X20 is the modern sim-world where I have lived for almost 30 years. It is a sim-world about DIVERSITY, History of the Past, SPENDING a DOLLAR and being HAPPY with what one has. The seas of sim-crowds are an interactive splash, changing day to day, as one's choices takes one to it's chosen place. X20 is a moment to moment judgment of smiles and frowns, barraged by paints, radio wave sounds, engines, chairs, trees, walls..  The question of "Why dissatisfaction?" is the luming mystery that seems sometimes obvious. The answer...the criminals robbed the place as the wake of their dust is the simpleton's first untold clue that there will be less for simpletons. And the T.V. dances and cries because no one else does. And then, the newspapers explain crimes and thoughts, while criminals in disguises act normal walking past everyone. Graffiti stains drip from places that seem like no one owns the place. And I am left to wonder what was the historical enemies artwork doing, imbedded in everyone's brains, as time passes and rubber-skin suit crime sprees and pretending black painted identities rise and fall, some to hide and never be found, some to hide inside the public with their personality as their shield. What everyone wanted to be was RICH, WELL FED, and Unpestered.  As I collect the recyclable items, the .05 cent trash litters, phoenix melts of beverage capacity from the ground  and in their trash chests, I try to stay patient because I know that the criminals can win or lose, the police can be paid or die, the public can be nice or mean, and a woman might ask me to mow her lawn. X20 is a history of blatant echos where strength in numbers is matched by strength of information. It is a simulation. I'm waiting for the computer to please my demands. I know it's not alive.


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