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Star Outer space pioneering, with loose laws of safety and structure, protected by the highest, if not highly, powerful entities of  freedom, dangerous habitats and dangerous exploration courtesy of ULTIMATE SCIENCE. One would need.... an Order.                         Click right pic for

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Here are some examples*

Civilians and the Jedi (Knightly Honor Code Responsibility)

Property owner then guest then trespasser.

King then commoner then peasant.

President then civilian then bum.

Man then E.T. then Droid.










So, we can then assume that technology controls culture, in that setting. Or, perhaps, in general, for that matter. "Don't invade my nutrient farm, the galactic army order will punish you."  



In the CAR machine, it seems as though one's mind isn't without exterior entities, of some kind, of mind control  or psychological science. On different planets, you never know what to expect.

What I mean;

STAR WARS NOW: So if TECHNOLOGY is so impressive that they have to hide it, due to compromising war with other countries (or species?*!) , then why don't they just use the tech and kill the other countries.   So, therefore, space travel would be open to the public and so would droids, and other impressive products. PROPSERITY! 


If I had 5 acres of land, seeds, one droid.... I'd have a bunch of crops.  



Let's say a planet was colonized. The leader of the expedition, is then the planet king, ? or planet president. If the planet is then invaded, or resettled, the planet king, would then be at war with the invaders.






  • U.S. Army Artillery invented the first computer called ENIAC.
  • Russians were first of man in outer space.
  • Monkey's were in outer space before man.
  • U.S. was first on the moon.

Space Colony Hypothesis: So, perhaps the U.S. ARMY colonize(d)s each planet, moon, space-structure in outer space.   

                                                                     The movie ALIENS CAB anyone?



If one was an astronaut, wouldn't it be better to be in the CAR machine, inside the spaceship. So while one's body and mind (or just mind) are traveling in outer space, one's reality is somewhere else. So one lives in the CAR machine, wakes up at the planet and then does the mission. The mission then, quite possibly, could be mentally filtered.

 Simplified: If a computer chip was in one's brain, it could change the color black into the color blue or the shape circle into square. Hearing, feeling, sensing... one could be somewhere and be oblivious to one's actions and location.

 For example*;                     One may think that one is  collecting golf balls on a golf course, when actually one is collecting moon rocks on another planet.

That may be called:

                Dimensional understanding.... or .... internal cognitive programming assistance. (ICPA)


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