sneaker sniffer air-control vents
  • pedi/manicure available at seat
  • shoe washing/sock washing
  • Located in boring/nothing to do towns
  • $4 tickets. ($2 goes to filmmaker)
83. Floorless -elevator cube house
A small underground house has 5 panels (4 walls and a roof) that raise up out of the ground. The roof could be lawn grass, sidewalks or plants. The heavy floor stays where it is, but a indoor-rising-livingroom-patio could rise up with the "House Shell". Stores could be floorless-elevator-cubes too. They could do business top-level and then when the store is closed, it retracts underground. 

 84. Lickity Split '         Hand-Gun case/Rifle


The triggers of the enclosed pistols are exposed to fire. The trigger of the "Butt pistol encased" is connected mechanically to a secondary case-trigger. The middle pistol has a simple mechanical "trigger relay", to project the force of pulling the middle-case- trigger, 1 inch higher to the pistol trigger. 

TURN 3 pistols into 1 RIFLE!!!!


The device is ideal for giant-houseboats that have very large tents on the deck that are so big that "capsizing" is  possible.

The wind alert could be simplified in design, as it doesn't require electricity, where instead of a battery and speaker, a small hammer on the tread hits a mounted-bell. 

86.  Giant FLAT HouseBoat TENTS


The light show wheel could be spun by an electric motor, a wind powered propeller or spun by hand. The light show could be very complex with multiple lights.

88. K.R.E. Camp

All terrain cart.

It is similar to a baby stroller that is loaded with an extendable/retractable mounted 2-person tent. 5 gallon drinking water container is attached. Once the tent is extended, the center of the all-terrain-cart can be sat on as a chair. Hard plastic panels, folded and mounted at the side of the cart unfold to provide floor, separating the ground and tent-floor. One head light is mounted at the front with optional wheel-to-battery charger to create electricity. Plenty of extra storage for extra camping cargo. An additional solar powered lamp could be charged by the sun. The headlight position changes from front/headlight to camp ceiling-porch-light when the tent is extended. Above the tent-door, attached, is a retractable patio-tarp to provide shade. 2 plastic poles extend to be posted, 7 ft. high.

89. Secret Surveillance Monitor

It is a surveillance monitor t.v. that has an internal switch, that allows the t.v. monitor to be "turned on" only by putting the t.v. monitor on it's side.

 The camera-feed-view of the t.v. monitor is not sideways. The view is right-side up as the case of the t.v. monitor is sideways. The internal switch works simply as a metal-ball in a tube as it  is docile,  as the t.v. monitor is right-side-up (OFF), and then when the t.v. monitor is put on it's side , the metal-ball rolls into a slot(ON). The slot has positive+ and negative- electric wires, which allow the metal-ball to connect the circuit, in order to allow electricity into the secret surveillance monitor t.v.


The Lap-stop is a mock-laptop computer. It appears to be a laptop computer, however it is not a laptop. It is a laptop-shell. It is a dummy case. Inside of it is a loud alarm and battery system which activates by a person pressing "ON". The Cancel-Alarm but is a system-switch of pressing one of the buttons on the keyboard "R", while holding "T".  If the "Enter" button is pried off, a space through the keyboard is exposed to administer a nut and bolt system, in order to affix the Lap-stop to a desk. Behind the dummy-screen, papers can be stored. Extra storage space for small items/keys could be inside the keyboard as well.

91. Robot Fishing Vessel

92. Medic Masseuse Droid

THOUGHTS:  Even if I conceptually invented the absolute, most needed, new product, who's to say that it would have any effect on my CAR world? What purpose do I serve as a homeless player? Why would I need to invent new products? Why wouldn't I just win the lottery? If I don't get millions of matrix dollars for no reason (being nice to me), then why would I get millions of virtual-reality-machine dollars for creating/owning a product idea? 

If RPVGs don't begin to dominate the video game industry, that might imply:

  1. some sort of robot overlord supremacy, where the androids don't agree with the format.
  2. the country (USA) is taken over and the hostages are not allowed technological advancement, in the form of entertainment; video games.
  3. CGPs prefer cartoon-like video games instead of RPVGs.


Movies Scenes

1. One shot- The inside view of  the driver, in an automobile, looking forwards and then a crack and hole, as a gunshot, changes the windshield and then the automobile drifts  sideways and crashes into a pole.

2. A baby falls out of a shopping cart.

3. A "Cloud Cutter" laser machine is used to vaporize clouds to draw shapes and images in the clouds.

4. Without being sued by the makers of such media examples as "Click", "Sliders" and "The Matrix", an excellent TV series could be called "Magic C.A.R. Machine", about a young man's adventures inside a virtual reality machine and his quest to discover the truth and gain the power to control his simulated environments. Plenty of perils, oddities, intellectual philosophies, challenges and situations to get the viewer audience from one episode to the next. IJCM is an excellent template existing for me to use in portraying remarkable urban to magical settings in the TV show format to entertain audiences and ignite their inspiration for the prosperous future. The main character's name could be something as "Ariel", as he explains in the first episode that he is a real boy. Man. He meant to say he is a real man. (story)

57. Winthermalator 

In the winter time, a great way to air ventilate one's cabin, house, rv, or even car is with an air-duct system that wraps around a hollow cone that is heated up by a candle. The air comes in warm instead of freezing cold! Breathe in the winter time in your house... No Problem!  The candle is lit and set under a metal cone of coiled tube.

58. Swivel Sail

Extendable, Portable, it's like an over sized trash bag on a swivel that can pull a small boat, hundreds of miles! Save gas getting some distance. Don't scare the fish!  

Great for lakes to replace emergency paddles.

59. Boat-Butt RV

An RV that has a boat, inside of it,  that slides out of the back. The wheels that help the boat into the water fold up onto the sides. The boat is completely inside the rv until it is deployed. Inside the rv, the boat can be sat in, slept in, ect.

60. Ice Bottle Alcohol Drink 

Instead of the bottle being made of glass, the drink is contained in a block of ice, formed in any shape, including blocks, bottles, icicles. Alcohol has a much colder freezing point so it will not freeze with the ice. The ice could be made of the purest drinkable water so that you can drink the bottle when it melts. The ice-bottle drink would have to be stored in the freezer. If the ice-bottle had an emblem frozen on it, it could be a collector's item.

61. Sparo

A spring loaded arrow. The rear part of the shaft is hollowed until the spring bar presses into it, while the arrow is being charged on the bow string. Perhaps 20% extra velocity.

62. Snow Dragger

A motor system,   that is attatched to a snowboard, between the feet. The rider attatches the gas control to his wrist with a velcro wrist attatchment. If the rider pull the gas line up, the snow paddles come up, above the snowboard, so that the rider can turn and brake. A release on the velcro wrist contol, releases the snowpaddles back into the snow.

63. Bow-less Arrow Thrower

The slingshot II- FlingShot

The rubber sling chord is attatched near the elbow - inside the wrist gaurd, the rubber sling come out of the top/tip of the wrist gaurd. A rail is on the top of the wg. The rail might be magnetized to hold the arrow close while it is being flung.  The top of the rg (rail) is attatched at the tip but can float off, from velcro detatchment to fire at maximized angles.


64. Secret Lock

It looks like an ordinary lock, however instead of spinning the key, the key is pushed sideways, to snap the lock open.  

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