Spell check? I don't need no stinkin speel check. 

       "Gay people have AIDS."



I say Hoo-ah, not as a battle cry like a tank in the road just exploded, but as a situationally correct exclaimation that expresses glory and pride regaurding accomplishments of U.S. Americans of the past and present and also as a general term of excitement. I also use the phrase to communicate that I am a sincere U.S. American. 


             "Art is fiction."


If anyone calls anyone "in-bred" (their parents had inscest) they should know that the way to tell if an offspring is in-bred, is if the offspring looks exactly like the parent.


         Intelligence can be tested. And it certainly can be manipulated. Let's say we have two people, regardless of being in the CAR Machine.

1 is an MIT and Harvard alumni, published author and an avid worker at his/her job.

2 is a homeless person.

Let's say, when asked a certain question, number 2 answered faster than number 1.  Is 2 smarter than 1?

In that instance, perhaps.

Let's say that when 1 studied for his/her degrees, he/she spent tedious, long hours studying, to get the grade. 10 hours a day. If 2 would have spent the same time studying as 1, could 2 have attained the same degrees? And who would then be smarter?

So spending all day memorizing things, whether he/she retained the information later on or not, and/or even implemented his/her acquired information in his/her life, does not adequate to raw and/or natural intelligence.

It's possible that diet, blood oxygenation, eyesight, hearing and/or other factors might add to the credibility of an intelligent person.

So we have -

 BRAIN SPEED.                     What's 8x31=?

SIZE OF INFORMATIVE-RESOURCE BANK.                489 ways to say "Hello".

CAUSE AND EFFECT- ACTIONS. Graceful=Smart Clumsy=Dumb (Although there are too many factors in an instance of why something happens.) If 1 spills coffee on his/her pants, maybe it was beyond his/her control. Is 2 dumb because he/she is homeless? Maybe he/she has enemy sabotuers. or the randomizer forgot to let 2 win the lottery. Ect.

CREATIVITY. Cutting-edge inventions.


Test Study

If 1 and 2 were both placed in a prison cell, and the guard told them that whoever doesn't speak the longest may receive a treat, a pizza, then DISCIPLINE is a factor.

Is discipline part of intelligence?  Both 1 and 2 want the pizza, but only one can have it. Therefore, the most astute cell-mate wins the pizza. But since, both of them wanted the pizza, and only one can have it, then their intelligence is a factor of competition, within that category of discipline. 


I have contacted the FBI, the




 MASSAD, the Army, the

 Marines, the Coast Guard,


 the Air Force and


 Government Agencies. 


 Dear Army,
         The whispers and CGPs say many strange psychic-reactive things to me. The CGPs claim that the matrix belongs to Russia; Jewish friendly. As if I'm in a Russian mind machine. I hope and think it is probably an American matrix. Can you please give me an affirmation that I am indeed in the American matrix and that the beguiling CGPs are false?

Maxwell "Max" Kremer Age:28
503 Airborne (Honorable Discharge)


Why do Sims talk about Peckerwoods often? I am not a


Peckerwood. Peckerwoods is a gang, like Crypts and bloods. I am not in a gang. It sounds like people calling all hajjis, Al Quida agents. Like consolidating all white (caucasian) people into the "woods" or "peckerwoods" denomination category. That name sounds as though it is derived from "impure" feeling racisits that call themselves something that reminds people that the Nazis called the Jews "firewood". It's as though one should not  call yourself "dead meat", because it's not brave. It's stupid. Stop calling me a gang member peckerwood.

Note* Black Woodpecker animals are black birds that have a red strip on their wings. It resembles a nazi arm-band. Another type of Woodpecker has a German flag on it's wing.

A rifle may have been called "a wood", as woods might be a term of calling "riflemen".  ?



I am a human whom may or may not qualify as a cyborg.        

Thus, the disgruntled collegiate alumnis, working at hospitals or coffee shops or not, might not be as smart as homeless people sleeping in the park.   

          I wrote this letter
         to the FBI recently.
Header Cell Image
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Thank You

Thank you for submitting the tip.

Your First Name
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Your Middle Name
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Your City
Santa Monica Downtown, CA
Your State
Dear FBI,
I am former PFC Kremer, age 27, of the U.S. Army. I am fully aware that I am indeed in the matrix, as you are, I would assume. Now, since realization of my existence in the computer world, I have incurred such problems from unknown others as, STALKING, SLANDER, and MENTAL ABUSE from strangers. My website is www.immortaljewishcarmachine.yolasite.com .

