"Perhaps, ...there can be only one!" 

It has seemed as though the breaking of glass, like a beer bottle, has some sort of invisible ghost/droid power. As if, the memory and programming of the 1000's of splintered glass pieces, tells the ghost/droids that the moment is real... or that the bottle being broken really happened in that time. It seems as though the ghosts pester me less after glass is broken.  I think I have heard whispers about the glass breaking was curse/bad program stopper. 

In some sim-worlds like Lord of the Rings World, etc. Wizards might be a common thing.  In the modern sim-world (X20) wizardry might be considered electronics/computers and character role.     I have a SONY PSP. Some of the games I play have wizard stuff in it. When I'm playing it, thats like a sim-world inside a sim-world. How do I gain magic?

So far...  I can't even get a girlfriend... 




          Witch or somesort of slave. 


Witches are females or female impersonators who do witchcraft. Witchcraft and astrology is forbidden by Judaism. 

Witchcraft is something negativity that collects itself and bounces back when shot at it's targets. Witches are bad. You never want to do witchcraft.  "You want the young couple to get a divorce and their finances ruined?" or "sickness and death?"  Witchcraft is evil and bad and does not get it's power or potential energy from God.

One should not call a male, a witch. That is incorrect.




Wizards are different than witches, right?  Wizards do magic. Magic in the computer game. "You want a Mountain Dew soda?" It appears!



Magic is from God.



 a wizard.



If one wanted to be a wizard, it appears, one would need:

A beard.

A Hat.

The Holy Books.


  • Electronic Devices.
  • Smoke.
  • Water Drinks.


Wizards in the CAR machine would  utilize computer/CAR hacking, which is probably a secret, to do what they pleased. CONTROLLING THEIR MIND MACHINE. Bending and breaking "rules" of reality. 


The money sign ($) symbol is a reference to Moses' staff turning into a snake. As if, money was a magical thing to make.  The money sign symbol also represents a medical symbol. Perhaps healing from sickness is a sort of a magical thing sometimes. 


The 7ft. long swords, buried on my property, would also have an extra property.

I would probably consult a Rabbi first,...  and then, like a mezzuzah, I would scroll each book in each sword, inside the handle.

(JUst an idea. sounds weird. what's the point? to be strange? magic? i don't think you can make up magic without certain computer programs or hacking or something.)



Wii Phazer Programming Hypothesis

If I used the  Wizardy page on my website, IJCM, to program a wii phazer, could that work?

Here is the suggested template called.... The Wiiphazernomisis.

Would it matter if the wii phazer had batteries or was plugged in or could I                          even use a pez-dispenser-wii-controller-toy? 


SO, since there are invisible things around me... The invisible things are not my friends. They have said that they are Jewish. I am Jewish and I am still not their friend. I hope they are destroyed.

I hope new invisible things can be around me that help me have magical powers. I want to find $100 bills on the ground and I want sim-women to be nice to me.

Even though the invisible things claim to be Jewish, like me, I hope they are put to death and their body/vessels (physical substance?) is burned into ash. I hope they are destroyed forever. They have violated my rights and I am not their friend. I hate them. I'm serious. This is not a joke.

             Paper Weight, paper weight,

paper weight!

May I please have a phazer? 

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