CYBERSPACE is the electronic way of pictures (words = pictures) and sounds illuminating a TV screen.(computer information sent to another computer, from a computer)


The Computer Assisted Reality machine is set to one simulated world (one at a time, there are many others) in a player's mind. The actual machine helps the human who is embraced with it:

  • Sustain Health and Life
  • Provide a virtual reality world to the human's senses


             If the CAR machine's computer is connected (via electrified metal) to CYBERSPACE (1 + other computers) then the player's mind can be effected. The player's own CAR machine computer should be able to substantiate a virtual-reality-computer-universe (SIMVERSE). The CAR machine computer shouldn't rely on another computer for SIMVERSE effects and SIMVERSE programmings. An Example* If the player is on a tropical island golf course (sim-world), a CYBERSPACE-Connection would allow for either 1. another player or 2. another computer to effect the tropical island golf course and the player who is in it (sim-in it). "No thanks, Max chooses SOLO CAR." "Are they going to program the cady to spit in my sim-food or throw a golf ball at me? WHo are they? They are strangers. There are many other Sim-places that they could be. Do they want to play golf with me? Why are they here? (why are they simulated?)


        A CYBERSPACE to CAR machine Connection should be adult player controlled.

"I like to choose my own options."



A NETWORK world is what a cyberspace-connection would be.

A NETWORK world would be with atleast any one of the following:

  • a computer (Droid CPU)
  • a human (Player)
  • an animal (Player)
  • an e.t. (Player)




Since all of the players should have their own computer inside their CAR machine, the CYBERSPACE-Connection of a computer should  be regarded as Computer/Computer.


Players inside their own CAR machine are one of these three listed:


Note* I need my computer to program for me:


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