Lately, HUNTER VANGUISE ( spelling unsure/ (van-wise) has been the topic name from the strangers whome stalk me, at the beach, in downtown Santa Monica, California. If they are military, government or any type of officials whom are stalking me, I would like to counter-attack, press charges and end their CONSPIRACY. They may well be indeed SIMS (simulated people). If so, I would like to destroy the ugly ones. Please help me. This is not the first letter. I have sent many.
Your Country
United States
Your Zip Code / Route


The U.S. Military's goal is to protect American people and land. If active U.S. Military personnel attack Americans or act un-constitutionally, commit crimes,  they can be reprimanded. The fullest extent of repremandation is termination and death.                                   

The strangers are guilty ;





                  I'm Jewish!

  •  I wear a hat.
  •  I keep the corners of my head full of hair.
  •  I am Jewish. I have no friends. I have hazelish/brown eyes with  green sparkels.
  •  I am not in Conspiracy. Thank you very much.

I woke up on my cardboard box and some idiots said "This is heaven."

       If this is heaven, compared to what? Oy Gevalt, God Damn. 


Sometimes.....I think I was sent to a look-alike America when I got out of the ARMY. It's supposed to be an internment camp. I'm homeless and harassed by homosexuals. I think if I wan't an honest citizen, they would send me to prison.

Evidently, from past experiences I have noticed that the computer calls me a"wood" or "peckerwood" after I have made a racist comment to a CGP. Do not call me that. Calling me that is an illegal action of conspiracy.


                       What's the difference between a racist and a Nazi?


Specific political party that fought the U.S. and part of the world in the 1930's and 1940's.


Person who doesn't like a generalized type of people, based on the people's individual or group's history, mannerisms, looks or attitudes.


Dude, some of the squirrels don't like the gophers because one time a gopher bit a squirrel and stole his acor n. And plus, the squirrels and gophers in one tree are at war with the gophers in tree two. And I heard all the gophers got tail jobs so they look just like the squirrels. Just kidding.

 Dellusional? Racist? (Anyone can look like anything.) Racism is an American right. What are you going to do, call the thought police?   Besides, people should be tougher and less sensitive.  And if the truth hurts, then go cry about it like a stinking little baby.

"If Racism is one thing, then Conspiracy is another."                           conspiracy = 2 or more


If a blue eyed/blonde hair woman and a Chinese man had a baby, the baby could have blonde hair and blue eyes. It would still be half Chinese.


          Don't Be a clonist.

Clonists are people (sims?) who use racism to identify strangers as either "my clone" or "misc DNA". As if they have to be too specific about their "fellow-person-creed". All humans on Earth have some degree of fellow relevance. Everyone has human DNA.

A clonist would have the most specific bracket-scale.

A hybrid might have the loosest bracket-scale as genes might not be considered.

                Should I give the homeless man a dollar?

          No, he doesn't appear to be exactly my gene code.




An Essay on Racism:

When annoying stalker CGPs offend me sometimes, I have used racism to payback their insults. I'm not really racist, but it's the easiest thing to say to strangers who I don't know anything about except their image. If an old, ugly asian woman CGP says "Max Kremer is a hooker." when she walks past me, the best thing to say is something like "Hey, are you a monkey alien? Did you get off the monkey alien spaceship? You look like a monkey alien. Your eyebrows are so thick, it looks like fuzzy caterpillars are climbing on your face." But the point is, it's many stranger antagonists (conspiracy) vs. one irritated guy.


  • Ethnicity = a specific DNA, type of human, that evolved over many generations, in a specific territory; nation.      
  • Nationality = a person that is a citizen of a specific country; nation.      
  • If a man named Carl Freitzberg was born in the USA, and so were his parents, and his grandparents families lived in Germany for hundreds or thousands of years, and when someone asks hims "What is your ethnicity?" Then his answer is German. So that means Carl's DNA group evolved from territories in and around Germany for thousands of years, mating with neighbors, each offspring generation becoming similar gened, ect. If someone asked him "What is your nationality?" Then his answer is American (USA).

                               Often, unintelligent people, (there are many everywhere), make mistakes about nationality and ethnicity. They might even mistake religion as one of those. 

                          Since the United States is a young country, slightly over 200 years, the USA territory doesn't have a specific DNA (ethnicity) because there have only been about 15 generations. Ancient countries like China and Egypt have had more than 500 generations.  So that makes Chinese an ethnicity and a nationality. The United States is only a nationality.  

                     A BIG factor is also technology, where for thousands of years, males and females were only able to travel about 10 miles a day. That means  villages would have been very specific DNA gene codes, even compared  to another village 20 miles away. Today, male and females can, and do, travel over 3000 miles in a day, so that means technology has made it very possible to mix up DNA gene codes that are very different from eachother.

