Like God, the universe is one. It's so big, that it doesn't have a size. There are no walls. No edges. And if one looks/goes far enough, anything is possible, and perhaps, everything is possible. To say that one universe compares to another universe is incorrect. The CAR machine is not the computer universe. It is a computer world. In it, there are endless possibilities. Outside it, there are endless possibilities as well. It depends on how far one goes.

Are there worlds (planets) like many of the video games and movies? Yes. It depends on how far one goes. Furthere and further. 

I         am         Kremer             of       the            Milky        Way! 


If scientists disagree with the fact that the Universe has no size and stretches forever, the easiest way to explain why they are wrong is the notion that "If the Universe has a size, like a cube, then there would have to be shape outside of the cube in order for the cube to be a cube. No doubt sensors may only be able to graph or judge the size of the cube, however beyond it, incalculable, is more and more space matter. As if, the falsely projected universe as a cube is a water bottle, the plastic is the border of sensing and thus, the table, the room, the city that the water bottle is in and the more and more space is an infinite expansion of universal space.

In simulation, the sim-universe is as big as it's programmed.

 Outer-planetary resources might surpass the elementary water value.

 This looks like a carrot grown in outer space.

 Extra-terrestrial enemies would most likely invade Earth peacefully innitially,  as homo(or bi)sexual spies.


However, since the Universe is pertinent to space (distance, area), and the Sim-verse is spaceless of the Universe, the simverse is not part of the Universe. The Simverse is not in the Universe. Like thoughts do not take up space; the internet, the computer files, CAR worlds, video games, ect., all exist (sim-exist?) in the Simverse, without a single microscopic point of place, inside the massive Universe.  That might be as to say that thoughts are not in the Universe, but except the mind.

     The human mind of life however, wether plugged into the CAR machine matrix or not, is neither in the Universe or Simverse, as it has neither a physical place of existence or a sim-physical place of existence. The mind is not the brain. The brain is a hydro-electric organ that produces the mind. The brain is in the physical world (in the Universe). Thoughts have no place. The Simverse has no place. The mind is not a place and has no place. So then perhaps the Simverse doesn't have a place in the mind, but it has a simulation in the mind.


As a normal man and a midget, walking down the sidewalk, the Galaxy is twice as big to the midget as it is for the man, if the midget is half the size of the man, as it is to the man.

If a mouse is 1/500 the size of a man, the galaxy is 500 times bigger for it than it is to man.

So if intelligent e.t. is the size of an atom, from a different galaxy, then it's world is that many times bigger.

Note* Regardless of a creature's size, the preception of the Universe's size is the same, since the Universe is endless. 

Since the universe is so vast and gigantic that it never ends, the possibility that there are other life forms, on other planets is 100%.   The possibility that there are e.t.s that have space travel technology is 99%. Their evolutions would depend on planetary factors of gravity, atmosphere and star light. Further and further away from Earth, there are more and more e.t.s. It never stops. If the e.t.s have space travel, then most likely war would never  be hand to hand combat, but war would be 'the push of a button', 'instant death'. Unless, they were able to travel into Earth's perimeter space that was irrelative to weapons.  Many inhabited planets could be filled with doscile animal-like e.t.s. 

So training to fight swarms or armies of e.t.s is irrational because if they have the technology to get here (Earth), then they have the technology to mass irradicate.


 Here is a link about how small Earth really is.


Of course there is life out there.

"Why do they lie to me, seriously? The E.T.s are probably the ones that lie."


These are all in the Milky Way Galaxy. There are 200 billion stars in the Milky Way.



            There is the SIM-ulated uniVERSE, where all CAR worlds are part of the Sim-Verse. So therefore, there is the Universe, containing all that is real, and within the Universe, in the CAR Machines, there is the Sim-Verse. The Simverse might be 1,000,000+ CAR worlds. Even computer programs, files and other data might be considered to be part of the simverse. That means there is a difference between the Universe and the Simverse.

Since I am unconcious in the physical world (the universe) and am concious in the Simverse, I am in both the Universe and the Simverse. 

       The Universe is as equally endless, compared to the Simverse's programming potential.


Outer galaxies. 

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