In my CAR machine world, the amount of matrix-money I have, greatly effects my opportunities...


$0-$3 = eat food

$0-$5 = food, tobacco

$5-$40 = f, t, bus ride, inexpensive items

$60-$500 = f, t, br, ii, few motel room days

$500-$2,000 = apartment living

$2,000-$8,000 = al, automobile, modest luxury

$20,000-$70,000 = property own investment, RV

$70,000-$500,000 = luxury property owner

$1,000,000 = castle, luxury, cruise travel

$50,000,000 = private city

$400,000,000 = private county




Kids think that because they love their parents so much, that the parents love them the same much back, but the kids love them so much because the parents gave them so much food and money, as the parents didn't get anything back, so the parents don't love them the same much back. 


"CGP Dad, (maybe he's a real player in a different CAR world), may I have some money out of your millions of dollars?"

"No, I already gave you .03% of it."

"CGP relatives, CGP step-relatives, didn't you know I was homeless and need money? Why didn't you care to send?"

"Dude, giving you money is like flushing it down the toilet." 

Making a creative, intelligent website is like building a house. If you do it without template software, using html and other programming, it's like melting sand into glass, mining and fabricating metals, growing and cutting trees into wood, to be used in building a house. "Hey, did you want to build a lego house or to build a lego?" 

Annoying Guy would say ->Yeah, but all us web design school students got scammed on a lot of time and money. We weren't sure that computer software was available to make drag and click websites. We guess the real talent is from creative content on the actual website, not typing a bunch of funny codes so that the computer screen is black with a blue line through it. How are we going to make our money back from all those classes we attended and meaningless, needless software languages that we learned? There's not even enough website jobs out there with all those students graduating each year to compete in such a physical laborless market. Gosh gee golly, one could even work from home on their laptop in that industry. They wouldn't even need to get out of bed!


                                                                          Spare Change?

 ..... I thought about making small products to sell like art work. For the time being, I am asking for spare change at the beach and downtown.

                           If you could make a donation, you could easily  write it off on your taxes, as charity. 


Why do we do work for money in the C.A.R. anyways?? Right? Many possible reasons why... Stress testing, psychological analyzation, sick joke... anyways, the economy preset is terrible, I can't even find a job.  It's been an American recession.

Maybe my CAR will become more luxurious.

Chazak, Chazack, V'nitchazek! Airborne! Human Earthlings Dominate!



Waiting to be rescued or empowered. 

I don't want to be pestered by strangers who are jealous of people that don't have to go to work in the a.m., 5 times a week. When I find recyclables in X20 sim-world, it's sort of like a computer-game-character picking up items. The item's value is too small.



 Donation  $ to the poor is one thing.

Donation money to foreign countries.... that is a scam.

 I would like to find $8,000 cash, together in a  water bottle, on the ground.

Dude, all the droids (CGDs) in the CAR matrix got a bunch of muneeez!  Givzzz meeezzzzz somzzz muneeeezzzz!  Pleeeeeez. 

This is not a drug reference. The image means immortal wisdom. 








                                                 Spare greed???!?!??....


So instead of ME-being-homeless I need a lot of matrix-cash.

Instead of accepting donations from strangers....I wish to find money, especially as I do not currently have an MCC/Phazer.

So I don't ask for spare change. I collect litter.


Eventhough they are SIMS, perhaps "breaking the sim-law" by asking for money (SPARE CHANGING)  is innadquate and has too many "bad things" about it. It's not fun. It is regardless of "Honor", although, since I am a type of refugee, victimized by computer-error.

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