             The gene selection place used to be  small, like a 2 mile island, village or small establishment colonies. 

EXAMPLE*   Carl Villager lives in the small village. There are 14 women, with similar genes to Carl, and eachother, that are available. The offspring will look very similar and have the specific ethnicity.

                       Carl Moderntime lives in the city. He can travel the world to make an offspring with a woman.  The offspring's ethnicity will be half Carl Moderntime's and half the mother's. The offspring will have very different genes than Carl Moderntime.

                                                    Thus, the difference in evolution, sharing genes to make offspring, has changed from low-technology travel of the ancient past (limited selection) to the modern day of high-technology travel (ultimate selection).

So what's the difference between all people on Earth?

  • Looks - People have different designed faces, body types, hair, skin.... Some are ugly and some are pretty.
  • Accomplishments - What have ancient ethnicities accomplished? What have nations accomplished?    Who invented what?                            If a person is racist about a specific type of person, how about they take away every single invention that that person's ethnicity or nationality invented.   If someone hated caucasians.... no computer, no car, no outer space travel, no micro-wave, no business suit, "Can they keep the couch?"
  • History - History usually pertains to nations. If an ethnicity has history, then the history might include traveling.  Racism; "Well, your Great-Granpa did something." or "Well, a long time ago guys from your contry did something."             War. Advancements. Art. Trading Cargo. Immigration.
  • Notes* Just because a person is racist about a type of person, it doesn't mean that they like or love every type of person that is their same ethnicity.
  • Notes* If people have plastic surgery, hair dye, or even skin dye, their image does not reflect their ethnicity. They have masked their ethnicity.
  • Notes* Racism is a step towards war. Some valid racist ideals pertain to war, as if, Example* A country (a) is attacked by another country (b). If (b) is 95% one ethnicity and 5% of (a) 's population is that ethnicity, then that means those 5% have to be extra-monitored and controlled because they speak the enemy's language, grandparent or parents are from that enemy country, have communication with the enemy country via relative and/or friends 
    and are vaguely innitial spies or threats. If (a) says, "Well, we have to notify local authorities when any of the 5% are acting strange or moving around.", then that's racist, however politically correct. **Of course with professional spy-gear disguises/surgeries, they can be less detectable or mistaken as a different demographic.
  • Regarding Mexican Invasions:          There are many Chinese that are mistaken as Mexican nationals because they have facial surgeries and skin dye/ink. Hundreds of years ago, Spain explored South America and colonized the inhabiting tribals. In modern USA, the Mexican nationals have flooded through the USA borders to compete with USA citizens for work/ paid labor. Their competitive worker's invasion has weakened the U.S. economy and given foreign countries, in the USA and abroad, an extra advantage of power. Sure, some Americans said "Well, I know it's illegal to pay the border-crossers $2 an hour, but look how much money I saved." and from there, the neighbor country Mexico, grappled the U.S. dollar, as if it couldn't create jobs for itself in Mexico. Construction, factories, farms..... what was the problem? Was Mexico already invaded and being treated poorly? In Spanish they call 'a disgusting thing' "Cochino". Chino in Spanish means Chinese. Chinese Company? 
  • Notes* SURGERIES More and more babies are being born at hospitals and coming home with nose jobs, lip jobs, facial and body surgeries. What is there to hide? Why can't they embrace what they are, whatever they look like naturally. To hide ethnicity? Why? War?           In Mexico, it is very inexpensive to have cosmetic surgeries. Off the books? 

ETHNICITIES: The 'basic' GeographicalEvolutionary Heredities with Locations 

African - (Black)

Asian- China (Asian)

Asian- Islands (Asian)

Indian-            (Arabic)

Tribal Native American "Indian"-  (Latino)

South American "Indian"- (Latino)

Arabic- Persia (Arabic)

Arabic- Saudi   (Arabic)

Aboriginal- Australia (Black?)

Anglo Saxon- Finland (Blue eyes white)

Caucasian- Germany (Brown/green eyes white)



NATIONALITIES: (Nation Citizenship)


SO how far does racism go? Down to the clone? The exact g-nome DNA? If there were 9 clones in a room and 1 other, the 9 clones would be incapable of racism regarding eachother, however they might have racist sentiments about the odd 1. CLONISM!






A healthy man can walk across a country in 1 month.



If ethnicities are like colors of paint, when you mix colors with white, you get similar but different colors. (White paint because it's a light color. If you mjix white with blue, you get light-blue. If you mix blue with yellow, you get green.)                    There are more specific  ethnicities that are mixtures of other ethnicities.

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